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Asurion Cell Phone Insurance -- Have You Had Problems?
We've recently run into problems with the insurance company with whom most of the cell phone companies contract for coverage. My husband's bad luck with cell phones and my stupidity meant that when ...
Tamar 05/06/2015 20 5 - -
This Week in the War on Women: My Righteous Rand Rant
Recently Rand Paul ran into a bit of trouble over the lack of alignment of his libertarian views with his views on marriage equality. Apparently Mr. Paul belongs to the “separate but equal” ...
Tamar 04/18/2015 83 76 - -
Chasids say Netanyahu Doesn't Represent Them
A major Chasidic sect, the Satmars, rallied in front of the Israeli consulate in New York City on Tuesday evening to let everyone know that Netanyahu doesn't represent them: “When Netanyahu ...
Tamar 03/07/2015 67 31 - -
Art Spiegelman on Israel and Gaza
The celebrated artist/author of Maus , a graphic novel about Spiegelman's father's experience with the Holocaust, has created a collage for The Nation and made a statement about Israel. The collage ...
Tamar 09/08/2014 89 99 1 -
36 Years of Marriage to a Really Good Person
I'm writing this as a tribute to my husband and our marriage which is 36 years old today. I met my husband when he was in medical school and I was in public health school. I started our ...
Tamar 05/29/2013 53 90 - -
The Catch-22 in Chief Justice Roberts' Argument
I just listened to the clip of Chief Justice John Roberts arguing with anti-DOMA lawyer Roberta Kaplan yesterday about whether there should be "heightened scrutiny" for issues relating to gay rights.
Tamar 03/28/2013 67 80 1 -
Pope requesting immunity?
Don't know how reliable this info is but according to this source: Pope Benedict, Joseph Ratzinger, has scheduled a meeting with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano for Saturday, February 23 to ...
Tamar 02/15/2013 71 16 1 -
She's my daughter and she's dead
I've never liked using terms like "passed away" or "passed" instead of died. I know lots of people, including my older daughter, much prefer those words, but I am a direct kind of person. My ...
Tamar 01/18/2013 103 472 5 -
Why not call them the n$gg&rs or the k#kes or the ch&nks or the sp#cs?
It's a losing battle. It's hopeless. After all, my family, my very liberal family, is full of wonderful people who are huge R&dsk#ns fans. On facebook, they post updates on RGIII's health, pictures ...
Tamar 01/13/2013 24 6 - -
Let's Occupy Pro-Life
For decades, the right wing has sat its ghastly butt on the "pro-life" designation. We have to listen to people like Paul Ryan bragging about his pro-life stance as he redefines rape into not-really-...
Tamar 12/17/2012 6 6 - -
Reply to me from Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland
Yesterday I wrote a diary with my emails to Irish government officials about the tremendous violation of human rights that occurred under their watch: the preventable death of Savita Halappanavar. I ...
Tamar 11/16/2012 22 47 - -
The Killing of Savita Halappanavar: Email the Irish Gov't
Savita Halappanavar After reading a couple of diaries yesterday on the awful death of Savita Halappanavar (this is the one that started me off:
Tamar 11/15/2012 10 18 1 -
Homophobes target Latinos
Most people are aware of the memos the so-called National Organization for Marriage (NOM) had to release that talked about their strategy of targeting African-Americans in a divide-and-conquer plan ...
Tamar 10/15/2012 9 12 1 -
I asked Nate Silver about the Big Bird Effect
Last night I went hear Nate Silver talk at our city's wonderful independent bookstore, Politics and Prose in Washington D.C. His presentation was on his new book, The Signal and the Noise. As a ...
Tamar 10/05/2012 307 298 5 3754
Who is Babylon and Why Did It Attack Me?
I never ever ever write tech diaries even though I like computers, am an online addict, and sometimes even read some lay-person type tech articles. But I have no real expertise to offer anyone other ...
Tamar 09/28/2012 25 8 - 131
Breaking: Ohio early voting restored
Want to get this out right away, but here's the essence of the story: A federal judge in Ohio on Friday restored early voting rights in the three days before the election, ruling in favor of the ...
Tamar 08/31/2012 14 18 - 84
Voter Registration in Florida -- my birthday present
Today's my birthday. A few close relatives and friends are coming over for dessert and we've told them -- No presents! But I got a wonderful present via TPM: Federal Judge Will Permanently Remove ...
Tamar 08/29/2012 14 12 - 66
Over-Testing Our Children: The Hare and Pineapple Redux
About 10 days ago, Laura Clawson published a story on the profit-making standardized test industry (inspired by the so-called Leave No Child Behind law) that has taken over our classrooms and ...
Tamar 05/10/2012 14 4 - 84
Idaho Pharmacist Says No to Viagra
Last week, a pharmacist in Hilly Home, Idaho invoked the state conscience clause and refused to fill a customer's prescription for Viagra. The customer, Watt Allen Goodman, said he initially thought ...
Tamar 04/10/2012 23 18 - 350
Marriage Equality passed by Maryland House of Delegates!
This would have been breaking news, but DKos keeps going up and then crashing -- so I couldn't post the diary when I wrote it. Our House of Delegates just passed the bill for marriage equality -- ...
Tamar 02/17/2012 5 7 - 58
Susan G. Komen & Planned Parenthood: Where are the Young Women?
My older daughter is an incredible advocate for the oppressed. She went to Israel and Palestine and wrote blogs about the terrible things happening to Palestinians. She gets passionate to the point ...
Tamar 02/03/2012 24 14 1 141
Why I'm Supporting Mitt Romney
Let me make it clear: I'm not supporting Mitt Romney for President I'm supporting Romney for the Republican nomination I'm supporting Romney because Newt Gingrich, to use highly technical terminology,
Tamar 01/26/2012 33 13 - 285
Anyone in DC or Suburban MD
who wants to take their money out of Citibank on Saturday? I'm planning to do this (still have to make some final investigations into a credit union I think will work). I could just go to my branch ...
Tamar 11/02/2011 16 6 - 56
Occupy DC: Enthusiasm & Confusion
My husband and I rode the Metro and met our older daughter at McPherson Square, 15th & K Street NW -- the headquarters of Occupy D.C. It was a beautiful day -- one of those gorgeous D.C. early fall ...
Tamar 10/10/2011 6 7 - 65
Theodore Bikel Speaks Out on Artistic Freedom about Israel
Theodore Bikel, an icon of theater and music and a revered figure in the Jewish community, wrote an op-ed in today's Washington Post, speaking out against censorship of plays and discussions on the ...
Tamar 08/21/2011 23 21 1 128
D'var Torah: Devarim-Eikev
Parashat Eikev Devarim (Deuteronomy) 7:12-11:24 This week's portion, Eikev in Devarim (Deutoronomy) is Moses' exhortations to follow God's commandments, his ...
Tamar 08/17/2011 15 8 - 57
Imprisoned in Palestine
My daughter's last diary before she leaves for the U.S. As she says: Last Blog Diary directly from Palestine & Israel for awhile, learning from champions of popular resistance ...
Tamar 08/05/2011 20 17 - 105
Rocketed from Gaza, Still for Peace
Now on a trip with Interfaith Peace Builders, my daughter had a chance to talk with people in a kibbutz near the walls of Gaza. Before she left for Israel and Palestine, I told her that she ...
Tamar 07/29/2011 12 18 - 115
Hearing the Words of an Israeli Soldier
Two separate pieces from my daughter's travels in Israel and Palestine. The first from her participation in an Interfaith Peace Builders' delegation where she got to meet and hear from the ...
Tamar 07/21/2011 26 20 - 125
Our Daughter is Tear-Gassed in West Bank
Our daughter called us several days ago to warn us that she was going to be publishing a blog that would upset us. She had promised, before she went to Israel/Palestine, to stay away from any ...
Tamar 07/16/2011 30 54 2 271
Rock Concert in Ramallah -- Notes from a Jewish-American Young Woman in Palestine
Yesterday, soysauce had a diary about Gaza with some wonderful photos showing people living their lives in ways we can identify with.
Tamar 07/07/2011 15 20 - 99
Trying to Help a Palestinian Family Rebuild
The next installment from my daughter who is staying in Ramallah: her experience trying to help a Palestinian family rebuild. The events are from about a week ago. (I'm going to try to get her ...
Tamar 07/05/2011 34 26 - 182
Notes from An American Jew in Israel/Palestine
This is the recent blog my daughter wrote. She is staying in Ramallah, at a friend's apartment. She's been sick for the last week, but this blog let her anxious parents know that she is on the ...
Tamar 07/02/2011 29 27 - 210
Israeli cameras document.....
The videos I'm going to link to here, show both the best and the worst of Israel. If it weren't for Israeli peace activists, people who truly want what's best for both Israelis and Palestinians, ...
Tamar 06/19/2011 17 22 1 258
D.C. Demonstration in Support of Palestinian Youth Rally, March 15
My daughter and i wrote a diary yesterday calling attention to the Palestinian youth rally on March 15:
Tamar 03/14/2011 10 2 1 54
Jews in Solidarity with Palestinian Youth Rally for Democracy
My daughter is traveling to Israel and Palestine this summer. As a member of the older generation of American Jews, many of us grew up believing that Israel was not only a refuge for Jews but was ...
Tamar 03/13/2011 20 19 - 228
The Other Family: Loss and Survival
A famous story in our area is the awful tale of two girls, sisters, who went missing many many years ago. They had gone to the local shopping mall (one of the early, non-enclosed malls -- like two ...
Tamar 12/17/2010 5 7 - 58
My about-face on Obama's deal with the Republicans
In my next sentence, I'm going to say something I couldn't have imagined saying yesterday. I now support the Obama-Republican deal and so does my husband. Just yesterday the two of us were railing ...
Tamar 12/09/2010 135 38 - 76
Boy Scouts, our community, our public school
I live in a community that is one of the most liberal in the U.S. Almost 72% of my county voted for Obama in 2008. Our very liberal Representative (Van Hollen) received 74% of the vote in our ...
Tamar 09/05/2010 46 12 - 63
Born in the U.S.A.
Okay, Republicans, let's repeal or modify the 14th amendment so being born in the U.S. of A. makes you a citizen if, and only if your parents are legal. 1. Now how do we handle a ...
Tamar 08/05/2010 14 - - 15
Estate taxes -- is no action the best action?
This was reported today (Reuters via Talking Points Memo). Two senators are proposing reinstating estate tax -- Blanche Lincoln & Jon Kyl.
Tamar 07/14/2010 64 13 - 35
Fed judge ruling leads to tears
of joy. I know there is already a diary on the ruling from a federal judge in Boston declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional. But I wanted to write ...
Tamar 07/08/2010 15 24 - 54
She died last night, but she lived in Canada
My daughter just told me that her good friend's mother died last night, between 3 and 5 am. She had been battling a brain tumor for the last year and had suddenly gotten worse. My daughter wrote ...
Tamar 03/16/2010 23 24 - 21
Two Lesbians & a Panhandler Save a Woman
This is a great story even without the trash it makes of right wing "Christian" homophobia. Last week at Union Station in Washington D.C., a woman's wheelchair apparently malfunctioned and tumbled ...
Tamar 01/21/2010 10 29 - 34
Is "No" on "No" part of the problem?
I doubt that the vast majority of people who voted against gay marriage yesterday did it by accident. They knew what they were doing and were egged on by the forces of bigotry and fear. But I ...
Tamar 11/04/2009 30 8 - 101
New Health Insurance Numbers: Uglier Than They Look
The Census Bureau released health insurance numbers for 2008 today. On the surface it appears that things haven't gotten much worse, and that for children they've gotten better. On the surface. ...
Tamar 09/10/2009 22 15 2 160
Specter at it again
from TPM -- Specter has once again pulled an "I am not a loyal Democrat!"
Tamar 05/07/2009 26 3 - 24
Specter:  Republican in his Heart
A Republican is a person who is unable to make the leap from personal experience to the broader needs of others. So, Pete Domenici has been pretty good on mental health but only because of an up-...
Tamar 05/04/2009 19 2 - 1
"The Pope May be Right"?-- Not So Fast!
The title (and much of the substance) of Sunday's op-ed by Harvard researcher Edward C. Green in the Washington Post is that the Pope's recent statement on AIDS and condoms is correct.
Tamar 03/30/2009 31 13 - 48
Progressive Hypocrisy: Israel, China & Chas Freeman
(cross-posted at Talking Points Memo) I wanted to wait until some of the anger and violent emotion over the Freeman issue had cooled before I (very gingerly) brought this up. First -- as a ...
Tamar 03/16/2009 143 6 - 41
Why is Yoo still on the faculty at Berkeley?
Now that we know that the infamous "torture memo" is not the only time John Yoo was intimately involved in a transgression against the Bill of Rights, shouldn't there be renewed pressure for him to ...
Tamar 03/04/2009 86 9 - 32
Two months until the day she died
Today is the day she was born, 28 years ago. Today is a day our family, my husband and I and our 20-year-old and 8-year-old daughters, talk about, think about and remember our oldest child. On ...
Tamar 11/24/2008 93 397 4 44
Obamas Superseded by Football & Reality Show
Several days ago, I set my DVR to record 60 Minutes on Sunday since I knew I couldn't watch it at the time it was scheduled. On Sunday, a little after 7 pm, I ran in to check and found ...
Tamar 11/17/2008 33 2 - 3
Veterans Not Getting Citizenship
The question is whether American armed forces veterans who do not have citizenship are getting the expedited citizenship they were promised. We learned about this problem while canvassing for ...
Tamar 11/09/2008 10 18 - 21
My Daughter Votes & U. Michigan Celebrates
My older daughter is a junior at U. Mich, 20 years old. This is the first presidential election she could vote in. She told me she had run into a problem when she tried to vote and I worried that ...
Tamar 11/05/2008 9 5 1 6
Vote on USA Today's Palin Poll
USA Today's article about Palin is about public reaction Poll finds voters uncertain on Palin It follows this with a place for readers to go vote -- please do this because ...
Tamar 08/30/2008 19 20 - 19
Big Oil: Exploiting the Homeless
Street Sense, the newspaper in D.C. for, about, (partially) by, and sold by the homeless comes out every two weeks. I always buy a copy from the same vendor. There are some very good stories ...
Tamar 07/30/2008 9 6 1 11
John Edwards, Affair? Who Cares -- a ditty
Was one of three at the Democratic top Strong populist policies, a hero pop The only one addressing poverty Now they’re accusing him of adultery I don’t care I don’t care I don&...
Tamar 07/28/2008 49 4 - 2
Obama, Abortion & the Illusion of Flip-Flopping -- my errata
I know there have probably been lots of diaries on this subject. But over the weekend I made some comments on a diary regarding Obama's position on late-term abortions. I expressed concern that ...
Tamar 07/07/2008 30 12 1 45
FISA, Obama, and a reminder of why I support him
Like many other people, I've been taken up with the arguments pro & con on Obama's statement regarding the FISA bill (and also his statements about the 2 recent Supreme Court decisions). One ...
Tamar 06/27/2008 8 9 - 7
Take Action! FISA & Obama (constructive)
Been lots of diaries here about people's disappointment, sense of betrayal, complete outrage with or justification for Obama because of his statement regarding the House-passed FISA bill. My ...
Tamar 06/21/2008 13 15 1 19
LGBT,the Mormon Church,polygamists & Sen.Gordon Smith
Talk about talent! This guy has been able to simultaneously alienate gay marriage advocates, the Mormon Church, and the fundamentalist polygamous Mormon sects unaffiliated with the ...
Tamar 06/18/2008 23 12 - 12
Mayhill Fowler & Huffington Post, redux
No, I have nothing to say about anything that fraud has written since I make a point of not reading her. Why read something that you know is short on facts, long on fabrication, and devoid of ...
Tamar 06/05/2008 22 10 - 5
Condoleezza Rice -- Syrup and Teflon
The new reporter-blogger on Talking Points Memo, Andrew Tilghman, wrote a very interesting piece today on Condi Rice in which he quotes her ridiculous statement to AIPAC The real ...
Tamar 06/04/2008 4 2 - -
Huffington Post Needs an Ombudsman
Here on Daily Kos, if we don't like what's going on we can diary about it. If we still don't like it, we can end our involvement. This site is not a journalistic one -- it's a place for the ...
Tamar 06/03/2008 49 33 - 13
House TV show (on Fox) subtly endorsing Obama?
Watched one of my favorite shows last night, House. In one scene "Thirteen" (a doctor in training with House who's struggling with her genetic potential to develop Huntington's Disease) is sitting ...
Tamar 05/20/2008 48 11 - 28
Obama&Media Don't Owe Perez an Apology: from a psychiatrist
I read DEFuning's diary saying that Obama & the media had wronged Dr. Perez by accusing her of encouraging misdiagnosis of soldiers returning with PTSD. While I found the diary offensive, I'm no ...
Tamar 05/17/2008 30 31 1 45
Emailing Huffington Post -- I can't take it anymore
I know there have been a couple of other diaries complaining about Mayhill Fowler on Huffington Post and her "citizen-journalism" coverage of the Obama campaign. She claims to have given more money ...
Tamar 05/05/2008 48 18 1 15
Are Black and Hispanic Schoolchildren of Lower Moral Character?
I heard the end of a report on network TV -- the report was on the results of a test on "character" among school children in Fairfax County, Virginia. The controversy that made the story news was ...
Tamar 04/10/2008 57 25 - 24
Bill in Portland ME got it right
Bill could have written Patraeus's testimony for him. In today's Cheers and Jeers he predicted what Patraeus would say in his testimony. Yes it was snark (Bill's prediction, unfortunately not ...
Tamar 04/08/2008 21 21 - 22
Violence in Iraq: The press fails the reality test (not a candidate diary)
I wonder if they'll ever get it. This political analysis by Michael Cooper and Larry Rohter in tomorrow's NY Times is about the effect of the increasing violence in Iraq on the presidential campaign.
Tamar 03/29/2008 6 9 - -
Not a real strike, but
still something we Obama supporters should think about. I'm referring, of course, to Alegre's diary about her decision to stop reading and posting to Daily Kos. While this is not a strike in ...
Tamar 03/15/2008 7 2 1 -
Obama and Rev Wright, from a Obama supporter
There was a diary earlier on this, but I wanted to present my views as an Obama supporter, as a "white" American, and as a woman. First, for those who don't know about this or haven't seen the ...
Tamar 03/13/2008 139 8 - 17
Health insurance refusing to pay for children's immunizations?
Last week in comments on a diary unrelated to this topic, DKos sherlyle wrote that her daughter in Illinois had been told by her insurer that immunizations for her children were considered "elective"
Tamar 03/10/2008 11 7 - 5
McCain's Vicki Iseman disappears off the web. Then returns
About an hour ago I went to the website of Alcalde & Fay, McCain's probable paramour's lobbying firm. I clicked on "Meet the Firm" and perused the alphabetical listing of names of the staff. Since ...
Tamar 02/20/2008 34 7 - 6
Dinner with Republicans
Last night we celebrated the Chinese New Year by having dinner with two of the families who traveled with us in China in 2001 when we all adopted our daughters. We decorated our house with banners ...
Tamar 02/11/2008 15 9 - -
Charming the electorate
I only made my decision to support Obama a few weeks ago. And I was thinking today about why I made that decision. It's not about Hillary-hatred. I like Hillary Clinton a great deal and think ...
Tamar 02/02/2008 3 2 - -
Why an Obama Supporter Ends Up Defending Hillary
During the Iowa caucuses, I finally realized that I had already made up my mind about the Democratic nomination. I cheered the numbers for Obama showing up on the screen and cried (and felt like an ...
Tamar 01/29/2008 74 46 - 9
Abortion, Schools and our Tax Dollars
Day after MLK day, and I'm on my way to work, half asleep and thinking grumpily about what I have to accomplish today. But loud voices and crowds at the Metro (subway) station wake me up. Milling ...
Tamar 01/22/2008 10 5 - 34
The Clinton-Obama wars
I'm an Obama supporter, but I like & respect Hillary and John Edwards and would be happy with any of the 3 as President. However, I think Obama is the most inspiring of the candidates, could bring ...
Tamar 01/11/2008 57 6 - 2
Health Insurance Evils -- nyceve got it right
Yesterday nyceve wrote an impassioned diary about the villainy of the health insurance companies.
Tamar 01/01/2008 89 149 6 26
Birthday diary for the daughter we lost & forgiveness for our candidates (with update)
Last year I wrote a diary on my oldest daughter's birthday about giving her a better world for her birthday. On this birthday I have some different thoughts. She would have been 27 today. A few ...
Tamar 11/20/2007 22 45 - 6
My daughters and Hillary
We don't have BIG cable (meaning all the stations). No MTV, no Nickelodeon, no SciFi (sigh), no CNN. So at 8 pm on Thursday, I tuned into CNN online to watch the Dems. At about 8:
Tamar 11/17/2007 427 90 1 8
Hillary,Edwards,Obama or...
I'm really really trying to narrow down my choices. But every time I think I've settled on someone, they do something I don't like, and the others look better. It's a bit like ground and background!
Tamar 11/13/2007 57 - - -
Richard Cohen, Stupid Again?
In response to Richard Cohen's stupid stupid column supporting the White House drive toward war with Iran I sent this letter to WaPo (which, needless to say, wasn't published): Oh Richard, Richard, ...
Tamar 11/05/2007 2 4 - 4
Is Illegal Immigration the Next Wedge Issue?
Is immigration the next wedge issue that the Republicans will use to successfully pummel us into oblivion? E. J. Dionne thinks so and he's transmitted his anxiety to my husband. This morning my ...
Tamar 11/02/2007 89 4 - 1
Obama -- will he make the right choice? (with update)
My husband has been an enthusiastic supporter of Senator Obama's candidacy and has sent money to his campaign. I've been vacillating between Edwards and Obama for some months now, liking certain ...
Tamar 10/23/2007 180 21 1 5
"Hellish Housewife" Hillary
Greg Sargent over at Talking Points Memo has an excellent piece today on Maureen Dowd's column in the NYT. In her latest column on Hillary, Maureen Dowd quotes New Republic editor Leon ...
Tamar 10/01/2007 63 24 - 9
Fuzzy Gets Vicious
A while back, WaPo brought on two new comic strips, Candorville and Prickly City -- with the stated intention of representing the liberal and conservative political points of view. Other than ...
Tamar 09/09/2007 10 3 - -
A Million More Uninsured Children -- updated
(Revised, with many thanks to mbayrob) The U.S. Census Bureau had a press conference yesterday morning releasing new data on poverty/income and health insurance. The MSM covered it to some degree. ...
Tamar 08/28/2007 5 12 1 9
We can't lose the war in Iraq
Winning in Iraq is easy. All we need to do is redefine what we mean by "progress," and "success." Once we do that, we simply can't lose -- everything that happens in Iraq will be evidence of ...
Tamar 04/24/2007 8 - - -
Is He Black Enough -- A Test
This question about Barack Obama seems to be raised from both the right and the left, so let's apply a some simple tests, all of which assume he is unknown to the people observing him:
Tamar 04/16/2007 22 11 2 149
We're not hamsters, we don't have to eat our young
I was distressed this weekend reading Kos's story re: Obama, and the hot and heavy discussion and diaries that resulted. Although what Obama said, as reported by Kos was disappointing (though there'
Tamar 04/02/2007 11 - - -
WaPo's Love Affair with Bush
Happened to notice the this morning's print Washington Post Headlines and first sentence about the U.S. Attorney firings: Bush Offers Aides for Hill Interviews Democrats ...
Tamar 03/21/2007 4 4 - -
John McCain faces Poetic Justice
I was never enchanted with John McCain, but there was a time, during his run for the Republican nomination in 2000, when I respected him. But during the 2004 campaign, when the "swiftboat" group ...
Tamar 03/09/2007 12 2 - 4
Ann Coulter - Advertiser says NO
Couldn't find a diary on our efforts to notify people who advertise on Ann Coulter's website and I want to give credit to someone I emailed. Here's the email I received: Hi Marti, ...
Tamar 03/06/2007 23 23 - 10
Elect Susie! Children's Health Coverage
Go on to this site: This is a new campaign for children's health insurance. No tax deductions or credits that don't really result in more health coverage, no windfalls to profit-
Tamar 02/27/2007 - 1 - 6
Webb to Respond to Bush State of the Union!
The Democrats got it right! Pelosi & Reid announced that Jim Webb will be giving the Democratic response to Bush's State of the Union. I can't wait to hear this and to have so many Americans see ...
Tamar 01/16/2007 56 34 - 9
The Unfairness of the World
Christmas and Hannukah buying time -- in an upper-middle class, very nice toy store, buying upper-middle class very nice toys.... The store provides free wrapping services in the back of the ...
Tamar 12/09/2006 11 6 1 -
Death of a daughter & what we owe her
There are so many bad things that happen in the world that we can't avoid: earthquakes, cancer, aneurysms, tsunamis, tornadoes, mudslides, avalanches and our family's own personal heartbreak: car ...
Tamar 11/20/2006 102 192 1 35
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