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ThatPoshGirl's groups.

Group Last Diary
Baja Arizona Kossacks
Politics outside the Great Baked Satan of Maricopa County
Focus on the Border region but all of Arizona or anyone interested in our weird and wild desert Politics is welcome!

A group for anyone wanting to turn AZ blue.
Early Voting Diaries
A collection of diaries on early voting.
Phoenix Kossacks
Shut Down the NRA
A group to document News of gun violence, to create a Community of activists, and to create a platform for Action to work towards breaking the hold of the NRA on politicians and changes to gun law that will actually result in significant, measurable decreases in American gun violence and fatalities.
The Bain Files
All reporting on Mitt Romney's time with Bain will be collected here, including all his prevarications, lies, mendacity, and ommissions. Tax returns, Olympics, everything to do with claims he has made about his business record. Plus, testimony to the MA Elections Board that may contradict it. There is also a previously created group, The Bain Chronicles, that is more wide-ranging in scope. There is a big archive ...
The Spinster Party
Unmarried women, unite!
Unemployment Chronicles
This group is for discussion of resources and advice to help unemployed folks survive with dignity and find another livelihood, whether it's a traditional job or some other way to survive.

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