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Tell Hobby Lobby to Stop Selling Home Abortion Kits!
Hey everybody! After a great facebook convo with Kossack Jill Richardson and her friend Sara Robinson, I decided to start a MoveOn Petition directed at David Green, Hobby Lobby President, asking him ...
TheFatLadySings 07/01/2014 22 49 - -
"Collectivism" Rules, Mother Frackers!
If the Koch Brothers are going to use their fortune to sponsor a private Coup Against America™, then let's use our collective power of collectivism to fight back. Strategy below the fold.
TheFatLadySings 04/04/2014 38 99 3 -
Sorry Righties but Biblical Noah was a Vegan Environmentalist!
Call me picayune, but yesterday morning, I woke up annoyed with Chris Hayes, Alex Wagner and all my MSNBC friends. My husband was blasting All In over the internet. Alex Wagner was reviewing the new ...
TheFatLadySings 03/30/2014 88 107 - -
New Mexico Struggles with ObamaCare
Truchas, NM I am director of a rural Health and Human Services in northern New Mexico; as such, I am at the front (and, geographically speaking, frontier) lines of ACA implementation. I am tasked ...
TheFatLadySings 10/07/2013 51 169 2 -
Rural Hispanic Community Holds First-Ever Twitter Town Hall #HealthierNM
On August 14, the Rio Arriba Community Health Council will hold All Things Medicaid, our first ever Twitter Town Hall. The hashtag for the event is #HealthierNM. Some of my readers know that I ...
TheFatLadySings 08/11/2013 14 28 - -
An NN13 NFTT Memorial for my Father-in-Law (w/ vid)
I want to thank my fellow Kossacks. This year, my beloved father-in-law of 30 years passed away while I was at Netroots Nation. The next morning, my friends at Netroots for the Troops ...
TheFatLadySings 07/02/2013 58 59 1 -
My Problem with Pronouns
I've always had an uneasy relationship with pronouns. When I was a teen-ager, somebody taught me how to use them. She sat me on a chair next to a pillow and told me to talk to the pillow about how ...
TheFatLadySings 06/02/2013 19 25 - -
D'Var Torah Shavuot: The Book of Ruth
"Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you lodge, I will lodge; your people shall be my people, and your God my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus and more may the ...
TheFatLadySings 05/15/2013 39 49 - -
NN13: Power Scooters, Chairs and a Call for Volunteers
Last year, an impromptu KosAbility Caucus asked me to help coordinate NN13 for individuals with special needs. I am working with Eric at Netroots Nation to solve a few problems including finding a ...
TheFatLadySings 05/10/2013 12 27 - -
Do You Need a Power Scooter or Chair at NN13?
Last year, an impromptu KosAbility Caucus asked me to help coordinate NN13 for individuals with special needs. I am working with Eric at Netroots Nation to solve a few problems including finding a ...
TheFatLadySings 05/07/2013 33 33 - -
Race, Rape and Empowerment
Last night, I had a dream about Howard Street. When I was growing up in Chicago's East Rogers Park, Howard Street was the edge of the known universe. That was where the neighborhood changed and ...
TheFatLadySings 04/25/2013 13 26 - -
I Was Just Elected Vice Chair of my County Democratic Party
I have never been a politician. I've always run other peoples' campaigns, or vaccinated the elderly, or looked for ways to treat substance abuse, or dragged groups of young leaders with me to ...
TheFatLadySings 04/12/2013 61 120 2 -
KosAbility: A Call for Recruits to the NN13 KosAbility Volunteer Corps
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone with a disability,
TheFatLadySings 03/17/2013 39 25 - -
How I got my Boss Detained by the FBI
Tierra o Muerte, bytegirl24, flickr It was a sunny weekend morning about fifteen years ago. Here in Rio Arriba County, northern New Mexico, occasional bombs were still going off in remote mountain ...
TheFatLadySings 03/07/2013 58 155 3 -
Help! What Do I Do About My Bad ISP?
Happy morning after everyone! Those of you who know me realize that breaking down the digital divide has always been a passion. In the past, I have worried that many minorities lack access to the ...
TheFatLadySings 11/23/2012 40 16 - -
Vaccinating Old People for Democracy
While everyone's been knocking doors, I've been implementing a new GOTV strategy: vaccinating elders in remote villages to get Rio Arribans to the polls. Almost everyone in my extremely rural ...
TheFatLadySings 11/16/2012 28 60 2 -
IGTNT: Killed by Men in US Uniforms
As of today, 2,121 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Marine Lt. Col. Christopher K. Raible, 40, of Huntingdon, PA., and 27-year-old Marine Sgt. Bradley W. Atwell of ...
TheFatLadySings 09/19/2012 70 112 - 300
IGTNT: They Died Together at 28
As of today, 2,114 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Staff Sgt Jeremie S. Border, 28, of Mesquite, TX, and Staff Sgt. Jonathan P. Schmidt, 28 of petersburg VA were ...
TheFatLadySings 09/06/2012 67 99 - 240
IGTNT: They Loved to Serve
As of today, 2,107 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Sgt. David V. Williams and Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Coater B. Debose were two of the most recent casualties.
TheFatLadySings 08/31/2012 54 63 - 189
Climate Change SOS: Where Was the Gas?
I live in remote northern NM. In communities like mine, climate change means extreme weather events. We all watched the unfolding of Katrina, and now know that an extreme weather event can be ...
TheFatLadySings 08/22/2012 16 52 - 170
IGTNT: They Were Deployed to Afghanistan, but Now They're Deployed to Heaven
As of today, 2,010 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Pfc Andrew Keller, and Pfc Michael R. Demarsico II were two of the most recent casualties. I Got The News Today (...
TheFatLadySings 08/20/2012 52 64 - 137
ACA is Biggest Women's Rights Bill Since Winning the Vote (Shocking Map)
It's not a coincidence that the Affordable Care Act has spawned a host of bills in states dominated by the religious right masquerading as anti-abortion legislation, but in fact punishing women (and ...
TheFatLadySings 07/19/2012 74 214 14 975
Little Wisconsin: NM State Senate District 5
While the nation's eyes are on Wisconsin this weekend, skirmishes are being waged across the US to take back state legislatures from their corporate overlords. I haven't yet donated to Wisconsin ...
TheFatLadySings 06/03/2012 19 26 - 92
IGTNT: They Died on Mothers' Day
As of today, 1,974 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Staff Sargaent Brian L. Walker, 25, and Pfc. Richard L. McNulty III, 22, died together in Bowri Tana, Afghanistan, ...
TheFatLadySings 05/21/2012 61 83 - 165
Medicare Billing in a Nuclear Holocaust
Crossposted from the Rio Arriba Community Health Council Blog A bit of humor for healthcare geeks: Katie Meara, a nurse who belonged to our coaltion, posted this photo of the up and coming ICD-10 ...
TheFatLadySings 05/20/2012 14 19 - 119
Why Republicans Are Loaded for Medi-Bear
Crossposted from the Rio Arriba Community Health Council Blog. To the average American working outside of health administration, the anti-Medicare crusade waged during the primary by the always ...
TheFatLadySings 05/19/2012 24 29 - 139
My Daughter Called an Ambulance Thru Facebook
In an entirely bizarre Monday morning turn of events, my daughter fell, dislocated her knee, and summoned an ambulance through facebook. Through an even-stranger twist, I came home looking for her, ...
TheFatLadySings 05/08/2012 26 62 - 386
IGTNT: Humble Guy, Hardest Worker
As of today, 1,957 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan. Green Beret Staff Sergeant Andrew T. Brittonmihalo became the most recent fatality on April 25, 2012. He was killed ...
TheFatLadySings 05/01/2012 68 65 - 141
IGTNT: His Family Spanned the Globe
As of today, 1,935 US military personnel have been killed in or near Afghanistan, while 71 have been killed since January 1, 2012. Lance Corporal Ramon T. Kaipat, 22, became the 1,934th casualty on ...
TheFatLadySings 04/14/2012 48 62 - 148
Netroots for the Troops: The Wrong Stuff
I spent half a decade as the world's worst Navy officer's wife. Tom Wolfe should have known me. I would have inspired a sequel to his satire about NASA's astronaut training program. His book ...
TheFatLadySings 02/22/2012 91 104 - 302
D'Var Torah: Sh'Mot (It's All in a Name)
Today's parshat, the first portion of Exodus, is called Sh'Mot, or Names. It begins with the names of the sons of Israel who went down to Egypt and then proceeds to tell the story ...
TheFatLadySings 01/13/2012 4 12 - 58
Just a Few Days Left to Get Us There
I've been going to Netroots Nation for four years and each time I've gone, I've noticed how few people of color are present. Yet the Netroots Nation board and others have repeatedly tried to recruit.
TheFatLadySings 12/27/2011 5 25 - 97
Kossack Barbwire has Passed Away
This is a very short diary. I am seeing tweets from New Mexico bloggers that our fellow New Mexican, barbwire , passed away tonight after ...
TheFatLadySings 12/18/2011 96 434 2 2028
Help us GOTV in Communities of Color in 2012
As some of you know, I have applied for a Pepsi Challenge grant to diversify the blogosphere and help progressives to build relationships with communities of color. I have been attending Netroots ...
TheFatLadySings 12/17/2011 30 42 - 209
Meteor Blades: Stop Sending me Stupid Juggling Vids
The day before yesterday, Meteor Blades e-mailed me. "Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse says you volunteered to write a subscription diary." "Yeah," I wrote back. "But first you gotta watch this ...
TheFatLadySings 12/13/2011 45 108 - 867
Your VOTE can help us win a grant to send people of color to Providence for Netroots Nation 2012
Cross-posted ...
TheFatLadySings 12/11/2011 10 24 - 105
Action Diary: Diversify Netroots Nation
Pepsi Challenge Grant:
TheFatLadySings 12/09/2011 12 32 - 119
IGTNT: He Died Far From Home
TheFatLadySings 12/05/2011 71 84 - 206
Lifting the Digital Curtain: an NN Pepsi Challenge
Pepsi Challenge Grant: Lifting the Digital ...
TheFatLadySings 12/02/2011 21 20 - 131
Report Suspicious Police Activity to the FBI
This is a short diary because I have to go to work. I'm pissed. Several diaries have already pointed out that according to ...
TheFatLadySings 11/16/2011 12 21 - 159
IGTNT: He Died on Veteran's Day
TheFatLadySings 11/14/2011 44 58 - 119
Anonymous' Attack on Drug Cartel Benefits Youth in my County
The Houston Chronicle reports that the ubiquitous hacktivist (dis)...
TheFatLadySings 10/31/2011 93 142 5 721
IGTNT: They Led Selfless Lives
TheFatLadySings 10/30/2011 68 58 1 167
1 in 6 Blogathon: Fighting Hunger in my Community One Misunderstanding at a Time
TheFatLadySings 10/15/2011 32 47 - 149
Help Defeat Cannon AFB's War on Northern NM
Fifty years after Eisenhower's famous warning to beware the growing power of the military-industrial complex, speaker after speaker at a public hearing in Santa Fe, NM, suggested that Cannon Air ...
TheFatLadySings 09/27/2011 25 67 - 255
IGTNT: "The Only One for Me is You..."
TheFatLadySings 09/08/2011 50 83 - 231
Firefighters Save Nuclear Lab, Prove that Government Works!
TheFatLadySings 07/09/2011 64 55 2 228
A NM Tribe Loses its Forest (Updated)
TheFatLadySings 07/04/2011 50 107 3 418
Smoke from Fire Near Nuclear Lab Inundates My Town
The Las Conchas Fire continues to rage near Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory, growing to 70,000 acres in three days, and sparking spot fires at Technical Area 16 (TA-16) which houses tritium. Yesterday,
TheFatLadySings 06/30/2011 86 77 2 365
Fire Reaches Nuclear Lab, Town Evacuates
While the nation's eyes are on the potential environmental catastrophe unfolding at the Fort Calhoun power plant, we in northern New Mexico are facing a growing environmental disaster of our own. ...
TheFatLadySings 06/28/2011 91 179 - 1014
Fire Continues to Threaten Nuclear Lab
Last night I diaried the newly erupted Las Conchas Fire which broke ...
TheFatLadySings 06/27/2011 10 38 - 185
Flash Forest Fire Threatens Nuclear Lab
At about two o'clock this afternoon my daughter poked her head into the study. "Mom, you better come here and look out the window. Look at the sky!" I turned off Patrick Swayze and joined her in ...
TheFatLadySings 06/26/2011 35 58 - 341
Right Online's Lame Agenda
His curiosity undoubtedly piqued by their magnificent green lanyards and the fact that they insisted on holding all of their various Americans for Prosperity events next to NN events, and by the ...
TheFatLadySings 06/21/2011 45 30 1 210
LiveBlog: Green Wallow Fire Rages, Media Looks Away
Here in New Mexico, hundreds of miles from the fires raging in Arizona, residents have been warned to stay indoors, turning OFF swamp coolers and closing windows, sports events have been cancelled ...
TheFatLadySings 06/10/2011 11 22 - 79
GOP Placing Fake Dems on WI Ballot
The Fond du Lac Reporter ...
TheFatLadySings 06/07/2011 6 10 - 81
Neighborhood Kids Rescue Kitten and Other Pootie Tails
The ...
TheFatLadySings 06/05/2011 39 77 1 381
Action: Congressman Lujan's Republican Decoder Dictionary
Congressman Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) needs our help constructing his new Republican Decoder Dictionary. He asks you to discuss and translate your favorite euphemisms for nasty things Republicans would ...
TheFatLadySings 05/27/2011 29 20 2 148
The First Protocol: How to Be Holy
Cross-posted at Streetprophets Parashat Kedoshim marks the centerpoint of the Torah, falling approximately ...
TheFatLadySings 04/28/2011 21 14 - 104
Are Top Colleges Extorting the Middle Class?
A few weeks ago, my daughter received an acceptance letter from a Prestigious Eastern College, along with the news that she had been awarded an annual scholarship of $26,000. Clearly, she had been ...
TheFatLadySings 04/21/2011 405 119 5 996
Meet Mr. G: A Greedy, Grasping Schoolteacher
Meet Mr. ...
TheFatLadySings 04/08/2011 19 50 1 198
Menstruation, Abortion and Conception in the Hebrew Scriptures: A Feminist D'Var Torah
Last week I shared an editorial I published in a New Mexico paper explaining why I chose to terminate ...
TheFatLadySings 03/25/2011 61 48 4 357
Why I Had an Abortion
This Sunday, I published an editorial in the Albuquerque Journal North explaining why I terminated a pregnancy at 16. I was inspired by Democratic Representatives Gwen Moore (WI) and Jackie Speier (...
TheFatLadySings 03/09/2011 224 276 9 907
Kitsap River Found a Kidney and I Get to Keep Mine!
On Thursday, February 17, I received one of the best phone calls of my life.
TheFatLadySings 02/28/2011 65 110 2 447
The Grieving Room: The Valentine's Day That Never Was
A special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. ...
TheFatLadySings 02/14/2011 121 32 2 239
Where's the Heat? Rio Arriba Roasts NM Gov Over Gas
For most of the country, last week's winter storm is old news. But for residents of Rio Arriba County, one of the nation's top gas-producing counties, last week's storm has not passed. Residents of ...
TheFatLadySings 02/08/2011 72 57 - 399
The Grieving Room: Missing Exme
A special welcome to anyone who is new to The Grieving Room. We meet every Monday evening. ...
TheFatLadySings 01/17/2011 168 43 - 89
"Sovereign Citizens:" The Right Wing Hate Group Behind the Attack on a Jewish Congresswoman?
On Saturday January 8, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by a 22 year-old man identified as Jared Lee Loughner. Congresswoman Giffords was Arizona's first Jewish member of ...
TheFatLadySings 01/09/2011 50 48 2 108
The Frontlines of the War on Christmas (I'm Ba-aaack!)
Whenever I am in Washington DC, I hang out in quiet moments with anthropologists at the Smithsonian Institution. We eat breakfast together at the employee cafe in the basement of the Museum of ...
TheFatLadySings 12/24/2010 44 27 1 72
Morning Feature: Bringing Rural Minorities into the Netroots Fold
TheFatLadySings 11/10/2010 91 167 1 63
Morning Feature: Organizing to Pass a Constitutional Amendment
TheFatLadySings 11/03/2010 41 26 - 63
My Teenage Son's "Restoring Sanity" Birthday Party
My son, Ben, turned 14 years old on October 18. He has been a devoted fan of ...
TheFatLadySings 11/01/2010 49 101 1 96
Furthermore! Senator Tom Udall on Filibuster Reform
The night before last, Jon Stewart snagged an exclusive interview with President Barack Obama on filibuster reform which the President supports. A few weeks ago, I visited Washington and dropped ...
TheFatLadySings 10/29/2010 17 38 1 217
Morning Feature: Exclusive Video Interview with Senator Tom Udall
TheFatLadySings 10/27/2010 44 28 - 73
Furthermore! Bishop Robinson: "The Greatest Coming Out Story Ever Told"
In this ...
TheFatLadySings 09/13/2010 15 25 - 38
Furthermore! Bishop Gene Robinson Speaks: From Tolerance to Empathy
This ...
TheFatLadySings 09/11/2010 18 21 - 44
Furthermore! Why I Gave 20 Vials of Blood for a Blogger
Some of you ...
TheFatLadySings 09/09/2010 124 146 1 62
Morning Feature: Bishop Gene Robinson Speaks About Obama and "The Left"
TheFatLadySings 09/08/2010 223 196 2 60
Furthemore! Changing Health Care Facts on the Ground
Big things seem to ...
TheFatLadySings 09/04/2010 20 45 - 79
Furthermore! Asthma and Weight Gain (A Personal Observation)
I, like many women of "...
TheFatLadySings 08/30/2010 40 32 2 86
Furthermore! - A Turn-Off-Fox-News Letter to the Editor
I have been trying to ...
TheFatLadySings 08/28/2010 39 55 - 196
Furthermore! A Bar Mitzvah on the Jewish Frontier
I live in Espanola, ...
TheFatLadySings 08/23/2010 24 17 - 56
Furthermore! Urban Composting, Part 2
If you are concerned ...
TheFatLadySings 08/16/2010 9 41 - 219
Furthermore! Urban Composting, Part 1 (A How-to Guide)
If you are concerned ...
TheFatLadySings 08/09/2010 31 39 3 209
Furthermore! Why Repubs are REALLY Targetting Hispanic Immigration
Immigration policy and ...
TheFatLadySings 08/02/2010 207 222 3 308
Furthermore! A Man, a Mugger and a Cat
In 2008, Julio Diaz retrieved his wallet from a mugger by taking the man to lunch. Meanwhile,
TheFatLadySings 07/18/2010 10 20 - 47
Furthermore! America: The New Soviet Union
In the 1980's, in what should be remembered (along with slavery, torture and internment camps) as one of our nation's most shameful moments, Ronald Reagan put an end to psychiatric hospitals for ...
TheFatLadySings 07/11/2010 20 35 - 203
Futhermore! How to Eat Weeds
I love Barbara Kingsolver. Last year, after reading Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, I made a trip to our local (and extremely affordable) farmers' market, bought up a farmer's entire crop of ...
TheFatLadySings 07/10/2010 56 25 2 36
Morning Feature: Community Driven Health Reform
TheFatLadySings 07/07/2010 103 59 3 57
Morning Feature: Schoolchildren Teach Organic Farming to Troops
TheFatLadySings 06/02/2010 118 83 - 52
Morning Feature: Interview with FSU Oil Ecosystems Oceanographer
TheFatLadySings 05/26/2010 255 266 5 125
My Recycling Misadventure
"I have an assignment for you." My boss, Lorenzo, looked over his bifocals and stroked his graying beard. His desk took up 90% of the cramped office. I sat, squashed, in a chair wedged between the ...
TheFatLadySings 04/28/2010 182 145 - 104
NM Teaparties Proclaim Love for IRS
I just ran across this peculiar tale of IRS-love in the New Mexico Independent. ...
TheFatLadySings 04/15/2010 20 25 - 29
Morning Feature: Memoirs of a Rogue Organizer
I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a "community organizer," except that you have actual responsibilities. --Sarah ...
TheFatLadySings 04/07/2010 171 97 - 52
Morning Feature: Chuck Grassley, "Medicaid Fraud" and the IRS
Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann and other luminaries are skewering Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) for crowing about his insertion of a new IRS rule into the Health Care Reform Bill after first ...
TheFatLadySings 03/31/2010 305 287 11 219
Pelosi Boinks Boehner: HCR Passes and We Wonder What’s Next
(I apologize in advance for anyone offended by the snarky title!) If you're like me, you stayed glued to your computer Sunday watching every last hurled insult and suspenseful motion to recommit. ...
TheFatLadySings 03/23/2010 12 25 2 33
Tickled Blue
The delightfully whacky HCR circus caravan rolls on. As of March 19, 41 Senators had either signed or issued statements of support for a letter to Harry ...
TheFatLadySings 03/11/2010 8 20 - 38
Blazing Saddles (D.C. Version)
Can right wing over-exuberance in the face of their Massachusetts victory have spurred the sudden and vibrant revival of healthcare reform? It has risen unexpectedly, like the miraculous victim of a ...
TheFatLadySings 02/23/2010 23 24 - 39
The Teddy Bear Incident
In the months before my mother suffered her first obvious psychotic break and my family shattered like glass, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized that my brother, sisters and I had ...
TheFatLadySings 02/18/2010 309 352 12 120
County HCR Resolutions Urge Senate to Act
This afternoon, I presented a resolution to the Board of Rio Arriba County Commissioners urging the President and Congress to speedily pass health care reform. It passed unanimously. Tomorrow, I ...
TheFatLadySings 01/30/2010 11 19 - 24
Dumping the Pandercrats
After spending most of my day wondering how the Democratic Party managed to pull off the stunning achievement of losing Ted Kennedy's Senate seat to a far right wing former centerfold model, I am ...
TheFatLadySings 01/21/2010 25 14 - 34
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