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In Congressional Hearing Today, NSA and DOJ Admit Surveillance Goes BEYOND What Snowden Revealed
I'm not seeing this reported in any of the big media outlets yet (big surprise), but only at the Guardian: NSA warned to rein in surveillance as agency reveals even greater scope Apparently, this ...
The Free Agent 07/17/2013 330 301 8 -
BREAKING: The Guardian Reveals Microsoft's Close Collaboration with the NSA
Today the Guardian published a new story on a number of top secret documents which prove that Microsoft--despite its (and other major tech firms recent denials of prior knowledge of the PRISM program-
The Free Agent 07/11/2013 366 263 2 -
BREAKING: The Guardian and Glenn Greenwald Do it Again....Top Secret FISA Court Documents Revealed
I hadn't seen any diary on this new scoop by Greenwald & Co. over at the Guardian Revealed: The Top Secret Rules That Allow The NSA To Use USA Data Without A Warrant These documents (Exhibit A ...
The Free Agent 06/20/2013 627 423 16 -
Mr. Obama, You have my vote, my hope, my money (and you'll get some more), and my respect. When you become president, please show us that you are a decent man, do your best, and don't forget us. ...
The Free Agent 07/11/2008 11 11 - 18
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