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Teachers' Lounge: Reading Suggestions
This past semester I have been teaching a class that introduces students to Interdisciplinary Studies in preparation for them proposing their own interdisciplinary major. There are generally two ...
annetteboardman 05/02/2015 4 3 1 -
Walker's UW Budget Cut - Some Context
Scott Walker's proposed $300 Million cut to the UW System combined with conservatives' complaining about high tuition made me curious about the history of UW funding and the root cause of rising ...
lufthase 04/23/2015 58 97 5 -
Teachers' Lounge: Late in the Semester
I keep looking around for the trick but at the moment I have only one assignment to grade this weekend, and of the nine class sessions I have next week (three classes are twice a week and one is ...
annetteboardman 04/11/2015 3 5 - -
A Day in the Life of an Inner City High School Teacher
I see a lot of really fantastic work on the Kos regarding the incredible work that teachers do, and those amazing individuals who support the work we do and the schools their children attend every ...
IvoryTusk 04/04/2015 110 166 6 -
Teachers' Lounge: Death
I have been thinking about death this week, and I was even before the student paper had a full page article on Thursday about the death of a former student whom I had had in my class. This was not ...
annetteboardman 04/04/2015 6 17 - -
Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs
Rachel Tudor was hired at Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant before she began transition. That link goes to an article published in 2011. The story now has an update. When she began ...
rserven 04/01/2015 36 105 - -
Young People's Pavilion: Helping predict which kindergartners will have reading difficulties
Diane Corcoran Nielsen "To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark." — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables I'll always remember my years of teaching K-8 computer ...
The Book Bear 03/29/2015 6 11 - -
Teachers push for Los Angeles charter chain management to stay neutral in union drive
Laura Clawson 03/28/2015 20 33 3 -
This Is Why We Are All Opting Out!
School Board Meeting OPT OUT 3/18/15 QUESTIONS FOR THE DISTRICT 1. General opt out questions What is the US DOE’s position on the opt- out movement? Has any school district in the United States ...
kavips 03/25/2015 4 11 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Dracula
Several weeks ago, I wrote about my interdisciplinary class reading And the Band Played On , and the resulting discussion. The second book I have assigned this semester is the 1897 novel Dracula . ...
annetteboardman 03/21/2015 31 33 - -
Why Tenure Matters For Students & Parents
There is an increasing call to arms by education privateers across the nation that state legislatures should remove tenure from education. The argument has been made that tenure can lead to a school ...
guts of a liberal 03/03/2015 23 25 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: Don'ts (some things to maybe keep in mind)
I just turned in preliminary grades this past week -- advisory marks that are provided to the students after four weeks. It is too early to know what the final mark will be for any certainty, but I ...
annetteboardman 02/28/2015 8 13 2 -
Will you be here next week?
I am constantly reminded of the uncertainty and vulnerability of my adult students each week when I am invariably asked the question, “Will you be here next week?”
thagerdc 02/26/2015 20 163 1 -
Myth Busting the Right-Wing’s "Schools Have to Make Teachers Wear Underwear" Meme
The latest Daily Caller, Inquisitr ...
Jud Lounsbury 02/15/2015 42 56 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Life-changing Impact, Lifelong Commitment
We all have those teachers and professors who have made phenomenal impacts on our lives, for good and bad, for personal and/or academic reasons. Teachers can introduce us to new and exciting ideas ...
annetteboardman 02/07/2015 11 22 - -
Teachers' Lounge: And the Band Played On
I teach an introduction to interdisciplinary studies, which has been one of my favourite classes for the past three years that I have taught it. It is a group of students who want to design their ...
annetteboardman 01/31/2015 13 40 - -
Today, I Become a Teacher
Every lawyer dreams of becoming a history teacher. OK, not EVERY lawyer, but many of the ones I know. I've been practicing law for ten years. Add in my 3 years of law school and 3 years as a ...
sbklaw2005 01/29/2015 74 76 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: Day One, Week One
We started classes this week, and it was exhausting and exciting in equal measure. When I was in school I almost always looked forward to the start of the school year. I loved the supplies we got (...
annetteboardman 01/17/2015 8 8 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Teaching through depression
At the beginning of the fall semester I did not pick up the series I have generally been posted on Saturdays during the school year, focusing on issues in teaching at a primarily undergraduate ...
annetteboardman 01/10/2015 20 21 - -
DoE issues Title IX guidelines on single-sex classes
Yesterday the Department of Education issued guidelines ( 36 pages ) instructing schools which accept federal funding how to treat transgender students ...
rserven 12/02/2014 3 25 - -
Our school just did something different
We have a student announcement team. They did NOT get prior approval. When the announcements came on at the end of 1st period, they announced they would not be reciting the Pledge of Allegiance ...
teacherken 11/25/2014 16 24 - -
Teacher’s resignation letter: ‘My profession … no longer exists’
This is not from me. This was eloquently written by a true expert in their field whom everyone should listen to, educator, Gerald J. Conti. I picked it up from an article in the Washington Post by ...
PoppaD 11/11/2014 336 458 22 -
Is there a teacher who had a great impact upon your life?
If so, you have a chance to honor them. NPR is running a "contest" to name 50 great teachers. Quoting from this website : As my NPR Ed colleague Cory Turner puts it, "Teachers shape lives. And ...
teacherken 11/03/2014 22 20 - -
Kind, Caring Teacher dies
Lily McBeth did not seek the seek the status of transgender activist. She just wanted to continue her occupation as a substitute teacher. Lily died near her home in Little Egg Harbor, NJ last week..
rserven 10/01/2014 3 36 - -
Some thoughts on teaching
This past weekend I spent almost ten hours reading, commenting upon and correcting student papers. I teach freshman in Government (including one section of AP) and seniors in AP Economics (3 ...
teacherken 09/29/2014 11 17 1 -
Evening Saturday morning reflection on teaching
Yes I know my title is somewhat contradictory, but I had too much else that had to be done this morning in order to draft one of my periodic reflections upon what it means to be a teacher, so I ...
teacherken 09/20/2014 10 14 - -
Campus Cops vs. University Professors
WMU faculty rally on September 5, 2014. (Photos by Larry J. Simon.) Cross-posted from alevei . On occasion on these pages, I have written ...
alevei 09/19/2014 140 190 2 -
Because It Is My Name!
At the beginning of every school year, I try to learn all of my 11th graders' names by the end of our first week together. A thing happens every year, though, when I am verifying pronunciations of ...
Shakespeares Sister 09/16/2014 75 277 2 -
Briefly, why I am still teaching at 68:
There is nothing more important I can imagine doing that challenging the students I have to think more deeply about what they do and say, and what they do not do and say. Both our actions and our in-
teacherken 09/14/2014 16 24 - -
Mount Holyoke president: "Human rights begin at home"
Since I was a college teacher for 38 years, I've attended more than my fair share of convocations, waiting for the wise words which would guide is during the coming academic year. If there was a ...
rserven 09/03/2014 21 30 - -
What the Debate about Teacher Tenure is Missing
I am going to start with a hypothetical. A high school baseball team goes 26 and 0, undefeated, wins the state championship, a team made up of mostly seniors. Two of its players are drafted into ...
ProfWriter101 08/20/2014 16 7 - -
Denying education to a transgender teen
Rachel Pepe is a 13-year-old student at Thorne Middle School in Middletown, NJ. At least she was a student at that school. When Rachel attended the same school last year, she suffered huge stress.
rserven 08/17/2014 20 38 - -
So You Think Tenure Is A Bad Thing?
In case you missed it the other day, Whoopi Goldberg pulled a Jenny McCarthy on The View. Only she wasn't talking about vaccinations, she was talking about due process rights for teachers. And ...
zenbassoon 08/07/2014 358 254 6 -
Kansas Teachers Lose a Powerful Advocate, We will miss Karen Godfrey
Yesterday afternoon, Karen Godfrey, president of KNEA departed us in her long battle with cancer. 7/22/2014 Today, the KNEA family extends its deepest sympathy to Rich Godfrey and to the family of ...
Chris Reeves 07/23/2014 1 7 - -
Florida mom takes kids from public schools, blames the right people. Supports teachers.
She takes her kids out of public schools because of the experience of her 3rd grader with the new infusion of Common Core into the curriculum. She has been involved in the education of all of her 5 ...
floridagal 07/15/2014 165 241 4 -
I am teaching college in my pajamas
Don't you love those commercials for online universities? You can go to college at home, in your pajamas!! Well, I teach at a small state-located university and I am now training special education ...
vickijean 07/14/2014 64 67 1 -
KS House Speaker Contends He was Afraid of the British, not Teachers.
A few days ago, House Speaker Ray Merrick went on the record in speaking about allowing concealed carry inside of the state capital building. “I’m uncomfortable with people being here for other ...
Chris Reeves 06/21/2014 27 72 1 -
Why Do Teachers Deserve Tenure?
It's been a while since I've written about education here on DK. My first diaries were dedicated ...
GrafZeppelin127 06/12/2014 103 6 - -
Why Teachers Need Due Process
Yesterday, in a great diary, Zenbassoon discussed an opening round loss in a court case based on due process in California. While many of the comments grasped the issue, as the night wore on, more ...
Chris Reeves 06/11/2014 51 31 1 -
Sixth-graders bill education officials for time spent as standardized test guinea pigs
Will Education Secretary Arne Duncan respond to the sixth-graders' petition? After students in two sixth-grade math classes spent a week's worth of class time field-testing a new standardized test,
Laura Clawson 06/02/2014 94 342 6 -
In an election year, North Carolina Republicans flog a phony 'teacher raise'
What follows is an excellent case study in how voters need to be very skeptical consumers in an election year, particularly as it relates to Republican officeholders claiming to care about issues ...
Steve Singiser 06/01/2014 27 69 3 -
I am now convinced I was right
when I decided not to return for another year in my current teaching position, a decision about which I previously wrote here . The senior students in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and ...
teacherken 05/24/2014 64 103 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: How do we know how we are doing?
The semester is over; the school year is complete. Two weeks ago I watched our students walk across a stage to get a diploma case (the actual diploma is mailed later). The week after that I spent ...
annetteboardman 05/24/2014 22 15 - -
FL teacher to students: Sorry your entire year was summed up in one test.
A Florida teacher wrote a letter to the editor at the Tampa Bay Times at the end of April. She apologized to her students for something that was not her fault at all. She made it clear how all-...
floridagal 05/17/2014 18 36 1 -
NC judge nixes attempt to end teacher tenure
One of the first things North Carolina Republicans did after taking full control of state government was to pass a law that would have effectively ended tenure for the state's public school teachers.
Christian Dem in NC 05/17/2014 5 22 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: Papers, papers everywhere
This past week has been intensive paper evaluation, both in grading the research papers that came in at the end of the semester and in reading papers (and other things -- letters, blog posts, ...
annetteboardman 05/17/2014 16 19 - -
Teachers Take over the Discussion on anniversary of Brown V Board in Topeka (Pics+Video)
I wish I had time to write a more in depth diary tonight in regards to the gathering in Topeka. We began this morning with a roundtable sponsored by AFT/KNEA to address to the media the impact of ...
Chris Reeves 05/17/2014 21 25 - -
Brown V Board at 60: Separate, Unequal, Unsolved. Education's Next Great Divide
It was 60 years ago this week that Brown Vs. the Board of Education changed the landscape of American Schools. While many think of the ruling as a moment of establishing an opportunity for ...
Chris Reeves 05/15/2014 25 34 3 -
First Diary - and My Last Year as a Public School Teacher
Next week I will finish my 19th year of teaching. I work with high school juniors and seniors teaching Civics, AP US History and American Cultural History. The students are your perfect bell curve,
GreenDay 05/08/2014 127 238 8 -
Fundie teacher fired for teaching creationism as science takes case to SCOTUS
You may remember the case of John Freshwater, a middle school science teacher from central Ohio who became a cause célèbre among fundies when he was fired in 2011 for teaching creationism as ...
Christian Dem in NC 05/07/2014 309 242 4 -
The urge to quantify educational accountability, plus robo-grading, equals bad public policy
Two stories about the urge to quantify student "progress" made headlines this week. Taken separately, they are a source of rich debate for anyone interested in education in general, and those who ...
Steve Singiser 05/04/2014 55 52 2 -
Teachers' Lounge: In the long run...
On Friday just after noon, I was walking out of my building to meet friends for a "we are finished with the classes -- only finals left to go!" celebratory lunch, and found myself behind a couple of ...
annetteboardman 05/04/2014 27 22 - -
A Kansas Teacher Speaks to Her State Tonight. Her Plea is here.
I've had the pleasure this week of discussing the impact of education with Leota Coats, a teacher in Kansas who provided the powerful reason why Due Process matters to teachers. Tonight she will ...
Chris Reeves 05/01/2014 3 15 - -
FL budget: $133 per charter student, $18 per public school student
in one school district. I don't have the figures on other individual districts. This really shows Florida's priorities when it comes to education. This is what has been allocated for building ...
floridagal 05/01/2014 16 36 1 -
Money Balling the Classroom
This is not a scholarly article with citations and references (so if you want a link go buy some pork sausage ;) A buddy who likes NCLB (and has never taught anything in his life - his wife taught ...
BadBoyScientist 05/01/2014 67 27 - -
I have a teaching job for next year
Today I received an email which began as follows: On behalf of the Board of Education, the Department of Human Resources with the Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) is pleased to offer you an ...
teacherken 04/30/2014 50 119 - -
Unmotivated in 2014? Watch as Teachers show what motivation is in KS (Updated: Final Videos)
Outside of the meeting hall room in Derby, KS a Wichita suburb a former High School coach referred to the meeting that had just taken place as a 'tear the doors off' gathering. When young ...
Chris Reeves 04/29/2014 36 75 7 -
I am getting so sick of the attacks on teachers.
On Saturday, my fiancee and I decided to go out for a good time. I am just now getting over some sort of weird flu/cold which made me feel like shit for a couple of days, so I wanted to go out and ...
rexymeteorite 04/28/2014 20 25 - -
President Obama Throws Teachers Under The Train
Not content to want to destroy the profession of teaching by emphasizing union busting charter schools, and after Washington state got its "Race to the Bottom" funding pulled because it wouldn't ...
zenbassoon 04/27/2014 825 355 7 -
Speechless: K-2 School Cancels Kindergarten Show Because it Does Not "Prepare Children for College"
As an elementary school teacher, I'm at an utter loss for words here. For if the letter included below is indeed authentic (and all signs point to such being the case), we have a jaw-dropping ...
David Harris Gershon 04/27/2014 105 126 3 -
Teachers' Lounge: Who fails?
I wrote a diary a few weeks ago that discussed senior freakouts. There seem to be more of these this year than there have been several years and it worries me. If you spend four years miserable ...
annetteboardman 04/26/2014 7 12 - -
Reading suggestions needed: social media addictions & treatment
This fall I get to co-teach a high school seminar class on 21st century problems. Climate change is on the list, of course, and I'm well prepared there. But, among a vast number of other problems, ...
smithbm 04/24/2014 7 5 1 -
the hard decision to leave my current teaching position
I have promised an explanation. I was recruited to teach at North County High School by a former colleague who at the time was the principal, although I knew he was leaving before I signed my ...
teacherken 04/23/2014 68 114 1 -
Updated: Florida Students Protest Koch Influence Over College Professors
"Some days this feels so absurd,'' said FSU student, Ralf Wilson, who is studying mathematics. "Our world is so distant from this giant, powerful empire that is Koch Industries. It's surreal to ...
Leslie Salzillo 04/22/2014 104 248 4 -
teaching a class at Harvard
Well, to be more accurate, this is about my experience of being a guest speaker for about half of a 3 hour class at the Harvard Graduate School of Education on April 16. As a side note, Wendy Kopp, ...
teacherken 04/18/2014 9 20 - -
Pontiac, Michigan for-profit charter cancels humiliating "Teacher Appreciation Week" activities
[Originally posted at Eclectablog ] Yesterday, I wrote about (Daily Kos ...
Eclectablog 04/15/2014 95 191 1 -
UPDATED: For-profit charter celebrates "Teacher Appreciation Week" w/ compulsory teacher humiliation
Teacher humiliation for fun and profit [Originally posted at Eclectablog .] Mosaica Education, Inc., a self-described "for-profit education management organization", runs eight different for-...
Eclectablog 04/14/2014 159 154 2 -
The most affluent county in the USA is about to cut all of its teachers
This is more of a rant but if any of you have connections to the media, could you spread the word on this. I work in the Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia and due to our all GOP Board of ...
restondem 04/14/2014 36 36 - -
taking a leap without a net, a parachute, or even a bungee cord
I am new to the school system in which I teach. If I am not coming back I am required to notify them in writing by May 1. While in theory that would give me another 2.5 weeks, I have sent an email ...
teacherken 04/14/2014 10 20 - -
Day 2 of the Fight for KS-Education in Topeka (Live Updates)
Let me make this very clear. I don't want any misunderstanding of what is happening in Topeka right now. Last night, in a legislative session that extended until 3AM, and might have extended to ...
Chris Reeves 04/06/2014 86 128 5 -
KS Late Night Education Showdown (Adjourn 3AM CST)
The Kansas State capital has been the scene of an ongoing feud between the two sides.. except in this case, Democrats have filled the state capital with teachers, educators and others to let the ...
Chris Reeves 04/05/2014 67 120 2 -
Teachers' Lounge: Writing
I have learned a tremendous amount about writing since I have been teaching writing. Some of it is stuff I already knew, but didn't know I knew. But most of it is stuff I have seen in the mistakes ...
annetteboardman 04/05/2014 15 15 - -
Teachers' Lounge: On Facebook (with Student Evaluations)
I like Facebook. It has been a fun way to reconnect with high school (and elementary school) friends and my college reunion is being largely organized on a class page on the network. Last year I ...
annetteboardman 03/29/2014 8 10 - -
Washington Post Blog Prints Heartbreaking Letter from Teacher
Yesterday, the Answer Sheet, an education blog for the Washington Post, published a heartbreaking letter from a teacher that was deeply disturbing. Susan Sluyter, the teacher in question, wrote the ...
Eternal Hope 03/24/2014 131 256 7 -
Principal Outlaws Teaching Of Holocaust Because of Common Core
It is beginning.  Destroying history to change history.  In Delaware  a principal forbids his teacher from allowing a Holocaust survivor to enter a classroom  and give their personal perspective ...
kavips 03/24/2014 125 18 3 -
Teachers' Lounge: Spring Semester (what's the matter with kids today?)
When I was in my early years of teaching, you would have very different experiences depending on which semester you were in. The fall semester you would get classes full of students with relatively ...
annetteboardman 03/23/2014 17 16 - -
Tennessee student schools the school board.
Offered without comment other than, please make it go viral.
Shakespeares Sister 03/23/2014 103 156 5 -
Bizarre Chicago Teacher "PD" session gets noticed big time
I wanted to put "goes viral" in the headline but my 13 year old twin daughters told me 44,000 plus isn't viral. It's cool, don't get them wrong, but viral is half a million or more. So I made the ...
victor harbison 03/08/2014 202 321 6 -
Teachers' Lounge: High Impact
It is spring break as of today and my students are getting their letters of recommendation lined up for summer programs such as internships and study abroad trips. I always encourage my students to ...
annetteboardman 03/08/2014 7 8 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Choosing Textbooks Edition
We are supposed to put in our textbook orders for the fall of 2015 by the 15th of March. Buying textbooks was one of the things I enjoyed most as an undergraduate. I would stand in line to get the ...
annetteboardman 03/01/2014 44 20 - -
Will faculty at Oregon's largest university go on strike?
2014 is apparently the Year of the Strike in the Oregon public education system. In early February, the teachers in the Medford Public School District began a two week strike that just ended on ...
emsquared 02/26/2014 50 60 4 -
Teachers' Lounge: Videos and "Flipping" a Class (help me do this better!)
Only a few years after I started teaching (in 1995) I attended and presented at a scholarly conference that was chronologically focused but interdisciplinary, and had classicists who were language ...
annetteboardman 02/22/2014 11 11 - -
WYFP: Higher Education Edition
Good evening, WYFP community. I hope that everyone is surviving the horrible weather. Here's a view of our yard BEFORE the latest snowstorm: I thought about writing about the weather tonight, but ...
blue jersey mom 02/15/2014 93 54 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Lecture Format
I am afraid to admit that my favourite classes when I was an undergrad were those in the lecture format. These were the ones where you would come in, the lights would go down dramatically, or even ...
annetteboardman 02/15/2014 7 12 1 -
Why I teach
I just finished bgm1969's great diary on Why Is It That America Hates Teachers So Much? It got me thinking. Are teachers that hated? I've been a teacher for 23 years and while I feel the hate ...
Casper 02/08/2014 3 16 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Empathy
Our advisory early grades for 100- and 200-level classes are due this week. We are required to report on student progress in the fifth week, which can be either a letter grade, or a progress report (
annetteboardman 02/08/2014 6 10 - -
Accountability; History Textbooks Receive a Failing Grade ©
Bcgntn 02/06/2014 83 30 3 32
Why Is It That America Hates Teachers So Much?
This question was posed on Facebook by one of my favorite professors from my college days. It’s jarring, and it demands an answer. My answer: I don’t know. But I will try to figure it out ...
bgm1969 02/04/2014 204 116 1 -
The Nation of Educalculation
I grew up playing school. My friends and I would sit in a room, draw on a chalkboard, take turns playing the teacher and students, and--get this--make, complete, and grade worksheets. (I feel like I ...
eternitymod 01/28/2014 15 32 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: The Future
Being at a conference can be really exciting -- you hear interesting ideas, get reminded of your enthusiasm for the work that you do and occasionally run into people you haven't seen in ages. But ...
annetteboardman 01/25/2014 8 12 1 -
Teachers' Lounge: At the End of the First Week
My university starts classes in the spring the week before Martin Luther King's birthday holiday. So I have had a full week of classes so far, and so far they seem to have gone well. Which is good, ...
annetteboardman 01/18/2014 3 6 - -
The semester comes to a close - a teacher's reflection
on his first term back in the classroom. Yesterday was the last day of classes. We are on an A-day B-day schedule, with 4 90 minute periods a day. Students with a full load have 8 classes (I ...
teacherken 01/18/2014 10 18 - -
Teachers' Lounge: Letters of Recommendation
It is the time of year again when I am writing letters of recommendations for both upper classmen and for earlier years, for graduate and professional schools, or for internships, study abroad ...
annetteboardman 01/11/2014 10 10 - -
15 Months in Virtual Charter Hell: A Teacher's Tale
One major phenomenon that has blossomed as part the corporatization of education in the two most recent presidential administrations is that of virtual charter schools - schools with no mortar and ...
teacherken 01/07/2014 99 203 8 -
The Fearful Ambiguity of "Christian Education"
I sometimes write arcane stuff that will have a specialized audience, and what follows may be an example. However, before anyone goes confirming stereotypes, I'll explain why I am writing on this ...
The Geogre 01/07/2014 135 78 5 -
Public Education Under Siege
In an important postrevolutionary essay on education, eighteenth-century journalist Samuel Harrison Smith wrote that the free play of intelligence was central to a democracy, and that individual ...
teacherken 12/26/2013 14 36 3 -
A conversation with Andy Shallal on education
Andy Shallal is an artist, a restaurant owner, a businessman, and now a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Mayor of Washington DC. I have known Andy slightly for a number of years, and ...
teacherken 12/26/2013 4 10 - -
Some reflection on Stiglitz and his words on teachers
I realize that others have written about the magnificent piece by Joe Stiglitz titled In No One We Trust . There were two paragraphs that spoke directly to me, and upon which I would like to ...
teacherken 12/24/2013 7 16 - -
Teachers' Lounge: "Revenge" and fear
Should we be afraid? How do we keep from being afraid? In my second year teaching full time I handed out graded assignments for which several students had not done very well. But one of them was ...
annetteboardman 12/14/2013 4 8 - -
Universities as an engine (or not) of the local technology economy
A lot of you who have a university in your town/city will have followed the “new” trend of the decade: your local politicians, possibly the University Chancellor or President, or members of the ...
infotech 12/14/2013 12 15 1 -
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