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CEO and IBEW Partner to Bring Back Union Jobs
A CEO and a union working together to bring jobs back from China? It's happening in Texas.
The Electrical Worker 09/26/2013 3 26 - -
Electrical Workers Tell Capitol Hill: ‘Let us Keep Our Healthcare’
Electrical workers are raising the alarm about loopholes in the Affordable Care Act that threaten to undermine quality coverage for more than 26 million Americans.
The Electrical Worker 07/11/2013 4 6 - -
Time for a Second Bill of Rights? Campaign Refocus National Debate on Workers' Rights
At a press event, union leaders announced plans to launch a national campaign to refocus America’s national priorities on the needs of working men and women, demanding an economy that works for all,
The Electrical Worker 07/12/2012 3 7 - 24
Romney Bashes Unions Now, But Praised Them During 2002 Olympics
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been going after organized labor with particular vehemence on the campaign trail, telling members of the anti-union Associated Builders and ...
The Electrical Worker 02/24/2012 2 3 - 19
GE Workers Win Big Organizing Drive
Cross Posted From the IBEW Now News ...
The Electrical Worker 02/01/2012 22 41 2 217
Wisconsin Workers: Hope for the Holidays
While your family is celebrating the holidays this year, workers in Wisconsin continue to fight for their rights.
The Electrical Worker 12/21/2011 4 20 - 76
Unskilled Replacement Workers Put Verizon, Public at Risk
As the Verizon strike enters its second week, thousands of untrained replacement workers and managers have been sent to do the jobs of more than 45,000 IBEW and CWA members up and down the East Coast.
The Electrical Worker 08/17/2011 116 119 2 666
Verizon: Avoiding Taxes, Squeezing Workers, Raking it In
The Verizon strike enters its third day as more than 45,000 employees protest the company’s demand for more than $1 billion in cutbacks to health care, retirement and other benefits.
The Electrical Worker 08/10/2011 3 12 - 58
Verizon Strike: Day 2
More than 45,000 Verizon workers from Massachustts to Virginia went on strike Sunday. Aug. 7, protesting efforts to take away hard won gains that have helped telecommunications workers secure a spot ...
The Electrical Worker 08/09/2011 6 19 - 63
IBEW Says No to Green Outsourcing
A plan by Sempra Energy, the corporate parent of San Diego Gas and Electric, to outsource green energy production to ...
The Electrical Worker 07/29/2011 6 12 - 80
Tenn. Factory Worker Tells Truth About Outsourcing
Philips Workers Honored for Their ...
The Electrical Worker 06/22/2011 150 313 7 1609
Everybody Could Use a Union (VIDEO)
Everyone could use a voice on the job, even white-collar professionals like lawyers.
The Electrical Worker 06/16/2011 3 6 - 34
Philips’ Playbook for U.S. Plants: First Acquire, Then Close
The doors were shuttered at the Stonco Lighting factory in Union, N.J., May 6 as the plant’s parent corporation, Netherlands-based Philips Electronics, moved ahead with plans to outsource the work ...
The Electrical Worker 05/20/2011 4 24 1 119
Challenging Corporate Hypocrisy
Philips Touts Livable Cities While Killing ...
The Electrical Worker 04/27/2011 4 5 - 33
What Happened to Made in the U.S.A.?
Things were finally looking up for Dwayne Pendergraph after taking some tough licks.
The Electrical Worker 03/15/2011 46 32 - 184
ID GOP Proposes Repeal of Long-Dead Prevailing Wage Law
Idaho Republicans, joining the national wave of attacks on working people, are targeting construction workers by introducing a bill last month that would prohibit the use of prevailing wage rates on ...
The Electrical Worker 02/16/2011 11 10 1 54
Union Organizing 2.0
Savvy Online Campaign Yields Victory for N.Y. Can Plant ...
The Electrical Worker 12/29/2010 65 190 15 357
IBEW Opposes U.S.-Korea Trade Agreement
For more than two decades, the American people have been told free trade was good for both workers and consumers. In reality, free trade policies, negotiated by both Democratic and Republican ...
The Electrical Worker 12/20/2010 44 24 - 48
Nebraska IBEW Keeps it "Made in the U.S.A."
Years of offshoring and outsourcing has devastated America's manufacturing sector, leaving the Schneider Electric Manufacturing Plant in Lincoln, Neb., the last factory to make circuit breakers here ...
The Electrical Worker 12/16/2010 13 27 - 76
IBEW Promotes Green Jobs in Hard-Hit Imperial County
California’s Imperial County has historically been one of the state’s most economically distressed regions, suffering from decades of underinvestment, unemployment and poverty. And the ...
The Electrical Worker 12/14/2010 5 7 - 41
Union Activists See Some Bright Spots on Election Night
Continuing high unemployment and a strong anti-incumbent sentiment cost the Democrats control of the House of Representatives and the seats of many pro-labor senators and governors on November. But ...
The Electrical Worker 11/05/2010 3 5 - 116
AZ, SC, SD, UT: Anti-Union Ballot Measures Target Workers’ Rights
Under the guise of protecting the secret ballot, right-wing groups have placed anti-union measures on the ballots of four states – Arizona, South Carolina, South Dakota and Utah – that ...
The Electrical Worker 10/27/2010 15 11 - 133
CA-GOV - IBEW Takes On ‘Wall Street Whitman’
For Electrical Workers (IBEW) organizer Kevin Norton, the stakes of this year’s gubernatorial contest between former eBay chief executive Meg Whitman and Attorney General Jerry Brown couldn&...
The Electrical Worker 10/05/2010 4 11 - 55
VIDEO: Union Members Help Rebuild Gulf Coast.
Hammered by Hurricane Katrina and the worst oil spill in history, the residents of Louisiana's Gulf Coast are trying to make it through these tough times with the help ...
The Electrical Worker 08/24/2010 6 6 - 42
IA Workers' Victory Shows Need For Labor Law Reform
Crossposted at Bleeding Heartland. Workers at Iowa's leading manufacturer of wind turbine towers successfully took ...
The Electrical Worker 08/18/2010 45 31 1 67
Ensuring Another 75 Years of Social Security
This article by IBEW International President Edwin Hill is crossposted with the Huffington Post .
The Electrical Worker 08/04/2010 14 10 1 22
Nevada Retirees Take on Sharron Angle
Retired utility worker and IBEW member Tom Bird knows firsthand that sometimes you have to fight for what is rightfully yours.
The Electrical Worker 07/30/2010 113 235 1 80
The Next Generation of Labor Activists (VIDEO)
The Young Trade Unionists -- a group of young labor activists in Baltimore -- are looking at finding new ways to tap into the energy and commitment of the next generation of workers to grow the ...
The Electrical Worker 07/02/2010 2 6 - 25
IBEW Tells Carpenters' Head: Stop the Raids!
IBEW (Electrical Workers) Local 1 in St. Louis has provided the best trained and most professional electrical work force to the Gateway City since 1891.
The Electrical Worker 06/24/2010 131 106 1 176
Building Trades Tells Carpenters to Stop Raiding Other Unions
Thousands of proud Building Trades members and other union activists rallied in St. Louis on June 15 to tell local Carpenters leader Terry Nelson and UBC General President Doug McCarron to stop ...
The Electrical Worker 06/16/2010 11 6 - 164
Misclassifying Workers Out of Their Rights
It has been estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that in some parts of the country nearly 30 percent of workers are labeled by their employers as "independent contractors" -- freeing them ...
The Electrical Worker 06/03/2010 229 213 3 114
"Now You Won't Be Joining a Union Now, Will You?
The debate over measures to fix America’s broken labor laws took a back seat during the long debate on health care. Now that the focus has shifted to efforts to stimulate economic growth and ...
The Electrical Worker 04/26/2010 253 422 5 83
Study: Construction Unions Strengthen Economy
Most construction workers know that union membership translates into higher wages and better benefits.
The Electrical Worker 04/15/2010 4 12 - 68
IBEW Organizer Looks to Unionize Green Industry
There are not many union locals with an environmental organizer on staff.
The Electrical Worker 03/17/2010 4 16 1 95
IBEW Hosts Obama Announcement on Nuclear Power
The IBEW issued the following news release today: Union Leader Praises Job-Creating Step that Will Help Numerous Industries ...
The Electrical Worker 02/16/2010 116 19 - 98
Say Yes to Cape Wind -- Tell Salazar to Support Good, Green Jobs
After countless bureaucratic skirmishes and nearly a decade, Cape Wind supporters are hopeful the project is nearing final approval. Last month,
The Electrical Worker 02/04/2010 12 22 - 36
Buy America Stokes Stimulus Packages
Leading Republicans say that the administration's $787 billion stimulus plan passed a year ago failed.� ...
The Electrical Worker 01/28/2010 13 14 - 29
IBEW Wins More Than $20 Million in Green Jobs Training Grants
Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers from throughout the United States are among those who will benefit from the announcement on Wednesday ...
The Electrical Worker 01/08/2010 16 23 - 213
"Outsourcing Space": IBEW Workers Face End of Space Shuttle Era
Through triumph and tragedy, hundreds of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers members have been part of NASA’s space shuttle program for the past ...
The Electrical Worker 01/04/2010 16 10 - 15
IBEW: Taxing Health-Care Benefits is Still a Bad Idea (and Buy America is Back)
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers head Ed Hill has joined forces with the Communications Workers of America ...
The Electrical Worker 12/22/2009 26 19 - 190
Health Care Reform: Support the Merkley Amendment
Real health care reform shouldn't reward companies that buck their responsibility to provide health care insurance to their employees while punishing those that do. To make this happen, ...
The Electrical Worker 12/14/2009 5 7 - 32
U.S. Falling Behind in Green Jobs Growth
Throughout the 2008 election season, we were told that the green-energy economy would put our economy back on the road to recovery by creating tens of thousands of new jobs in wind, solar and other ...
The Electrical Worker 12/04/2009 18 13 1 131
NY-23 - Union Members Help Beat Back Right-Wing
Dennis Affinati, business manager of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 910 in Watertown, N.Y.,--located near the Canadian border--doesn't ...
The Electrical Worker 11/10/2009 15 23 2 165
IBEW Activists Tell Senate: We Need a Strong Public Option, No Benefits Tax
As the battle for health care reform nears the finish line in Congress, members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers attending ...
The Electrical Worker 11/09/2009 5 11 - 229
Will Green Stimulus Money Go to China?
Developers of a massive 36,000-acre wind farm in West Texas will be seeking federal stimulus money for the project which will include 240 2.5-megawatt wind turbines.
The Electrical Worker 11/06/2009 27 10 - 125
Voices of the Next Generation: Connecting Young People and the Labor Movement
Wall Street’s collapse last year, which has already destroyed more than 7 million jobs, is hitting workers under the age of 35 with an extra impact. The unemployment rate for young people is ...
The Electrical Worker 10/23/2009 4 9 1 66
IBEW Members Rally Against “Jobless Recovery”
Despite hopeful numbers on Wall Street, the job situation for most Americans remains bleak – and it’s getting worse.
The Electrical Worker 10/09/2009 1 6 - 98
Union Leader Says: Tell Young Workers the Truth
A recent report issued by the AFL-CIO revealed the scope of the economic crisis facing young people: rising ...
The Electrical Worker 10/08/2009 14 15 - 123
New Officers to be Voted in at AFL-CIO Convention
The spirit of trade unionism is in full stride in Pittsburgh as the city hosts the AFL-CIO’s 26th ...
The Electrical Worker 09/14/2009 3 5 1 29
New Health Care Coalition Calls on Lawmakers Not to Ignore "Bridge Years" Workers
As members of Congress return to Washington, D.C. to address health care reform, a new alliance of businesses and labor unions is reminding policy ...
The Electrical Worker 09/10/2009 3 5 1 84
Union Taps Into Social Media to Organize
Can Facebook and Twitter help grow the labor movement? Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers think so. Check out the latest video from the ...
The Electrical Worker 09/09/2009 2 2 - 2
New Report Documents Rampant Labor Law Violations
We've all heard the argument that unions were needed during the age of the robber barons, but have since "outlived their usefulness."
The Electrical Worker 09/08/2009 7 8 - 65
Labor Leader Calls on Union Members to Attend Town Halls
In response to the disruptions of congressional town hall meetings by opponents of health care reform, labor ...
The Electrical Worker 08/18/2009 11 14 - 26
Why Workers Need Arbitration
For workers who want to join a union, sometimes organizing is the easy part.
The Electrical Worker 08/10/2009 6 15 - 234
Anti-Union Congressman Envies Union Health Benefits
Rep. Don Manzullo (R-Ill.) is complaining about his government-sponsored health care plan. Manzullo, who opposes a “public option” in health care insurance, told ...
The Electrical Worker 07/24/2009 7 10 - 20
AFL-CIO Leadership Ticket Includes IBEW's Shuler
AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Richard Trumka announced his candidacy to replace John Sweeney—who is retiring as president of the labor federation—at a ...
The Electrical Worker 07/16/2009 14 8 - 27
Top Union Leaders Head to the White House
President Barack Obama told America’s top labor leaders that he remains committed to passage of the Employee Free Choice Act , a bill that would ...
The Electrical Worker 07/15/2009 8 8 - 79
Working Families Call For Real Health Care Reform-Video
Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers joined with hundreds of other union members and health care activists calling on Congress to make ...
The Electrical Worker 07/01/2009 1 2 - 5
IBEW Introduces Working Green Web Site
The green economy will play a vital role in both reducing our carbon footprint and putting people to work.
The Electrical Worker 06/25/2009 8 12 2 11
IBEW Green-Job Training Facilities Around the Country Open Doors to Public
With renewable energy looking to be the wave of the future, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is letting everyone know that its members are the ...
The Electrical Worker 06/08/2009 17 21 1 276
"Clean" Energy Company Treats Workers Like Dirt
Covanta Energy operates 30 incinerators in the U.S. that convert waste to energy. The company's holdings include ...
The Electrical Worker 06/03/2009 5 9 - 39
IBEW Green Training Facilities Open Its Doors to Congress
During the Memorial Day break, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers will invite congressional representatives to tour union job-training centers ...
The Electrical Worker 04/27/2009 6 14 - 2
Boston Corporate Campaign Wins Support from Governor
Six months of corporate campaigning exposing Boston's biotechnology companies' failure to employ local labor in their building projects--despite receiving millions of dollars in tax subsidies--...
The Electrical Worker 04/24/2009 2 6 - 9
The Employee Free Choice Act: Fact vs. Fiction
Opponents of the Employee Free Choice Act – legislation which would make it ...
The Electrical Worker 04/20/2009 9 11 - 1
High Road or Low Road in Renewable Energy Manufacturing?
Hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in renewable energy manufacturing. Will these employment opportunities be "high-road," decent-paying union jobs, or will employers take the "low road"-
The Electrical Worker 04/13/2009 11 30 - 16
IBEW Locals Join Fight for Employee Free Choice Act
Members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers have joined thousands of other union and community activists in support of ...
The Electrical Worker 04/01/2009 10 18 - 26
Green Energy Supporters Call for Transmission Grid Overhaul
The flat wind-swept plains of the Dakotas are rich enough in wind power to meet half of our nation's energy needs, while the sunny deserts of Nevada could yield enough solar energy to power much ...
The Electrical Worker 03/27/2009 24 43 2 236
Minnesota Electricians Harness Renewable Energy
Darryl Thayer, a member of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 292 in Minneapolis, hardly received a visionary’s welcome when he addressed ...
The Electrical Worker 03/20/2009 6 40 3 96
After Base Electrocutions, IBEW Members Help Improve Safety in Mideast
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Boston Local 103 journeyman wireman Kevin Brashears was fearful of becoming another statistic: one more hardworking ...
The Electrical Worker 03/13/2009 7 12 - 7
So-Called Green Lighting Manufacturer Leaves Ohio IBEW Members in Cold
When Acuity Brands, one of the world’s largest and most profitable lighting manufacturers, announced the shutdown of an Ohio manufacturing plant and the relocation of some assembly lines to ...
The Electrical Worker 03/04/2009 15 27 - 265
Free Choice? Not if This Employer Has a Say
Long before the nation's latest economic troubles, some workers at NG Jensen, a custom brokerage firm on the Washington side of the Canadian border, set their sights on an economic stimulus plan--a ...
The Electrical Worker 03/02/2009 14 52 - 90
Labor, Environmental Leaders Push For L.A. Solar Act
An ambitious ballot measure backed by a broad city-wide coalition, including Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa, ...
The Electrical Worker 02/20/2009 7 21 - 21
Employee Free Choice Supporters Rally on Capitol Hill
Over 600 unionists rallied outside the U.S. Capitol on February 4 to deliver millions of petitions in support of the Employee Free Choice Act, a measure that will make it easier for workers to ...
The Electrical Worker 02/10/2009 4 11 - 5
Inflatable Rat's Handlers Win in N.J. High Court
Free speech and grassroots trade unionism won an important round when the New Jersey Supreme Court on Feb. 5 knocked down a ...
The Electrical Worker 02/09/2009 13 22 - 26
Union Leaders Call on Senate to Confirm Rep. Solis
Republicans Hold Up Labor ...
The Electrical Worker 02/02/2009 3 11 - -
Sierra Club Endorses Employee Free Choice Act
The Sierra Club, the oldest and largest environmentalist group in the United States, added its voice to the millions of working families and their allies who support passage of the Employee Free ...
The Electrical Worker 01/21/2009 12 31 1 22
IBEW: Election 2008 Recap
From Alaska to Florida, to battleground states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers , working with the AFL-CIO through the ...
The Electrical Worker 11/24/2008 10 8 1 1
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