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Censored by Daily Kos
About a year ago, Daily Kos began running cartoons. To their credit, they paid a modest fee for them. Many alternative political cartoonists were invited; I was not. At the time, the owner of the ...
Ted Rall 11/28/2013 1189 173 9 -
Obama to Afghans: If You Like Our Troops, You Can Keep Them
President Obama promised to bring back all U.S. troops in 2014. Now he’s ...
Ted Rall 11/27/2013 818 40 7 -
Afghanistan War Extended to 2024, Making It Possible for 3 Generations to Die There
U.S. combat troops will remain in Afghanistan until 2024. This means that it will have been possible for three ...
Ted Rall 11/26/2013 24 22 - -
Cost-Benefit Analysis: What's Better for the US Economy — the NSA or the Private Tech Sector?
Originally posted at . If the business of America is business, which is better for America? A vibrant technology industry that is highly competitive in the global marketplace? Or a ...
Ted Rall 11/25/2013 9 15 - -
Cartoon: Now We're in Afghanistan Until At Least 2024. What If We'd Known?
The U.S. has committed at least 15,000 combat troops and billions of ...
Ted Rall 11/25/2013 72 38 1 -
Cartoon: Jerry Brown, 75, California's Longest-Serving Governor
This week marks an important date for an iconic American politician. No, I'm not talking about the 50 th anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Jerry Brown, 75, is about to become ...
Ted Rall 11/22/2013 11 13 - -
Cartoon: Where I Was When JFK Died and Why You Should Really Really Care
JFK was assassinated 50 years ago today. And I was there! Gather near, cartoon readers, and revel in the thrilling account of what I was doing at ...
Ted Rall 11/22/2013 29 15 - -
Cartoon: Will Porn for Food
According to a porn industry trade group, L.A. County has seen a 95% plunge in film-production permits in 2013 compared with the same period last year. This follows last year's passage of ...
Ted Rall 11/21/2013 82 10 - -
"Captain Phillips" is a Beautiful, Pro-U.S. Lie
"Cinéma Vérité" as Political Propaganda Paul Greengrass is a gifted director who specializes in historical reenactments, a once marginal genre that in recent years hits the sweet spot, earning ...
Ted Rall 11/19/2013 344 100 - -
Cartoon: CIA Claims Ownership of Intellectual Property: Memories of Torture Victims
Ted Rall 11/18/2013 41 39 - -
Cartoon: CIA Drones and NSA Spies Will Save Obamacare
Drones work with deadly accuracy. The NSA has a limitless budget. Why not let these agencies that perform their duties well ...
Ted Rall 11/15/2013 21 23 - -
Cartoon: The Affordable Cartoon Act
The Affordable Care Act is the ultimate gravy train for ...
Ted Rall 11/14/2013 177 31 - -
3 Big Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President
Zero Accomplishments. Bad for Women. And She's Dumb. "Hillary Clinton remains the most formidable presidential nomination frontrunner for a non-incumbent in the modern era," Harry J. Enten writes ...
Ted Rall 11/13/2013 356 17 1 -
Today's Oppressors Have It Easy
Just think how many more victims the tyrants of the past could have racked up had they had the same toys and tools as President Obama and the NSA. This ...
Ted Rall 11/11/2013 237 26 - -
Ted Rall Cartoon: Murderer George W. Bush "Loves Life"
George W. Bush's pal tells the New York Times that the man who gave us two ...
Ted Rall 11/08/2013 534 76 2 -
Coverage of the anti-NSA Protest is an Example of a New Way to Disseminate Government BS
Cross-Posted from Redirection to Water Down the Potency of Dissent On Saturday, October 26th several thousand people gathered near the Capitol Building in Washington to protest National ...
Ted Rall 11/07/2013 27 49 - -
Ted Rall Cartoon: Obama Never Knew He'd Be So Good at Murder
In a ...
Ted Rall 11/07/2013 581 21 - -
Ted Rall Cartoon: The bad news is, the NSA is listening. The good news is, the NSA is listening.
How to make America's police state work for you. Cross-posted from Rall....
Ted Rall 11/06/2013 32 84 - -
Ted Rall Cartoon: War is the Answer. What Was the Question Again?
Back in September, Obama Administration officials said that Syria's chemical weapons represented a grave threat to the United States and that they could never be eliminated without going to war. Now ...
Ted Rall 11/04/2013 54 39 2 -
Less Than Zero
Cross-posted from : Republicans say Obama’s attempt reform healthcare is too complicated. So they’
Ted Rall 11/01/2013 66 22 - -
My Adventure with Obamacare: It's in the Mail
Cross-posted from : Four consecutive weeks of Obamacare columns is enough to make anyone sick. But an update is clearly in order. The latest ACA-related fiasco is the story, much touted ...
Ted Rall 11/01/2013 62 18 1 -
Democracy Afghanistan!
Enterprising Afghans are selling their voter cards for five bucks. Which is more than many Americans get for their votes. Democracy works – in ...
Ted Rall 10/28/2013 181 28 - -
Little Reportable Intelligence: With Friends Like the US Does Europe Need Enemies?
The following column originally appeared at The NSA is way up in the world’s business, but now it has something to deny and that something is that it eavesdropped on 70 million ...
Ted Rall 10/26/2013 36 25 - -
Dick Cheney: Soul Hack
Dick Cheney says he worries that terrorists could kill him by hacking into his artificial heart, which can be controlled via a wireless Internet ...
Ted Rall 10/26/2013 9 13 - -
Spiritual Journeyman
President Obama works hard to maintain his spirituality. How does that square with drone massacres?
Ted Rall 10/25/2013 25 14 - -
Via Sarah Palin: How Obama's Idiotic ACA Might Lead to Real Healthcare Reform
When it comes to Obamacare, Democrats have every reason to accuse the House Republicans of bad faith. Still, yesterday's Congressional grilling of the private contractors hired to build the ...
Ted Rall 10/25/2013 128 15 - -
History to Obama: Close the NSA
The following essay originally appeared last week at My Fake French Birthplace and the NSA: Why the Best Way to Keep Big Data Safe is Not to Have Any By Ted Rall I realized I was ...
Ted Rall 10/21/2013 10 29 - -
Obamacare: "Unexpected Error"
As I documented over three weeks, it is not currently possible to sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act using the New York State healthcare marketplace. I've been told to check back in ...
Ted Rall 10/21/2013 297 19 - -
ACA Website to New Yorker: Drop Dead (at least until December)
This week, we wrap up a personal saga of bureaucratic incompetence and institutional corruption: my attempt to sign up for Obamacare. The Affordable Care Act officially launched three weeks ago. ...
Ted Rall 10/18/2013 96 9 - -
The New Abnormal
Hours before the U.S. government would have gone into default, the Republican-
Ted Rall 10/18/2013 8 10 - -
My Fake French Birthplace and the NSA
In my new column for, I argue that the case against Big Data and NSA spying isn't that the Obama Administration is about to round us up and send us to camps - it's that some future ...
Ted Rall 10/17/2013 13 19 - -
Cartoon: The Maybe Society
As the ...
Ted Rall 10/16/2013 10 24 - -
Ted Rall 10/15/2013 22 9 - -
Cartoon: How a Bill REALLY Becomes Law
Everything you need to know about how a bill becomes law – or ...
Ted Rall 10/14/2013 12 27 - -
Cartoon: The Ransom of Red Party
Ted Rall 10/11/2013 18 18 - -
Who's in Charge?
This cartoon for today's Los Angeles Times is about California becoming the fifth state to legally recognize families with more than two parents. Kind of a lighter touch ...
Ted Rall 10/10/2013 23 5 - -
My attempt to register for Obamacare
Crashes, More Crashes and Sticker Shock This week: I shop for Obamacare so you don't have to! Last week I spent six hours shopping for Obamacare on New York State's healthcare marketplace website. ...
Ted Rall 10/08/2013 288 32 - -
Minimum Premium For Obamacare for Me: $828/month
For this week’s syndicated column, I’m going to continue my adventure with Obamacare (spoiler alert: it’s a disaster). Here’s a sneak preview: Miracle of miracles, I was finally able to ...
Ted Rall 10/07/2013 259 17 1 -
Creativity 2.0
If you have a great idea in the age of the Internet, you need to push it out via ...
Ted Rall 10/07/2013 5 6 - -
The New Optimism
According to a new poll, Americans ...
Ted Rall 10/07/2013 9 14 - -
Cartoon: Government Shutdown
The budget impasse has shut down the federal government. But it isn't all bad.
Ted Rall 10/07/2013 8 13 - -
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