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Disenfranchised in Florida
My Uncle is visiting with me from Miami. He requested his absentee ballot last week from the Miami Dade Elections website. It seemed to go smoothly. Now its a week later, and still no ballot has ...
Taz Man 11/02/2012 10 9 - -
"Where are the Moderate Muslims?"
A friend of mine penned this and allowed me to share it here with this community. I think given the unrest in the middle East, it is quite pertinent. "Where are the Moderate Muslims?" by LS ...
Taz Man 09/21/2012 8 16 - 147
Devastating Politico Article: Campaign in Disarray
I hate to link to Drudge, so I won't, but he is reporting that politico is about to report of serious Romney campaign infighting and the writing of a convention speech that was ultimately never ...
Taz Man 09/16/2012 42 19 - 558
The RW Lie Machine
I got this bit in the mail today, and I found it absolutely appalling. But I happen to know a lot of people who swallow this stuff, hook line and sinker. They have so many Rush bots dialing in to ...
Taz Man 09/05/2011 8 5 - 86
Waiting for Superman
I was just HR'd for presenting the ideas I saw in Waiting for Superman last night. I have since read teacherKen's ...
Taz Man 11/29/2010 53 1 - 54
Meet your fellow muslim day
I think one thing is clear, when I hear the GOP talk on television about Park 51 or about Muslims in general. They don't know any, they dont talk to any, they don't engage any. Their hate is ...
Taz Man 08/19/2010 21 8 - 22
Proposed Constitutional Amendment
I believe we should have a constitutional amendment. I am sure we could get bipartisan support. It would simply be this: wherever in the constitution it refers to "citizens,", individual," "persons,"
Taz Man 08/18/2010 25 4 - 24
Are we back to the crusades?
George Bush used the word Crusade several years ago, and it caused an international uprorar. Today, there can be no doubt that Peter King, John Cornyn, George Pataki, Sarah Palin, and all their ...
Taz Man 08/15/2010 16 16 - 43
Muslim-Americans under attack is America under attack
People say they are not at war with Islam. Yet millions of Americans are willing to dismiss the constitution to ignore the basic rights of us as Americans to practice our religion freely. I find the ...
Taz Man 08/14/2010 16 10 - 39
After years of infatuation with this site...
I have now been privy to its wrath. There is little attempt here at airing out issues or having serious discussion on serious issues. Your extreme and militant condemnation of me for believing ...
Taz Man 12/22/2008 526 18 - 17
First off. Joe Lieberman is an asshat...
we can agree on this. His behavior has been reprehensible. God Damn....the man was a vp candidate of the democratic party. Has he no sense of loyalty? CA PAIGNING ACTIVELY for McCain?? BUt, here ...
Taz Man 11/18/2008 14 - - -
I dont know how tosaythis....
WHat I heard yesterday has me in utter disbelief. It is beyond the pale, yet it is so shckingly disturbing that I must share itwiththe community here. I work with 95% republicans. we got totalking ...
Taz Man 11/08/2008 15 3 - -
UPDATED: Latest ZOGBY polls in Battlegrounds show OBAMA domination.
The results are in. Even Zogby cant spin this one for mccain as only Indiana and WV remain in his column, and the rest go to Obama. There are very healthy leads for Obama in Virginia, and even, ...
Taz Man 10/26/2008 150 19 3 16
Ted the physician: "Obamas a socialist"
Ted is a physician colleague. We never talked politics before, but we were discussing end of life issues and health care spending, and I confessed to him that I was part of "Doctors for Obama" Ted ...
Taz Man 10/26/2008 49 6 - 9
Dad is convinced because of Powell.
My father is a long time republican. I grew up believing that the republican party is the party that is better because of their economic policies and also becuase they were better friends of ...
Taz Man 10/19/2008 22 29 1 17
An ode to the Democratic Woman:
the Western world's economic system is collapsing before our very eyes. And John McCain's response: Bill Ayers.......Bill Ayers.....Terrorist......Obama.......Black........Bill Ayers ............
Taz Man 10/09/2008 2 1 - -
Must see video: Sarah Palin's record on Abortion
Sarah Palin is opposed to abortion even for women who have been raped. She has charged women in Wasila who were raped for their rape kits. This is reprehensible policy and a window to the soul ...
Taz Man 10/07/2008 6 13 - -
Hey Sarah Palin. viral video
I posted this song here yesterday from YOUTUBE. Its the most hilarious Sarah Palin song ever....and resonates quite well with the base.... I think these two did a heck of a job......
Taz Man 10/06/2008 8 17 - 104
DO you tell them in Wasilla that 4000 years ago we roamed the planet with Godzilla?.... and it only gets better from there..... This has to be spread hits the right nerve....and ...
Taz Man 10/05/2008 25 59 8 19
For those of you who care about terrorism AGAINST MUSLIMS
I want to thank this community for bringing attention to the Dayton Mosque terrorist incident that has received a media blackout as far as we can tell. Except for this: http://www.daytondailynews....
Taz Man 09/28/2008 421 1049 31 135
Anecdotes from the Deep South
I am a newcomer to the South. As a migrant frmo the northeast, there has surely been a culture shock following my move here. Now, I must admit, being the political junkie I am, I cannot resist ...
Taz Man 09/27/2008 8 5 - 1
Pakistani President Zardari Flirts with Sarah Palin
During there short meeting, Zardari was openly flirtatious with Sarah Palin. The LA Times has the story: Here's the key:
Taz Man 09/24/2008 68 19 - 31
Over at TPM , Robert Reich has enunciated what I think would be something all taxpayers could support, and also save the economy. the problem is: The congress will never have the guts todo this. ...
Taz Man 09/21/2008 14 17 - -
Breaking : west wing tonight: TEN WORD ANSWERS
Hattip to shakeville blog for putting this up:
Taz Man 09/20/2008 14 8 1 -
Economy hell: AIG on the brink of bankruptcy
Turn on CNBC now and you will hear that AIG is in need of an escess of 75 bilion dollars in collateral within 24 hours to survive. if it is downgraded even one peg more down by moodies, taht ...
Taz Man 09/15/2008 278 39 - 28
Updatedx3: Physicians demand the release of McCain's Health Records
Most of you may not know that I am a physician. As such, I am keenly aware of thethreat that melanoma poses. John McCain as far as we know has had several bouts with melanoma, invasive melanoma. A ...
Taz Man 09/14/2008 436 837 33 181
Ladies and Gentleman, the media has a new Meme. Sarah Palin: Unqualified. Uninformed. Look at the following bit of news articles for Sunday. These are from the Washington POst, the Minneapoilis ...
Taz Man 09/13/2008 15 13 - -
I met democrats today...
THat may not sound exciting, but literally, there are no democrats to be found where I work. and these guys just showed up right outside the office doors chatting about politics. It was ...
Taz Man 09/09/2008 1 2 - -
Palin scores Touchdown
In the wrong endzone. Lots of sports analogies are going around. Hoops, hunting, football. Its NFL season so, lets talk about it in terms us football fans can relate to. Sarah Palin scored a ...
Taz Man 09/07/2008 6 6 - -
Think about it: Palin/McCain
Palin/McCain. What of our democracy is left? When a ticet with such obvious lack of ...lack of.....basically all that is required to run this country competently is breaking even with a monster ...
Taz Man 09/06/2008 5 - 1 1
Reasons why PALIN MIGHT work for the GOP
People in America like people they can relate to. Palin is like them: hunter, conservative, gun owner, type. Family woman. Daughter Pregnant, but KEEPS baby. Its a wash. Nice Bod, nice face. Men ...
Taz Man 09/02/2008 33 - - -
I agree with Christopher Hitchens (yikes) about HRC
There is a new article by christopher hitchens taht assails Hillary Clinton's Bosnia lie in a manner that I think is quite fair and quite accurate.
Taz Man 04/01/2008 13 8 - -
Breaking: Obama with 21 point lead in NC
This is straight from MSNBC. They were interviewing local reporter 5 mins ago. He divulged that a new poll coming out today shows obama with a 21 point lead after his multiple visits to the state ...
Taz Man 03/25/2008 117 45 1 13
Article: Obama's Brilliantly Bad Speech
This is going to be short. There is a hitpiece in the LA TIMES On OBAMA's speech. IT is the most ludicrous argument , and its not only being made by this author rodriguez, but also by Bill ...
Taz Man 03/23/2008 38 5 - 1
Peggy Noonan on Barack Obama: The Thinking Man's Speech
Very rarely would you expect a piece by Peggy Noonan to be flattering to Democrats. After all, she is former speechwriter to Ronald Reagan, and a strong conservative. Today, in the Wall Street ...
Taz Man 03/20/2008 29 29 2 1
Hillary Clinton pushing Reverend Wright Story
The media narrative up until now has been that Hillary Clinton is steering clear of the Reverend Wright story. Now we know that this isnt true. A newspaper that has endorsed Hiilary Clinton, her ...
Taz Man 03/19/2008 142 48 3 44
We have one week to change the course of history.
Barack Obama's Pennsylvania hopes are riding on the will of Independent Voters coming out in large numbers. These voters can only vote if they register democratic by March 24th. This gives us ...
Taz Man 03/15/2008 6 3 - 1
Obama's slow response
Barack Obama has yet to repudiate the comments as forcefully as possible. He has yet to do it. This is not the kind of swift response he needs. This story is blanketing the airwaves. I think his ...
Taz Man 03/14/2008 94 3 - 31
Obama's Pastor Controversy
preaching to his congregation, Reverend Wright has made statements that were popular with his targeted audience, but mentioned presidential candidate Barack Obama. These comments were on the whole ...
Taz Man 03/13/2008 50 3 - -
A Roaring Start in Rural PA for Obama
There has been much speculation ono the blogs or what kind of strategy Obama should have in Pennslvania with 6 weeks to go to the primary. Its clear, sme think he should minimize the importance of ...
Taz Man 03/12/2008 13 19 - 10
"Meet me in Pennsylvania"
meet me in pennsylvania, barack. i dare you. i mean there's a primary there in six weeks and i know you'll campaign there, but just in case you didnt know, i am ahead in the polls by 15 -20 points ...
Taz Man 03/11/2008 3 3 - -
"I think the popular vote is more important"- Jon Corzine, MSNBC HARDBALL. Answer to Matthews question: If one wins he popular vote and the other the delgates, who will you vote for. and he said:
Taz Man 03/10/2008 48 3 - -
and I'm not kidding. Barack Obama needs our help to fight the Clinton machine. They are spreading posionous venom talking about commander in chief threshold. FYI: She has never met my commander ...
Taz Man 03/06/2008 9 7 1 -
Hillary is desperate.
Hillary is desperate. How do i know this? Trent Lott. What does Trent Lott have to do with the democratic nomination or with Hillary Clinton? Her is post iowa caucus Hillary: http://youtube....
Taz Man 03/05/2008 9 2 1 -
Obama's fundraising totals.
IT seems to me that the lack of hard numbers from the obama campaign shows just how well run this campaign is. Obama's campaign is counting on the fact that tomorrow will be a good day for the ...
Taz Man 03/03/2008 48 5 1 -
John Hagee is the Antichrist
John Hagee wants war with Iran, right now. John Hagee believes in the endtimes in which all but Christians will be damned to hell. John Hagee ...
Taz Man 03/01/2008 10 2 - -
John McCain is a known adulterer.
Republicans always talk about character. John MCain's character . But it is documented thet John McCain began an extramarital relationship with Cindy Hensley while he was still married to his ...
Taz Man 02/29/2008 28 2 - -
Barack's middle name - what a muslim thinks?
Lets turn the tables. if you were muslim, and the whole poltical debate centered around your candaate having to renounce the very idea that he might be associated with islam, how would that feel? ...
Taz Man 02/28/2008 98 29 1 7
Breaking: Barack Obama respects Somalians
As most of us know by now, the picture of barack obama in somali dress has been circulated by Drudge and others , as far as is known, at the behest of Clinton staffers. So here we are: http://www.
Taz Man 02/26/2008 4 - - 1
HRC: "We Will Not Win..."
So much for a message of hope. IN fairness , her point was that if we re not united in Novemeber, we will not win, but she repeated the phrase multiple times. I dont think Barck has ever ...
Taz Man 02/23/2008 26 2 2 -
Obama avoids state of the black union.
Is it the right thing for Obama to do? Attending the event ...
Taz Man 02/22/2008 139 5 1 6
Mo - Mo Mo Mentum
What is the definition of Mo-mentum? its barack obama throwing a bottle of water to a supporter whose fainted out of excitement from listening to him. - and then the media making a big deal of the ...
Taz Man 02/20/2008 2 2 - -
Barack Obama speaks on one of the major foreign policy developments of the week today by issuing a statement on the independece declared by KOSOVO. Barack shows all of us that if we guide our ...
Taz Man 02/17/2008 134 15 - 9
Hillary mimicking Obama in speeches
Watching a rally in Ohio today, I was astonished to hear Hillary Clinton try to begin a chant with the audience. Can you imagine what the chant was? "Yes we will! Yes WE will! Yes We Will!" The ...
Taz Man 02/16/2008 76 10 1 10
Major concerns for Obama's safety.
Hi everyone. I am a trough and through Obama supporter. I go through my day every since the primaries began and cannot think of anything else I have ever been more exicted about in my political life ...
Taz Man 02/10/2008 139 5 1 -
BREAKING: Voting irregularities in LA
straight from barack's website: Community Blogs Login | Register | Search Blogs Post from Sam Graham-Felsen's Blog: After Widespread Reports of Voting Irregularities Obama ...
Taz Man 02/09/2008 163 109 3 19
Why certain well known feminists are for Obama. (shhhh!)
It has been HILLARY'S "BASE": Women Voters who continue to vote for her in large numbers. Numbers large enough to keep her necka nd neck with Barack Obama for the democratic nomination. Yet, is ...
Taz Man 02/08/2008 44 15 - -
NJ will be OBAMA Country
There is no GOTV here for HRC that I can tell. I went to her wesbite and there is one town that has a GOTV effort with phonebanking in all of new jersey. If you look at there are ...
Taz Man 02/04/2008 28 12 - 6
Please help with Phonebanking
Hi everyone. I want to phonebank for Obama and have never done this before. I'm a little (maybe a lot) nervous about the whole thing? How do people receive others calling them about political ...
Taz Man 02/03/2008 9 3 - -
MARIST/WNBC POLL: HRC leading in NY State
The latest Marist poll whows HRC with a lead of 54-38 over barack obama. In her home state, I ask you, is this really that ...
Taz Man 02/02/2008 61 2 - -
Obama and The constituencies of HRC
Women: My own mother wants HRC to win despie my most ardent support for obama. Shes a middle aged woman who sees hillary as a powerful brilliant woman who deserves a chance at the presidency and ...
Taz Man 02/01/2008 30 2 - -
laughingstock republicans
as we look at the republican field, i cant help but be impressed by mitt romney. If for no other reason than that everyone else seems so inadequate. Rudolph Giuliani must have given one of the ...
Taz Man 01/29/2008 5 1 - -
OBAMA AND HRC, ITS INTERNATIONAL Here is a great article by a pakistani man in the Daily Time sin Pakistan. Clearly the excitement over the ...
Taz Man 01/27/2008 7 4 - -
The Bottomless Pit of Hillary Scandals
Many people are trying to make something of Rezko and his ties to Obama. Hillary herself caled it into question in the last debate noting that Obama was working for a slumlord named Tony Rezco. ...
Taz Man 01/25/2008 73 2 - -
Petty politicians wasting our nations treasure
You know, As i heard the news today that Congress and George Bush have agree don a 150 billion dollar economic stimulus package, I was excited to hear what it was. It looks like their idea of ...
Taz Man 01/24/2008 2 1 - -
Musharraf to blame for benazir's death. (IMHO)
There are a multitude of writers now talking about Benazir's connection to the West and her links to public relations firm. They talk about the corrupion allegations against her husband or her niece ...
Taz Man 12/31/2007 4 3 1 1
Pakistan is burning- Updated
I was born in pakistan and have followed its politics closely in recent days. Pakistani have tended to believe that since Muhammad Ali Jinnah founded Pakistan in 1947, that the country was destined ...
Taz Man 12/30/2007 44 40 1 28
Oh Benazir, my benazir
My grandmother campaigned for the people's party in the 1950's. Her brothers and sisters worked ferociously for this party. Benazir was a light in the darkness that is pakistan today. Today ...
Taz Man 12/27/2007 11 24 2 2
Breaking: ALL PAKISTANI PRIVATE TV BANNED-updated with link
Since November 3, when Pervez Musharraf imposed martial law/emergency , GEO NEWS and ARY one world news have been blacked out in pakistan. Yet they remained on the international broadcast channels. ...
Taz Man 11/16/2007 55 28 1 10
Hillary clearly won- how depressing! WITH UPDATE
I watched every minute of this debate, and have awatched the previous debates. Clearly the moderating of this debate was inferior. There was skewing of audience questions and repeated provocation of ...
Taz Man 11/15/2007 42 4 1 -
Before your next plastic surgery:
Well known rap star, Kanye West’s mother died from complications related to her recent plastic surgery. Given the star’s reknown, this brings the issue of plastic surgery back onto the ...
Taz Man 11/13/2007 101 5 - -
Pakistan's press freedoms
In the runup to the Iraq war, there were clearly problems in the United States media apparatus as they failed to fully report on the consequences of military action in Iraq. In fact, there was a so ...
Taz Man 11/12/2007 1 3 1 -
Starting a Blog- re: Pakistan
But with all the turmoil in Pakistan right now, a place I have some high degree of affinity to, I feel obliged to make this post about Pakistan. Pakistan is a beautiful country, with mountainous ...
Taz Man 11/11/2007 2 2 - -
Vote for Mike Gravel
Vote for Mike Gravel. I am serious. I just saw him on CSPAN yesterday for a one hour closeup. He spoke to high school students. And he was truly inspirational. Everything he said made sense. ...
Taz Man 10/06/2007 5 5 - -
Moving to the Deep South
I am thinking of moving to a small town in mississippi. I am pakistani and muslim. Do yo think this is a good, bad or neutral idea? Doe sanyone from the deep south post here on DKOS? would my ...
Taz Man 08/26/2007 65 2 - 3
a pakistani perspective
As a pakistani american, i feel that some important points regarding the latest development in pakistan needs to be made. First, Pakistan is currently a dictatorship under the rule of a person ...
Taz Man 08/08/2007 15 14 - 5
there are 3 types of people
A white cloud pops up behind an old landfill that lay at the edge of town. Some in the town hold their head up high and notice the white cloud immediately, and do not see the landfill. Others look ...
Taz Man 08/05/2007 17 3 - -
NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION: the Bush-Biden-Lugar Bill
Taz Man 11/17/2006 4 7 1 -
Its a mans world, Nancy.
Taz Man 11/16/2006 23 3 - -
Living in the real world. Stop being purists, like the neocons.
Taz Man 11/14/2006 6 4 - -
Why Howard Dean should resign his post ASAP
Taz Man 11/10/2006 47 3 - 8
McCaskill from Missouri gives the nod to Bolton ( with link to video)
Taz Man 11/09/2006 94 7 - 6
Twas the night before the night before election night: An ode.
Taz Man 11/05/2006 4 2 - -
What does this election mean to you?
Taz Man 10/21/2006 8 2 - -
Abu Ali found guilty. Jose padilla indicted on 3 counts
Taz Man 11/22/2005 9 1 - -
Is Bob Woodward, not Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby's source?
Taz Man 11/21/2005 49 7 - -
why doesnt the news media talk about this muslim cab driver?
Taz Man 11/20/2005 12 11 - 1
Taz Man 11/18/2005 22 8 - -
UPDATEDProof that the republicans are a racist xenophobic group
Taz Man 11/17/2005 4 - - 2
Taz Man 11/16/2005 20 12 - -
Taz Man 11/14/2005 97 24 1 9
Antipsychotics for a schizophrenic nation
Taz Man 11/12/2005 1 2 - 12
Reasons why George W Bush should be impeached ( please add)
Taz Man 10/17/2005 7 7 1 -
Taz Man 10/09/2005 31 16 1 -
am i a terrorist?
Taz Man 10/02/2005 3 1 - -
Vote yes on Roberts, and then emphasize how non partisan and fair
Taz Man 09/14/2005 6 - - -
john roberts is smarter than bush
Taz Man 09/13/2005 23 2 - -
heres a way to sacrifice for our country
Taz Man 09/11/2005 3 - - -
Driving miss Daisy
Taz Man 09/05/2005 - 2 - -
Is this Gods vengeance on a Arrogant and power drunk civilization?
Taz Man 09/03/2005 7 - - -
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