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Start baking, Betty
I am in Florida, visiting my Mother, coming from the dreary, gray days of Washington for my annual fix of vitamin D. My Mother lives within walking distance of a gulf coast beach (a county park -- ...
Tallgrass Prairie 03/09/2011 5 2 - 55
Scott Kleeb versus Caroline Kennedy
I know this is late in the discussion (and what a turbulent discussion it has been), but as it seems that Senator Hillary Clinton will soon be approved as Secretary of State, what the F*ck. I'm ...
Tallgrass Prairie 01/16/2009 58 7 - -
Color me STUPID . . .
Because I believe that who leads in the "popular vote" is relevant (neither dispositive nor irrelevant). In fact, it is obviously so. _Because it's all about delegates._ According to a recent diary, ...
Tallgrass Prairie 05/23/2008 13 - - 12
How impressed should we be, really?
Yesterday Hillary Clinton won the West Virginia primary by a whopping 41% over Barack Obama, with barely a whimper on this site or among the "cognoscenti." That Clinton would win by such a large ...
Tallgrass Prairie 05/14/2008 21 - - -
This is a serious question...
I have been reading front page diaries here for years and just recently dipped my toes into the water of diary writing. I have always enjoyed coming here for political "news" and the lively dialogue.
Tallgrass Prairie 03/17/2008 32 1 - -
Sometimes we ARE the company we keep
The latest tempest surrounding the content of some of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's sermons has inspired yet another round of Obama-serving logic and weak analogy at this site and elsewhere. Personally,
Tallgrass Prairie 03/16/2008 71 3 - 6
Obama and Racialism
First some bona fides (in my limited writing experience here, it seems that the logic of one's arguments, or the correctness of one's facts, are less important often than the personal ...
Tallgrass Prairie 03/12/2008 19 7 2 1
It's his supporters I can't stand. Well, that's not completely true -- some of my best friends are Obama supporters. And most certainly are decent, rational people committed to an ...
Tallgrass Prairie 03/10/2008 39 3 - -
Fair and Square
We have read a lot of hyper-ventilated lecturing lately about unpledged delegates and the necessity that they sanction the "will of the voters" by simply ratifying the nomination of the candidate ...
Tallgrass Prairie 03/07/2008 2 - - -
A funny thing happened on the way to Washington's (the state of) caucus
I recently attended the Washington State caucus for the Democratic Party, where I was elected to be a Clinton delegate (by way of disclosure). I support Senator Clinton for reasons (not relevant here)
Tallgrass Prairie 02/20/2008 40 1 - -
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