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Petition to mention Seeger in SOTU: Won't get 100,000 Signatures. But, I'd like to see it get more than 'Deport Justin Beiber.' UPDATE: Apparently 2 signatures are all that are required. Statement by the ...
TheOnlyTXLiberal 01/28/2014 5 2 - -
Help name my kittens - to SAVE AMERICA!
Tomorrow, I'll formally adopt the two kittens pictured below. They are sisters from the same litter and apparently inseparable. I think I can use this as an opportunity to show an example for ...
TheOnlyTXLiberal 01/18/2014 30 5 - -
Obamacare Unleashed!!!
We all know what will really begin on Oct 1...
TheOnlyTXLiberal 09/30/2013 2 4 - -
Beck, Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and others have reported on the Nazi, Fascist, Statest, Elitist, Evil, Communist, Racist, Socialist, Marxist, Maoist, Pol Pot-like, Sandist, bullying actions of our 44th ...
TheOnlyTXLiberal 09/14/2009 22 4 - 66
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