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I'm not impressed
This will be short and ranty. The media has been gushing about how the new pope washed a Muslim woman's feet. My friends are posting the story on Facebook as if this is some major move forward for ...
ThatPoshGirl 03/28/2013 23 1 - -
A commercial that makes me smile
The first time I saw this commercial for the VW Passat I laughed out loud. The more I see it, the more I appreciate it, and it always makes me smile.
ThatPoshGirl 02/20/2013 15 11 - -
Resuming episode?
Sorry for this non-diary, but does anyone else hear a woman with an accent (South African?) say "resuming episode" when they visit the front page? It's driving me crazy.
ThatPoshGirl 02/02/2013 60 14 - -
Middle-school shooting
Two people have been injured in a shooting at an Atlanta middle-school. MSNBC doesn't seem to be covering it at all. FOX News is the only place I can find with info, crazy. School officials say two ...
ThatPoshGirl 01/31/2013 24 22 - -
Phoenix shooter found dead near his car
Arthur Douglas Harmon, the 70-year-old man who shot three people in a Phoenix office building yesterday, killing one and critically wounding another, has been found dead near his car in a Mesa park.
ThatPoshGirl 01/31/2013 16 18 - -
Filibuster Reform Open Thread
C-SPAN2: Senator Tom Udall is speaking now about filibuster reform. It's now or never.
ThatPoshGirl 01/22/2013 91 40 - -
If you don't have kids you have no value to society
If you don't have kids you have no value to society. This is the message that I continuously receive as someone who is child-free by choice. The most recent example came when I applied for a ...
ThatPoshGirl 01/12/2013 301 153 - -
Help Feed Cats! We have until midnight (pacific)!
Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, CA is a remarkable place. Twenty years ago, the owner, Lynea Lattanzio, decided to turn her entire property over to cats. The 12-acre no-cage, no-kill cat ...
ThatPoshGirl 12/31/2012 10 19 - -
That Time Someone Pointed a Gun at Me
A lot of people are sharing their personal encounters with guns recently, so I thought I would share mine. It's not particularly profound, but I'll tell it anyway. This happened more than a decade ...
ThatPoshGirl 12/30/2012 13 10 - -
Armed Man Prompts Walmart Evacuation
A Walmart in Southern California has been evacuated after a man wearing camouflage entered with a rifle and asked to speak with the manager. "Witnesses said the man was carrying an M-16 or a shotgun.
ThatPoshGirl 12/24/2012 29 32 1 -
your God punishes evil by slaughtering children and you continue to worship?
ThatPoshGirl 12/15/2012 13 5 - -
An Important Piece Missing from Pro-Legalization of Marijuana Policies
Hello Kossacks! This won't be a very long diary, but I hope you will consider it as important as I do. I was looking at the new laws in Colorado and Washington State that legalize marijuana for ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/16/2012 53 21 - -
Hitler Finds Out Obama Won Re-election (Video)
Last night, I made an election night version of Downfall. I used this site to do the captions. It appears that it may be on the tip of going viral, as it was just posted at TPM by Josh Marshall (h/t ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/15/2012 188 446 10 -
Dear Food Service Employers,
I am your best customer. I can't cook, at all. As a result, I eat out quite a bit. Way too much, in fact. I'm not the casual customer who shows up once a month. I'm the regular who comes in three to ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/15/2012 239 383 2 -
Dear Cry Baby Secessionists, you are officially dumber than Jan Brewer
No doubt everyone has heard about the petitions over at requesting "peaceful" secession. Of course, we all know that this is completely ridiculous and that anyone with any sense would ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/13/2012 27 21 - -
The continuing saga of the Arizona ballot count
It's been a week since the election and, as of yesterday, 342,936 Arizona ballots remain uncounted . This includes 171,889 early ballots and 171,047 provisional ballots. The senate race is slowly ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/13/2012 38 19 - -
ThatPoshGirl's Guide to Conservative Hideaways
Hello Conservative! So, you lost, huh? Sorry to hear that. I know how hard it must be for you. I heard you were thinking of heading to Canada, but then you discovered they have socialized medicine ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/11/2012 87 435 8 -
There's Only One Way to Stop a Zombie Apocalypse
Like Zombies, the Tea Party is a bunch of mindless drones driven by a craving for one thing and one thing only--red meat. The infection has been spreading through the GOP, where once-normal humans ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/11/2012 7 4 - -
Counting Irregularity in AZ? (Number of COUNTED ballots goes down between updates)
I want to stress that I am not trying to be alarmist and I am not saying that any wrongdoing has happened, but I want to document what I just saw, because it MAY indicate something wrong happened. I'
ThatPoshGirl 11/10/2012 24 21 - -
After 3 days of counting, the number of uncounted provisional ballots in Arizona has increased
What is happening in Arizona right now is an atrocity. On November 7th the Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, said there were 162,373 provisional ballots across Arizona that remained uncounted. Today, ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/09/2012 118 256 2 -
AZ-2 Barber now LEADING by almost 600 votes
In Arizona Congressional District 2, Ron Barber, Gabby Giffords successor, is facing off against Martha McSally, the tea party candidate. The race has been razor tight with thousands of ballots ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/09/2012 61 35 - -
Oops, Republicans Arrested for Voter Fraud
h/t tpm In two separate incidents, Republicans have been arrested for voter fraud. In Nevada, a woman voted and then went to a second polling place to try to vote again. Rubin allegedly voted at ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/09/2012 27 37 - -
Watch this guy explain debt and deficit in common sense terms (video)
With all this talk about the fiscal cliff coming up, I wanted to share this video. I encourage everyone to watch and share it as well.
ThatPoshGirl 11/09/2012 15 9 2 -
NO provisional ballots have been counted in AZ-2
Following redistricting, the new AZ-2 includes Cochise county and large parts of Pima and Pinal counties. Ron Barber, Gabriel Giffords successor, is running for congress in this new second ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/08/2012 35 28 - -
More than 600,000 AZ votes NOT counted [UPDATE]
The Arizona Secretary of State's office is reporting that over 600,000 ballots have not been counted. ABC 15 has provided a breakdown of uncounted ballots. The breakdown is in a PDF file here , and ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/07/2012 160 498 14 -
Did you notice that Arizona elected an openly bisexual woman to congress last night? [UPDATED]
Much has been said about the historic election of Tammy Baldwin, the first openly gay woman to be elected to the Senate, but did you know that the first openly bisexual woman was elected * to ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/07/2012 26 58 - -
Unskewed polls guy crawls out from under a rock to admit he was wrong
Wondering what the unskewed polls guy has to say about last night's decisive victory? Well, he was actually quite humble in his response : "Nate Silver was right, and I was wrong," Chambers said in ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/07/2012 16 30 - -
BS, Mitch McConnell
Last night, the grumpy turtle, Mitch McConnell, released a statement that said, in part: “The American people did two things: they gave President Obama a second chance to fix the problems that ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/07/2012 5 12 - -
A few words of advice to everyone who won AND lost
Quit emailing me. Please.
ThatPoshGirl 11/07/2012 14 4 - -
The Latino voting surge in AZ has already begun
The most recent poll from PPP has Mitt Romney up 7 points over Obama in Arizona. When you look at the internals, however, there is a huge problem with their sample. Q10 If you are Hispanic, press 1.
ThatPoshGirl 11/06/2012 49 51 - -
Take a Deep Breath and Laugh a Little (Videos)
I know we are all stressed out. I'm totally off my diet today, in fact. I think a good laugh can help. So, let's do this...
ThatPoshGirl 11/06/2012 8 3 - -
I've voted for Obama six times
That's right, I've voted for Obama six times . I voted for him four times in 2008 and twice in 2012. It's a wing-nut's worst nightmare: a liberal voting multiple times. Here I am, totally admitting ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/05/2012 47 92 - -
If you're in North Carolina, please don't forget to vote for President
I haven't seen this mentioned around here, but I also don't catch every diary. Even if it has come up, I think it is worth mentioning again. On her show yesterday (or maybe Friday), Rachel ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/05/2012 6 6 - -
Mitt Romney's Five-Step Disaster Plan
Yesterday, Mitt Romney was asked about a dozen times what his plans were for FEMA and natural disasters. When he chose not to answer, or even acknowledge the questions, many assumed that he simply ...
ThatPoshGirl 11/01/2012 4 3 - -
OFA calls a lie a lie
For some reason, President Obama and the Obama campaign have avoided calling out Romney's lies as lies. They have gotten right up to the edge, but always stopped before actually using the l-word (...
ThatPoshGirl 10/29/2012 7 19 - -
Worst Photoshop Ever
(h/t to Zeke Miller at BuzzFeed ) This image comes from Mitt Romney's instagram, look closely at the bottom panel. His campaign is attempting to make it look like they had a larger crowd that ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/26/2012 68 105 - -
Something I've Learned as an Armchair Parent
I'm child-free by choice. It's a great way to be. It's not right for everyone, but it is definitely right for me. As such, I don't have a lot of experience with child-rearing. When I was a teenager ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/24/2012 5 2 - -
Oops, Romney went for a two point conversion when the game was tied and now he is losing in overtime
I must confess, I don't actually know the first thing about football, American or otherwise. I actually spent several minutes reading about it on Wikipedia trying to construct that metaphor. I don't ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/24/2012 38 12 - -
AZ Republic endorses Mitt Romney, here is my response
So, it's really no surprise that the AZ Republic just endorsed Mitt Romney. They are a right-leaning paper in a right-leaning state. If you pay attention to their Letters to the Editors section, ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/20/2012 24 36 1 -
This really could end Romney's chances of winning
ThatPoshGirl 10/18/2012 86 95 - -
"Binder Full of Women" a Lie
Well, isn't this rich? Romney's awkward "binder full of women" was a lie. David Bernstein at The Phoenix has the real story, which he says he has written about several times. The Phoenix version of ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/16/2012 79 258 6 -
Romney-Ryan PSA ad parody (idea)
I'm afraid I don't have the skills for this, but I think it would be awesome. Or maybe I just have a terrible sense of humor. It's a parody of what is probably the most famous PSA of all time, at ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/16/2012 2 2 - -
Wow, moving video from OFA that everyone must see
ThatPoshGirl 10/11/2012 39 171 - -
It's time to ask Mitt Romney tough questions about his mental health
President of the United states is one of the toughest, most exhausting jobs in the world. In fact, it may be the toughest, most exhausting job in the world. The President needs to be available, ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/10/2012 75 35 - 349
Updated Info on Bill Clinton's Visit to Phoenix
I posted a few days ago about President Clinton coming to stump for Dr. Carmona. A lot of people asked to be updated about the event once ticket information was available, so here is the most recent ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/09/2012 3 3 - 66
This Diary is not about Pew
Haha! Yes it is!
ThatPoshGirl 10/08/2012 7 13 - 116
This Diary has Nothing to do with Polls
But it has everything to do with poles! (All images from wiki commons and are available under GNU public license) Magnetic ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/08/2012 11 13 - 91
Want a free ivy league education?
I know there are a lot of people out there, like myself, who are caught in transition; Either unable to find work in their field, or unable to continue working in their field. If you are like me, ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/08/2012 26 24 9 167
Bill Clinton Stumping in Arizona for Carmona!
I'm pretty excited to find out President Bill Clinton will be in Tempe, AZ next week to stand with Dr. Richard Carmona. I am going to try to get my dad to the event. He is a right-leaning ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/06/2012 23 35 1 196
Death of border patrol agent "friendly fire"
This will be a short diary. United States Border Patrol Agent Nicholas J. Ivie was shot and killed on Monday and a second agent was wounded. Governor Jan Brewer politicized the tragedy and used it ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/05/2012 8 25 - 233
Carmona and Flake agree to 3 debates
Dr. Richard Carmona and Rep. Jeff Flake have agreed to three one-hour debates . The first will be held in Phoenix on Wednesday, October 10th. The first, in Phoenix, is on Wednesday, October 10. It ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/04/2012 2 8 1 41
Zen and the Art of Losing Your Home
An odd calm has come over me today. This is in stark contrast to the intense anxiety I have been feeling for the last several months. I've resigned myself to losing my home. I don't feel sad, I just ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/04/2012 9 17 - 79
Early Voting Report - 10/4/2012
I'll be honest, I wasn't in the mood to do this today and not many people are paying attention, so I was going to skip it. Then, I figured it might be a good palate cleanser for those who are paying ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/04/2012 4 14 - 137
Post-debate comments you must read
I've compiled some post debate comments from the community that I think everyone needs to see. Find them below the fold.
ThatPoshGirl 10/03/2012 7 24 - 279
Reality Check
On September 11, almost a month ago, I posted the following comment: This is why I am nervous about the debate (2+ / 0-) I don't think the President is a very good debator, at least not in this ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/03/2012 3 7 - 60
Early Voting Report - 10/3/12 (video)
Early voting is in full swing now. Ohio started in-person voting yesterday and more than 15,000 people showed up to vote. The majority of them were in left-leaning Franklin County, where college ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/03/2012 8 8 - 95
These young people didn't camp out to get an iPhone, they did it to VOTE
In-person early voting starting today, in Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch has a nice story about college students who camped out so they could be the first people to cast their votes. About 50 people ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/02/2012 11 36 - 187
Early Voting Report - 10/2/12
In-person early voting starts today in Ohio. President Obama currently holds a 5.5 point lead in Ohio in the RCP average. The most recent poll in Ohio, from left leaning Public Policy Polling , puts ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/02/2012 1 5 1 90
Early Voting Report - 10/1/12
This is a very exciting week in early voting . New York, Florida and Connecticut all start accepting absentee ballots. Ohio has been accepting absentee ballots for a while, but their in-person early ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/01/2012 7 7 1 110
Obama hits 50% in Rasmussen poll
Obama has hit 50% in the latest Rasmussen daily tracking poll. The poll now only includes "leaners." The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows President Obama ...
ThatPoshGirl 10/01/2012 24 17 - 418
Exclusive Image from Romney Debate Prep
ThatPoshGirl 09/30/2012 12 24 1 447
Please double check and triple check your registration
We all know that it has been discovered the Strategic Allied Counseling has been fraudulently registering voters . This includes registering dead voters, refusing to register non-Republican voters ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/30/2012 13 13 1 112
Early Voting Report - Thoughts On Ohio
There haven't been many changes in the early voting states since yesterday. North Carolina has received about 1000 more ballots, but it hasn't moved anything. Iowa hasn't reported any ballots ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/30/2012 17 12 - 202
Early Voting Report - 9/29/2012
It's the weekend, so not much change in the numbers. Iowa stays the same, with Obama getting an estimated 68% of the vote. In North Carolina, a little less than 2000 ballots have come in since ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/29/2012 12 13 - 179
Even Rasmussen Admits Obama is Leading Now
Apparently the liberal media has gotten to Rasmussen, because even they show Obama leading today 49 - 47. When “leaners” are included, it’s Obama 49%, Romney 47%. Leaners are those who are ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/29/2012 15 16 - 246
[Updated] Early Voting Report - 9/28/2012
Estimates are made using the early voting statistics gathered by Dr. Michael McDonald at George Mason University and combining it with most recent polling in the state. Total number of early ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/28/2012 12 17 - 225
Where we stand in early voting - 9/27/2012
Dr. Michael McDonald, a professor at George Mason University, has a very interesting election project over here . He has been updating the site daily with the number of absentee and early voting ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/27/2012 3 6 - 122
Serial cat killer walks free (petition)
I want everyone in America to know who Scott Andrew Graham is and to know that he has been allowed to walk free despite being a clear threat to society. Scott Andrew Graham is a man in Mesa, AZ who ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/27/2012 17 36 - 223
Charges dropped against serial cat killer
This is actually quite serious. Biscuit is just one of 40 - 50 cats abducted and likely tortured by a Mesa man named Scott Andrew Graham . The evidence against Graham should be solid. He was caught ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/26/2012 25 36 1 255
Carmona hits Flake on veterans' benefits
Richard Carmona's new ad hits opponent Jeff Flake on veterans' benefits. Carmona himself is a combat veteran who earned his G.E.D. while serving in the Army. He went on to become a Special Forces ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/25/2012 2 18 - 79
It's only happened twice in history
It seems that every presidential election year we talk about whether a candidate can win without winning his (or her) home state. Yet, this year, we aren't hearing this at all. The fact is, in the ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/25/2012 32 13 - 247
Romney's $2.4 million DC ad buy
As reported earlier purohit by a handful of swing state polls have been released today showing Obama leading in CO, FL, IA, MI, NV and WI with more than 50% of the vote, and in NC with 49% of the ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/24/2012 16 21 - 287
No, Mr. Romney, the Emergency Room is not enough
When speaking to 60 Minutes, Governor Romney pushed the right-wing myth that available emergency services is the same as having health care for all. I've posted the clip below. Note that, not only ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/23/2012 109 290 3 1333
The fat lady is warming up
I just saw the fat lady. She's sitting in stony silence, sipping a hot cup of herbal tea. I asked her why she was warming up when we still have six weeks to go. She nodded quietly toward an ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/23/2012 30 26 - 325
Romney to teacher "I didn't ask you a question"
Sorry to post twice in one day. When I saw this I had to share it. It has only received around 300 views so far, and it really needs to go viral. It is a video of a CO teacher describing her ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/22/2012 345 960 22 7717
The latest bad news for Romney trending on Twitter: He threw a tantrum
Twitter is not Romney's friend. An article at BuzzFeed that may have gone noticed by most people is now trending on Twitter . The article How Romney Packed The Univision Forum details how Romney ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/22/2012 186 362 5 6463
On Smoking
I recently saw some interesting gallup polls on smoking, and they got me thinking. It's been three years since I quit. I haven't had a cigarette in all that time, but I am still a nicotine addict, ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/15/2012 24 19 - 178
Trending right now on, Twitter. #DescribeRomneyInOneWord The current "top tweets" are mostly pro-Romney, but the new tweets coming in have been very anti-Romney. #DescribeRomneyInOneWord ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/12/2012 45 18 - 253
To sum things up...
Inspired by WFBMM's diary from earlier .
ThatPoshGirl 09/10/2012 9 23 1 116
Nope, no bounce
Sure, today Gallop has President Obama on top 49% to 45% . And, sure, that's the highest he has been since April . But that could hardly be called a bounce. I mean, yes, he's up three points since ...
ThatPoshGirl 09/08/2012 14 16 - 284
Discovered: Romney SourceCode
public class MittRomney { public Position myPosition; public boolean isConvinced = false; public boolean mouthOpen = false; public MittRomney(Position newPosition) {
ThatPoshGirl 09/01/2012 8 24 - 184
Forced to vote on a provisional ballot today
This was the first time I have voted in-person in AZ. I had previously used a mail-in ballot and expected to do so again, but what happened a few weeks ago changed that. Dkos user Late Again post a ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/28/2012 24 15 1 179
Lady Parts Ruin Everything
ThatPoshGirl 08/27/2012 14 18 - 162
Well, this is disgusting
I'm pro-choice, but it is not something I really invest a lot of time in talking about. I wouldn't vote for an anti-choice candidate, but I don't often have the energy to debate the issue with ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/10/2012 58 161 2 1531
One day left to help Mary
My friend Mary and her two sons have been homeless now for about three months. In the middle of all of this, Both of her sons have required serious surgeries to correct issues associated with a rare ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/09/2012 5 5 - 56
The More People Get to Know Romney the More they Dislike Him
A new ABC NEWS/WASHINGTON POST POLL out today shows Romney's favorability slipping even more . Forty percent of Americans overall view Romney favorably, 49 percent unfavorably – leaving him ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/08/2012 14 22 - 134
"Revolution is in the air, a 9 mm in my hand"
You probably already know that the shooter at the Sikh temple yesterday was a white supremacist involved in the "white-power music scene" I don't want to give him or his bands any fame or page hits, ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/06/2012 30 10 - 243
Unintentionally Hilarious YouTube Captions and How to Fix It
YouTube is attempting to provide a great service for the hearing impaired community. They are using speech recognition software to make transcribed captions available on most of their videos. There'...
ThatPoshGirl 08/06/2012 7 6 - 74
Does Mitt Romney Care about America? (Video)
My second attempt at a grassroots campaign ad: Transcript: Mitt Romney wants you to believe that he cares about America, but He's made millions of dollars destroying American companies and ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/04/2012 6 7 - 69
AZ-Sen: Flake and Carmona Tied
While Jeff Flake fights a primary battle again Wil Cardon, Richard Carmona has been sitting unopposed, waiting. The battle is to replace Jon Kyl, who is retiring. The latest Public Policy Polling ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/03/2012 17 22 1 148
Mary is in a hotel now
I've been providing updates on my friend Mary's situation. She has been homeless for a few months after being illegally evicted. Her sons, Matthew (13) and William (10), have a rare bone disorder ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/03/2012 4 10 1 85
This is what Reid did
ThatPoshGirl 08/02/2012 384 462 4 3996
RNC Attacks Obama During the Olympics (Video)
The Olympics provides an opportunity every four years for Americans to come together united in a common goal, to crush China in the medal count. Of course, the Olympics also happen to coincide with ...
ThatPoshGirl 08/01/2012 8 9 - 108
Senate Committee Finds Problems with For-Profit Colleges
For-profit colleges are a multi-billion dollar industry. They offer career-oriented degree and diploma programs at a very high tuition rate. In some cases, students who attend for-profit colleges ...
ThatPoshGirl 07/31/2012 30 53 4 249
5 Things You'll Never See Ann Romney Do
Image source: whitehouse....
ThatPoshGirl 07/30/2012 28 38 - 314
Romney's Running Mate Revealed
Although, Chase was probably too progressive for romney/ʎǝuɯoɹ, so maybe this is more like it:
ThatPoshGirl 07/30/2012 10 5 - 169
We Should Cut the "Millennials" Some Slack
I'm right smack in the middle of "Generation X," as are most of my friends. I've noticed a trend among my friends recently of lamenting "Millennials." The Millennials are the generation born between ...
ThatPoshGirl 07/29/2012 34 16 - 215
UPDATE on Woman with two sick children homeless after illegal eviction
For the past two days I have been writing about Mary . She is the mother of two sick children who has been homeless and living in a shelter for two months following an illegal eviction. Her sons ...
ThatPoshGirl 07/28/2012 10 27 1 207
Woman with two sick children homeless after illegal eviction
This is a re-post, original here . Mary is facing circumstances that no one should have to go through. Since losing her home a few months ago, she has been living in a homeless shelter with her ...
ThatPoshGirl 07/27/2012 7 13 - 148
You don't know Mary, but her story could be anyone's
Diarist Note: I am posting this on behalf of my friend Mary, who is in the most desperate situation right now. She is not part of the DailyKos community, but she is a mother in serious need right now.
ThatPoshGirl 07/26/2012 12 10 1 166
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