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Medicines sans Frontieres: “civilians in Gaza have nowhere safe to go…”
Medicines sans Frontieres, popularly known as Doctors Without Borders have been on the ground in Gaza, attempting to treat casualties from the war. Today, the organization released a statement ...
Tchrldy 07/29/2014 14 30 - -
"Paid Off Breitbart-Betraying Marxist"
The Tea Partiers are hopping mad and they're not afraid to let Speaker Boehner know it. They have been posting furiously on the Speaker's Facebook page and the folks at Cloture Club have created a ...
Tchrldy 10/18/2013 6 11 - -
Saturday Morning Canvassing in Fauquier County VA
For the past three weeks, I have spent Saturday mornings canvassing neighborhoods in southern Fauquier County, Virginia for President Obama. Fauquier County is a very conservative county. In 2008, ...
Tchrldy 09/18/2012 12 11 - 67
Disinformation Propaganda on DKos
There is a diary on ...
Tchrldy 06/07/2011 91 22 - 434
Albertina Sisulu: She Removed Boulders and Crossed Rivers
The world is a poorer place today. Albertina Sisulu, a shero of the struggle against apartheid in South Africa died in Johannesburg at the age of 92 yesterday. To say that she lived a full ...
Tchrldy 06/03/2011 30 40 3 162
Something Other Than Celebration: A Personal Story
I don’t disagree with the sentiments of some who suggest that we should not celebrate the death of Osama bin Laden or chant USA! USA! in triumph considering the myriad costs of the “Global ...
Tchrldy 05/02/2011 20 13 - 63
225 Quasi-Wars Later
There has been much hand-wringing on the left over the legality of the decision to participate in creating a “no fly” zone in Libya as a result of UN Resolution 1973. Most of the arguments rely ...
Tchrldy 03/21/2011 9 3 - 36
Egypt Liveblog: Sub-Diary #63
You are in the the 63rd Child Diary of the Liveblog of the 2011 Egyptian Uprising and other uprisings spreading throughout the Mideast. We stand with our Egyptian friends and their courageous ...
Tchrldy 02/04/2011 279 - - 124
Remembering the Victims
I haven’t seen any diaries about the people who were killed in Tucson. When I read about their varied backgrounds, ages, religious faiths, and political persuasions, I was moved to write ...
Tchrldy 01/10/2011 6 5 - 7
List of Comcast Executives Political Donations in 2010 Midterms
After hearing the news that MSNBC suspended Keith Olberman indefinitely for making political campaign contributions, I decided to do some quick research on the contributions of Executives at Comcast ...
Tchrldy 11/05/2010 40 35 1 121
Helping Haiti's Earthquake Survivors: Haiti Recovery Act Goes to President obama
This is the 109th diary on the earthquake disaster in Haiti. The first diary ...
Tchrldy 04/15/2010 65 30 - 160
Call Gerry Connolly (D) VA-11
Despite the number of people who worked for him in 2008 to squeak out a victory against his Republican opponent, Representative Gerry Connolly is now saying he is on "the fence" about whether to ...
Tchrldy 03/19/2010 29 15 - 58
Health Care Summit Liveblog #3
Representative Anthony Weiner started a liveblog today and will be watching this with us and offer his own commentary. This is liveblog diary number ...
Tchrldy 02/25/2010 425 52 - 24
Pat Robertson, Freedom Gold and Blood Diamonds
It is important to understand the breathtaking hypocrisy of Robertson’s comment attributing Haiti’s current suffering as a result of a pact with Satan. As is so often the case with ...
Tchrldy 01/14/2010 42 78 5 399
Senator Webb’s CYA Letter
Today I opened my e-mail to find a letter from one of my Senators, Jim Webb. I voted for him. I contributed to his campaign. I phone banked for him. What a waste of my time and resources! If ...
Tchrldy 12/16/2009 12 4 - 58
Carpe Diem, President Obama, Carpe Diem!
I will never forget watching you give that speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. I turned to my husband and said, “Why isn’t this guy running for President?”
Tchrldy 09/09/2009 3 3 - 8
HuffPo Article on FDIC: A Primer on Propaganda
On the front page of the Huffington Post today, there is an ominous headline that caught my eye, "Federal Agency Overseeing Banks Suddenly Hiding ...
Tchrldy 09/04/2009 3 2 - 17
Amerikaner Nationalism: Its Foundations and Strategy
On any given day one can point to many incidents of craziness on the right. I agree that the rhetoric on the right is crazy. But I also believe that we must find themes to frame our own ideology ...
Tchrldy 09/02/2009 26 16 12 300
My Letter to Senators Webb & Warner
I know that some think it is wrong to call out our own Senators over health care. The argument is that it makes them mad and thus they are less likely to support health care reform. Well, if they ...
Tchrldy 08/23/2009 15 9 - 4
My Health Care Horror Story: My Son, Adam and Why We Need a Public Option
We began trying to have children in the early 1980’s. Like many couples at the time, we had postponed having children until we were both in stable and rising careers. After a ...
Tchrldy 08/17/2009 30 51 - 25
Shine A Light for Freedom
Like most people I have been watching events unfold in Iran. It is difficult to watch brave people being beaten and killed for freedom. It is especially difficult knowing that there is little we ...
Tchrldy 06/20/2009 4 2 - 1
Congratulations! Maternal Health in the US ranks below Bosnia-Herzegovena
According to Save the Children’s, State of the World’s Mothers Report 2009, the US risk for maternal mortality is 1 in 4,800—“one of the highest in the developed ...
Tchrldy 06/18/2009 15 26 - 84
John McCain: Palling Around With Nazi Sympathizer
John McCain conveniently left out a few details last night when he discussed his association with convicted Watergate conspirator and NAZI sympathizer G. Gordon Liddy on David Letterman. According ...
Tchrldy 10/17/2008 27 33 - 27
To Those Who Voted “Nay” Today: Write Your Own Damn Bill or STFU
I am pissed off. And I am most angry with those who voted “Nay” today. Most of what I would like to say to you, I would not print. So I’ll just say this, if you don’
Tchrldy 09/29/2008 70 16 - -
What We Need to Know About Senator Richard Shelby
Senator Richard Shelby has been leading the charge for the conservative Republicans in their rejection of the bailout plan. Even Rachael Maddow has given him time on her show to pimp the hazy ...
Tchrldy 09/26/2008 23 37 1 238
In One Fell Swoop John McCain Gratifies His Personal Lust for Power by Politicizing the Financial Cr
So John McCain just announced that he is “suspending his campaign” and requesting a postponement of Friday’s debate so he can return to Congress and work on the Bailout Plan. ...
Tchrldy 09/24/2008 4 2 - 1
The Primary is Over; We Need to Stop Calling Out Our Own
So John Edwards had an affair. No doubt, it hurts the entire Edwards family. No doubt, it damages John Edwards’ image as a good guy. This is sad news for the Edwards family and I am ...
Tchrldy 08/08/2008 17 11 - 1
“I Never Felt Like a Citizen Till Now”
That was the statement made by Mr. Williams, a man I registered to vote today. This afternoon, we held a small voter registration canvass in a local neighborhood in our county. We decided ...
Tchrldy 07/04/2008 17 12 1 217
The View from Fauquier County, VA
We all have different perspectives and our perspectives have many layers. One of those layers is shaped by where one lives. I live in Fauquier County, Virginia –about 40 miles southwest of ...
Tchrldy 07/03/2008 36 19 - 35
What I’ll Be Doing at “High Noon” Tomorrow
After watching the media agonize over Hillary Clinton’s concession speech and over whether she will actively support Barack Obama, I find it difficult not to become frustrated. The ...
Tchrldy 06/06/2008 11 31 1 27
Rev. Wright is not the Problem So Get Over It Already
I have no problem with Rev. Wright’s comments of the past three days or his answers to the Q & A at the National Press Club. Rev. Wright is a scholar, preparing to speak in scholar's language ...
Tchrldy 04/29/2008 75 15 - 21
Change that is Nuclear
I was in grade school in Miami forty five years ago during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I remember vividly the “Atom Bomb Drills” in which the bell rang three times, air raid ...
Tchrldy 04/22/2008 12 - - 4
An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi, John Edwards, and Al Gore
I respect each of you. I voted for you, Vice President Gore, for President and were you the candidate in 2008, I would proudly vote for you again. Senator Edwards, I voted for your ticket, Kerry/...
Tchrldy 03/25/2008 31 25 2 5
Woe to US
In my religious tradition, today begins what we call “The Three Days”. These are days when we engage in self examination and repentance in order to prepare ourselves for Easter,
Tchrldy 03/20/2008 11 4 1 -
A White Woman’s Open Letter to Geraldine Ferraro, Hillary Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi
This diary is written by a White woman over 50. I am a Mother of four, three boys and one girl. I support Barack Obama for President for reasons that have nothing to do with his race(s). ...
Tchrldy 03/12/2008 790 1024 33 66
The Soul of the Democratic Party is at Stake
Does anyone else see the contradiction between Senator Clinton's claim that the rules that penalized Florida and Michigan for moving their primary dates ahead should somehow be nullified by ...
Tchrldy 03/09/2008 27 6 2 3
A Surprising Connection that Hillary Should Answer
Tchrldy 03/06/2008 12 21 3 14
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