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High Noon For Charlie (FL-Sen)
I'm always interested in metaphors or pop culture references used as framing devices for political campaigns. Recently I've been thinking about what would be the best way for Gov. Crist to package ...
Tally 04/20/2010 15 4 - 21
The Redistricting Battle In Florida
I sent an op-ed piece to my local paper here in Tallahassee, but I haven't heard back from them, which usually means they're not going to print it. They recently ...
Tally 02/17/2010 10 19 1 196
What Independents Want in Florida
I don't usually read David Brooks' columns in the NY Times, but the title of a recent one, What Independents Want , ...
Tally 11/06/2009 9 4 - 59
Going For Gelber (FL-AG)
The other night I went to hear State Senator Dan Gelber, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General here in Florida. I'd heard his stump speech before, so the content was a bit ...
Tally 11/05/2009 4 1 - 67
Lessons for FL from Tuesday's Elections
The first thing to remember is that anything that happens this far out is pretty meaningless and is NOT a trend. Remember how everyone said the Democrats were doomed in Florida after the ...
Tally 11/04/2009 8 2 - 33
Meek AIN'T Weak (FL-Sen)
In a recent post discussing the Republican side of Florida's 2010 US Senate race Kos made the comment that "the other side is weak"
Tally 10/16/2009 10 4 1 71
Dan Gelber: Inglourious Basterd (FL-AG)
A while back I wrote a piece on how Democrats in Florida running for statewide office need to more effectively ...
Tally 10/15/2009 1 - - 45
Sink and the Zeitgeist (FL-Gov)
My wife and I recently went to see the movie "Julie/Julia" . It's the story of how a feminine icon inspires and empowers a young admirer thru ...
Tally 08/20/2009 3 - - 23
Scott Maddox For Florida CFO
No, I'm not making a joke or being sarcastic. This is real. Let me explain. CROSS POSTED FROM FLAPOLITICS....
Tally 07/07/2009 3 - - 23
Attack of the Zombie Democrat (FL-CoA)
I don’t believe it. Scott Maddox, of all people, is thinking about running for Commissioner of ...
Tally 07/02/2009 4 3 - 36
Commenting on Putnam (FL-CoA)
The Orlando Sentinel website had a piece on a poll taken about the Republican candidates ...
Tally 06/12/2009 9 4 - 6
"Banker" Sink vs. "Crusader" McCollum (FL-Gov)
A piece by Paul Flemming in my Tallahassee ...
Tally 05/19/2009 8 8 - 5
Can Crist Win a Republican Primary? (FL-Sen)
Anthony Man of Broward Politics interviewed various statewide political figures ...
Tally 05/11/2009 36 5 - 9
Facebook and Local Newspapers
The big article that’s making the rounds in journalistic circles right now ...
Tally 03/17/2009 7 2 - 10
Milking the Message (GLBT in FL)
I wrote the following as a My View op-ed for my local paper, The Tallahassee Democrat. They didn't print it, so I'll post it here. ...
Tally 03/02/2009 14 10 - 77
Leading the Way in the FL Legislature
This is why we need to elect more WOMEN politicians. CROSS POSTED FROM FLAPOLITICS....
Tally 03/01/2009 6 2 - 3
Top of the World (FL-Sen)
Why are some Florida Democrats depressed that Gov. Charlie Crist is almost ...
Tally 02/27/2009 8 5 - 8
Creating a Brand for the FL Dem Party
What would the Florida Democratic Party have to do before voters would have a clearer idea what they stood for? CROSS POSTED ...
Tally 02/21/2009 6 2 - 2
Who's Smokin' Crack? (FL-Sen)
Recently I made fun of Stephen R. McNamara, a Sayfie Review columnist, for his wild ...
Tally 02/21/2009 1 - - 7
Can Meek Win? (FL-Sen)
What does Congressman Kendrick Meek (FL-17) need to do to win a no-runoff Democratic primary for US Senate in 2008? CROSS POSTED ...
Tally 02/17/2009 15 4 - 90
Meeting and Greeting (FL-Sen)
My strongest impression after meeting Kendrick Meek in person is “This guy really is FEARLESS.”
Tally 02/17/2009 21 5 1 25
Dan Gelber’s True Calling (FL-2010)
I’ve been mentioning this in several of my previous pieces on FL-Sen. Let me give it the full treatment here.
Tally 02/12/2009 12 1 - -
Gelber Speaks (FL-Sen)
David Hunt of the Jacksonville Times-Union did an actual interview with US Senate ...
Tally 02/11/2009 5 1 - -
Call and Response (FL-Sen)
My column entitled Gelber = Edwards (FL-Sen) received ...
Tally 02/09/2009 3 - - 9
Charlie Brown, Killer Aps, and REAL Progressives (FL-Sen)
I'm still chuckling over something I posted about Dan Gelber's campaign for US Senate here in Florida.
Tally 02/09/2009 6 2 - 12
Gelber = Edwards (FL-Sen)
I want to get back to thinking about the concept of political Brands and how they play into the No-Runoff Democratic Primary for the US Senate seat being vacated by Florida Republican Mel Martinez ...
Tally 02/08/2009 41 - - 35
A Political Crackpouri (FL - 2010)
Boy, and you thought I was weird!
Tally 02/06/2009 4 1 - 7
White Privilege Bias or Is Dan The Man? (FL-Sen)
I wrote my The World Shifts! post very quickly to accommodate the rapidly changing news about the US Senate race here ...
Tally 02/05/2009 13 1 - 38
Brands and Psychodynamics In Florida
In my recent piece The End of the World As We Know It I ...
Tally 02/04/2009 3 - - 79
Florida Politics
Since I’ve been beating up some on fellow “Old White Guy” William March for his punditry, let me acknowledge that his piece on Crist and Martinez and the US Senate seat is pretty ...
Tally 02/03/2009 5 1 - 12
The End of the World As We Know It (FL-Sen)
Frank Rich has a great piece in the Times about the implosion of the Republican Party nationally. In Salon, Thomas ...
Tally 02/02/2009 6 5 - 41
The World Shifts! (FL-Sen)
Do we live in interesting times or what!! I had just finished writing a piece discussing a potential three way US Senate Democratic primary between Allen Boyd, Dan Gelber, and Kendrick Meek ...
Tally 01/29/2009 24 2 - 86
Political Lessons of the Movie Milk (FL-Sen)
My wife and another couple from her Quaker Meeting went to see the movie Milk recently. We all found it very moving and inspiring. Much has been made of ...
Tally 01/27/2009 15 10 - 203
Meek vs. Gelber, FL-Sen
My definitive (a cute word for LOOONNNGG) diary yesterday in support of Rep. Kendrick Meek for the 2010 open US Senate seat from Florida drew some important responses from supporters of State ...
Tally 01/18/2009 28 3 - 23
Blessed Are The Meek (FL-Sen)
Recently after posting a status update on Facebook saying: Michael is ecstatic over Rep. Meek announcing so early. A friend responded with the ...
Tally 01/17/2009 22 5 1 45
The First Black Senator From Florida
Rep. Meek obviously has a slick campaign strategist. Announcing his candidacy at this particular time was really brilliant. It’s proximity to MLK Day and the Inauguration leverages all his ...
Tally 01/15/2009 27 8 - 49
Sink or Meek for FL-Sen?
In my last post I tried to sympathetically encourage our popular Democratic Chief Financial Officer to run for re-election ...
Tally 01/10/2009 52 2 - 59
Why Alex Sink Should Run For Re-election, not FL-Sen
Tally 01/09/2009 15 3 - 20
FL-Sen in 2010 Will Be the Magic 60
Jeb Bush’s announcement that he will not be seeking the US Senate seat from Florida ...
Tally 01/07/2009 47 18 - 188
Republican Resurgence Begins in FL in 2010
While the 2008 presidential election was certainly historical and indicative of future demographic trends, it is important for Democrats to not be overly sanguine about the hopelessness of ...
Tally 01/05/2009 44 5 - 41
Run, Kendrick, Run
What a thrill to wake up, drink my coffee, check Sayfie Review for my Florida news fix and be greeted with a lead story entitled: Meek Considers ...
Tally 01/01/2009 39 17 1 104
FL Dem Disaster in 2010
If former Republican governor Jeb Bush and present Democratic Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink both decide to run for Mel Martinez’ senate seat in 2010, then it is very likely that Florida ...
Tally 12/31/2008 102 11 1 113
Three Questions for Jeb Bush
If Jeb Bush decides to run for the US Senate from Florida in 2010, here are three questions I would like the traditional media to ask him.
Tally 12/30/2008 16 14 - 16
Jeb Bush on 23/6
After I posted my last diary ( which was ...
Tally 12/07/2008 19 10 1 2
Rebranding the FL Dem Party in 2010
Jeb Bush’s hint that he will seek the Florida senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez in 2010 has created a firestorm of speculation and interest. It has also given a pause to any Democrat ...
Tally 12/06/2008 57 16 2 248
Florida Twofer in 2010
Recently I posted a piece wondering how we could make redistricting reform sexy in Florida . Republican senator Mel ...
Tally 12/04/2008 15 5 - 10
How Can We Make Redistricting Reform in FL Sexy?
The most critical issue for Democrats in Florida is the impending redistricting that will occur after the 2010 census. The Republicans have a firm hold on the state legislature and it is unlikely ...
Tally 12/03/2008 22 8 - 16
Maintaining the Obama Network in Florida
One of the many pleasures of the Obama victory was being able to live through a “ Tipping Point ” experience as described ...
Tally 11/21/2008 5 7 - 67
The Obama Election and Florida ’s Political Future
An editorial in the Gainesville Sun entitled “ A reddish shade of ...
Tally 11/20/2008 48 7 - 3
Gov. Crist and the Future of Florida Politics
It’s interesting to read all of the commentary on the imminent demise of the Republican Party and to match that up with reports that came out of the Republican Governor’s Association ...
Tally 11/19/2008 8 4 1 12
Did Obama Turn Florida Blue?
I went to a luncheon Monday sponsored by the local Democratic Club which featured three political reporters from around the state (all the major newspapers have bureaus here because it’s the ...
Tally 11/18/2008 15 4 - 132
Help a Young Black Candidate Win a FL State House Seat
I took a leave from politics, and especially blogging, back in the springtime, but have recently been volunteering with the last push of the Obama campaign. Unfortunately, I'm home sick today ...
Tally 10/30/2008 - 3 - 36
What Debbie Dubya Can Do To Get Me Off Her Back
Debbie Wasserman-Schultz wants the bloggers off her back . Okay, first a quick review.
Tally 03/21/2008 5 7 - 2
Democrats, Debbie Dubya, and
I've been collecting petition signatures for Common Cause's effort to stop gerrymandering in Florida. You can find out more about this at the website ...
Tally 03/12/2008 4 8 - 35
Fla. Dem. Party Statement on Revote Possibility
Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen L. Thurman issued the following statement today on the state of ...
Tally 03/06/2008 22 4 - 3
Bring Fair Districts Fla Petitions to Tues. Night Watch
Tally 03/02/2008 6 6 - 38
Florida Caucuses Saturday
Tally 02/27/2008 24 14 - 20
Kristol Takes His Best Shot At Obama
William Kristol, acknowledging that the Democratic primary is over, lays out today in The New Times, the basis for how Republicans ...
Tally 02/25/2008 18 2 1 -
Is the FL Dem Party Ready For an Obama Candidacy?
Some of the hierarchy of the Florida Democratic Party and some in our Democratic congressional delegation have clearly hooked their wagon to Hillary Clinton's rapidly falling star. My hope is ...
Tally 02/21/2008 46 5 - 3
More Mark Penn Idiocy
Ben Smith over at reports that on a Hillary ...
Tally 02/20/2008 26 9 - -
There Will Be NO Do-Over in Florida
Can we please stop this particular speculation. Below the fold is a copy of a letter from a state committee woman ...
Tally 02/16/2008 52 10 - 8
How to Answer the You Tube Bible Question
Leaves on the Current has a recommended diary about the questioner at the Republican debate that asked the ...
Tally 11/30/2007 69 10 1 7
Norman Mailer: Closet Feminist
As part of various magazine retrospectives of Norman Mailer’s career after his recent death,
Tally 11/29/2007 26 5 - 1
Democracy could use a jolt
This was too funny not to share. Jac Wilder VerSteeg of the Palm Beach Post wrote an ...
Tally 09/20/2007 3 2 - 3
The Florida Primary Mess
The mess over the Democratic primary here in Florida is becoming disheartening. The headline in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper Friday ...
Tally 09/02/2007 96 14 - 44
Steve Earle on Tolerance
The New Yorker magazine has a Talk of the Town piece on Steve Earle living in Greenwich Village . It's a fun read.
Tally 06/08/2007 19 10 - -
Dean and Thurman Burned on Florida Democratic Presidential Primary
As everyone knows, the Republican dominated Florida legislature moved the state’s presidential primary to January 29, 2008. Both national parties said that Florida would lose delegates at the ...
Tally 06/05/2007 28 12 - 1
Florida and the New(t) Republicans
In a discussion of Newt Gingrich ’s analysis of the Republican Party as stated in ...
Tally 05/31/2007 21 7 - 16
Rory Stewart on Iraq
Rory Stewart , author ...
Tally 05/14/2007 4 4 - 1
The Road to the Presidency Runs Through Central Florida
Originally posted at FLAPolitics Congresswoman Karen Thurman , Chair of the Florida Democratic Party (...
Tally 03/28/2007 41 21 - 181
Protest Bill Young's Inaction On Walter Reed (FL-10)
Congressman Bill Young 's failure to follow through and see that the mess at Walter Reed was corrected while he was a powerful member of the House Appropriations ...
Tally 03/15/2007 9 10 - 5
Put the Heat on Florida’s Bill Young and Open Up FL-10
Kos has just posted a piece on how Congressman Bill Young knew about the mess at Walter Reed but did not follow ...
Tally 03/08/2007 5 6 - 25
Is FL-10 Winnable?
What happens if Congressman Bill Young determines all the hoopla ...
Tally 03/06/2007 21 7 1 31
Congressman Young, Walter Reed, and the Veterans
Susan S 's diary about Rep. Bill Young and the scandal at Walter Reed Hospital, along with the ...
Tally 03/03/2007 19 16 - 37
TFB Issue 1 Comments
Following are the comments from the original posting of Issue 1 of Turning Florida Blue.
Tally 03/02/2007 - - - 1
TFB Issue 2 Comments
Following are the comments from the original posting of Issue 2 of Turning Florida Blue.
Tally 03/01/2007 1 1 - 1
Liz, The Florida Democratic Party, and Us
Yesterday was the special election for the Florida State House District 3 seat . ...
Tally 02/28/2007 16 9 - 3
What Can We Learn From the Florida State-Wide Races of 2006?
There were five statewide races in the 2006 general election in Florida. Democrats won two and lost three. I want to look closer at and compare results of three of those races, US Senator, Governor, ...
Tally 02/23/2007 44 4 - 179
Turning Florida Blue - Liz Campbell and FL HD-3
Several weeks ago I posted a diary here called Run, Dee Dee, Run . In it I called on people to email a note of encouragement to a ...
Tally 02/09/2007 18 38 3 168
Sandbagged By Charlie
In a recent post I did over at FLA Politics I quoted an email from my local newspaper editor Mary Ann Lindley ...
Tally 02/01/2007 2 2 - 43
Florida Kossacks Open Thread Diary
Welcome. This is the inaugural edition of the Florida Kossacks Open Thread Diary (FKOTD). The purpose is to help the netroots in Florida to get connected and coordinate our activities coming up to ...
Tally 01/30/2007 45 11 - 2
Turning Florida Blue - The Party On Our Side
In this Jan 2, 2007 post , fellow blogger Eyeball took umbrage ...
Tally 01/26/2007 16 8 2 35
Turning Florida Blue – Anti-Surge Republicans
Yesterday thereisnospoon wrote a recommended diary entitled And the GOP Backlash Begins . It listed the Republican ...
Tally 01/12/2007 10 10 - 13
Reality Based Liberalism
The more I get involved in Daily Kos the less sleep I get. No, it's not because I'm up all night adding zings to various flame wars. In fact, I only spend a limited amount of time on the site. ...
Tally 01/08/2007 6 1 - -
Turning Florida Blue – Come Join Us!
I am interested in building the netroots movement in Florida in a long term effort to retake the Florida legislature and governor for the Democrats, in other words, I would like to Turn Florida Blue.
Tally 01/07/2007 31 28 4 33
Run, Dee Dee, Run!
Florida Governor-Elect Charlie Crist has appointed State Rep. Holly Benson , a fellow Republican, as the next secretary of the Department of Business and ...
Tally 12/31/2006 39 14 - 178
How Camille Paglia Turned Me Into A Poet
I was cleaning up my hard drive when I came across a poem I wrote after reading Camille Paglia’s wonderful book about poetry,
Tally 12/28/2006 17 12 - 11
Lifting Florida's Gay Adoption Ban
I recently wrote a piece concerning Florida Republican Governor-Elect Charlie Crist and the thirty year old ban here ...
Tally 12/27/2006 40 34 - 1
New FL Guv To Promote Adoption: How About Lifting Gay Ban?
The newly elected Republican governor of Florida, Charlie Crist , who will replace Jeb Bush starting on January 2, has been acting like a stealth ...
Tally 12/22/2006 32 13 - 10
Sen. Nelson: Troop Surge Won't Work
Florida's lone Democratic senator, who recently won re-election in this purple state, has clearly stated his feelings ...
Tally 12/21/2006 25 8 - 6
Bookflurries Addendum: Shane
A week ago I was wandering around the site and ended up in cfk ’s Bookchat Discussion . In one of the ...
Tally 12/20/2006 41 3 1 13
MetaMania: Another Daily Kos 4.0 Suggestion
Hunter ’s Open Thread request for Daily Kos 4.0 suggestions has already spawned four ...
Tally 12/19/2006 14 10 - 14
Democrats Need To See This – FL Republicans are slick!
I was floating around the web checking out resources for a collaborative project for Florida Kossacks that I will be saying more about in the New Year when I came ...
Tally 12/18/2006 10 12 1 96
Daily Kos 4.0 Suggestion
Judging from the comments to Hunter ’s story concerning what features we’d like in Daily Kos 4.
Tally 12/15/2006 53 11 - 7
This Site Is A Content Goldmine!
Meteor Blades has taken the first shot at implementing dmsilev ’...
Tally 12/08/2006 21 7 - 19
Wanted: Editors With a Vision, or, How To Leverage dKos and Be The Media
Recently, dmsilev published a diary on dKos called Community and Collaboration where he discussed how the production ...
Tally 12/07/2006 28 9 - 29
Alex Sink: Blue Hope in a Red State
The Tallahassee Democrat has a story today discussing the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) elect for the state of ...
Tally 12/03/2006 7 6 - 32
Let’s Eliminate Systemic Unintentional Undervotes – A Voters’ Rights Issue
The FL-13 fiasco has highlighted a problem associated with electronic touch screen voting machines—systemic unintentional undervotes. We need to stop blaming the victims and see this as a ...
Tally 11/27/2006 15 6 1 2
Lesson Learned From FL-13 Race -- It’s not what you think.
No, it’s not that paper trails are needed for electronic touch screen voting machines, though that is definitely a good thing. And no, it’s not that electronic voting machines can be ...
Tally 11/25/2006 81 7 - 2
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