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When quitting feels like the ONLY option: Leelah Alcorn...
Who are we? Are we just human? Just "ugly bags of mostly water"? Or is there something more to us? What is it about ourselves that is so wonderfully varied, strange, beautiful, curious and even ...
TheProgressiveAlien 01/01/2015 31 25 2 -
Media finally shining light on the Kochtopus?
I'm all over that ! Some folks may have heard me mention the Koch brothers, two of the richest men in the world, but do they know WHY I keep slagging these guys? It's not because they're filthy rich,
TheProgressiveAlien 09/30/2014 32 19 1 -
Which Is Better, A Cherry Or A Grape? Why I'm An Atheist.
Many people seem to think the words "morality" and "ethics" are two different things because of the baggage the word "moral" carries with it, IE: religion. Yet, both terms describe behaviour, one ...
TheProgressiveAlien 09/06/2014 41 17 1 -
We May Not Be Able to Change Their Minds
...But we certainly will keep trying! It's one of those things that many people are so frustrated with: the sheer intransigence of the far-right and the religious right. There is a lot of overlap ...
TheProgressiveAlien 07/20/2014 35 31 1 -
So Many Misconceptions and Slagging a Guy For The Wrong Thing (NSFW-cussin')
Sandra Red-Sky, my Gangrel character in the Winnipeg vampire LARP, that occult-following, Satan-worshiping lifestyle. :-/ I came across a Kossak's diary the other day--it's a month old now, but ...
TheProgressiveAlien 05/03/2014 41 18 - -
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