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The Horrible Truth About Gay Marriage
Diane Silver is a former newspaper reporter, magazine editor and political activist, who blogs ...
The Bilerico Project 11/25/2009 67 20 - 78
ENDA: Reading the Tea Leaves
Dr. Jillian Weiss is a professor of law and society at Ramapo College and consults on transgender workplace issues. She blogs at ...
The Bilerico Project 11/23/2009 8 10 - 111
Needed: A Better Definition of Bigotry
Patricia Nell Warren is the author of several novels, including best-sellers The Front Runner, Harlan’s Race and Billy’s Boy. She originally posted this diary ...
The Bilerico Project 11/22/2009 24 19 1 135
Irene Vilar's Impossible Motherhood: Testimony of an Abortion Addict
Paige Schilt is a dyke mama, a "low-femme" nerd, an activist, and a part-time professor of Feminist Studies. She writes ...
The Bilerico Project 11/21/2009 11 3 - 128
How to help on ENDA
Dr. Jillian Weiss has been posting daily on the Bilerico Project about getting ENDA passed, targeting a ...
The Bilerico Project 10/12/2009 5 11 - 6
Why "Sex Change" Surgery is Medically Necessary
Mercedes Allen is a transgender bisexual activist who works in Alberta, Canada. She posts regularly ...
The Bilerico Project 08/05/2009 71 15 - 24
Not "Men in Dresses": Support the Transgender Troops
Cross-posted from the Bilerico Project . Monica Helms is the president of the Transgender American ...
The Bilerico Project 03/25/2009 31 22 1 229
GLADly bending over: The gay marriage agenda screws flyover country queers again
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by Bil Browning , TBP's ...
The Bilerico Project 03/03/2009 67 13 - 15
Abstinence is not 100% safe
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by writer, activist, and ...
The Bilerico Project 02/10/2009 27 20 - 23
Catholic Church maliciously blocks new job for Father Geoffrey Farrow
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's largest LGBT blog, by the blogging gay Catholic ...
The Bilerico Project 01/27/2009 17 26 1 37
Indianapolis Hate Crime: The Media, the Legislature, and the Police Are Guilty, Too
Originally posted on the Bilerico Project by Indiana LGBT activist Bil Browning.
The Bilerico Project 12/30/2008 10 18 - 42
Visiting Rick Warren
This guest diary comes to us from Jeff Lutes. Jeff is the executive director of Soulforce, a national civil rights and social justice organization dedicated to freedom for LGBT people through ...
The Bilerico Project 12/19/2008 45 41 - 21
Why Punish Only the Mormon Church? Let's Get Them All
(This was originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by best-selling ...
The Bilerico Project 11/10/2008 68 19 1 24
Three years of same-sex marriage in Canada and the sky hasn't fallen
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by Alberta-based ...
The Bilerico Project 10/14/2008 12 14 1 7
When McCain supporters attack
(This was originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by transgender workplace issues consultant and law ...
The Bilerico Project 10/13/2008 31 47 1 223
Gay Republicans call gay Democrats traitors
Log Cabins simply hate being labeled as traitors to the LGBT community, and perhaps their complaints would be more credible if it weren't ...
The Bilerico Project 09/12/2008 80 18 - 18
Please help fight the marriage amendments in CA, AZ, and FL
Funding for and against Proposition 8 in California , the amendment to ban same-sex marriage (9/5 numbers, in millions ...
The Bilerico Project 09/09/2008 6 10 - 26
John McCain in one photo
Courtesy of Bil Browning :
The Bilerico Project 09/07/2008 7 5 - -
Anti-gay protest and pro-Hillary protest in Denver, with photo and video
The Bilerico Project 08/26/2008 41 5 - 14
John McCain promises to re-criminalize homosexuality
Going back to Rick Warren's presidential forum earlier, this week, I think it's important to point out this ...
The Bilerico Project 08/22/2008 33 14 - 2
Obama will name Bayh his VP choice on Wednesday
The Bilerico Project 08/04/2008 213 22 - 29
The N-Word? Please, Use It Any Way You Can
I am an authentic American Negro . I'm descended from freemen and slaves, slave bosses and slave owners, and the Native people who gave them sanctuary, family and hope. I say all ...
The Bilerico Project 07/24/2008 12 10 - 25
Sad, sad RNC donation letter
The Bilerico Project 07/23/2008 20 10 - 73
Ashwin Madia: Beating Discrimination, One Battle at a Time
The Bilerico Project 07/22/2008 9 13 1 4
Update: Bolthouse Farms and the Bolthouse Foundation are connected
The Bilerico Project 06/28/2008 20 39 - 109
Burning Obama -- and his Family -- at the Stake
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project , America's best LGBT blog, by Patricia Nell ...
The Bilerico Project 06/25/2008 9 2 - -
Kick Bolthouse Farms Out Of Your Refrigerator
The Bilerico Project 06/24/2008 38 61 1 33
Shut the hell up
If I hear " Marriage is between one man and one woman " one more time from Obama's mouth- or any Democrat's mouth- I'm going ...
The Bilerico Project 06/19/2008 100 17 1 17
Black transwoman got beaten by cops and no one cared
Check out this video of a brutal police beating in a police station. A Memphis police officer didn't like the fact that Duanna Johnson, a black transwoman, didn't respond to the names "faggot" or "he/
The Bilerico Project 06/18/2008 17 28 - 27
Same-sex Marriages Begin in West Hollywood -- With Beautiful Pictures!
Tori and Kate Kuykendall got in line outside the West Hollywood Park auditorium late in the afternoon of June 16, just about the same time that Robin Tyler and Diane Olson were getting their ...
The Bilerico Project 06/17/2008 27 29 2 21
Marriage arrives in California
ometimes, when you're in the middle of a long task and the end is nowhere in sight, it feels as if you haven't accomplished anything. You want to give up - or at least slack off - because there is ...
The Bilerico Project 06/16/2008 10 8 - -
No Justice in Greenville County for Sean Kennedy
Posted on the Bilerico Project by PFLAG comm director Steve Ralls .
The Bilerico Project 06/11/2008 5 5 - 4
TN-9: A message from Stephen Cohen: I didn't pick this fight
Representative Stephen Cohen guest posts on the Bilerico Project. Rep. Cohen is in a bitter race ...
The Bilerico Project 06/10/2008 25 28 1 21
TN-9: Why is EMILY's List endorsing anti-semitism, racism and homophobia?
Promoted from the diaries (with much more below the fold). I judge EMILY's List by the company they keep. This is despicable. - smintheus EMILY's List, known for funding female candidates ...
The Bilerico Project 06/07/2008 416 37 18 218
About Bolthouse Farms
William Bolthouse has just donated $100,000 dollars to the ballot initiative to amend ...
The Bilerico Project 06/05/2008 12 17 - 83
DNC thinks LGBT has too many letters?
The list of credentialed blogs to cover the Democratic National Convention was released this evening and ...
The Bilerico Project 05/30/2008 23 15 2 10
California supports same-sex marriage... where to now?
Toni Broaddus, executive director of the Equality Foundation, guest posted over at Bilerico . Here's the beginning:
The Bilerico Project 05/15/2008 12 3 - 2
Obama threw Rev. Wright under the bus... will he do the same to gays and lesbians?
When the religious narrative you tell about your life to the American public is revealed to be vastly different than the one you actually lived, you have more than a credibility problem - you have a ...
The Bilerico Project 03/19/2008 99 2 - -
"Change" is just a buzzword for LGBT people
Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by IN LA magazine editor Karen Ocamb . ...
The Bilerico Project 01/15/2008 88 22 - 7
"General Betray Us" evil, evil, evil; General "Fagginess" funny
Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Alex Blaze . There was a question from a ...
The Bilerico Project 11/29/2007 56 17 - 5
AOL sucks, QueerSighted's dead, and Dinesh D'Souza wins
Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Alex Blaze .
The Bilerico Project 11/19/2007 16 9 - 1
Sen. Obama on the McClurkin debacle
Sen. Obama posted this defense of his inclusion of "ex-gay" gospel singer Donnie McClurkin at a campaign stop on The Bilerico Project . Read the ...
The Bilerico Project 11/11/2007 113 19 5 35
Giuliani isn't pro-gay, Reuters
Reuters just discovered the Log Cabin Republicans : Doug Warner seems like a stereotypical ...
The Bilerico Project 11/04/2007 14 3 - 1
LGBT people support Edwards because of Electability?
John Edwards released a list of LGBT supporters late Wednesday along with a letter from them explaining their support. ...
The Bilerico Project 11/02/2007 54 5 - -
Larry Craig to appear in court tomorrow
His day in court is the 26th of September. That's tomorrow. You can read Craig's motion to retract his plea agreement here . You can read ...
The Bilerico Project 09/25/2007 9 5 - 2
Hillary: America's possible Diva in Chief
(Originally posted on the Bilerico Project by Steve Ralls , communications director of SLDN. ...
The Bilerico Project 09/24/2007 15 8 - 14
Welcome to the heteropatriarchy,
After ran its notorious ad taunting General Patraeus as "General Betray Us", John McCain said that the ...
The Bilerico Project 09/19/2007 8 8 - -
Bill Richardson guest posts on ENDA!
(This guest post on the Project comes to us from Governor Bill Richardson. He's pretty supportive of LGBT equality, and he's right there for ENDA, the law to ...
The Bilerico Project 09/18/2007 7 5 - 23
Bush nominates first practicing, closeted homosexual to Secretary of State
Everyone erupts in baseless speculation WASHINGTON - The Washington Post 's diplomatic correspondent, Glenn Kessler, has reported facts in his new book, The Confidante: Condoleezza ...
The Bilerico Project 09/15/2007 30 9 - 55
Fox News attacks Chris Crocker
Remember that Chris Crocker video defending Britney Spears? The one where he's wailing and crying about how people are making fun ...
The Bilerico Project 09/13/2007 11 4 - 14
Can WorldNetDaily, TalkLeft, and Arlen Specter save Larry Craig?
Who knows - this defense might actually work (h/...
The Bilerico Project 09/06/2007 9 3 - 10
In subcommittee, the trans-inclusive ENDA is a watershed moment for LGBT people
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Matt Foreman , executive director of ...
The Bilerico Project 09/05/2007 9 7 - -
Tucker Carlson's Gay Panic
(Crossposted from The Bilerico Project , by Terrance Heath ) Note to self: If I ever ...
The Bilerico Project 08/29/2007 21 11 - 10
Thoughts on the gay presidential forum
I did a few in-depth posts on our queer group blog this morning, including one ...
The Bilerico Project 08/10/2007 18 5 2 -
Will the HRC-Logo debate be a white queer public soliloquy?
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by the Reverend Irene Monroe . She referring ...
The Bilerico Project 08/08/2007 19 9 - 1
President Cynthia McKinney?
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Steve Ralls ) Former Congresswoman Cynthia ...
The Bilerico Project 08/06/2007 43 - - -
Disney will save the world -- thank you, Disney!
(Cross posted from The Bilerico Project , by Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein ...
The Bilerico Project 08/04/2007 2 2 - -
The Brita Filter Theory of Conservative Politics
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project ...
The Bilerico Project 07/31/2007 3 2 - -
My Special Reality
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Ethan St. Pierre ) "Why don't ...
The Bilerico Project 07/30/2007 3 9 - 8
Even wingnuts are tired of anti-Hillary misogyny
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Bil Browning ) I’m not the biggest ...
The Bilerico Project 07/26/2007 12 13 1 -
Bring Back Carol
(Originally posted on The Bilerico Project by Steve Ralls ) If Senator Barack Obama is ...
The Bilerico Project 07/25/2007 5 1 - 9
Whole Foods at the LGBT Center? Say it ain't so!
(Cross posted from The Bilerico Project , by Mattilda aka Matt Bernstein ...
The Bilerico Project 07/24/2007 44 5 - 14
If the NAACP Can Bury the N-Word, Could the F-Word be Too Far behind?
(From The Bilerico Project , by NBJC CEO H. Alexander Robinson) For the third year in a row, the National Black ...
The Bilerico Project 07/23/2007 17 2 - -
Take one for the team: Bill Richardson, homophobia, and media silence
(Crossposted from The Bilerico Project , by Karen Ocamb , editor of In Los Angeles magazine)
The Bilerico Project 07/12/2007 8 6 1 26
Homophobia starts pouring in over Human Rights Campaign sponsored presidential forum
(Cross-posted from The Bilerico Project '...
The Bilerico Project 07/11/2007 37 5 - -
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