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This Week in Progress for Nonhuman Animals vol. 1
Why does a discussion about animal rights and welfare have a place on a site like Daily Kos that is dedicated to progressive politics? Because the extension of moral consideration to animals falls ...
Tetris 11/18/2012 8 8 - -
7.4% Unemployment? Tea Leaves Ahead of Friday's BLS Report
At the onset of Hurricane Sandy Monday morning the Wall Street Journal indicated that the Bureau of Labor Statistics ("BLS") might delay this Friday's updated employment situation report. The right ...
Tetris 10/30/2012 35 23 1 -
Why I Support the Stupak Amendment
I am writing this diary with knowledge that my opinion is unpopular. The purpose of the diary is to express my support for the amendment by educating the community on the minimal impact of the ...
Tetris 11/08/2009 484 38 3 127
No justice for Norman.
This story from CNN caught my attention last week. Joe Petcka, a minor league baseball player and ...
Tetris 09/26/2008 18 5 - 9
My vote gave Obama the nomination!
From CNN -- Sen. Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for president, according to CNN ...
Tetris 06/03/2008 25 21 - 20
Something Amazing IS Happening
We all read the news. We all know that one of Obama's greatest constituencies are the "new voters" that he brings into the fold. These are people bolstering his numbers nationwide -- who are tuning ...
Tetris 05/17/2008 180 494 11 39
Travesty of a Debate: my letter to ABC
Update : I know this is the millionth diary about the debate today, but I was just compelled to write about it. I see the "complaint campaign" as important to the Democrats in ...
Tetris 04/17/2008 15 2 - 3
March 4th Drinking Game
There's tons of nightmare scenarios out there for tonight. Hillary loses and decides to stay in the race and continue slinging mud at Obama. Maybe you like Hillary and tonight is the night that ...
Tetris 03/04/2008 12 2 - 11
Save the Earth: Go Vegetarian
One common value throughout the Democratic party is the high esteem we hold of the environment. There are many great reasons to value the environment-- nature is beautiful, other forms of life ...
Tetris 01/14/2008 85 21 1 27
South Dakota: Abortion Ban Round II
South Dakota is up to it again. A petition has been filed with the Secretary of State to put an iniative on the ballot next year to ban all abortions EXCEPT in instances of rape, incest, or the ...
Tetris 12/22/2007 28 15 1 9
Al Gore
Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore. Al Gore.
Tetris 10/11/2007 9 8 - 3
South Dakota: GOP Campaign Finance Abuse
One of the big South Dakota stories in the news right now is the Roger Hunt anti-abortion donor story.
Tetris 10/07/2007 4 6 - 17
(SD-Sen) The Gloves Come Off
Here is another update on the South Dakota Senate race for the seat currently held by Tim Johnson (D-SD). [You can find my last diary ...
Tetris 08/14/2007 7 12 - 147
Candidates to spend 5 minutes w/ every blogger
In response to a series of whiny diaries appearing on dailykos lamenting the complete and utter disregard of the netroots by the major presidential candidates, rumor has it that each candidate is ...
Tetris 08/03/2007 35 14 - 9
Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) Update
Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) suffered a brain hemorrhage in January and has been recovering at home since. He has been out of the Senate (although he has been doing work from home) and rumors ...
Tetris 07/25/2007 73 218 1 18
Daschle: Sen. Johnson to return to work by September
Here's another diary on South Dakota's 2008 races. This entry will focus mainly on Senator Johnson's fundraising and the on-going speculation about his health, when he will return to work in the ...
Tetris 07/17/2007 7 10 - 10
(SD-Sen) More News on Johnson
Hello dailykos. I live in South Dakota and am following the SD-Sen race this year. I hope for this to be one of many diaries about the race. Join me on the flip for a review of campaign news for ...
Tetris 07/13/2007 18 9 1 23
Update on Tim Johnson's Race (SD-Sen)
Here are some updates on how the 2008 South Dakota Senate race is shaping up. I plan on keeping dailykos updated on the important race because its from my homestate and I will be blogging about it ...
Tetris 07/12/2007 20 9 - 1
Gore in South Dakota: Reason Failing in America
There has been a lot of buzz about Al Gore and global warming with a couple of high profile diaries about his visit to Idaho the other day. I was able to attend another speech by Gore that has ...
Tetris 01/24/2007 63 47 1 14
Gay Marriage is a Constitutional Right. Here's why.
If you asked me 2 months ago whether or not the Supreme Court should strike down gay marriage I would have hesitated and said no for a few reasons. The main reason is that "activist courts" and "pro-
Tetris 12/18/2006 74 16 2 159
We are all Pro-Life (or should be)
The Title got your attention, and you probably think I'm a troll, but let me assure you I'm not. Let me make clear right away that I'm not advocating the right-wing-nut-job Pro-Life definition ...
Tetris 12/16/2006 238 6 - 5
Bush Deploys More Troops in War against Birth Control
Tetris 11/17/2006 19 5 - -
Make Al Gore the 'Netroots Candidate' for 2008!
Tetris 11/11/2006 50 36 2 7
Give Credit to Bush, Rove
Tetris 11/08/2006 21 1 - -
What Democrat do you REALLY want in the Senate? (POLL)
Tetris 11/05/2006 45 7 - 7
CALL TO RESIGN: Bush = National Security Liability
Tetris 11/02/2006 7 6 1 -
Election 2006: Bush "Cuts and Runs" from Iraq Issue
Tetris 10/22/2006 8 5 - -
Interesting: Government Evidence Suggests UFOs Really Exist
Tetris 10/13/2006 170 13 3 5
WaPo: GOP Bracing for 30 Seat Loss
Tetris 10/10/2006 66 12 - 9
WaPo & Woodward: Bush Admin Ignored CIA in 2001!
Tetris 09/29/2006 21 16 - 17
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