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So help me Gosh, I live amongst idiots.
This is a diary in two parts; one serious and one ranty. So, the serious part. (in which your author rants a bit) On the atheist American airman who apparently cannot re-enlist unless he swears to ...
The grouch 09/12/2014 40 23 1 -
Bilingualism, fear and the brain.
Look, I'm an ugly American. I speak one language, and only moderately well at that. Sure, I know a handful of phrases and words in French and Spanish, but saying I have any fluency would be false. ...
The grouch 07/27/2014 77 53 1 -
Musings from the Food Lion checkout line..
I've had some thoughts lately that I wanted to get out, so I hope I can be coherent. I was in the supermarket checkout line a few weeks ago, and I had purchased the fixings for home-made spaghetti ...
The grouch 05/17/2014 19 13 - -
Phil Everly, gone at 74.
Phil was the younger one, the pretty one, the harmonizer. His voice floated on top of his brother's, and wandered around, lending a variety to the melodies that made them just that much better. ...
The grouch 01/03/2014 10 27 - -
Retirement quandaries, and life.
Hi y'all. Yes, I've lived in NC too long, and I start to sound local. I just wanted to share some things that are going on, and get some stuff off my chest, so bear with me, if you want to. I turn ...
The grouch 12/30/2013 19 13 - -
This week I joined the Teamsters
I work at a big UPS hub, moving packages. I've been there for 11 years. I'm in a "right to work" state, so it's voluntary. So, why was I a free rider for so long? Why did I change? That's part of a ...
The grouch 02/22/2013 48 128 - -
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