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Time for SCOTUS Watch
Time for Scalia watch, Alito Watch, Roberts Watch, Thomas Watch. Because of their lifetime appointments, they believe there are no consequences for their actions. I think it is time for the SCOTUS ...
Teach53 07/01/2014 7 4 - -
US Attorney Subpoenas Christie Campaign
Breaking on - The US Attorney has issued subpoenas to the Christie campaign and the NJ GOP. Looks like the subpoena concerns Bridgegate.
Teach53 01/23/2014 6 6 - -
Christie Used Sandy Funds for Samson
Turn on Up with Steve Kornaki. Hoboken Mayor on and claims Christie administration told her to "Move the Rockafeller project forward" and she' d get the Sandy Recovery money Hoboken was asking for.
Teach53 01/18/2014 457 360 3 -
20 Subpoenas Issued
The Assembly committee investigating Bridgegate issued 20 subpoenas this afternoon. Seventeen individuals and three organizations will be getting aknock on the door. NBC is reporting that one of ...
Teach53 01/16/2014 27 11 - -
Maddow, Fallon and Springsteen
Governor Christie's no bad, no good, horrible day included a panned State of the State speech, an epic Rachel Maddow takedown and the ultimate personal insult - Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen ...
Teach53 01/15/2014 9 3 - -
President Obama call to Boehner
The President called Boehner at 10:45 this morning and told him one more time - No Negotiations over the debt limit! Wouldn't you love to have been listening i n on that one. ...
Teach53 10/08/2013 4 1 - -
"Governing by Blackmail" - Kristoff Sun. NYT
Suppose that President Obama announced that unless he got a gun control bill from Congress, he would begin sinking one US aircraft carrier a week! That's the analogy that Nicholas Kristoff begins ...
Teach53 10/05/2013 8 17 1 -
NYT 512 Ways to Win
the NY Times has a fun tool that lets you play with the paths to 270. The tool shows that there are 512 paths to victory and lets you build the tree-diagram for the six swing states of Fl, NC, VA, ...
Teach53 11/05/2012 2 5 - -
Des Moines Register endorses Romney
The DesMoines Register just endorsed Romney. This is the first time they've endorsed a Republican since since Nixon in 1972. Here's their bottom line from the last two paragraphs: Barack Obama ...
Teach53 10/27/2012 26 2 - -
Morgan Freeman Obama Ad
Really liked this new ad released this morning and wanted to share it with everyone.
Teach53 10/13/2012 108 253 2 -
Change is Not a One Step Process
After reading the myriad of diaries both supporting and opposing the current Senate HCR bill, I paused to reflect on other controversial pieces of legislation that have been debated with such fervor ...
Teach53 12/20/2009 7 7 1 19
Metrics vs. Opinion - How's President Obama doing?
Reading a quite a few of the diaries here and the commentary in the media, one could get the impression that the Obama administration has either failed, is failing or on the verge of failure. What ...
Teach53 03/29/2009 8 7 - -
Health Care, Elkhart, IN and Iraq - A win-win-win
Listening to the Congresswoman from Missouri's comment about the lack of health care providers in her rural district, I thought of the unemployed RV workers in Elkhart, Indiana. Why not bring those ...
Teach53 03/05/2009 6 2 1 4
Republican Great Depression II Up Close
A routine visit to a local shopping center brought gave me an "up close" view of what the Great Republican Depression is going to look like.
Teach53 02/08/2009 40 24 - 16
68% Approval Rating According to Gallup
Gallup just posted the first rolling three day average approval rating for President Obama.
Teach53 01/24/2009 62 5 - 17
Can You Say Bounce! O at 50%
The latest USA Today Poll has very good news. Obama 50%, McCain 43%
Teach53 09/01/2008 51 46 1 21
Results: A Very Special Homework Assignment
On Wednesday and Thursday I gave two very special homework assignments to the Fourth Graders I teach at a Title I school. My school serves a population that is 96% African-American and where 80% of ...
Teach53 08/30/2008 38 58 2 174
A Very Special Homework Assignment
Yesterday and today I gave very special homework assignments to the Fourth Graders I teach at a Title I school. My school serves a population that is 96% African-American and where 80% of our ...
Teach53 08/28/2008 15 12 - 28
Judgment: Suggested Obama Ad
With all the hand-wringing about polls and Mccain attacks, I thought about how to "re-frame" McCain's "judgment' argument with an ad. McCain has been successful in focusing the Iraq judgment ...
Teach53 08/20/2008 8 3 - -
New Indiana Ad
Several people have commented on the fact that the "Book" ad is not airing in IN or GA. ...
Teach53 08/13/2008 13 14 - 9
Obama strikes back: "Washington Celebrity"
There's a new Obama ad, "embrace" that takes on McCain's own "Washington" celebrity.
Teach53 08/11/2008 5 5 - -
"Celebrity vs. Liar" - the coming fall Offensive Strategies
Over the last week I have begun to see a developing "offensive" strategy coming from the Obama team: "Celebrity vs. Liar". Rather than a"defensive" counter to the "Celebrity" frame coming from ...
Teach53 08/09/2008 30 12 - 25
McCain falls off "mental" stage (now on Politico)
Remember how Bob Dole falling off stage at an event convinced many voters that he was "too old" to be POTUS? In the JedReport you can watch McCain fall off the "mental" stage during a press ...
Teach53 08/03/2008 58 27 - 15
Extreme Challenges
For most of the year I have refrained from watching CNN, but make an exception when Roland Martin or Fareed Zakaria are on. Last night, on AC360 there was a very sobering discussion of the ...
Teach53 08/02/2008 3 2 - 1
The "Un-Civics" Lesson Dilemma
Given the tremendous interest and wall-to-wall TV coverage of this year's presidential election. I doubt that I'm the only teacher that is facing this dilemma.
Teach53 03/08/2008 10 7 - 1
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