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What's for Dinner? v9.38: 6 Pound can of Tomatoes, Doggy Biscuits and ANZAC Day
One thing I do miss about living in Texas is growing beautiful red/orange/yellow sun-kissed juicy tomatoes 4-6 months a year (or some years more!) that I could turn into tomato sauce or paste or, of ...
TX Scotia 04/18/2015 104 25 1 -
What's For Dinner? v9.24: "I Threw It Out."
Over the last few years I have seen this phrase on food blogs and general comments here, there and everywhere. This last year my frugal lovin' soul saw it more than ever. The average family throws ...
TX Scotia 01/10/2015 73 31 1 -
DK Quilt Guild: The Memory Quilts Part 2
I am so thankful to have been blessed with so many quilts that bring back so many memories! Of the five quilts here, two are probably 1960's and the other three, I don't know. Maybe you do?
TX Scotia 12/07/2014 12 12 - -
DK Quilt Guild: The Memory Quilts
My dear, sweet Great Aunt Zeipher was my Granddad's sister. The three siblings grew up on a farm with their Father (their Mother died when Aunt Zeipher was about 9 or 10) and NEVER wasted anything. ...
TX Scotia 11/23/2014 33 23 - -
WAYWO: Creating Wearable Period Clothing
My Sweetie and I had been like ships passing in the day and night from 1997 to 2001, then it really got better. "Some Enchanted Evening" happened when I was just ready to give up on ever finding ...
TX Scotia 09/07/2014 50 29 1 -
What's For Dinner? v9.06: How to compose a recipe
Just wanted you to see what real baby carrots look like. They are not the ones you see in your local grocery store. Those are mature carrots whittled down. These are ones I had to pick to allow ...
TX Scotia 09/06/2014 179 33 3 -
What's For Dinner? v8.51: Kitchen Gadgets!
The Old Man First a plea. Please, please, please volunteer to do a WFD diary. There are so many topics we could explore. You may not think you have an idea, but you do. Think about it and volunteer!
TX Scotia 07/19/2014 148 31 2 -
What's For Dinner? v. 8:48 Red, White and Blue
Well, here it is....July 4th. Cookouts, parades, BASEBALL!!! and fireworks. I don't do fireworks, although I love the words of the national anthem. We will be grillin' shrimp on the barbie, ...
TX Scotia 06/28/2014 53 19 3 -
What's For Dinner? v.8:45 Spring Salads
My Garden Sweet Pea Pod Salad I love making spring salads! The new snap peas, snow peas, fresh leafy lettuce, baby carrots and potatoes, fresh scallions, micro greens. I love having a garden, ...
TX Scotia 06/07/2014 87 27 3 -
What's For Dinner? v.8.38: Eat Yer Greens...Salad, that is
Many years ago when I was a young lass in my late 30s, a colleague's young daughter got severely burned; blood was needed. Six of us co-workers went to give blood. Out of all the women between 25-45,
TX Scotia 04/19/2014 81 34 2 -
Twelve Days of A Vegan Christmas
Here's a little ditty my Sweetie and I cooked up for your seasonal cheer. Enjoy my Kos friends!
TX Scotia 12/24/2013 9 8 1 -
What's For Dinner? v.6.15: Easy Holiday Side Dishes
So many Thanksgivings and so many Christmases of the past our Moms were in the kitchen making everything from scratch. At least that's how it was at my house. I might have helped chopping or ...
TX Scotia 11/05/2011 106 48 10 331
What's For Dinner? v5.47: drchelo's Recipes
This diary is dedicated to my wonderful friend, drchelo, who passed away two years ago on June 20th, 2009. I can think of no better memorial than to pass on her recipes to her friends here on Dkos. ...
TX Scotia 06/18/2011 191 48 7 270
What's For Dinner? v 5.32 Cakes For Two
My Mother was the supreme Southern cake and pie diva in Dallas in the 50's, 60's & 70's. She auctioned her special cakes and pies for the benefit of her church, and made a bunch of money ($25 for a ...
TX Scotia 03/05/2011 148 39 8 298
What's For Dinner: Aw, Nuts! Holiday Snacks
I love making snacky things to take to or have at parties or dinners anytime of the year. Nuts are some of my favorite things to take. Everyone usually loves them. Here are some you might like ...
TX Scotia 11/13/2010 141 29 4 107
What's For Dinner? A Wee Bit 'O Stew
Once upon a time there was, Irish ways and Irish laws, Villages of Irish blood, Waking to the morning, waking to the morning There is a rich history in Ireland of "Cead Mile Failte" or a ...
TX Scotia 03/15/2008 86 26 4 35
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