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DEATH of A Nation
On Memorial Day, we remember those who made the greatest sacrifice, but seldom acknowledge those who didn’t: returning from battlefields brain damaged or missing limbs, to families changed ...
The Reasonable Voice 05/28/2015 2 - - -
Corporate PACs Projecting Poison on Planet & People
It’s not necessary to love a person to find some areas of agreement and common experiences: NSA spying victims, under-employment, unregulated Wall Street Banker caused recession, and our First ...
The Reasonable Voice 05/13/2015 1 2 - -
May Day! May Day: Dancing In the Street
August 9, 2014, Ferguson Missouri, black man shot by cop, left on ground, dead, ID: Michael Brown. Early morning April 12, 2015, 26-year-old Freddie Gray made eye contact with Baltimore police ...
The Reasonable Voice 05/05/2015 2 1 - -
The Lost Wars: Poverty, Drugs, Slavery
Should we invite her in, Wisdom proves a most dutiful senior partner. Are you shocked at academics who’ve just discovered descendants of slave owners and the enslaved are still waging war, or ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/22/2015 2 - - -
Bullying: Race, Religion, Rape and Police
When I recapture the buoyant sculpturing of humanitarian dreams of grandeur — nothing as miniscule as Reagan’s borrowed City of Light Upon a Hill, but rather a majestic, magical refuge, an ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/12/2015 1 3 - -
Religion OMG! Headlined on 4/5/15
Unlike Faith, beliefs can be seen in just how well we personify Free Will, The Golden Rule and The Bill of Rights. Believers are free to believe Free Will is God’s gift of choice to love Him or ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/09/2015 5 6 - -
The Elephant in the Coffee Shop
There is no innocence in electing those who pretend to be ignorant to win votes from those herded into non-thinking Gerrymandered districts -- and no stupidity in politicians reaping the reward, ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/26/2015 1 2 - -
The Bridge from King to President & Emails “Established by the State”
Talk Show conspiracy theories underpin those enraptured by the feeding frenzy of a scandal fixated Media, droning on about email guidelines not followed 10/1995—02/2013 before State Department ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/12/2015 1 - - -
Pulling Election Rabbits out of our Voting Hat
For centuries people, like pre-converted Constantine, Treaty of Versailles opportunist Adolf and oil stained Mushroom Cloud gang have used our fear to so stress us that our brain's command center - ...
The Reasonable Voice 09/27/2014 1 2 1 -
Little do we know: We're missing it!
The more time, energy and bullets we commit to fighting against each other, over that which corporate money needs us focused, the more we are missing it. Beyond the little blossom of life, liberty ...
The Reasonable Voice 09/15/2014 1 - - -
WE Tortured!
Back-story: New York City, Washington DC, Stonycreek Township: Americans on aviation fueled missiles, doomed to crash into World Trade Center, Pentagon and a Somerset County Pennsylvania field, ...
The Reasonable Voice 08/05/2014 4 2 - -
Lessons from Political Thugs and Corporate Bullies
Forgetting the Soviet Missiles of October 1962 Cuba, when Red Army ground commanders were authorized to launch nuclear missiles at the southeastern third of America, like a hell fire hurricane season,
The Reasonable Voice 07/21/2014 1 - - -
Time Is All
We know we cannot live on bread alone, but surely we can do better than what comes from the mouth of Wayne LaPierre, McCarthy rerun Tim Cruz, saved by the Judd Mitch, figure head Boehner or MIAs ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/09/2013 1 - - -
Like Movies, How Do I Judge Thee; Let Me Count the Ways
By enemies, friends, wedding and funeral attendees? Anniversary hails, treatment of societal bookends: minors and elderly, or society’s foundations: Middle Class families, North Carolina college ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/08/2013 1 - - -
Please No More April Fools This Year
Who’s the one in your life who always injects the party with spoiler alert: “some things are not funny?” I love to laugh almost as much as I love making others laugh, but what if maybe, ...
The Reasonable Voice 04/01/2013 3 1 - -
How America Is Possible
“The greater part of progress is the desire to progress.” –Seneca Peace, prosperity, progress, like one Pope Palm Sunday pastoring, possible only when peace loving people push parasitic ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/27/2013 3 1 - -
Bullying, Women and the ERA
What’s the worst form of bullying in your workplace, household, community, neighborhood, or national experience? Is it sexual, cyber, voting rights intimidation; was it Slavery, school related, ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/19/2013 1 1 - -
"A New World Order” Gun-less Violence, Mental Healthcare for All and Death by Natural Causes
Trumpet, harp, bagpipe melodies intertwined with parental tears and bloody childhood screams haunt memories of what might have been, if only. Without united commitment to the courage, though come ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/10/2013 1 - - -
Lessons from my Days on the Hill - Epilogue
Thoughts on the way home from ‘The House…..’ As the Metro Blue Line rocks me gently into a realization of the most exhilarating fatigue, I know many of us are already too busy for another ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/06/2013 1 2 - -
Lessons From My Days On the Hill Pt. 2
I’ve been invited to cover White House events involving the President and First Lady, but I’ve never had, or even tried to make an appointment to see a member of Congress. I have however, ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/03/2013 2 2 - -
Lessons From My Days On the Hill Pt. 3
Know what you’re for, as well as you know what you’re against. Write it down, memorize it, then relax and let it flow conversationally. Here, passion goes a long way, as long as you have an ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/03/2013 1 1 - -
Most of us living within the connecting internet of Alberta Canada, Hollywood, the Gulf Coast of Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, Washington DC, and NYC have already recognized the latest Congressional ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/01/2013 3 3 - -
Drones and Invisible Wars
Those who think carnage is new to war, or “collateral damage” to how our government wages war, don’t know much about U. S. proclivity for air strikes on towns and cities. So here’s an ...
The Reasonable Voice 02/27/2013 3 1 - -
Drones: In Our Hearts and Minds Hovering Over Our Future
Our children have more to fear from Drones, Climate Change and sexual predators than Fiscal Cliff and Debt Ceiling fear mongering by people who can’t define nor pronounce Sequester. Whenever I ...
The Reasonable Voice 02/24/2013 3 - - -
"Truth, Justice and the American Way!"
So the Health Insurance Industry has made it clear that they are not gouging Americans out of as many billions of dollars, as are The Medical Profession, Hospitals and the Pharmaceutical Industry. ...
The Reasonable Voice 03/11/2010 4 2 - 36
Our Children  REAP  What the  RIGHT REDS  SOW:
Since 2000 we’ve been traveling a less admirable road, but its inception wasn’t Florida chads or a Supreme Court compromised; nor Ohio voting machines or Iran Contra; nor even Watergate&
The Reasonable Voice 11/29/2009 2 4 - 127
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