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"You don't have to have a reason to die no more."
Last night, Wednesday, May 13th about 8pm., three young men got in a car to go shopping on the south side of Chicago. A vehicle pulled up next to them and gunned the three down. Twenty year old ...
TRPChicago 05/14/2015 13 13 - -
The Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Going to Federal Court
Bushmaster Firearms doesn't like to be sued. That's the bottom line. But dismissing it was not the first move for Bushmaster and the Remington Outdoor Company, its colleague in the lawsuit filed on ...
TRPChicago 01/23/2015 37 26 - -
"This is Wide Open on Both Sides"
That was Joe Biden, in an interview this morning on ABC. George Stephanopoulos : Our latest polls show [Hillary Clinton] is the overwhelming choice of Democrats. Is there any chance you'd challenge ...
TRPChicago 01/21/2015 4 2 - -
The Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Skeptics Have Doubts
There is some skepticism about the prospects for Soto v Bushmaster Firearms , the lawsuit filed last month on behalf of nine of the children and adults killed and a survivor wounded in the ...
TRPChicago 01/15/2015 36 12 - -
The Sandy Hook Lawsuit: A Microcosm of Gun Law
The gun industry usually gets what it wants from legislatures, like getting Congress to bestow immunity on it from deaths and injuries by use of its products. A lawsuit filed last month confronts ...
TRPChicago 01/12/2015 33 14 1 -
The Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Is There Gun Justice in America?
The Sandy Hook massacre was the deadliest mass shooting at an elementary school in American history. On December 13, 2014, relatives and guardians of several children and adults filed a Wrongful ...
TRPChicago 01/03/2015 34 14 - -
Paying an Intolerable Price is inflicting intolerable damage.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this weekend that Hamas would "pay an intolerable price" for its assaults on Israel. It is the people of Gaza who are paying the price, whether they ...
TRPChicago 08/03/2014 10 7 - -
NOT Breaking News: SCOTUS Continues to Deliberate the Straw Purchase Gun Case
Abramski v. US is the only gun case still pending as the Supreme Court finishes its current term the end of June. Twenty-five of this term's 70 cases have been fully argued and await decisions. ...
TRPChicago 06/03/2014 45 8 - -
No Shooter Ever Acts Alone: Gunrunning 101
David Lewisbey was a star football player at Thornton High School in Harvey, Illinois, south of Chicago. His nickname was "Big Man." He was reportedly well liked and doing very well with his ...
TRPChicago 05/27/2014 47 19 - -
SCOTUS declines to review Drake v. Jerejian, the NJ case that limits gun carry permits
NEWSWIRE Moments ago, SCOTUS denied cert in the Drake case. This means it chose not to accept the case for briefs and argument. (As is typical, the Court gave no explanation.) The Third Circuit's ...
TRPChicago 05/05/2014 55 23 - -
Is SCOTUS Ready to Rule on Carrying Guns in Public? Drake v. Jerejian
For gun enthusiasts, the Second Amendment is the Holy Grail, a constitutional right to, to ... to WHAT, exactly? ... and there's the rub. Despite having dozens of opportunities in the six years ...
TRPChicago 05/02/2014 96 28 2 -
It's Spring! Gun Violence in Chicago Wasn't Far Behind
Easter weekend was the bloodiest weekend of the year. Chicago has recorded 90 gun deaths - a total of 465 victims of violence by gun, deaths and serious injuries - since the beginning of 2014. Of ...
TRPChicago 04/24/2014 26 15 - -
When you think you've seen it all, Georgia enacts Shall Not Enforce gun law.
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has just signed the Safe Carry Protection Act, HB 60 , the most liberal gun law in the nation. The legislators who passed it by overwhelming margins (37-18 in the GA ...
TRPChicago 04/23/2014 29 21 1 -
Taking Justice Into Your Own Hands: Part 3 - Cases that Prove the Rules ... or Not
Cases where deadly force has been used - and self-defense is claimed - are drawing publicity and intense public reaction. Florida is the epicenter of controversy. The Tampa Bay Times is analyzing ...
TRPChicago 04/01/2014 60 11 1 -
Taking Justice Into Your Own Hands: Part 2 - Stand Your Ground
Stand Your Ground statutes have been enacted in more than two dozen states in the last ten years, the product of intense lobbying from ALEC fueled by the fervor of state pro-gun groups. This is ...
TRPChicago 03/28/2014 20 9 1 -
How Much Domestic Violence Gets You Banned from Having a Gun? US v. Castleman
Being convicted of a felony gets you banned by Federal law from having a gun. So does conviction on a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. But how violent must the physical contact be to qualify ...
TRPChicago 03/26/2014 20 28 1 -
Taking Justice into Your Own Hands: Part 1 - Self-Defense
What warrants the use of deadly force for self-defense? Any person with a loaded firearm can shoot to kill. We have the ability to do that with very little effort. I think that's the point - and ...
TRPChicago 03/24/2014 83 14 - -
UPDATED: Breaking News ... A New Gun Case Goes to SCOTUS
BREAKING LATE WEDNESDAY ... According to Lyle Denniston at SCOTUSblog: Justice Kennedy on Wednesday afternoon denied, in a brief order without explanation, the request to block enforcement of the ...
TRPChicago 03/11/2014 90 19 1 -
In Rosemond v. United States , by a 7-2 vote (Justice Elena Kagan for the Court, Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas dissenting in part and J. Antonin Scalia dissenting on two footnotes), the ...
TRPChicago 03/05/2014 39 10 1 -
Three Big Defeats Today for the Gun Rights Crowd
At its conference on February 21, SCOTUS had petitions for certiorari - requests for the Court to accept appeals from Federal court decisions - in three significant gun rights cases. This morning, ...
TRPChicago 02/24/2014 15 21 1 -
NRA Takes Aim at the Federal Courts: NRA v. BATFE and NRA v. McCraw
Do 18 year olds have a constitutional right to buy a handgun from a Federal dealer? Not according to Congress. ( NRA v. BATFE ) To carry a handgun in public? Not according to the Texas legislature. (
TRPChicago 02/01/2014 35 16 2 -
Abramski v. US: The Justices Asked, Counsel Answered.
This case tests the legality of the ATF's ban on straw purchasing guns. These nine Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments on the morning of January 22, 2014.
TRPChicago 01/23/2014 18 11 - -
Firearms Law & Policy Open Thread - Buying a Gun for Someone Else: What Should the Law Be?
The issue of the evening is a "straw purchase" from a commercial gun dealer. In this case, a gun bought by one person for another person whose identity is not disclosed to the retail gun dealer. ...
TRPChicago 01/19/2014 125 8 - -
What? Straw Purchase a Gun? Abramski v. US
Bruce James Abramski Jr. Courtesy Franklin (VA) News-Post In the Monty Python Pantheon of Silly, this case takes the prize. It is a lawsuit against a question on a Federal form. When he went to ...
TRPChicago 01/06/2014 69 50 - -
What a portmanteau name for a place that delivers irreplaceable community benefits! Its mission is straightforward: WE HAVE 1 GOAL, 1 MISSION. TO FIGHT HUNGER, 1 DOLLAR, 1 MEAL, 1 PERSON AT A TIME.
TRPChicago 12/09/2013 6 4 - -
Is Justus Rosemond Done For ... or Will He Get a New Trial?
The justices have spoken in Justus Rosemond’s case, some of them quite a lot. Arguments were held on the morning of Tuesday, November 12. What did they ask? What did they say? What does it mean? ...
TRPChicago 12/05/2013 14 7 1 -
Health Care Reform at Work in Appalachia
Check out health care reform on "this side of the hill" in Breathitt County, Kentucky. Much as we Kossacks like to bang on the Washington Post , it's had the good editorial sense to run Stephanie ...
TRPChicago 11/24/2013 10 14 - -
"I Didn't Know the Gun ... !" SCOTUS to Hear Rosemond v. US
Dealing drugs is one thing. Dealing drugs with a gun on the scene becomes something very different. For decades, state and Federal criminal laws have imposed heavier penalties on crimes where a ...
TRPChicago 11/11/2013 56 20 - -
SCOTUS Declines to Hear Navy Vet's Gun Rights Appeal
Justice Blindfolded is Good ... but Always? Jefferson Schrader just wanted to buy a gun. The government wouldn't let him. Schrader, an honorably discharged Navy veteran, went to a dealer to buy a ...
TRPChicago 11/05/2013 128 27 1 -
Sanford, FL, to Ban Neighborhood Watchers from Carrying Guns
Police Chief Cecil Smith of Sanford, Florida, where George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin last year, reportedly will soon announce new rules pertaining to Neighborhood Watch volunteers. ...
TRPChicago 10/31/2013 12 16 - -
60 Cases and Counting: What Gun Case Will SCOTUS Take Next?
Two cases are pending this fall which offer the Supreme Court opportunities to delve into Second Amendment rights and the powers of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. The Court's seminal ...
TRPChicago 10/28/2013 20 15 1 -
Justice Scalia - Poetic Justice Extraordinaire
Amy Davidson is one of The New Yorker magazine's social observers at large. In her recent " Scalia in Verse ", she prepared a poem comprised entirely of the italicized words in selected opinions of ...
TRPChicago 06/29/2013 9 4 - -
SEC Enforcement Helps Balance the Budget
From the New York Times , this breaking news for Friday afternoon: SAC Fund to Pay $614 Million to Settle Insider Trading Case Two affiliates of SAC Capital, the giant hedge fund, settled insider ...
TRPChicago 03/15/2013 3 1 - -
The "Obamacare is facism" guy is coming to Chicago
John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods, is coming to Chicago to promote his new book, Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business: CONSCIOUS CAPITALISM (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013). ...
TRPChicago 01/21/2013 7 8 - -
Why Isn't the Gun Loaded?
ABC reports that a Virginia lawmaker carried an assault rifle, an AK-47, on to the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates: Virginia Del. Joe Morrissey, a Democrat hailing from the Richmond area, ...
TRPChicago 01/18/2013 2 4 - -
Goodbye, Shiny Platinum Object to Evade the Debt Limit
According to Ezra Klein at the Washington Post : The Treasury Department will not mint a trillion-dollar platinum coin to get around the debt ceiling. If they did, the Federal Reserve would not ...
TRPChicago 01/12/2013 35 2 - -
Here's to the Bigger Tent of the Recently Renewed GOP
It's the holiday season again. Good will abounding, all about us, every one! Shall peace reign and the brotherhood of humankind be restored on Capitol Hill, too, and across this great nation of ...
TRPChicago 12/07/2012 2 1 - -
"Top aide to Obama signals willingness to compromise over raising top tax rates on the rich"
That's not my line. That's a Reuters story released Sunday (and carried by the AP ), bylined to Alister Bull, with the following lead paragraph: "A senior Republican senator voiced confidence on ...
TRPChicago 11/11/2012 95 15 - -
2012 Election: Wrong Date, Wrong Location
Meteor Blades reports: [L]ast week, the Republican-run Ottawa County Board of Elections sent a mailer to 2,300 voters in three northwestern Ohio precincts informing them that Election Day was ...
TRPChicago 10/24/2012 10 3 - -
Romney's Tax Plan: A Shell Game
This weekend, Mitt Romney pledged to David Gregory that he would not cut taxes for the wealthy. That seemed to confuse even George Will. But it needn't have, because there's a way to do it that ...
TRPChicago 09/10/2012 3 - - 50
Todd Akin, "Legitimate Rape" and "Utter Moron"
Can utter morons misspeak? Just yesterday, MO-2 Congressman Todd Akin (R-naturally) who is running against Claire McCaskill for the US Senate seat in the "Show Me" state of Missouri, declared in an ...
TRPChicago 08/20/2012 11 6 - 64
Are There Any Prospects for Gun Regulation?
My article last Sunday – luridly titled “Guns Don’t Kill People? The Hell They Don’t!” - proposed that we, the people, should step up and demand a ban on assault weapons in the wake of the ...
TRPChicago 07/25/2012 16 - - 51
Guns Don't Kill People? The Hell They Don't!
Recall the NRA's old rallying cry - "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." Well, people with guns - yes, and explosives, too - can kill and injure a lot more people and faster than people ...
TRPChicago 07/22/2012 223 18 - 377
Dear Mitt, Bottom Line ... Talk Straight with Us
You're running for President, for goodness' sake. You know you have to get more votes than the conservative base can deliver by itself. So you have to appeal to the independent/middle/undecided/...
TRPChicago 07/06/2012 2 2 - 34
The First Degree: A Proposal for a Think Twice Law
Stand Your Ground laws, enacted in perhaps as many as 15 states, possibly more, have also been called "Make My Day" and "Shoot First" laws. They have been promoted by that bastion of personal rights ...
TRPChicago 04/12/2012 3 - - 37
If baseball isn'€™t €commerce, why should health care be?
In 1922, the Supreme Court decided that it was a stretch to apply the antitrust laws to baseball, so the Court reasoned that professional baseball was not an activity in interstate commerce. The ...
TRPChicago 04/07/2012 16 5 2 160
Some comments on Armando's "One Perspective"
First off, well done, Armando! Parts might be a little dense for DK's more general audience, but this case presents dense, not simple, questions. I disagree with some of Armando's judgments, but ...
TRPChicago 03/25/2012 15 8 - 155
Fact Checking 101: The Ugly Truth about What's False
No less an authority on truth than The New York Times , The Newspaper of Record, reveals what fact checking and error correction is all about. In a demonstration of candor unparalleled in today's ...
TRPChicago 02/26/2012 7 1 - 118
The GOP Needs a Wise Fool
What high-ranking elected officials in the Republican Party need most right now is a fool. Not the kind who’s addled or stupid, but a wise fool who is allowed to take the liberty to speak truth ...
TRPChicago 02/25/2012 7 2 - 62
It's the Turnout, Stupid. PART III.
Previously, in Part I, we celebrated record turnouts in 2008. But only briefly, until the huge drop in turnout in the midterm election of 2010, along with some disturbing shifts of loyalty among ...
TRPChicago 02/22/2012 5 10 1 87
It's the Turnout, Stupid. PART II.
Previously, in Part I, we ... - celebrated record turnout in 2008 that elected the first black President, produced a 60 vote Democratic majority in the US Senate and expanded our House majority by ...
TRPChicago 02/20/2012 36 35 1 388
Germs of Religion in Human Nature
Along with the recent declarations of - Richard John "Rick" Santorum on abortion, birth control and how to love each other, - Santorum backer Foster Friess' advice about applying aspirin to womens'
TRPChicago 02/18/2012 10 4 - 56
It's the Turnout, Stupid! PART I.
We hear it again and again - 2012 will be a turnout election. Yup, just like all the ones before it. In 2008, 132,618,000 Americans voted (56.8% of the voting-age population). The country elected ...
TRPChicago 02/16/2012 2 10 1 56
Santorum for President. Now, More Seriously Than Ever!
Rick Santorum would be the GOP's ideal presidential candidate in 2012. This is even truer now, in mid-February, than it was when I posted this early last month. No time like the present to consider ...
TRPChicago 02/15/2012 6 1 - 77
Campaign Memo to Newt: Nevada is Next
Dear Mr. Speaker and next President Gingrich, The Nevada caucuses - and the start of the Maine caucuses - are next Saturday, February 4. Maine carries on for a week but Nevada's last only three ...
TRPChicago 01/30/2012 6 2 - 62
The GOP Running Mate ... Who'll Step Up?
Speculation about who the GOP VP running mate will be is ramping up, even though who the GOP's Presidential nominee will be is, shall we say, still up for grabs. Who might be the choice of the ...
TRPChicago 01/29/2012 131 26 1 712
Rick, Rape, the "Right to Life" ... and gifts from God
In a recent interview on CNN, Piers Morgan asked Rick Santorum about his views on choice. Santorum, calm, be-sweatered and comfortable with Morgan's almost fatherly manner, patiently explained life,
TRPChicago 01/27/2012 19 13 - 139
Will the Most Distinguished Dog Please Paw Its Way Forward?
Ripped from the headlines, the latest news from Chicago: Could Your Dog be the First "Distinguished Dog of Chicago"? Dogs registered by March 1 will be eligible to be ...
TRPChicago 01/24/2012 15 5 - 90
SOPA, PIPA and the Brouhaha, or What's It All About - All Free?
Good luck finding a layman's explanation of what SOPA and PIPA actually do and how they do it. (You may not find it here either, but I'll take a stab at it.) Earlier this week, even the redoubtable ...
TRPChicago 01/20/2012 6 3 - 71
Santorum for President. Seriously!
Rick Santorum would be the GOP's ideal presidential candidate in 2012. Embracing a moveable moderate like Mitt Romney would be a horrible mistake for today's Republican Party. Since 2010's off-...
TRPChicago 01/08/2012 17 2 - 182
Newt and Character
If you have nothing else going for you - if you have counseled campaigns to use buzzwords instead of ideas with details and nuance, bloviated Great Ideas of marginal sense and relevance, flip-...
TRPChicago 12/29/2011 1 4 - 26
Dear Mr. Boehner, You had a choice ...
Dear Mr. Boehner, You are the Speaker of the House of Representatives, its presiding officer, the leader - in every sense of the word - of the whole House. (Someone else is the Leader of the ...
TRPChicago 12/20/2011 8 5 - 90
Political Trials by Ordeal: What Do Iowa's Caucuses Prove?
Every four years, the media turns to Iowa, lavishing attention on its political Trials by Ordeal, the infliction of a series of unpleasant experiences to see who survives and can thereby be deemed ...
TRPChicago 12/19/2011 10 3 - 62
Co-President Addresses Nation, Announces Cabinet
SCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY Washington, DC November 7, 2012 My Fellow Americans. It is with my customary humility that I, Newton Leroy Gingrich, come before you on this most auspicious Morning After, to ...
TRPChicago 12/17/2011 7 7 - 124
Responsible Media: Challenge the GOP’s Cant on Taxes and Job Creation
Today’s mainstream reporters seem satisfied to repeat the McConnell/Boehner mantra – that tax increases on the rich “would harm the economy and cost jobs.” They regularly report this cant ...
TRPChicago 09/22/2011 2 2 - 32
Hell Bent for Theocracy: God and Good Government
What a time it is to be a believer! With one minor exception, the GOP's declared candidates for President are out on the hustings, actively promoting the socio-religious agenda of the Far Right. At ...
TRPChicago 09/06/2011 22 7 - 110
There's a battle outside ... and it's ragin'
Come Senators, Congressmen, please heed the call. Don't stand in the doorway, don't block the hall, For he that gets hurt will be he who has stalled. There's a battle outside and it's ...
TRPChicago 08/22/2011 4 5 - 73
Rick Perry, God and Good Government
“Our founding fathers understood that [private property] was a very important part of the pursuit of happiness. Being able to own things that are your own is one of ...
TRPChicago 08/21/2011 12 13 - 69
RADIO KOS: What's next?
A grassroots community on the air ... what a concept! Thanks, Markos! From radio Host David Waldman: "It's not a political life ... unless you're doing it." And the startling observation, "We're ...
TRPChicago 08/13/2011 2 2 1 64
The Bible and Mrs. Bachmann
Michele Bachmann and the duty of a wife to “submit” to her husband became an issue, of all places, in the so-called debate in Ames two nights before the Iowa straw poll. As reported in The ...
TRPChicago 08/12/2011 20 8 - 146
Tax Reform: The Fig Leaf That's DOA
With the Bush/Obama tax cuts in concrete for another 16-plus months and so many in Congress dead set against raising tax rates, tax reform is the politically acceptable fig leaf du jour on ...
TRPChicago 08/08/2011 19 2 - 74
The Tea Party Manifesto
MEMO to the THE TEA-PARTY FAITHFUL In these times of fictitious crisis, we are being barraged by the clamor of others who stubbornly cannot see things as clearly as we do. To steady our sights, ...
TRPChicago 07/27/2011 1 3 - 60
WARNING. What follows is entirely fictional. It couldn't possibly ever happen in real life. Likely reactions from the fictional Congressmen in the fictional room are in italics.
TRPChicago 07/22/2011 3 1 - 121
Dear Mr. Speaker: On Leading Lemmings
Dear Speaker Boehner, It's tough to be you. Your majority is a Great Hall full of Princes and Princesses, 240 of them (counting you), each from their own principality where they prevailed in the ...
TRPChicago 07/21/2011 2 1 - 17
Progressive Advocacy for 2012: An Uncertain Call?
In his diary on March 6, “Why Wisconsin poses such a serious threat to Republicans,” Daily Kos’s Campaign Director, Chris Bowers, identified groups that voted 2:1 or nearly so for Democrats ...
TRPChicago 03/09/2011 3 2 - 33
19 Names, 18 months, 1 Survivor!
During the week of August 27, 2012, the Republican National Convention will convene in Tampa, Florida. Its mission? To nominate the next President of the United States. ...
TRPChicago 03/02/2011 28 16 - 250
Why Do We Care What Sarah Says?
Why does the media, the responsible “mainstream media”, give Sarah Palin so much prominence? And why do we pay attention to it?
TRPChicago 01/13/2011 55 12 1 67
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