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BREAKING: Christie's New Campaign Manager Has Bold Advice
BREAKING from THE DAILY RECORD -- "Listen, Governor Christie, respectfully speaking from one fat bastard to another: if you don't eat the evidence, I will. Get in my belly!!!"
The Pool Man 01/31/2014 67 - 1 -
Pick One: Voting Booths or the NSA
Right? Either we need to have the privacy of our political beliefs honored by our government, or the government has to admit they're urinating on our privacy. Can't have it both ways. Either ...
The Pool Man 01/30/2014 12 8 - -
The Deafening Silence of Ted Koppel
When I first developed an ear for being a news junkie, it wasn't from cherished liberal sources like NPR, PBS, and the New York Times. I recognized the quality of such news sources but also felt ...
The Pool Man 01/28/2014 16 12 - -
Grass Smells Like Gr--
-ass . That's the only reason I'm kinda against weed being legalized in my state of California . Weed smells like ass . Like the ass of a pine tree after a Taco Bell binge. For the life of ...
The Pool Man 01/24/2014 25 - - -
Why poll Christie against Hillary... when neither will be the nominee?
I understand that the press has to talk about something. They're delighted to report that Christie's scandals are scuttling his Presidential aspirations against Hillary . The problem is that even ...
The Pool Man 01/22/2014 64 2 - -
Harry Potter And The Governor Of Bridgegate
I know, I know -- there is absolutely NO WAY Harry Potter and Governor Chris Christie belong in the same diary. But they do. No, honest. Seriously. I was watching The Wags on MSNBC today. (I ...
The Pool Man 01/21/2014 3 2 - -
MLK Day For You, MJE Day For Me
I was about 4 years old when MLK was assassinated. I had no idea of the event or the man until years later. Like Sidney Poitier, I eventually knew of these men but missed the boat on them. Now ...
The Pool Man 01/20/2014 14 22 - -
Trader Joes: Take A Chill Pill
This little missive is about when a corporation presenting itself as your little ol' neighborhood store really has to lighten up a little and absorb their own marketing.
The Pool Man 01/19/2014 69 40 1 -
Britney is more troubling than Woody when it comes to jailbait
Last week at the Golden Globes there was a lifetime tribute to Woody Allen. The next day the internet exploded with a simple yet troubling question: can we really celebrate a great filmmaker if ...
The Pool Man 01/18/2014 53 4 - -
Snowden & The Military Industrial Cineplex
Last summer I noticed two unrelated events that were so particularly strange when considered together -- it inspired me to produce my first short film iSpy. Do you like movies and politics? Please,
The Pool Man 01/17/2014 15 7 - -
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