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Breaking:Government Collecting Information on Where You Live and Relatives
According to multiple sources approximately 4 years ago Federal agents initiated a project to collect private information on everyone that lives in the United States including their addresses and ...
Tempus Figits 07/22/2013 30 15 1 -
Signing off for a week
For those that recognize my nym, it should come as no surprise. What will be a surprise is that I won't be doing a long explanation and expository on the whys. At this point, there shouldn't need ...
Tempus Figits 09/11/2011 1 2 - 61
Yes, the Debt Limit Increase Deal is a Turd Sandwhich
And it needs to be passed anyway. You don't have to like that simple fact. In fact, the proper response is most probably disgust. However, the repercussions of it not passing are so severe that ...
Tempus Figits 08/01/2011 3 1 - 43
Ok, I'm losing it
This is a rant on the Daily Kos meta rant system. This is only a rant. In an actual Daily Kos Diary, actual information that has facts and citations occur that let you know the diarist isn't just ...
Tempus Figits 07/01/2011 86 12 - 294
It is coming time for the DKos Community to choose.
Politics and life in general is filled with cycles. Every two years we choose who is going to represent us in the House. Twice every six years, on different cycles, we choose who is going to ...
Tempus Figits 05/26/2011 87 35 1 663
First of all, Afghanistan is not Viet Nam!
Its not just the geography and topography that is different. The politics surrounding the conflict are also different. Here in the United States there are similarities. However, in Afghanistan ...
Tempus Figits 10/28/2009 93 1 2 101
I can't do it anymore!
A little over 22 years ago I injured my shoulder while in boot camp in the Air Force moving a desk on President's Day. It took almost a year for it to recover and in the meantime the Air Force ...
Tempus Figits 09/16/2009 12 8 - 4
Credibility Gap
John McCain has gambled and lost one of the most precious and hard to receive commodities within the political realm. Credibility. Prior to this Presidential Campaign, John McCain, rightfully or ...
Tempus Figits 10/16/2008 5 2 - 42
I am tired of certain Candidate Supporters on DKos
I quite understand that it is Primary season and such actions are sadly par for course. I also understand that every Candidate has their obnoxious supporters. It has been my experience for the ...
Tempus Figits 12/01/2007 176 18 1 9
Obama is working to Elect Democrats (Updated)
Recently, Hillary and many of her surrogates have been attacking that Obama's Hopefund leadership PAC has been collaborating with Obama's Presidential campaign to bribe people into endorsing Obama. ...
Tempus Figits 11/27/2007 223 103 2 35
The Price of The Politics of Hatred
Racism and hatred have become acceptable in American society again. It seems absurd to say that. I believed that society had grown past most of the most harmful effects. Lately I have come to ...
Tempus Figits 09/23/2007 14 4 - 5
Get A Grip and Get Over Yourselves!
We, here on Daily Kos and the netroots in general, pride ourselves upon the fact that we use reason. That isn't saying passion and emotion are not used but, at the end of the day, we back up that ...
Tempus Figits 09/21/2007 12 12 - -
What is wrong with some people and Police Brutality?!?
I have been reading the various diaries and comments of people about the Kerry's visit to the University of Florida and I am appalled at the callousness many seem to have. First of all, Kerry is ...
Tempus Figits 09/18/2007 143 11 - -
Stop doing the Republican's dirty work for them!  The Ad called it right!
First of all, the ad was targeted at an individual not the entire army. In fact, the add went out of its way to praise the army and its soldiers. It asked a very pertinent and timely question. ...
Tempus Figits 09/14/2007 23 13 - -
Racism in North Bend, WA
I never thought of myself as suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, but I found out differently over the Labor Day weekend. I grew up in the South during the late 60's and 70's. The Civil Rights ...
Tempus Figits 09/06/2007 36 8 - 49
What more does Bush have to do to get Impeached?
There is only one reason that Congress is not pushing forward to initiate impeachment proceedings, and that is politics. President Bush has repeatedly shown his contempt of both the Congressional ...
Tempus Figits 04/05/2007 38 13 1 16
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