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Why we need Obamacare
Recently, I left a job with employer provided insurance to venture out on my own. And the health insurance nightmare has shown why we need Obamacare.
TexDemAtty 04/16/2013 7 4 - -
Dick Morris can suck it
Years ago I admired Dick Morris. And now, well, over the squiggle of Morris' morals.
TexDemAtty 11/06/2012 12 - - -
Health Insurance makes us Captives
I have employer health insurance. And it has made me a captive to a job I hate. Our system of insurance ties us to jobs solely because our system mandates it. More after the fold.
TexDemAtty 07/27/2012 24 15 - 90
My facebook re: Komen
Here's what i posted everywhere I could on Facebook.
TexDemAtty 02/03/2012 7 5 - 115
OT: What to name my son
Ok, not overtly political diary. I have a son on the way. Looking for a name. Ideally some sort of political and literary connection. Been pounding my head on a wall, so I thought I would come ...
TexDemAtty 01/21/2012 136 6 - 200
We do not know the ultimate effect of the debt deal.
Thousands upon thousands of political analysts of all political stripes have and will analyze, pick apart, discuss, and argue about the debt deal. And there will be thousands of divergent opinions.
TexDemAtty 08/01/2011 7 - - 35
Stop. Just Stop. No more GBCW diaries.
Ok, that is it. That is enough. No more will I sit here I read them. The GBCW diaries are just plain offensive to anyone who has ever written an actual GBCW letter or, more accurately, a suicide ...
TexDemAtty 06/29/2011 37 13 - 177
No threats of violence
I have read many a diary and/or comment that, on one level or another, amounted to a call to violence. It is never appropriate to advocate violence. Never.
TexDemAtty 04/04/2011 9 2 - 55
This may make me a bastard
I seem like a bastard. I may be a bastard. Fair enough, YMMV. But, this is what I think of Libya.
TexDemAtty 03/29/2011 35 8 - 201
MoJo question
I am wondering about the new MoJo system. And I doubt I am the only one. So, follow me to the depths below the fold to my question.
TexDemAtty 03/08/2011 32 9 1 198
OK, good god, really?
I, like many, have been following the Wisconsin (revolt? situation? protest?) with great interest. And watching how the similar states (FL, OH, etc.) are treading in light of the same. And, I am ...
TexDemAtty 03/08/2011 16 9 - 187
Walker must lose
This idea has been touched upon (or discussed) in various other diaries. That said, a central post is a good idea. To asses other discussion here are these diaries can be read via: http://www....
TexDemAtty 02/23/2011 1 - - 24
I think Olbermann is laying a trap
Much digital ink has been spilt on the Olbermann's suspension. I, like others, want him back. But, I think he has bigger plans . . .
TexDemAtty 11/07/2010 48 19 - 95
MSNBC just reported 39% write-in, over both Miller and McAdams. Ok, not a long diary, but breaking news. I think that gets diary status. You can HR me if you want, but don't waste them. Save ...
TexDemAtty 11/02/2010 31 8 - 37
How do I respond to an Obama=Hitler email?
Earlier today I received an Obama=Hitler email. This is the 3rd or 4th anti-Obama email that I have received from my uncle (it was sent to the rest of my immediate family, as well as some people I ...
TexDemAtty 10/22/2010 142 10 - 89
So, my co-worker thinks I'm gay
I learned today that my co-worker thinks I'm gay. Hmm. Just because I advocate for equal rights for homosexuals, like Broadway shows, and happen to be single and in my 30s, seems, in a Republican ...
TexDemAtty 10/01/2010 75 9 - 70
A GOP idea I can get behind
In the GOP's "new" Pledge to America, an interesting bullet point shows up at the end of the "Checks and Balances" Section: • We will fight efforts to use a national crisis for ...
TexDemAtty 09/22/2010 18 11 - 22
Fun with google Complete
I was curious what results would come up in Google's auto-complete for various Republican figures and the Republican Party and Tea Party themselves. For each entry below, I entered "[name/term] is/...
TexDemAtty 09/20/2010 18 4 - 28
Edit: The silver lining if a tea bagger wins
First, I want to say that I want the Democrats to maintain their Senate majority. That said, if the Democrats are going to lose a race, I want a tea bagger to win it. Because I think it will crush ...
TexDemAtty 09/15/2010 34 - - 55
What if we lose?
This Diary is not Troll-Bait. This Diary is not about a flame war. I want you to consider what happens if we lose in November. Close your eyes and imagine, just for a moment, what happens if we ...
TexDemAtty 09/02/2010 64 11 - 48
Texas hates gays - it forces them to stay married
A little background. Two men married in Massachusetts in 2006. At some point they moved to Texas. Their relationship fell apart, as many a marriage does. They filed for divorce in Dallas in 2009.
TexDemAtty 08/31/2010 15 9 1 30
NewsFlash: There are African-Americans on Faux News
I force myself to watch Faux News, solely to respond to those who live and breathe it. And tonight I noticed an amazing trend.
TexDemAtty 08/30/2010 46 9 - 26
Palin's Version of the Bill of Rights
I have watched with growing dismay as the right has further and further corrupted the Bill of Rights. The worst offender, as amply demonstrated by her recent tweets, is Sarah Palin. So, I ...
TexDemAtty 08/19/2010 14 7 1 30
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