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My Net Neutrality Letter
Not like it's going to do much good, but DK reminded me by email (Thank you!) that we need to send sincerely written letters to the FCC in support of Net Neutrality. So what I sent myself is below ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/15/2014 5 7 - -
Strafing Fix The Debt which I provide some quotes from my comments on their Facebook page, just because I was in a bad mood and wanted to pick on somebody, and a gang of deficit zombies on Facebook is just too ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/13/2012 1 2 - -
Oh, DON'T forget about the OLIGARCHS!
Thought they could buy the American political system this time, eh?
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/07/2012 5 2 1 -
Need a Voting Guide? (Humor)
My spouse over at created a new Voting Guide as a reminder to Always Go Prepared...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/06/2012 3 2 - -
Santorum does it again. Really, words fail me. No, seriously, this is for real. You can't make this shit up. For Conservatives Unite ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/24/2012 12 2 - 320
The Hot New Chewing Gum of the Season
To commemorate the always timely position shifting of our favorite '
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/03/2012 3 5 - 40
A rant on Occupy Wall Street (screw having a 'unified message')
A friend of mine, who IS a Republican, made the mistake of posting this on FB recently:
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/19/2011 5 5 - 73
Occupy Wall Street gets some love from Marketwatch is owned by the Wall Street Journal. This is strange, because I've just seen one of the most strident and direct expressions of support in the American media, for Occupy Wall Street, ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/27/2011 8 26 - 123
Oh, it's OUR fault now? :D
OK, this is NOT exactly the swiftest move our Prez has executed this campaign season. Where is the agile communicator we elected?
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/28/2010 30 6 - 31
Eleventy-Seven Different Kinds of Stupid
Really, after a certain point it's hard to know what to say. A Utah state senator has proposed that the senior year of high school be eliminated statewide... to save money.
The Lighthouse Keeper 02/15/2010 39 14 - 150
Obama's HAMP saved my home.
Ever wonder why it is that you vote Democrat, when you see the selfish hijinks of people like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu? Yep, me too, lately. I've been out of work for a year. Obviously, I do ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/22/2010 200 224 2 173
Oven Stuffing, Sarah Palin and the Banks
In this excellent dairy, Jeffrey Feldman brilliantly breaks down the rational-vs-...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/20/2009 17 9 - 73
A Warning to Obama and to Congress
While no one was looking, a Congressional committee voted to gut Sarbanes-Oxley, the financial reporting regulation that was passed by a Republican Congress and signed into law by President Bush ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/09/2009 14 10 - 164
Rational Bad Behavior
NOTE: this is not a health care diary. Bank of America handed out $3.6B in bonuses to Merrill Lynch executives after the two companies merged during the height of the bank meltdown. Obama's ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/19/2009 13 11 - 185
Obama's HAMP Program is a joke.
I guess it's better to know the cold reality than to walk around with the illusion that you can get help. One can act accordingly instead of being naive. ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/07/2009 102 10 - 185
NO. No Apologies Needed or Expected.
I think it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign)... I come from the business side," he said. "If you had a chairman or president in the business world ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/28/2009 18 15 - 29
The Islamic Firewall: Nokia, Siemens and Iran
If a country wants to badly enough, it can harness technology to repress and watch its people. If tech companies want to badly enough, they can sell whatever the Hell they want to those regimes. We'
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/24/2009 18 11 - 16
Obama: Wanna fight global warming? Mandate telecommuting.
I've been working in the Silicon Valley area for a bit over a decade. You know, the Silicon Valley that's waiting with bated breath for a new gusher of money to come from the Obama Administration to ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/13/2009 39 8 - 1
F*ck IBM. I sincerely mean that.
In this country, if you don't push paper financial instruments around on your desk, your skills are devalued and possess no market value. American labor is being ruthlessly reduced to irrelevance by ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/27/2009 55 13 - 127
Ponzi Nation: Why aren't these F*$@#*rs in prison?
This is a rant, complete with substantial profanity. It's not my normal mode in any way, but times have changed. If you're of a squeamish sort, please stop reading now and don't bother commenting. I ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/02/2009 31 28 2 18
Breaking: Californians Haz A Budget!
Well, it's about damn time. Now, of course, California will be stuck with open primaries - an issue that is so unrelated ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 02/19/2009 39 10 1 25
The Great Deflation & A Personal Note
Our banking and financial system is nowhere near out of the woods. Thanks to a now-defunct company named World Savings (...
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/09/2009 68 25 2 35
Caroline Kennedy Endorses Gay Marriage Rights
I want to offer this point to enhance the discussions here about both Caroline Kennedy and the gay marriage movement. In short, Caroline Kennedy has publicly staked out a firm position in favor of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/22/2008 30 14 1 27
Time to go after the bonuses.
Wall Street is the poster child for corruption. There is no level of the financial services industry, except maybe the Credit Unions, that has remained untouched by the Financial Culture Of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/19/2008 33 25 - 20
The Biggest Scandal in the History of the Markets
Too Embarrassing to Fail. The biggest individual fraud in history has been uncovered in New York , where the ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/15/2008 55 34 2 33
BREAKING: Blackwater Guards Face Justice!
Who would have thought something like THIS would happen in the waning months of the Bush Administration: members of George ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/05/2008 58 42 - 34
Confronting Obama: The Wealth Evaporation Machine
As we optimistically look towards the fulfillment of our hopes of an Obama administration, it may be profitable to keep in mind the scope of the issues we face going forward. This piece is intended ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/03/2008 8 10 - 11
BREAKING: Bipartisanship we can live without
Sarah Palin offers her help! Can I be first in line to say, uh, no thanks, KNUCKLEHEAD?!?!?!? Gov. Sarah ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/12/2008 69 13 1 27
Tony Perkins is a Conservative (?) Genius
I have to say, I'm starting to wonder if Tony Perkins, the excessively tall (6'7") apostle of the arch-religious-conservative Family Research Council, is a secret Democratic mole. How else to ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/07/2008 17 3 - 4
"The Iceman."
... Before we start getting too worried... Make no mistake, Barack Obama is one cool customer. Now, ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/18/2008 2 1 - 2
Bill Buckley's Son Endorses Obama!
This is a really quick diary as I'm trying to finish up some work and I wanted to jump on this: No, hell has not frozen over, but a Buckley is backing a Democrat for president. ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/10/2008 14 13 - 17
Illinois Sheriff says: "We're not going to evict innocent tenants"
Do the financial companies need a serious wake-up call or what? I swear, the more stories I hear about the Rpeublicans and the banks and financial companies, the more I'm convinced that most of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/09/2008 7 6 - 1
CO-04: Taking Down Marilyn Musgrave!
I'm kinda surprised at this late date that little play has been given to one of our biggest pickup opportunities this cycle . Please Rec this, because ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/07/2008 9 20 1 29
Please Rec: The Obama Minute. It's coming. Join us!
In a single minute, a multitude of us can send a statement that we refuse to buy the bullshit. What we CAN do is make an installment payment on a brighter future for our battered country:
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/03/2008 26 40 2 38
Meanwhile, the Credit Markets Implode. (See: Libor.)
There is no doubt that the credit problems in the financial markets are in a critical phase. Today, the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), which measures the interest rate by which banks will ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/30/2008 75 67 1 79
The New York Times says: No, John.
It appears that the NY Times is refusing to knuckle under to the McCain campaign's whining about adverse coverage. This is a refreshing change. Hope it lasts.
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/23/2008 26 67 1 17
$66M in August (And: Help Obama Now!)
I'm in for another $150 this pay period. Barack needs our help. GOD, this woman is scary: I answered him 'yes' because I have the confidence in that readiness and knowing that ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/15/2008 11 4 1 -
Time to give, guys.
I know we've all done it, some numerous times. But we're now in the thick of the battle and the finish line is visible in the distance. Give here.
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/28/2008 38 25 - 17
A last-day Money Bomb for Obama? (At least a bomblet?)
I've just made my next bi-weekly contribution to the Obama campaign. Now that we're in the last hundred days of this interminable campaign season, I think it's really important for those of us who ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/31/2008 33 27 - 29
Obama Begins to Lock Up the Hispanic Vote
I just want to point something out that is very key to wrecking what little hope the Republican brand still retains for November.
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/24/2008 14 7 - 3
A BIG story in South America - FARC Commander Surrenders
JUST over the wire! BOGOTA, Colombia (CNN) -- The commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/25/2008 26 16 2 13
Now THIS is overdue: SUVs on 'Endangered' List
There's an "echo bubble" from the housing market, which reflects an equally reckless pattern of consumption by Americans and a reckless lack of policies by the government over the last number of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/23/2008 96 29 1 31
Talk About Reckless...
We've just heard from McCain that Obama's foreign policy ideas are "reckless." Hmmm.
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/16/2008 5 4 - 9
Meanwhile, back at the White House...
This just came over the wire... WASHINGTON (CNN) – Senate Democrats accused President Bush Tuesday of withdrawing one of his Federal Elections Commission nominees to protect Sen. ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/06/2008 8 11 1 3
Obama's Dysfunctional Ex-Minister
I believe there's a psychological subtext underlying Rev. Wright's (possibly successful) attempt to sabotage Barack Obama's presidential campaign. At this point, it obviously has nothing to do with ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/29/2008 7 2 - -
Alt-A Mortgages - The credit crisis is nowhere near over
Since last July, we've been treated to an unremitting series of massive subprime asset writeoffs by all of the major players in the American finance industry. As a result of the massive credit ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/17/2008 98 44 1 15
"Race Doesn't Matter."
Tomorrow is a big day. It's time for us to turn the page on the past. There is one candidate who can help us do it. ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 02/04/2008 15 3 - -
953 lies
This is strictly drive-by, not a lot of deep analysis. But someone has put numbers and real-world tabulations on Bush's lies.
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/22/2008 19 13 - 1
Edwards Needs to Bag It
He's fought the good fight, but I think he needs to throw his support to Obama. (I am assuming, of course, that he has more political affinity with Obama than with Clinton.) I wouldn't be too ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/08/2008 56 5 - -
The Green Zone and Institutionalized Forcible Rape
(***EDIT***) If I recall correctly, this topic has already been diaried and made the rec list, by our friend gooderservice , ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/10/2007 41 15 - 41
Breaking: the Senate caves on War spending, 53-45
In Dems Cave on War Funds , the San Francisco Chronicle reports from AP that Reid failed to ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/08/2007 51 18 - 2
Breaking: The Idaho Statesman Destroys Larry Craig
Very much a drive-by diary about a genuinely hypocritical, dissembling conservative Republican who really disgraces no one but himself by his behavior. To wit: eight more ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/03/2007 68 16 - 8
Breaking: Telecom Immunity and Lobbying Disclosure
It's just coming across the wire that the EFF has won the speedy release of telecoms industry lobbying records from the Office of the ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/28/2007 17 33 1 6
Calif. Real Estate: When the Music Stops
As Bonddad ( here , here ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/02/2007 51 11 - -
You're gonna LOVE this one
I'm just doing a drive-by here: this is a HUGE environmental issue. Continent-size toxic ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/19/2007 38 30 2 2
***2X Updated*** Sheldon Whitehouse strafes Mukasey
Just wanted to point this out; As decent a judge as Mukasey is, he still will waffle on key issues. Sheldon Whitehouse is doing a very good job, as you can see below:
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/18/2007 281 310 5 23
Thompson: Dumb but Friendly
Unfortunately, despite Richard Nixon's characterization of a young Fred Thompson during Watergate, "dumb but friendly" is no disqualification for the White House. Exhibit A:
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/09/2007 23 4 - -
UPDATE: Blackwater: 389-30 and Cooked Rice
Blackwater's umbrella of legal immunity is being stripped away. 389-30. This means one thing: jam it down Bush's ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/05/2007 17 13 - -
Patriotgate: Is the NFL covering up Super Bowl cheating?
Bear with me: there is a political spin to this tale. I'll be the first to say: I am no football fan. It's my least-liked of the major sports, behind hoops and baseball (hockey isn't even on the ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/26/2007 63 11 - 5
We were right all along...
...and no less an authority than Alan Greenspan confirms it. The neocons are in full retreat. What will they do now that their patron saint of the Ayn Rand school has turned against them, firmly ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/16/2007 44 22 2 -
Housing Market Tanks Nationwide
Let's skip the happy talk emanating from numerous quarters as a result of the recent stock market rally. Investors seem to think that because the Fed has stated that they're on the alert, and expect ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 09/05/2007 26 13 1 4
Amplifying BondDad: Bloody '08
In A Worldwide Banking Meltdown? , I've previously noted specific instances across the world in which the subprime mortgage/asset-backed ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/16/2007 43 16 1 47
UPDATED: A Worldwide Banking Meltdown?
When names like Goldman Sachs ,
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/14/2007 40 29 - 13
Blue-State Housing Market faces the abyss
Bush claims the economy "is robust." Uh huh. Not with the credit markets rapidly imploding. The subprime mortgage meltdown is rapidly spreading into many other areas of financing that are ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/09/2007 91 16 - 16
Netroots Candidates Barf a Lung
I'm typically the last person who will care that a politician votes in lockstep with my beliefs. This rant is not about that. 2006 was a renewal of hope for so many of us. I spent, for me, an ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/08/2007 17 6 1 13
Breaking: Insurance Companies will not cover Katrina damages
In Court Rules Aginst Katrina Victims in Levee Case , the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of AllState, ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 08/02/2007 90 45 2 1
Reflections on NCLB and the Public Schools
Or: How I happened to disagree with our good friend Meteor Blades Sometimes I wonder why so many people step up to defend such ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/28/2007 32 4 - 13
Breaking: CONTEMPT citations going out for Miers and Bolten (5 Updates)
It's happening. Finally. I've just heard on CBS Radio that the HOUSE Judiciary Committee is voting to hold Miers, a private citizen, and Bolten, the White House advisor, in contempt. This ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/25/2007 440 403 7 38
Breaking: Hillary Hits Back
Rapid Response is back. Remember Eric Edelman's slimy "aiding the enemy" attack on the Democratic front-runner? It didn't take long for Hillary to respond. Follow me below the fold for AP's report.
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/20/2007 9 12 1 1
Elizabeth Edwards Raps Hillary on Advocacy
Please note, right up front, that I'm not advocating one candidate over another at this point. (I'm keeping my preferences to myself for now.) I will note through this dairy that there is further ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 07/17/2007 43 6 1 -
Blogging Apologetics
Drational's GBCW diary has gotten me thinking about what blogging means to me. I hope this doesn't come off as self-absorbed; I do ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/29/2007 15 3 - -
Thanks, Dianne! (Updated)
I got an auto-reply from Dianne Feinstein's Machine. I've been arguing for some time that impeachment was a questionable approach; while I supported the general idea, I know it's hard to make the ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/27/2007 30 2 - -
The Internet Radio Day Of Silence
It's getting down to the wire. Please recommend this diary. I hate shilling for my own diaries. But I believe this issue is important. I'm bringing this issue up yet again because I ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/26/2007 22 21 - 5
The Boneyards of Cambodia
Some stories appear that are so heartbreaking, so upsetting to those of a specific frame of mind that one wonders how those people involved in it can even manage to live day-to-day. Cambodia, that ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/19/2007 24 28 1 154
Breaking: Pelosi had BETTER kill this bill (6 Updates)
John Dingell (D-Michigan) and Rick Boucher (D-Virginia) are divisive, obtuse, arrogant scumbags, pure and simple. These two men are the prime movers behind a bill in the House Energy and Commerce ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 06/05/2007 555 727 22 271
BREAKING: They Always Knew (3 Updates)
It's coming out. The Bush Administration was warned, repeatedly, months before the event, about the consequences of a badly planned Iraq invasion, with no meaningful strategy to "win the peace." It ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/25/2007 295 456 20 45
Wolfie Circles the Drain
Delicious. These neocons really don't know when to quit. Nothing is beneath them. Personal responsibility? Feh. Who cares? Screwing up THIS country is not enough. Now they're sending their ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 05/15/2007 24 10 - -
The Death of Web Radio Pt. 3 (We need help!)
Cross-Posted on My Left Wing Please read and recommend this diary. This is an eleventh-hour appeal and I want to get this in front ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/27/2007 15 21 1 149
69% (w- Update)
CNN says: "Pessimism about Iraq continues to mount, even before Wednesday's news of the bombings in Baghdad." For the latest crushing poll numbers follow me below the fold.... NOTE: This poll is ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/19/2007 15 20 - 6
California: Foreclosures Explode 800% Year-to-Year (Updated)
Very short diary, just thought I'd add this to Bonddad's recent postings... Not that we have anything else to worry about or anything...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/17/2007 105 26 - 12
Nancy Pelosi: Felon?
Really, really short observation here. Who the f*ck do these bastards think they are? Pelosi's Syria Visit a Felony? Private citizens are prohibited from negotiating with ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 04/06/2007 56 20 - 34
Congress: More evidence of WH tampering with climate data
Cross-Posted at My Left Wing I want to keep this very short, as time is limited and the topic is just one of many things ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/22/2007 6 10 - -
Drop Glenn Beck's ads from DKos? *2 UPDATES*
I hope I'm not the only one on this site who's sick of seeing the poor man's Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, on the pages of DailyKos. As a member of this community, I think it's time this issue got ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/20/2007 180 10 1 16
The Death of Web Radio Pt. 2
Cross-Posted at MyLeftWing A lot of information has emerged over the last couple days since I ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/08/2007 18 11 - 145
The death of Web radio is at hand *Update*
Cross-posted at My Left Wing I frankly have no idea how many people on the DailyKos site pay attention to the music scene; listen to ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 03/06/2007 59 52 3 18
Tim Hardaway disgraces himself (w- Update)
I just had to respond to this horrible bigoted statement that the former Miami Heat/Golden State Warrior point guard Tim Hardaway made publicly yesterday: "You know, I hate gay people, ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 02/15/2007 62 18 - -
My thoughts on the Blogroll
Man, there's some heavy breathing around here lately. Frankly I'm sad that a lot of other worthy blogs with smaller audiences have just lost their links on Kos's blogroll. I highly esteem some of ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 02/08/2007 13 1 - 6
Whenever he opens his mouth, he steps in it deeper
And the Mainstream Media is still complicit in reinforcing his lies and evasions. However, some online news organizations are actually ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 01/26/2007 10 17 - 132
The Euston Manifesto, The New Republic, and accommodating tyranny
A very interesting editorial has been published by the New York Times that originates from the International Herald tribune, by the "Globalist" columnist Roger Cohen. In the piece, ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/31/2006 7 4 - -
Impeachment is inevitable
There's a lot of concern on the Democratic side of the aisle about the mere mention of impeachment of the President and Vice -President of the United States. (Yes. Bear with me. This has to ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/03/2006 39 18 - 16
**2 Updates** Silvestre Reyes (TX-16): An Introduction
A political analyst I respect confirms what I've been thinking for some time: that Pelosi's glitch in handling the Majority Leader ...
The Lighthouse Keeper 12/01/2006 48 16 1 12
Rumors of a Green Zone attack
On his blog, Juan Cole publishes a rumor that the Sunni insurgents have already probed the Baghdad Green Zone and are prepared to stage a big attack:
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/26/2006 36 29 - 5
*Updated* L'il Dickie Pombo Takes His Marbles and Goes Home
Warning - Fairly juvenile snark ahead. Put your kids into their bedroom before proceeding with this post. They out of the room? Ready? Good. My heart bleeds for this guy.
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/20/2006 181 185 5 159
**Update** Jon Tester thanks us
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/11/2006 19 15 1 9
Get some f*ckin sleep, Kos!
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/08/2006 7 3 - 6
Oh, SCREW Pew Research anyway
The Lighthouse Keeper 11/06/2006 11 1 - 11
A BLOG SITE as a beacon of hope?
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/26/2006 4 2 - 4
Even the worst scenes can yield humor (POLL)
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/16/2006 10 4 - -
CA-11: Receiving a personal note from the Candidate
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/06/2006 18 21 2 16
The hammering of Frist begins
The Lighthouse Keeper 10/03/2006 29 11 - 7
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