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Reposted from Support the Dream Defenders by 2thanks
BFSkinner in 2010
As you may know from his last two diaries, BFSkinner had abdominal surgery on Wednesday. The surgeons removed a mass that was apparently not cancerous, and they also reduced a hernia. I talked to him this morning by phone.

BFSkinner is now recovering in the ICU from his laparoscopic surgery. He went immediately to the ICU after surgery because his CO2 was elevated. He is only in pain when he begins any movements that use his abdominal muscles, including talking.

He is expecting to be allowed to sit up later today and walk tomorrow. He will possibly leave the hospital in two or three more days, but you know how that goes. Some doctors say one thing, and some say another. His nurses have been very good.

He started on a clear-liquid diet this morning, and he said it felt good to eat again after two days of not eating. His spirits are good.

He will have access to the Internet when he gets home.

You are welcome to leave a comment for him, and I will take it to him sometime tomorrow. I hope to be able to visit him then.

Please continue to hold him in your thoughts and prayers,


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Thu Mar 26, 2015 at 01:12 PM PDT

Pootie Pad Party: New Fabrics for Cats

by Sara R

Reposted from Sara R by Sara R

MiMi on different pootie pad 019
MiMi enjoys a Pootie Pad

it is a constant lament in our country that things are not made here anymore, that our biggest export seems to jobs.  Well, Daily Kos has produced some steps in the other direction, supporting the advertising of small business owned by Kossacks through the Kos Katalogue and inspiring the creation of new things.  Pootie Pads came about that way, they were inspired by the Pootie diaries and are a support to the ladies who make the community quilts.

Pootie Pads are little quilts packed with aromatic herbs for pets.  All our fabrics are pre-washed so there is no toxic sizing to harm your furbaby.  And our herbs are organic.  For cats, we have the finest, freshest catnip from right here in Oregon.  Trust me, it is nothing like the stuff that comes from Asia -- and we use a lot of it.  For dogs, we have a soothing blend of lavender and thyme that we are told is very calming for anxious dogs.

Here is the Pootie Pad store for cats
Here is the Pootie Pad store for dogs

Today's diary is particularly for the kitties because we have some new fabrics for them.  To wit:

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Reposted from Community Fundraisers by 2thanks

Her name is Fineena. Many of you know her. She's been around since '08 and is known for her personal generosity and enthusiastic participation in our community. She's also known for the cool scarves she makes by hand. She sells them here. This would be a great time to stock up on handmade scarves. They make wonderful gifts.

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Thu Mar 19, 2015 at 04:01 PM PDT

Let's help llbear Stay Connected

by Sara R

Reposted from Sara R by Sara R

llbear at a Koscadia meet up, foreground

The computer of our friend, llbear, is about to give up the ghost.  It is an eight year old PC tower.  The "blue screen of death" is frequent now and sometimes the computer will not boot at all.  He has been advised that it is too old to bother fixing.  As llbear has started a  project dear to his heart (getting the Portland VA Hospital renamed after Gen. Shinseki), he is very anxious to have a reliable computer.  He's got a lot of time sensitive emailing to do.  Plus, he needs to keep up to date on Daily Kos!

llbear is in bankruptcy and has received permission from the court to get the computer replaced by any means necessary.  He has found one that will do for $700.  So that is the sum we are seeking to raise and no more.  To donate, send PayPal to bearonkingsgate AT gmail DOT com or message me for an address should you prefer a check.  He will pay you back in small monthly increments if you desire.

Thank you for your help in keeping our llbear online!

UPDATE: We have reached the goal!  Hooray!  And thank you, everyone!

Reposted from Martian Expatriate by 2thanks

I wrote an earlier article asking for help which didn’t fully explain what’s going on. If your going to respond to this, I would appreciate it if you would read all of this article first.

You should also understand that my only access to a computer now is at the public library, which limits me to sessions of no longer than an hour at a time. I can get in two, or possibly three sessions today if I’m lucky. During that time I have to handle every email response, coordinate my campaign, and write this article.

I won't have time to do all that. It will not be possible for me to respond to comments sooner than several days, because this library is closed tomorrow, and the buses aren’t running. I’m not choosing to limit my time; i don’t have access.]

If you doubt the truth of anything I say, and are nearby, you may come by and see me in Pueblo, Colorado. I live in Woodhaven Apartments #104, in Belmont.

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Reposted from Community Fundraisers by 2thanks
Help keep them together in their happy home. (Charlie and Abby, top to bottom)
Please help our sister Kossack, snoopydawg, and her two beloved dogs, Abby and Charlie, stay in their home. She needs to make a mortgage payment of $780 this coming Friday 3/20 to avoid triggering foreclosure.

We need your Recs, your Tips, your Republishings to special DKos groups, your Comments in Community and Open Thread diaries, your Shares, and your Donations to make this possible for her. Snoopydawg has just put up a GoFundMe page, which you can see HERE. Donations are welcome there—but she gets to keep a little more of the money you send her if you donate via PayPal.

IMPORTANT: For you FBers, we need help circulating the GoFundMe page too! If you can Share this link -- -- we would be especially grateful.

Here is snoopydawg's PayPal information:

In two previous diaries, FloridaSNMOM (here) and I (here) reviewed snoopydawg’s predicament. Bottom line: she is permanently disabled from a workplace injury; she is awaiting an SSI determination that should go her way; she’s exhausted her savings trying to keep herself and her darling dogs safe and healthy for the past four years of unemployment. Juggling bills with no income for the past few months has meant she put food and her dogs’ medicine before her mortgage. I think many of us can understand how awful that choice is.

[Some clarification about the GoFundMe page for snoopydawg: If you do visit it, you'll see that she is asking for significantly more money there. Two reasons: first, it's a longer-term effort over there, easier to continue to push than a diary here; second, it's a much larger potential audience, with the corresponding possibility of bringing in that larger sum over time. For us here today at DKos, what's at stake is the house payment of $780, due by 3/20 to prevent foreclosure.]

snoopydawg has had a tough row to hoe for a decade now. In her words:

I bought my house in 2004. I kept working for 8 months after my injury [in 2005] until I could hardly walk and that's when my doctor took me off work since it was making me worse. Then they kept denying sending me to a surgeon for over 2 years who said that I needed surgery. Then it was back and forth to their doctors who said nothing was wrong. Then  my doctor would send me to the doctor she chose who said that I needed surgery. It took over 5 years after I was injured until I had surgery. By then the damage was permanent. I was on work comp for 6 years.  After I exhausted work comp and my savings, and IRA, I got a job but was let go after 6 months because I missed too many days because of my pain.
Like all of us who have to cope with disability and job loss, snoopydawg would rather be healthy and working:
I was an ophthalmic photographer and loved my job. I took photos of the veins in the back of the eye and I self taught myself to learn about ophthalmology. And I miss it.
This is what snoopydawg used to photograph when she was working. No, it's not the moon; it's the inside of a human eye.
A universe within
Speaking of photos and eyes, let's have some more eye candy so you can get a better view of those who are important to snoopydawg.

First, there's Abby, her lab, who clearly loves the water:

In her favorite element!

And then there is Charlie, her sweet beagle, who feels rather differently about water:

Why won't Abby get out of there? she wonders.
snoopydawg's wonderful Aunt Kay with a couple of pups
Besides her dogs, snoopydawg has few people to count on in her life. The one reliable relative she has is her aunt Kay, who does what she can to help out her niece.

I sincerely hope we can help snoopydawg out with this short-term pressing goal. She is close to stabilizing her situation, but she is not there quite yet. If we can get her some breathing room right now, then she can work on meeting the fundraising goal she set at the GoFundMe page. But that’s a campaign for another day—unless we have some very generous donors!

We thank you all very, very much for whatever you can do to help. If you can't donate yourself, you can still help spread the word! (For that matter, if you CAN donate, then sharing that information is even more powerful. ;) Every rec, tip, tweet, share, and donation makes a difference.

Here is snoopydawg's PayPal information:
Here is the link to snoopydawg's GoFundMe page -- -- for which every FB share will be a huge help too.

Please Kosmail me for snoopydawg's name and snailmail address if you prefer to send her a check or money order.

Kossacks are the best! Please help snoopydawg stay in her house with her beloved dogs, Abby and Charlie.

UPDATE 4:12 PM EDT: THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPED TODAY!! Snoopydawg just told me that the goal HAS BEEN MET. YOU are the BEST!! ::Mwah:: to you all!
Reposted from Gwennedd by Horace Boothroyd III

irishwitch is needing our help. She's been in exile in GA for the past 10 months due to the bottom falling out of her and hubby Ben's life. Now they have the opportunity to move back to the place they love best, New England. They have a friend they can stay with until they find a place to live, but they need help with the moving. Neither one of them are in the best of health, and packing all their worldly possessions in a U Haul and driving it across country for two days is going to be extremely difficult for them.

In April of last year, she and Ben encountered some very difficult times. Ben had heart problems and required a quintuple bypass and extensive recovery and physical therapy. irishwitch was very sick at this time as well. Meanwhile, the house they'd been persuaded to purchase went into foreclosure and they were evicted. In the process of moving, irishwitch hurt her back, exasperating an old injury that is still causing a great deal of pain. From there they went to live with Ben's mother. Not the happiest of arrangements, but they managed.

Very recently the MiL's health has become so bad she's moving into seniors housing and kicking irishwitch and Ben out. That's fine with them (to a point), and they decided they want to go back to New England and be with friends. They want to live their own lives again. They can do this. They have a friend who will put them up until they find a place to live. The problem is that neither irishwitch or Ben is really all that capable healthwise of loading up a U Haul and driving it and 4 cats for 2 days across country to get to their new home.

This is where our help comes in. In order to get movers to load their things up and move it for them, and then possibly store it for them until they find somewhere to settle, it will cost $2000.00.

I'm hoping the generosity of this community rises yet again to help these two out and ease their journey to a new home.

irishwitch and Ben say they are not worried about finding a place and say they can save enough to afford the rent and damage deposit, but they simply don't have the funds to hire movers. I would like to see if we can raise a little more than the $2000 to give them some help with getting that apartment.

irishwitch also insists that she will pay everyone back, so she wants everyone that contributes to put in a comment how much they've put in, and she'll make a list.

Her hubby also requests that anyone wishing to contribute via snail mail contact him at this number:  770 - 851 - 8639 or message irishwitch, and he'll give you the address.

Go to:    Paypal account number is:

I'll thank everyone in advance for whatever help you can give, especially for  tips and recs.

irishwitch's friend, texasmom, has been an invaluable help in getting this fundraiser diary together, and will be along to help with comments as will irishwitch.


Sun Mar 08, 2015 at 04:34 PM PDT

I need some help -- ruleoflaw's quilt

by Sara R

Reposted from Sara R by Sara R

Dusty inspects Yasuragi's quilt

I need some help completing the subscription to ruleoflaw's quilt.  I need to write out all the messages by end of day Wednesday because Thursday, I am having a surgery on my right hand.  I'll be in a big, fat bandage for a couple weeks at least, unable to transcribe messages -- and ruleoflaw really needs his quilt.  He is undergoing a very harsh and risky therapy and we really want to get this quilt out to him, pronto.

Hooray!  We now have the minimum number of messages for the pattern.  But there is always room for more if you would like to have a message on this quilt!

Ruleoflaw's quilt diary is here.  You can leave messages there or in a comment to this diary.  I will keep the totals above updated.

Here is a PayPal link for ruleoflaw's quilt.  

Thank you very much for helping with this!

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Reposted from Community Quilt Project by Sara R

MrsBadger's quilt, basted for quilting.  The handstitching of the binding is about to begin.  We should be shipping the finished quilt on Wednesday.

TrueBlueMajority has been suffering for some years now of an abiding grief after the death of her mother.  She has written about this very touchingly in The Grieving Room many times.  After one quilt diary, the beautiful, supportive messages that came in were very healing for our friend -- and although we have 56 messages (certainly enough to make a quilt) I just know that if I did not post a follow up, there would be people who would regret not participating.  For our TrueBlueMajority is very beloved...  And this is working, dear community.  The emotional support of your kind and loving words is helping this beautiful woman.

UPDATE:  For the number of messages we have, we are caught up on donations.  I will keep this updated!

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Reposted from PWB Peeps by KelleyRN2

Our beloved Swampyankee is $1500 behind on her bills for heat and electric and is almost out of food. She is in CT, just got home a little bit ago(about two weeks) from her third angioplasty, and needs the heat and electric. She has been putting this off because she is too proud to ask, but called me in tears earlier today. She has been putting a good face on it but the depression, along with her physical health are taking their toll. Any/all help is appreciated. Her paypal is

If you would rather mail it to her, it is
Jennifer Cirino
28 Taylor St
2nd Floor
Waterbury, CT 06702

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Reposted from KosAbility by Sara R

Tags on Upcoming Schedules replicate tags for content of scheduled diaries.

We meet Sundays 4pm leftkost time, 7pm east. UPCOMING SCHEDULES post between Wednesday & Friday weekly. See our recent & past diaries HERE & our logobox (below) for more about Sundays. Click on FOLLOW at the top of our page to receive our posts in your stream.

Feb 8 - “Never Again: Coming to Grips with Life After Stroke - Year 1...and 23”
                                                          by Steven Park
I had a stroke during brain surgery for an arterial venous malformation (AVM) on February 5, 1992 at the age of 32. [To say it changed my own] and my family’s life forever is an understatement...

Feb 15 - "KosAbility: Gender in Pharmacokinetics; Puberty Ed for Girls Globally; and other Women's Health Topics" by mettle fatigue

A surface skim of article titles in this 180+ sampling of links to fairly readable medical journal and other material on national and global women's health issues 2014 thru January 2015 (with a few earlier) conveys a grasp of the scope of health issues unique to women, as well as illnesses in which female patients outnumber males, and related factors/elements...

Feb 22 -  "Alternative Medicine: Antidote for Severe Asthma" by wilderness voice

What does it mean to be "part of mainstream medicine" or "absorbed into the standard medical canon"? It means if you go to a doctor, s/he will recommend it as a treatment... It turns out that relying upon this is every bit as dangerous to your health as uncritically accepting unsubstantiated nostrums. As we shall see, there is no substitute for doing the research. It is your body and your health...
March 1 - OPEN THREAD NIGHT & POTLUCK: bring a favorite bad joke!

Mar 8 . . . . . . . . . .    Mar 15 . . . . . . . . .    Mar 22 . . . . . . . . .    March 29 . . . . . . .

KosAbility diaries can be 1 paragraph, 2, or 20 — on whatever health-medical or related concerns that you our members & friends have in mind to talk and write about: post comments or contact postmodernista with your diary ideas.

a block of nine abstract depictions of disabilities
KosAbility is a Sunday volunteer diarist com- munity of, by & for people living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability, or who want to know more about the issues. By disability we mean temporary and permanent health/medical conditions — from small, gnawing problems to major, life-threatening ones. Our use of love someone extends to cherished members of other species. Our discussions are open threads in the context of this community. Feel free to comment on diary topics, ask questions, share something you've learned, tell bad jokes, post photos, or rage about your situation. Our only rule is to be kind; trolls will be spayed or neutered.
Reposted from Kansas & Missouri Kossacks by 2thanks
Despite all the rhetoric, in the end with budget crisis looming, Kansas is advancing plans to expand medicaid - with some catches.

A Kansas House committee has drafted a plan for expanding the state's Medicaid program for the poor and disabled in line with the federal health care overhaul.

The bill introduced Monday in the House by the Vision 2020 Committee would impose a special tax on hospitals and other health care providers to raise any state matching funds required to tap extra federal dollars.

It also would allow the state to require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work.

The catch is a big one - in order to receive medicaid expansion you must be actively working or in pursuit of work.  This may of course present a difficulty for those who are physically or mentally disabled, but the fact that the door has been cracked open just a little bit.
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