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My Sure-Fired Mideast Peace Plan
Have you heard the news the Iraq War's price tag is going to end up as $6 trillion or up ? I worked out the math on this while thinking about the various other ways we could have spent the money, ...
TheCrank 03/20/2013 6 3 - -
On the Minimum Wage: Are You Better Off Now than You Were 50 years Ago?
Here's kind of a wild stat that came out of testimony from Senator Warren's hearings on the minimum wage the other day. if the share of worker's wages had remained a constant since 1960, as a ...
TheCrank 03/19/2013 5 4 - -
Want a Gun? Pee in a Cup!
Conservatives are again introducing legislation into three more states that would require recipients of Unemployment Insurance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (aka "welfare") to pass a ...
TheCrank 02/11/2013 28 18 - -
Why the Boy Scout Ban Matters So Much
The Boy Scouts of America are about, we hope, to vote on overturning their "gay ban". I'm hoping it's not going to be some quarter-baked solution of separate-but-equal or local-decisions-by-troops ...
TheCrank 02/05/2013 45 37 1 -
The World of 1913
Every year I do a little personal list of events from a hundred years ago, mostly for personal reasons. I pick 100 years ago because, well, it's a round number, and generally you can find a few ...
TheCrank 01/02/2013 57 83 6 -
Would you spend $35 to eliminate the NRA?
So the NRA has just over four million members, and the lower tier of membership is $35 to join. The NRA is both a 501c3 and a 501c4, meaning it has to comply with laws concerning governance for non-
TheCrank 12/22/2012 18 3 - -
Please STOP citing the PPP "ACORN" "Dumb GOP" "Poll"...or are you in the unreality community now?
Every third diary on the front page today, and I'm not exaggerating, has made reference to the PPP poll which purports to show what , to use Grover Norquist's phrase, "poopyheads" dumb old GOP ...
TheCrank 12/10/2012 45 14 - -
Communists at Financial Times Endorse Obama
Ah yes, those radicals at the Financial Times across the pond have done it again. After being the champions of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, of monetarism and deregulation, and being ...
TheCrank 11/05/2012 7 9 - -
Take the Democratic Pledge of Bipartisanship!
I'm sure you'll hear it again next Wednesday. Americans truly come together to unite behind the President after bitter, closely-contested elections. That's our way, and that's what happened in 2008.
TheCrank 11/02/2012 7 3 - -
How long until the GOP politicizes Sandy?
I mean, it's almost a joke if it weren't so serious, the party of Death Panels and morbid mongering about the deaths of our diplomats and conspiracies, but Frankenstorm seems like a fit analogy for ...
TheCrank 10/27/2012 21 3 - -
Ten Ways Obama Could Lose
The path to victory at the electoral college is narrowing for President Obama. All the legitimate polls are saying so. The economy continues to be the President's achilles heel. His supposed ...
TheCrank 09/30/2012 9 15 - 232
My FAVORITE Part of the Mittgate Tapes
Gov. Romney, addressing his secret cabal of donors: ...if we win on November 6th, there will be a great deal of optimism about the future of this country. We'll see capital come back and we'll see��
TheCrank 09/17/2012 13 22 1 307
Reince Priebus Must Resign
Sad and pathetic, indeed. This is the kind of thing that must not be allowed in the political sphere: it diminishes the political process irretrievably, and diminishes the United ...
TheCrank 09/12/2012 214 533 3 3560
Fox News Agit-Prop Techniques During the Conventions would make Stalin Proud
Yes, I admit it: I watched Fox News for much of the convention coverage, for both conventions. I wanted to be, um, fair and balanced in my understanding of how the coverage played out. I did flip ...
TheCrank 09/07/2012 185 536 31 2978
What's YOUR best Marathon time?
I have a confession: I'm not much of a marathon runner. I've only run 18 or thirty or so, and my best time is probably three hours, plus or minus. No, my big thing is hiking. Once I hiked the width ...
TheCrank 09/02/2012 28 9 - 138
A Simple Question for Republicans calling on Todd Akin to Withdraw from the Senate Race
So Senator Scott Brown has called on Rep. Todd Akin to drop out of the Senate race in Missouri: “As a husband and father of two young women, I found Todd Akin’s comments about women and rape ...
TheCrank 08/20/2012 8 5 - 143
VOTER FRAUD UNMASKED! And, um, it's Mitt Romney committing it
Very interesting speculation from our friends across the pond at UK's Guardian , and it's more than idle speculation, about what exactly Mitt Romney is hiding on his tax returns. We remember, I ...
TheCrank 08/17/2012 114 218 4 1606
Ryomney's Double Dilemma: VP Vetted Less than Palin Was
Much to nobody's surprise, Paul Ryan is declining to release more than two years' of his tax returns at the direction of the Romney campaign. Still waiting on those, of course, since the campaign isn'
TheCrank 08/13/2012 6 6 - 150
Olympics a Huge Failure; Romney Right Again!
Our ambassador to the world and future Command in Chief, Mitt Romney, was right again! The Olympic Games closing ceremonies are over, and it was the same HUGE disaster that he predicted! EXACTLY THE ...
TheCrank 08/12/2012 29 18 - 293
Hey Paul Ryan, are you STILL Driving the Wienermobile, or what?
(a reprint of a classic diary. I couldn't resist, given the news.) Here's Rep. Paul Ryan stumping for Mitt Romney : “Anybody fill up gas lately?” Ryan asked. “I mean, I filled up my truck ...
TheCrank 08/10/2012 8 3 - 69
10 Ideas for the Postal Service
(x-posted at The Little Teapot) There are many problems with how the Postal Service is being treated by Congress, and the bottom line is that the best route to fiscal health of the service is for ...
TheCrank 08/05/2012 10 6 - 61
What Obama is Hiding on His Tax Returns
I know President Obama is generous (lots of charitable contributions), had student and mortgage debt until his book was published, worked several jobs in teaching and public service for low ...
TheCrank 08/03/2012 11 14 - 187
Romney, Obama, and "Experience"
(promoted from an overlong comment) There's a fundamental misreading of what Americans really want in leaders. The railing against "career politicians" isn't so much, really, disinterest in people ...
TheCrank 05/07/2012 2 1 - 36
Politicize THIS: Celebrations a Year Ago
The concept of celebrating a death can elicit some ambivalence, even the death of a murderer and enemy like bin Laden. I find it strange that one political party is accusing the other, at present, ...
TheCrank 04/30/2012 3 4 - 41
[a reprint of a classic diary for this anniversary date] Calls for the removal of Captain Barack Obama grew today, lead by papers controlled by William Randolph Hearst, after repeated reports of ...
TheCrank 04/15/2012 8 14 - 160
Hey GOP, Apologize to Michelle Obama
I'm waiting for the apologies from the right wingers to Michelle Obama. Because they love to smear and attack her on issues from her college thesis to apparently engineering forced eating of ...
TheCrank 04/12/2012 105 290 6 1512
Here's Rep. Paul Ryan stumping for Mitt Romney : “Anybody fill up gas lately?” Ryan asked. “I mean, I filled up my truck last night and I couldn’t even get it to full because it cut me off ...
TheCrank 04/04/2012 24 17 - 232
Trayvon Martin is My Son
Trayvon Martin is my son. I don't mean that literally. I have no relation to the Martin family and I never met the boy. I only know him as you do, from accounts from his family, friends, his family'...
TheCrank 03/21/2012 53 118 3 762
Where's the Romney Military Service?
Seriously now, Romney's probably the last of his particular generation of Chickenhawk Republican to have been of age during Vietnam. Romney got multiple deferments -- one for his missionary work, ...
TheCrank 03/14/2012 20 7 - 102
SQUIRREL! Independents and the Polity (and why they drive me nuts)
It's a truism that national elections are about two things: turnout of the base, and persuading the middle 20% of the electorate that vacillates back and forth between the parties. It's this middle ...
TheCrank 02/27/2012 6 1 - 47
Explaining the GOP Candidates to My Mom
My mom hasn't really been following the GOP Presidential "campaign" much, so in a recent conversation with her she expressed some confusion over who was who when I went over some of their policy ...
TheCrank 02/12/2012 2 5 - 100
Don't Give Up the Ship
TheCrank 10/10/2011 2 4 - 26
Funding Cuts Killed Him
This was a minor item in the local paper today, and no doubt will go unnoticed by the world at large. A man walked into San Francisco Bay in Alameda Monday, in a mental condition unknown, and waded ...
TheCrank 06/01/2011 4 8 - 68
The Daily Kos Guide to Time Travel
It's becoming clear that our government's secret research into Time Travel is bearing fruit. The signs are everywhere: Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld inadvertently let the cat out the ...
TheCrank 05/02/2011 2 4 - 55
Calls for the removal of Captain Barack Obama grew today, lead by papers controlled by William Randolph Hearst, after repeated reports of the many missteps he took in guiding the maiden voyage of ...
TheCrank 09/10/2010 34 31 - 56
California Senate-15 Results Diary
I commented on the election results open thread, but decided to do a diary on this so I could post results. For those of you not aware, this is a pretty important special election. It was held to ...
TheCrank 06/22/2010 15 14 - 78
Sarah Palin, Meet Robert Frost
Oh god, sweet Jesus, please, not another Palin diary. And...this one is! What am I doing? Well, I have a hard time resisting actual irony, especially when it is so poetically based. This ...
TheCrank 05/25/2010 25 15 1 108
"Taxpayers' Rights": The Right-Wing Meme That's Anti-Democratic
There's a phrase that's been in use in American politics with greater frequency in the last decades that bothers me. That phrase is Taxpayer . The use of this phrase frequently shows up in ...
TheCrank 05/21/2010 4 2 - 40
Your Latest GOP Alzheimer's Moment: Blaming Obama for the Oil Spill
I heard this live within the hour, so please forgive me for not having a more detailed on-line citation. But Congressman John Mica of Florida has to win a new prize for the biggest balls of hypocrisy,
TheCrank 05/19/2010 5 2 - 21
More Monstrous Socialism from Our Nation's Military Establishment
Will the horror never end? Is there no part of American life which the government is unwilling to interfere? First it was preventing our senior citizens who wished to live in huts and dine on Purina ...
TheCrank 04/20/2010 6 2 - 34
Comrades! Welcome to Socialist Workers' Paradise!
Ah yes, the Real Americans have caught on to us at last! But it's obviously too late for them, as we have passed important legislation against the will of the Real Americans! I am referring, of ...
TheCrank 03/22/2010 46 21 1 254
HCR IS a Jobs Bill
I've heard lots of chatter from concern trolls in the punditocracy and blogospheria about how Obama's been so single-mindedly focused on HCR that he's ignored the economy (stupid) and jobs in ...
TheCrank 03/18/2010 17 6 - 37
Why do Republicans Hate the Free Market?
Ah, yet another example of Republicans who love huge corporations so much they're willing to violate every principle of free market economics to help them. Here's installment No. 423, which takes us ...
TheCrank 02/09/2010 21 11 - 28
Happy Groundhog Day, again
Remember the Saturday Night Live sketch when Dolly Parton hosted, back in the 90s, when she had the whole cast around her telling them what it was like to grow up poor and without television in the ...
TheCrank 02/02/2010 5 1 - 7
"News" Flash: Financial Executives Bought Scott Brown
Today's Boston Globe has an article on the heavy spending on ...
TheCrank 02/01/2010 8 9 1 34
Some Perspective on Haiti; Can You Spare Some Old Shoes?
The casualty figures from Haiti are startling. The dead alone may surpass the '05 Tsunami and is looking like it's three or four times as bad as the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. A third of the country ...
TheCrank 01/19/2010 22 14 - 15
Sunday Sermon: Hope, Faith, Evolution, the Climate, and the Future of Humanity
(promoted from a rant in comments) I have been thinking recently of the whys and wherefores of climate change deniers and evolution deniers, and the general problem of people who have a magical ...
TheCrank 11/08/2009 10 2 - 155
I Call Shenanigans on Trudy Rubin: Obama won't be crippled in foreign policy by HCR debate
Trudy Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer, author of the "Worldview" column, ...
TheCrank 09/16/2009 4 2 - 1
MSM Imbalance in Coverage of Health Care Rallies
The front page of my local "news"paper today has the headline "Thousands" protest Obama health care plan in Washington. Many diaries yesterday hit upon the dishonesty about crowd estimates. The ...
TheCrank 09/13/2009 12 6 - 25
Sens. Kennedy and Byrd: RESIGN NOW!
From the outset, I'll state that I have nothing but enormous respect for Senators Kennedy and Byrd and the work they've done in the Senate. In particular, as a once and future Massachussettsan, and ...
TheCrank 06/30/2009 75 12 - 46
Woo-hoo! The California Supreme Court upheld the narrow majority of voters who bothered to vote in the last election and banned same sex marriage in the state, whether or not many voters were ...
TheCrank 05/26/2009 42 13 - 31
California Props: Voting "YES", mostly (SIGH)
The California Propositions were a tough call for us this year. I can't call a single one of them a good piece of constitutional or voter mandate. On face value, I hate them individually. The ...
TheCrank 05/18/2009 80 3 - 44
Why I Don't Contribute to Most Progressive Candidates
I feel pangs of guilt all the time when I see a close race for public office I care about, but nevertheless I do not contribute money most of the time when asked to do so by various parties, ...
TheCrank 04/25/2009 18 3 - 3
To Cuss or Not to Cuss: On Kos' Pottymouth
I'm no puritan here -- heck, I've been in the sea services, and I umpire little league. I've heard it all and I've dished it all out. All things in their proper place. I don't use certain words in ...
TheCrank 02/12/2009 249 10 2 18
My son managed to get this photograph of the Bidens and the Obamas on a balcony at the White House! (
TheCrank 01/19/2009 28 24 - 16
I'm Skipping the Inauguration
Democracy. Somedays it's can't live with it, can't live without it. I crashed the boards for Obama. Went to Pennsylvania for a month to work 12 hour days seven days a week. Maxed out my ...
TheCrank 12/29/2008 50 5 - 25
Some Props for Rachel Maddow
I like Rachel Maddow fine, I just don't watch her program. Too much overlap from Olbermann, and I prefer Olbermann's entertainment level (and I don't have time in the day to watch two hours of ...
TheCrank 12/13/2008 35 18 1 27
Obama's Greatest Gift - 29 October 2008
Barack Obama's infomercial last night was great. It both solidified all the reasons I support him and educated me, it gave me spirit and heart at a time when we're all getting a bit tired. I hope it ...
TheCrank 10/30/2008 26 1 - -
Obama Supporters Threatened at McCain Rally
Apologies if this has been diaried already today, and for the brevity, I noticed this from Sean Quinn over ...
TheCrank 10/29/2008 64 28 1 24
Anti-Sarah Palin Demonstration in Philly (video and pictures)
Sarah Palin was in Philadelphia today to drop the first puck at the Flyers' game (see the separate diary on this), but also stopped by at a hotel in Center City to host a quick closed door ...
TheCrank 10/11/2008 23 42 - 45
McCain's Tragic Flaw: An Issues-Based Campaign Would've Been More Effective
(auto-promoted from comments) There's a reasonable philosophical divide between the Democratic and Republican parties. I don't agree with the Republican philosophy, but I understand it in its non-...
TheCrank 10/09/2008 8 1 - 3
Sarah Palin, Meet Mark McGwire
Sarah Palin's performance in the Vice-Presidential debate kept reminding me of something, but I couldn't quite put my finger about it. It was the bit about not wanting to dwell on the past, but ...
TheCrank 10/05/2008 6 6 - 8
Look for More Pitbull than Lipstick from Palin on Thursday
For those of you licking your chops about Palin finally sinking under the waves of her own ignorance on Thursday, don't hold your breath. She's not going to discuss issues at any point. She's ...
TheCrank 09/30/2008 12 4 - -
I'm Unemployed Because of Barack Obama
At the beginning of September, I read this diary from newyorknewyork . It's not the kind of diary I normally cotton to, but ...
TheCrank 09/26/2008 18 42 - 42
The Hopelessly Divided Republican Party: Where's the Coverage?
Imagine if you will if there had been a convention of ultra-liberal Democrats that was set up across town in Denver as a competing event to the DNC. If Obama had made his vice presidential choice at ...
TheCrank 09/03/2008 16 40 1 26
This just in at Crank Central...our exclusive sources have leaked us a memo from the McCain campaign detailing the top ten reasons why Sarah Palin was named his running mate. Details on the flip side.
TheCrank 08/29/2008 6 9 1 3
Nightly Groaner: Vice Presidential Edition
Why, oh why, did Barack Obama take so long to select his Vice Presidential running mate? The pundits and pontificators spent weeks pondering this puzzling problem. But tonight we can reveal the ...
TheCrank 08/23/2008 16 5 - 6
BREAKING (?): Obama about to name Vice President
Got this from the Obama campaign a little while ago: Barack Obama is about to make one of the most important decisions of this campaign -- choosing a running mate. You have helped ...
TheCrank 08/10/2008 147 7 - 25
Sign My Petition: FISA Front Page Moratorium
The point has been made, abundantly, by Hunter, et alia: they don't like Obama's stance on the FISA compromise bill. Can we move on now?
TheCrank 06/21/2008 100 2 - 18
Job One for the Clintons: Deliver Arkansas
I'm going to skip over the Veepstakes discussions, which are largely moot since Obama will make his choice for this office in good time and for the good of the nation. I also take Hillary Clinton ...
TheCrank 06/07/2008 24 8 - 5
Obama Makes Me Proud to be an American
I'm a proud and patriotic person, but I have always felt the greatest part about America is, in large part, not what we were or are, but what we aspire to be. We talk about the American dream; the ...
TheCrank 06/03/2008 10 9 1 7
The Clinton Vote and Carbon Footprints
This morning in the news there were reports about a Brookings Institution Study that analyzed carbon footprints in the top 100 US Metro areas by ...
TheCrank 05/29/2008 19 4 1 35
Obama's Path to Victory Without "Swing" States
(auto-promoted from comments) Is it the map or the math...? Hey, we have two nominees, and it's the silly season for speculation on VP candidates and somewhat less so on the electoral map in the ...
TheCrank 05/23/2008 38 3 - 7
Republican Pretends to be a Democrat in CA County Race (UPDATE)
You think it's bad news being a Republican these days? Apparently so do Republicans. Let's pretend you're a County Supervisor, appointed by a Republican, now running for a full term for that office.
TheCrank 05/16/2008 31 41 1 15
Worst President Ever: Who's the Runner-up?
Alright, so George W. Bush has the lowest approval rating ever in the history of public polling. As he's fond of saying, the previous winner, Harry S. Truman, has been looked upon far more ...
TheCrank 05/08/2008 98 9 2 16
In Defense of HRC Staying in the Race, from an Obama Supporter
I hesitate to devote a diary to a topic that will no doubt gain me the enmity of both my fellow Obama supporters and Clinton supporters, but in fairness I feel we need to recognize Clinton's right ...
TheCrank 03/29/2008 34 5 - -
Why Conservatives Should Love Illegal Immigrants
(promoted from comments) Leaving aside the fact that historically probably 90% of all our ancestors were illegal immigrants (even my ancestors who came over on the Mayflower were violating the King'...
TheCrank 03/27/2008 30 13 1 141
What if the Democratic Contest Was Winner Take All...?
It's been said in some quarters that the Democratic party would not be in this "mess" if it didn't use a proportional system of representation in the primaries. In other words, if we were more like ...
TheCrank 03/12/2008 15 2 - -
How to Fight Clinton's Nuclear Option
I floated the idea in these pages some weeks back that Clinton would do anything, including burning down the Democratic party, to gain the nomination because this is basically her only shot at the ...
TheCrank 03/10/2008 8 3 1 -
Play Hillaroullette!
It's election day, and that means the weird spin of ever-moving goalposts can't be far behind! It's just more proof that HRC will be ready on Day One to continue the present administration's ...
TheCrank 03/04/2008 11 3 - -
Why the Nuclear Option Might Make Sense for Clinton
Like many Democrats, I've been puzzled of late by Hillary Clinton's seemingly erratic, occasionally desperate, often shrill intemperate approach in the campaign in the last month ...
TheCrank 02/27/2008 97 10 - 16
Why Won't They Hire Me?!?
I'm applying for a job as the chief engineer of the largest construction company in the world. I have lots and lots of experience. You see, I am married to somebody who was an ...
TheCrank 02/25/2008 11 11 - 1
When McCain Blamed Clinton for North Korea's Nukes
Two years ago, I posted a diary on John McCain's naked political ambition extending to the point of the asburd accusation ...
TheCrank 02/22/2008 1 1 - 11
McCain's Age, NOT AN ISSUE, no really
Hey, I'm not saying McCain's age is an issue. But I hear an awful lot of nervous Republicans eager to point out his mother, with her loose mouth and nimble step, is 95, as some sort of genetic ...
TheCrank 02/14/2008 49 5 - -
Why I'm Jumping from Edwards to Obama
I have been supporting Edwards since 2006 for a variety of reasons. He's a good man, with a good message, and good policies. I would gladly have him as my commander in chief, and I hope he remains ...
TheCrank 01/10/2008 551 271 8 31
Bill Richardson's Next Job
Hey, I like Bill Richardson. I like his resume. He's made a few missteps along the way, to be sure, but he seems pretty qualified to hold high office in the land. However, he does not have "it". I ...
TheCrank 01/07/2008 10 - - -
Poll for California Edwards Voters
I'm a California voter, and have to vote early this year (as usual). I'm determined not to do as I've done in the past, that is, essentially waste my vote by casting it absentee for a candidate who ...
TheCrank 01/06/2008 24 6 1 -
In Defense of Larry Craig
I find it strange hearing myself say this, but I agree with Larry Craig's decision to fight his railroading out of the Senate. I don't agree with Larry Craig's politics at all. If he's indeed gay, ...
TheCrank 09/06/2007 31 7 - 8
Should I Cross this Picket Line?
I have a minor ethical dilemma I'm trying to resolve, and I turn to Kossacks for at least some discussion. The local carpenters' union has some kind of long-running dispute with a general ...
TheCrank 07/11/2007 44 6 - 26
2008 Presidential Horse Race: What Really Counts (Part 4)
To hell with issues! Forget organizing, tactics, and mutual support! It's all about the freakin' horse race! We continue our profile about what really counts in this beauty contest, finishing out ...
TheCrank 02/11/2007 30 30 3 12
2008 Presidential Horse Race: What Really Counts (Part 3)
Welcome back! Yes, it's part three of what-really-matters in the Presidential-Horse-Race. If you need to catch up in Part 1 we rated ...
TheCrank 02/05/2007 7 3 1 6
The 2008 Horse Race: What Really Counts (Part 2)
I've been told on The Daily Kos that if I want to see more about issues, I should go to another site, because the 'horse race' is going to be oh so very important. Silly me, I thought TDK was all ...
TheCrank 01/29/2007 18 4 1 6
The 2008 Horse Race: What Really Counts (Part 1)
I was told recently on these pages that if I didn't like obsessiveness with the "Horse Race" aspects of the 2008 Presidential race (in reference to the Republican race!) I had better go find ...
TheCrank 01/20/2007 10 4 - 27
Write a Blog, Register with Big Brother as a Lobbyist?
Wow, here's something all parts of the political spectrum can unite against in opposition: Senate Bill 1, Section ...
TheCrank 01/17/2007 15 5 1 -
Executive Power - We Need to Have a Serious Conversation
(promoted from comments) I think we need to have a serious national discussion about the nature of the power of the executive in our country. The basic dichotomy here is the fear that we will be ...
TheCrank 01/13/2007 11 13 1 9
What's Behind the Negroponte Shuffle?
This is one of those genuinely perplexing moves: taking career diplomat, former Iraq ambassador, John Negroponte out ...
TheCrank 01/04/2007 29 7 - 1
Mr. Soul ex-President Mideast Potentate: Who's Next?
Hmmmmm. In 2004, we saw the death of a President, a beloved soul singer, and a controversial middle eastern leader in short order. Reagan, Charles, and Arafat. In 2006, we again have the death of ...
TheCrank 12/30/2006 1 - - -
Comparing 9/11 Deaths to Iraq Casualties: Why It's Unfair
This item in Slate : An unjustified comparison: An Associated Press story about Christmas Day casualties in Iraq took pains ...
TheCrank 12/26/2006 22 9 - 236
Bad News for Hillary and Obama: History Against them?
(promoted from comments) Senator Bayh is smart: smart enough to know that he can't be elected. Clinton and Obama will have to learn the hard way. A sitting US Senator can't win the Presidency, if ...
TheCrank 12/16/2006 103 16 - 5
The Second Amendment and Iraq's Civil War
I've been pondering a comment I made apropos of Jim Webb's election some days back, and the meaning of the Second Amendment to our constitution. Here it is in its entirety: A well ...
TheCrank 11/25/2006 22 13 - 9
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