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Jobs news highlights inequality
This article from the Washington Post discusses the job recovery we've been experiencing, and while it does have it's positive news: First, though, the good news. The economy added 217,000 jobs in ...
TheBlaz 07/09/2014 2 3 - -
"Rolling Coal" new way to compensate?
I really wish I was making this up. In small towns across America, manly men are customizing their jacked-up diesel trucks to intentionally emit giant plumes of toxic smoke every time they rev ...
TheBlaz 06/25/2014 10 10 - -
Tesla takes big step towards sustainability
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has just shown that he's as dedicated to sustainability as he claimed. He announced that his company will not “initiate patent lawsuits against anyone who, in good faith, ...
TheBlaz 06/12/2014 25 27 1 -
So when is it time to point fingers?
I woke up this morning with a spring in my step, a twinkle in my eye, and an odd sort of itching in my boxers. The latter turned out to be a fabric softener sheet which had somehow escaped my notice ...
TheBlaz 01/09/2011 55 37 1 67
For the "Primary Obama" crowd.
Disappointments have been pretty steady with President Obama and the Democratic Congress. Lots of compromise, lots of folding, lots of giving away the farm to a Republican Minority for votes that ...
TheBlaz 12/06/2010 157 21 - 120
Debating politics in bars: the road to loneliness.
I'm aware that discussing politics in bars is one of the three things you never discuss in bars (the other two being "religion" and "philosophy," the former because it's a personal matter that ...
TheBlaz 08/01/2010 52 18 1 42
Why nobody should care about what Ben Stein thinks.
Here's Exhibit A in the case of People with Functioning Brains vs. Ben Stein : The people who ...
TheBlaz 07/20/2010 58 39 - 59
Thank you, John Boehner.
Finally, at long last, we have a champion willing to stand up for Americans everywhere and stop the endless cycle of entitlement to a group that has for too long suckled the fiscal teat of Lady ...
TheBlaz 06/29/2010 52 38 - 101
What the hell did you WANT him to say?
Seriously, the criticism is almost pathetic, it's so predictable. I could have written this diary for ...
TheBlaz 06/15/2010 1047 749 5 472
A hilariously ironic plea for civility, journalistic integrity
If I were a betting man, I'd have put next month's rent on CNN being the medium for the latest in ...
TheBlaz 05/04/2010 11 9 - 19
What kind of liberal are you?
This is not going to be a constructive diary. Let's get that on the table right away. I'm not trying to fix the infighting, this isn't an important call for action, there's nothing "BREAKING!" in ...
TheBlaz 04/26/2010 57 19 1 40
Some signs that your argument might be flawed.
After a 14 month hiatus from Dailykos, I grew to miss the substantive debate that can only come from political nuts. Sure, I have friends who watch the news and read the speeches, but it's not the ...
TheBlaz 04/13/2010 433 638 13 73
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer: Let's make a difference!
Yesterday, I wrote a diary about my friend Vivian, who is participating ...
TheBlaz 04/06/2010 8 2 - 17
UPDATED: Make a difference today: Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women, after non-melanoma skin cancer. Thousands are diagnosed every year, and thousands ...
TheBlaz 04/05/2010 7 3 - 43
Anger towards drilling misses some key factors....
Lots of anger and unhappiness towards Obama for lifting the drilling ban lately. Lots of people wondering if he's even going to try to do anything for the environment.
TheBlaz 04/01/2010 157 18 - 50
Don't worry, they WILL learn.
And by "they," I mean the Republicans. The Republicans who are vowing to oppose the stimulus bill. The Democrats don'...
TheBlaz 01/27/2009 22 18 - 26
"You are ruining my life."
A lady screamed that at me over the phone a few weeks ago. I told the story to some friends, who laughed. I laughed, too, because sometimes all you can do is laugh to keep sane and to keep from ...
TheBlaz 12/16/2008 88 32 1 88
I agree with The Right about partisanship.
There's been much talk lately in the media and thusly around these parts about "partisanship." The media and the Right have been calling for an end to partisanship, calling for a move to the ...
TheBlaz 11/16/2008 10 3 - 1
BREAKING: Emanuel to steal Presidency, give it to Hillary! ZOMG
It's true. He fundraised for Bill Clinton in 1992 so that means he's going to bring in an all-Clinton administration. ...
TheBlaz 11/06/2008 74 21 1 19
Focus, please.
One of the best things about this site is also one of the most dangerous things about this site. Each of us has the ability to mobilize potentially thousands of activists to write letters, make ...
TheBlaz 10/28/2008 16 4 - -
I hate Joe the Plumber.
I've only known of his existence for like 12 hours, and I fucking hate him. I hate hate hate him, with the burning fury of 1000 angry suns. And I blame you, John McCain, for my hatred.
TheBlaz 10/16/2008 122 31 1 31
Stephen Moore is a dumb SOB, so get off your asses.
I'm just sitting here, drinking some Pabst Blue Ribbon because my father has decided that we're not suffering enough, and watching some Bill Maher. He's got Dana Gould, Maxine Waters, and Stephen ...
TheBlaz 10/10/2008 14 7 1 8
Why the excitement over Dodd's proposal?
I don't get it, and neither does John Cole. Instead of reading the Dodd proposal and saying “this is a good idea” or &...
TheBlaz 09/23/2008 74 20 - 20
I'm at the end of my patience.
This is it, this is all. The Patriot Act was bad. FISA capitulation was bad. But this $700 billion give-away to the crooked fuckers who pissed away any semblance of fiscal responsibility in their ...
TheBlaz 09/21/2008 288 23 1 20
Charges of sexism: whence do they come?
Crossposted on Docudharma and My Left Wing. The latest defense of Sarah Palin is that those on ...
TheBlaz 09/03/2008 36 11 - -
The relevance of Bristol
Crossposted at Docudharma and My Left Wing . I've got to ...
TheBlaz 09/02/2008 62 12 1 46
Floodwalls stuffed with....newspapers?
Please take a break from the psychosis-induced Palin Fever sweeping this blog and take a peek at something that should worry and infuriate you. St. Bernard Parish (an administrative division ...
TheBlaz 08/31/2008 21 35 - 43
I just got a text message. UPDATED
At a bar I frequent, I'm good friends with all of the bartenders, two in particular. One of them is one of my closest friends, and the other is not too far behind her. Let's call her "Christina," ...
TheBlaz 08/28/2008 23 34 - 24
How Obama can win over the PUMAs.
I'm sure we've all seen the spooky and hair-raising Gallup poll that dashes our hopes. I'll bet you'...
TheBlaz 08/26/2008 34 4 - -
Braking Nooz!!!1! CNN calls it for BIDEN ZOMG
R U 4 REEL ...
TheBlaz 08/22/2008 30 7 - 9
Five funniest anti-Obama smears.
Found this little gem during my daily internet rummagings. In recent ...
TheBlaz 08/20/2008 19 6 - -
Obama: President of the United States of Jesusland!
I swear, you'd think he grew a flowing beard, put on a raggedy robe and started carrying around a couple of stone tablets, with the idiocy and stupidity that's popped up because of the faith forum. ...
TheBlaz 08/16/2008 34 25 1 14
Matt Taibbi: Candidates for Sale
The latest Rolling Stone has an interesting if not depressing article by Matt Taibbi. He postulates that both ...
TheBlaz 08/11/2008 20 15 - 302
You do not know what Obama "needs to do." UPDATED
This is a blanket response to all of those diaries that begin with "Obama will lose unless..." or "Obama has to stop doing what he's doing and start...". It's a blanket response to every armchair, ...
TheBlaz 08/07/2008 519 532 9 33
OMFG Edwards love child exposed!!1!11
Irrefutable proof. No one can deny the truthfulness of these photographs, taken ALL BY MYSELF. This is a clear indication that Edwards was part of a conspiracy to keep people from knowing about ...
TheBlaz 08/06/2008 514 402 6 70
TheBlaz for VP
I figure with everyone throwing around their picks for Obama's currently vacant VP slot, I'd toss my name into the ring as well. Not for Obama, though. For McCain. I believe that I and I alone ...
TheBlaz 07/30/2008 14 3 - -
Klavan, via WaPo: "George W. Bush is like Batman."
Cross-posted at Docudharma. I swear I'm not making that up, and I urge you ...
TheBlaz 07/25/2008 59 8 2 11
OMFG I can't believe it WTF???
I just can't believe it. I mean, I really had faith in a movement, and then this scandal breaks. I'm heartbroken. Stunned. Distraught. Vaguely hungry. People are actually believing the ...
TheBlaz 07/23/2008 61 15 - 34
I just stepped outside for a moment....
... and I was relieved to see that the sky was still suspended above our heads, despite Congress's actions today. I'm not minimizing the importance nor the impact of today's fight, by no means. ...
TheBlaz 07/09/2008 56 25 - 24
Way to screw us over, kos.
Nice going, buddy. You just had to open up your big mouth, didn't you... Just HAD to give your opinion on your website, huh... Now look what you've done. The media is criticizing us. US! We ...
TheBlaz 07/08/2008 135 31 - 29
YOU grow the hell up.
There's been a good bit of hand-wringing lately about Obama's recent moves, mainly about FISA but also about Clark's comments. We've had the usual people swearing off Obama forever, claiming he's a ...
TheBlaz 07/01/2008 33 19 - 30
Greenwald smacks Olbermann: a case for being realistic. UPDATE
Glenn Greenwald, in yet another excellent column, lays into Olbermann pretty hard about FISA, more specifically Obama's position on it. The ...
TheBlaz 06/26/2008 97 53 4 26
Rahm Emanuel, you are wrong about FISA.
Not only wrong, but either your staff is mistaken about your position or you feel comfortable issuing false press releases.
TheBlaz 06/19/2008 15 16 1 8
"Racism isn't a problem; we have a black president!"
That quote is a fabrication. For the time being. But as I was listening to Thom Hartmann today (I believe he had Peter from Peter, Paul and Mary), that quote popped into my head and I thought, is ...
TheBlaz 06/12/2008 38 3 - 17
Hillary Clinton is not evil.
She's not evil. She's not racist. She's not trying to destroy Obama to help McCain win so she can run again in 2012. You all want to know what she's doing? She's running the only campaign she ...
TheBlaz 05/12/2008 153 12 1 15
Screw it. Let's have fun.
I was at work all day. Stressed out of my freakin mind by all sorts of nonsense. My job sucks because they're not giving me the promotion I wanted, and instead want to make me take a promotion I ...
TheBlaz 05/03/2008 191 28 2 26
I read a most disturbing thing today.
This is a response to a well-written diary on the recommended list , written ...
TheBlaz 04/28/2008 49 16 - 21
Clinton's stunning unexpected and completely unpredicted PA win!
Hillary Clinton shocked the world and defied the pollsters and pundits who have been predicting for weeks that Clinton would win Pennsylvania by margins of up to 20 points. She managed to beat the ...
TheBlaz 04/24/2008 23 15 - 3
How to make the Rec List: Primary 2008 edition. UPDATE x2
Appearing on the Recommended List is amongst the highest (and most elusive) of honors. I should know, as I've been there several times. Most of you have never appeared on the Rec List, probably due ...
TheBlaz 04/19/2008 174 99 7 27
"Chicago politics"? Kiss my Chicagoan ass.
I'm probably spending too much time in and around cesspools of lies and pathetic and talentless hacks, but I'm getting ...
TheBlaz 04/17/2008 47 13 1 -
"Bittergate": condensed for ease of comprehension.
As we see diary after diary lovingly crafted about "bittergate," I realize that it can get a little confusing to keep track of the myriad facts composing this saga. I spent the last few hours ...
TheBlaz 04/16/2008 41 16 1 14
Hillary Clinton somehow aware of credit crisis
This is what was said in a press release from yesterday: "We've seen unprecedented Fed actions over the last several days to address the crisis on Wall Street, but nothing to address ...
TheBlaz 03/21/2008 22 7 - -
I thought we were reality based.
Yeah, this diary is totally awesome. Sweet! Tucker is canceled! Maybe. Insiders tell TVNewser Tucker Carlson'
TheBlaz 03/09/2008 105 18 - 4
Bomb threat at Old Orchard, a mea culpa.
Suspicious man triggers evacuation of Macy's and Nordstrom. It's an interesting story for anyone ...
TheBlaz 03/01/2008 7 2 - -
MyDD's little censoring problem. UPDATE, UPDATE 2
It all started here. A diary about Obama "campaigning" in Florida, against previous agreements.
TheBlaz 02/18/2008 522 438 5 80
Penn Jillette's joke should offend BOTH Obama and Clinton supporters
I'm sure we all love jokes. Christ, we've put up with Bush as President for a long God damned time, haven't we? We must have a sense of humor if we can deal with that insanity and incompetence. But ...
TheBlaz 02/14/2008 174 17 - 22
Proper "Hide Rate" use during primary season
In one of Hunter's meta-diaries, he went over the proper use of the recently-christened Hide Rate button. He also ...
TheBlaz 02/11/2008 54 12 1 13
Idiotic Clinton hatred.
Good Lord. I'm no Clinton fan, but this is just too much. One person on the Clinton staff was mean to me, I can't vote for ...
TheBlaz 01/31/2008 215 37 - 15
Why won't this die?
It's been clarified repeatedly. It's been debunked thoroughly. And yet, shit like this is still popular and ...
TheBlaz 01/28/2008 56 36 - 13
Sen. Kerry, everyone: we must do more.
This is a response to Senator John Kerry's diary about swiftboating, in which he renews his vow to stand against the ...
TheBlaz 01/23/2008 24 19 1 8
Clinton, Obama, Edwards: Who will lead?
Not in a general way, as in who would be the best leader. They all will make damn fine leaders and I'd proudly vote for any of them. I'm talking in a very specific way, and I'm especially ...
TheBlaz 01/17/2008 9 12 - 8
How exactly is Clinton's Michigan win impressive?
Not to rain on anyone's parade, but come on, people. We're not going to be able to keep using the whole "reality based community" label much longer if the Clinton supporters keep playing up her "...
TheBlaz 01/15/2008 112 14 - 1
Your candidate must drop out.
Who ever your candidate is, he -- she -- uh, they must drop out immediately. If they do not, then Democrats will lose in November. I know this because your ...
TheBlaz 01/10/2008 63 31 1 9
When the hell did kos become a god?
Did I miss a deification ritual? Because if I had known I would have totally shown up. I never miss an opportunity to create a god while dancing around a bonfire, naked and drinking ram's blood. ...
TheBlaz 01/01/2008 136 31 - 2
Chris Dodd scares Beltway Democrats
We've seen the talk about Edwards scaring the establishment. And I'm sure it's accurate in its own way. Edwards is speaking of things that go against everything the establishment stands for, and I'...
TheBlaz 12/21/2007 39 19 - -
Dodd showed it. Today, Chris Dodd showed what actual leadership is, what it looks like, what it sounds like. He stood against Republicans and Democrats alike, standing in the way of opposite party ...
TheBlaz 12/17/2007 75 23 - -
Does this woman speak for Hillary?
Something's come up regarding a certain Hollywood madam who has professed a liking of Hillary Clinton. I was wondering if the Senator is going ...
TheBlaz 12/14/2007 49 6 - 3
Enjoy your holiday break, Democrats.
I'd like to extend a hearty and well-meaning "Happy Holidays" to my Democratic Congress Critters as they look to wrap up business and journey to their respective homes for a well-deserved break. ...
TheBlaz 12/10/2007 4 10 - -
Which kossacks do not belong here?
This is a serious and honest question. As the Primary Wars get more intense and more idiotic--seemingly by the day--we are treated to a variety of "Candidate X sucks" diaries. Almost hourly, I get ...
TheBlaz 12/05/2007 1233 332 3 63
Hit-piece Rising: How to successfully be a jackass.
Not that some of you necessarily need the help, of course. If Primary Season on DailyKos has taught me anything it's that some of my fellow kossacks have a death-like stranglehold on ...
TheBlaz 12/03/2007 267 118 2 18
Right Wing bull**** invading DailyKos
Yeah, it's an invasion. I've read about this several times over the past few days, some of it from folks I thought were smart enough to se through obvious bullshit.
TheBlaz 12/02/2007 422 319 8 43
What a wonderful man.
Cross posted at Passive Ranting. When I was younger, I used to walk to my grandma's house. Every single day, I'd walk the 2 and a half ...
TheBlaz 11/26/2007 13 40 - 143
Need some prayers and happy thoughts.
Been a little over a month since I left to focus on other things. Hasn't been a great month, I'm pretty drunk and I need to rant and whine a little bit. Apologies for the shameless self interest. ...
TheBlaz 11/16/2007 36 3 - -
Goodbye, fellow kossacks.
I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. There are so many reasons that I feel the need to leave this site. A lot of reasons.
TheBlaz 10/14/2007 56 46 - 5
And I've chosen my Presidential Candidate.
Yes, yes. Cue the trumpets, open the champagne, and sprinkle rose petals across my path. Likely the same 12 people who always read my shit will be the only ones aware, but whatever. I'm new to ...
TheBlaz 10/04/2007 46 30 1 8
Fun Diary: Favorite Fox News Crawls.
Ever since The Simpsons came up with the gem "DEMOCRATS: DO THEY CAUSE CANCER?" , I've loved this form of humor. It's so easy to come up with something that shows just how ...
TheBlaz 09/27/2007 6 - - -
Democrats put efficiency back into the government
It's gratifying to see the fruits of our labors last year for the elections finally yielding the ingredients to delicious, heaping Pies of Freedom. The Democrats have done wonders to bring ...
TheBlaz 09/20/2007 4 5 - -
MoveOn ad wording is a red herring.
I'll open this diary with an insightful comment by Jeffrey Feldman: Stop dumping on MoveOn ...
TheBlaz 09/13/2007 23 18 - -
Thank you, Russ Feingold.
As I sit here, listening to Russ Feingold show the Democrats what it means to fight back against Bush and his lies, his agendas, his war-mongering, I really just wanted to say thank you to Russ ...
TheBlaz 09/11/2007 12 20 2 12
More on White House front group
Cross-Posted at Passive Ranting. The other day, I wrote ...
TheBlaz 09/06/2007 15 17 - 26
New neo-con / pro-Iraq War movement on ABC.
Earlier today, I was at the bar I usually find myself at, knocking back a few, mulling over exactly how my life has turned out the way it has when Wheel of Fortune went to a commercial. It ...
TheBlaz 09/04/2007 5 6 1 32
Where are they?
I'm just wondering. I think it's important that we locate the people who promised change, who promised oversight, who promised an end to rubber stamping. As we can read ...
TheBlaz 09/02/2007 4 4 - -
What the liberal blogosphere is.
This is in response to shpilk's diary, which is well worth a read and a rec. The diary asks a number of good questions, but in ...
TheBlaz 08/30/2007 13 14 - -
The Iraq War: A Stunning Success.
Cross-posted at Passive Ranting. The silly parsing of Clinton and Obama's claims that the surge is showing improvement, or that the ...
TheBlaz 08/23/2007 30 14 1 165
This is making me nervous.
Cross-posted at Passive Ranting. More empty words, more hollow threats, more deadlines that change so often we might as well call ...
TheBlaz 08/21/2007 63 33 - 7
Bye bye Dems Part 2: The Dumbening
Brilliant. An exquisitely brilliant plan. So brilliant, in fact, that I can't believe no one has thought of it before. It's utterly ...
TheBlaz 08/13/2007 77 11 - 8
Inflammatory title about Candidate, possibly in question form.
Link to a news article about Candidate's questionable behavior. Quote taken out of context with random words bolded and ...
TheBlaz 08/09/2007 157 38 - 6
If I had to vote today, I'd vote for myself.
I'm sorry, but I'd have to say that I am the best candidate for whatever position it is that we're talking about. I am totally down for progressive values, including stem cell research, global ...
TheBlaz 08/05/2007 35 6 1 -
What exactly did the Democrats gain?
That is the question I'm grappling with right now. What did they gain from this surrender? What possibly did the Democrats who voted for this nonsense gain? Obviously politics is all about "gaining."
TheBlaz 08/04/2007 25 18 - 8
BREAKING!!1! Obama leaves Democratic party, backs Bush!!1!one1 UPDATED
OH MY GOD can you BELIEVE it!! Obama's speech CLEARLY shows him to be nothing more than a Bush - Cheney wannabe! ...
TheBlaz 08/01/2007 144 39 1 2
YearlyKos registration exchange open thread
UPDATE 2: My registration is now officially gone, but seeing as how there are still people who need this diary for housing concerns and other possible registration issues, I'll ...
TheBlaz 07/31/2007 25 11 1 10
The media lies to clear Gonzales
Once again, the media is showing just how little they care about facts when compared to their dedication to be the unjudgmental mouthpiece of this administration.
TheBlaz 07/29/2007 4 16 - 19
Gonzales impeachment: is anyone here actually against it?
Meteor Blades seems to be down with it. Mcjoan is on board.
TheBlaz 07/24/2007 65 9 1 3
At the edge
I'm sure most of us are familiar with Senator Feingold's diary about impeachment, namely, that he is against it. In the diary he ...
TheBlaz 07/17/2007 5 3 - -
What more does Bush have to do?
As dogdad wrote, Bush has once again broken his word, has lied, has revealed that he has absolutely no respect for anything or anyone ...
TheBlaz 07/12/2007 45 16 - 9
Live Blog #6 - Sarah Taylor / Judiciary Committee: Wrap-up Diary
Continuing coverage of Sarah Taylor not answering questions. Please recommend the first diary to keep it on the recommended list. DO ...
TheBlaz 07/11/2007 140 5 - 27
Gonzales knew of FBI violations
Didn't see this diaried yet. Apparently, Gonzales--he of the "I can't recall" tribe--was told about violations days before denying violations occured:
TheBlaz 07/10/2007 11 5 - -
Lieberman smacked down hard.
Cross posted on Passive Ranting. An awesome piece in The New York Observer a couple of days ago seemed to have been missed. Writer ...
TheBlaz 07/05/2007 19 31 1 -
Tear it down.
Cross posted at Passive Ranting. There comes a time when the systems in place are no longer functioning properly. When that time ...
TheBlaz 07/03/2007 5 1 - -
Dear Congress: What now?
Cross posted at Passive Ranting. Obviously, based on Bush'
TheBlaz 06/28/2007 19 11 - 11
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