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Posting History for The Week In UFO Phenomenon

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The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies! Evidence the Case for NASA UFOs
Adept2u 09/04/2011 6 17 1 130
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFO Sightings Increase 67 Percent During the Obama Administration
Namaste TWiUPians isn’t that an interesting little nugget. According to MUFON the Mutual UFO Network the largest private UFO tracking organization in the world more people are reporting UFOs ...
Adept2u 09/01/2011 18 16 1 124
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies! Secret Access UFOs on The Record
Howdy gang and welcome to a drip dry edition of Sunday at the Movies. Now, a former Air Force general, a retired Air Force colonel, a former FAA executive, and other credible witnesses ...
Adept2u 08/28/2011 5 14 - 126
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs over Laredo
Howdy TWiUPians and welcome to your weekly out of this world round up. I have several stories I want to talk about this week, so strap into your command module and let’s lift off. The most ...
Adept2u 08/25/2011 14 17 - 165
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies, Walter Cronkite’s UFO Friend Foe or Fantasy?
Adept2u 08/21/2011 17 23 - 123
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: England Releases Another Batch of Files! MoD Official Makes Apology
Adept2u 08/17/2011 12 19 - 146
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies, It Has Begun
Adept2u 08/14/2011 8 14 - 101
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: S.E.T.I is Back in the Saddle Again!
Howdy TWiUPians. It’s Thursday and that means we’re doing another full edition of the Week in UFO Phenomenon. This week was full of good news not the least of which was the announcement above.
Adept2u 08/11/2011 19 12 - 100
a sneaky diary for the old gang
WELL WITH MB LEAVING and all attention turned there I thought I'd sneak in an announcement regarding the former diary series here known as Saturday Night Uforia that's ...
two roads 08/11/2011 8 7 2 115
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies! Dan Akryod Unplugged
Adept2u 08/07/2011 8 11 - 66
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Researchers Find A Possibly Crashed UFO at the Bottom of the Baltic Sea
Hello TwiUpians. It’s Thursday again and for those of you who follow the series you know it’s our normal full fledged entry in The Week in UFO Phenomenon, and this week the story we have to ...
Adept2u 08/04/2011 85 15 - 279
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies! Roswell
Adept2u 07/31/2011 4 6 - 60
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Kossack Tales, Our Friends Share Their Stories
Adept2u 07/28/2011 35 19 1 169
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies, Vive La France!
Adept2u 07/24/2011 7 19 - 81
Sacré Bleu! UFO's and the French COMETA Report
Many of you have probably heard of Project Blue Book ; the US Government Report that detailed the systematic study of the UFO ...
David Kroning II 07/23/2011 32 15 1 147
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: NIGHTS OF THE LIVING ORBS! Interesting week in YouTube
Adept2u 07/21/2011 6 11 - 107
UFO's and Extraterrestrials: Cutting through the BS
Let's face it. The mere mention of a belief in the existence of UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects), or ...
David Kroning II 07/21/2011 42 14 2 308
Mysterious Matter and AntiMatter Imbalance May Be Due to Time Dilation From Spinning Universe
Breaking! --- Senior space-time dilation writer, Clara Moskowitz, at, writes New Spin Revealed on ...
HoundDog 07/17/2011 124 44 1 437
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: The Disclosure Project, Sunday at the Movies!
Adept2u 07/17/2011 8 11 1 95
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Teacher’s Metallic Find Tests Out of This World
Adept2u 07/14/2011 15 18 - 165
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Sunday at the Movies! Fastwalkers
Adept2u 07/10/2011 11 5 - 80
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Fascinating Russian Speculation We Meet E.T. In 20 Years
Soviet UFO Identification ...
Adept2u 07/07/2011 28 10 - 98
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Out of the Blue
Adept2u 07/03/2011 26 17 1 118
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Happy World UFO Day!
I’m running out of catchy space based greetings, howdy! Any excuse for a party. Plus I just found a story that is just itching for discussion. Today July 2nd is World UFO Day! Why ...
Adept2u 07/02/2011 31 22 - 140
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Keck Telescope in Hawaii Records Mysterious Event
Aloha Citizens of Earth! Welcome to a special mid-week edition of TWiUP. There have been a few things happening in the world of UP since the last edition so interesting I couldn’t wait till ...
Adept2u 06/30/2011 48 27 - 387
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs, Nuclear Weapons, and F. E. Warren Air Force Base
Attention! At ease Space Cadets. Smoke em if you got em, and welcome to this weeks full issue of TWiUP.
Adept2u 06/28/2011 44 15 - 172
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hessdalen Strange Lights in Norway
Adept2u 06/26/2011 7 8 - 113
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Wingmakers
Adept2u 06/21/2011 18 14 4 194
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs in South America
It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood and a hardy hola y bienvenidos to everyone participating in another Sunday at the Movies edition of TWiUP. This week we’re going to take a look at ...
Adept2u 06/19/2011 49 10 - 115
Sun er Tuesday Science Videos Solar Dynamics Observatory
The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.
palantir 06/15/2011 20 46 2 231
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: The Belgian Wave
Adept2u 06/14/2011 9 10 - 125
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: I Know What I Saw
Adept2u 06/12/2011 59 22 2 259
Sky Watching 1a
We’ve had some excitement in the heavens over the last couple of days with the sun throwing off an impressive coronal mass ejection and with that lots of people are going outside tonight in hopes ...
Adept2u 06/09/2011 10 15 - 131
Extremely Cool Solar Flare Today
Now for something really neat. This morning around 0641 UT, ...
Adept2u 06/07/2011 92 175 - 1041
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Hail to the Chiefs!
Wassup again my fellow travelers and welcome to what I hope will be a real fun edition of TWiUP and perhaps even a series within a series presidential UFO stories. I’m not going to include our ...
Adept2u 06/07/2011 20 14 1 163
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: It’s Crop Circle Season!
Howdy space rangers and welcome to a new idea I have for TWiUP (TWiUP is new too since a Kossack told me it should be UFO Phenomena) Sunday afternoon at the movies. It’s crop circle http://en....
Adept2u 06/05/2011 18 9 1 137
Sunday Science Videos #6    The Most Important Star You've Never Heard Of
Every great and deep difficulty bears in itself its own solution. It forces us to change our thinking in order to find it. Niels ...
palantir 06/05/2011 76 162 12 771
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Kesse Ye Lolo De Ye
A Seed is a Star a Star is a Seed. I love to tell the story around here of the time I went to visit the Hopi Reservation out in Arizona. Sweetie and I were talking to a man older than we were ...
Adept2u 05/31/2011 13 18 - 201
See The Best 3-D Map of The Universe Ever Created
Huffington Post reports on a series of 3-D Maps of the universe called the 2MASS Redshift Survey, just ...
HoundDog 05/30/2011 90 135 11 1459
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: Ancient Aliens in a new translation of the Bible?
Greetings UFO fans and welcome to a special edition of The Week in UFO Phenomenon. I love attending the Seder celebrations with my new in laws. The idea of discussing history, religion, and ...
Adept2u 05/26/2011 78 14 - 278
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: A Trip to Rendlesham Forest
Greetings fans of UFO phenomenon and what a fun entry we have in store for you this week. Back in March of this year the government of Great Britain released their files on UFO phenomenon.
Adept2u 05/24/2011 95 20 2 251
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: No Mercy for Whistle Blower Gary McKinnon Ufologies Bradley Manning
Gary McKinnon is a computer and systems analyst from Great Britain who for 13 months between February 2001 and March 2002 walked right into 97 United States government computer networks from ...
Adept2u 05/16/2011 25 14 2 228
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs Over Disneyland
I was taking a look in the Daily Kos' foremost UFO group's diary list and noticed that we missed a week. So as I already had something I had done for my personal blog I thought I'd balance the ...
Adept2u 05/11/2011 26 9 2 213
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: UFOs over Japan
Greetings sky watchers. What a fun week we’ve had since our last installment. We had the President "dis" we believers and aficionados of the phenomenon and Donald Trump, but that’s ok, I’m ...
Adept2u 05/10/2011 35 17 - 286
The Week in UFO Phenomenon: The NSA Files
It had been my intent to do one of these diaries only once a week and maybe I can adopt that schedule when the government stops releasing interesting information. Coming on the heels ...
Adept2u 04/23/2011 104 25 3 292
This Week In UFO Phenomenon
Thanks Kos seems like we can talk about all our interests now, and I’ve published a diary or 3 around here on the subject, but now…heck leave your skepticism at the door, or if you want to be a ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 140 27 1 398
The FBI Memo That Admits ET is Real and Roswell Happened
I wrote a diary yesterday announcing the arrival of a new research tool supplied by the transparency presidency ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 107 21 1 473
The FBI Vault Is Open!
There is a new tool made possible by the transparency presindency from the FBI that they are calling humorously enough THE VAULT, ok I added the capitalization. I have been having just the best ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 47 22 5 360
Did you know about Comet Elenin? You might find out soon enough.
Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) is a long-period comet discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010 at International Scientific Optical Network's robotic ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 63 49 4 466
Sobering Video A Time Lapse of Nuclear Explosions from 1945-1998
Japanese artist Isao Hashimoto has produced this time line of every nuclear explosion from Trinity through Pakistan’s testing of their 2 devices in 1998. 2053 explosions, and when one considers ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 26 31 2 169
A Trip to One of the Coolest Facilities on EARTH!
If you’ve ever heard of the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena chances are you associate it with the Rose Bowl host to several Super Bowls and home to the Tournament of Roses football game. When they ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 20 36 2 291
The US Military Lost Primary Command and Control of 50 Nuclear Missiles
The power to destroy humanity on this planet carries a great deal of responsibility. One of the bedrock trusts the rest of us have to have in order to sleep well at night is that the security and ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 48 23 - 106
UFO Disclosure and Today’s Press Conference
I want to give some credit to Debra G and her earlier story on today’s press conference held by various military men ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 163 23 3 250
Vision Quest Sedona
When Sweetie and I left Arizona the last time after our Grand Canyon excursion something ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 13 10 - 59
A Fantastic Couple of Days, A Photo Heavy Diary
August 3rd was our 25th wedding anniversary and my wife and I decided we'd go to Vegas. When we got there it was strange, but the town felt desperate, unhappy, it didn't smell right, we weren't ...
Adept2u 04/20/2011 33 33 - 199
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