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@RepGregWalden lies on Fox News.
Author's Note. This was originally posted at my Wordpress blog and it's set to automatically tweet out a link. I included Rep. Walden's twitter handle in the title just so someone in his office ...
TheRagingCelt 10/14/2013 5 12 - -
Stubenville, CNN and My Advice to Teenaged Boys.
Crossposted from "News from the Front" Via CNN…
TheRagingCelt 03/19/2013 10 6 - -
Quenvzhane Wallis Vs. The Onion. Or why sometimes jokes just don’t damn work!
Crossposted from my Blog "News From The Front". Yeah, so this was a thing last night. (Via The AP.) A tweet from The Onion about the 9-year-old star of “Beasts of the Southern Wild” is drawing ...
TheRagingCelt 02/25/2013 29 3 - -
James Yeager and The Futility of Rage.
Crossposted from "News From the Front". There is this… The CEO of a company that teaches people how to use guns has posted a ranting video online in which he claims he will ‘start killing ...
TheRagingCelt 01/16/2013 2 3 - -
Shooting in Portland and the way I handle “disrespect”.
Crossposted from my personal blog, " News From The Front". Via NBC: A shooting at a mall near Portland, Ore., on Tuesday afternoon left three people dead, including the gunman, and at least one ...
TheRagingCelt 12/12/2012 43 15 - -
SKETCH: Karl Rove, Dick Morris and the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Crossposted from News From the Front. Warning: NSFW Langage after the jump. Via New York Magazine: According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the ...
TheRagingCelt 12/08/2012 2 1 - -
BROWNIE!: A Fantasia in one act on the subject of Michael Brown’s ba**s.
Crossposted from "News From The Front" According to Brown, who famously dubbed “Brownie” by President Bush, it’s unlikely that Hurricane Sandy will dramatically impact the presidential race ...
TheRagingCelt 10/31/2012 17 27 - -
Clint Eastwood: I still believe in heroes!
Crossposted from "News From the Front" .
TheRagingCelt 08/31/2012 12 1 - 154
A few words to everyone still thinking about sitting out this election.
Cross-posted from "News from the Front". Warning: Language gets rough after the jump . For the last few days I’ve been busting my balls trying to write a long and complicated blog post trying to ...
TheRagingCelt 08/29/2012 31 10 1 166
Todd Akin, “Legitimate Rape”, and the tough call
Crossposted from "News from the Front". This afternoon, Missouri Senate candidate and rape definer John Akin tweeted this . I apologized but the liberal media is trying to make me drop out. Please ...
TheRagingCelt 08/23/2012 11 2 - 105
Clint Eastwood: You can be badass and wrong at the same time.
Crossposted from "News From the Front". Finally, Mitt has a celebrity endorsement that’s not tainted by batshit craziness.
TheRagingCelt 08/04/2012 27 7 - 330
An open letter to Charles Hurt of the Washington Times. I.E. Your Open Letter to Nolan, Penn, Etc.
(Crossposted with minor edits from "News From the Front".) Warning: Some of the language after the jump is a bit harsh. Dear Mr. Hurt: I have just spent the last several minutes re-reading your ...
TheRagingCelt 07/28/2012 5 5 1 77
The Aurora Shooting and The Proper Uses of Politicalization.
Crossposted from "News From the Front". The shooting in Aurora, Colorado this past Thursday has gut punched us all. I can tell you that it’s especially hit the Film Geek community hard. For us, ...
TheRagingCelt 07/22/2012 9 11 - 148
John Edwards, “Two Americas” and the Moon.
(Crossposted from "News From the Front.) The John Edwards trial moves along with the speedy sadness of a grieving widow strapped to a rocket bike. (Via The New York Times.)
TheRagingCelt 04/28/2012 28 10 2 228
“My stage name is Trixie but my friends call me Che.”
(Crossposted from "News from the Front". ) It looks like the GOP War on Women is about to enter the hand to hand combat phase in Tampa.
TheRagingCelt 04/23/2012 18 6 - 211
Kirk Cameron and the Code of Fear.
(Cross Posted at "News from the Front." ) This has been bouncing around for several days and I really need to say something about it.
TheRagingCelt 04/20/2012 30 11 - 207
NY-09 and a brief civics lesson.
Crossposted at News From the Front. (I know, I’m days late to op-ed on this topic but bear with me, I’
TheRagingCelt 09/20/2011 3 1 - 63
Debt Limit Fight: Time to put the squeeze on OR-O2!
(Crossposted from "News From the Front". ) Okay. Here’s the plan. Boehner’s plan is dead on arrival. Reid’s plan won’t pass the House. ...
TheRagingCelt 07/27/2011 4 3 - 83
MEMO TO DEMOCRATS: RE:COAKLEY/BROWN. (Edited, with a response to Jalenth.)
Warning: The following diary is loaded with bad language. This is the only warning. There will be no apologies. ALL RIGHT, YOU FECKLESS SONS OF BITCHES, LISTEN UP! Because this is your ...
TheRagingCelt 01/21/2010 32 12 - 43
An open letter to Sarah Palin.
(Cross posted from News From the Front ) Dear Ms. Palin: Well. By now, your ...
TheRagingCelt 08/13/2009 16 4 - 9
Glenn Beck: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not really thinking this through..." Also, Latest ep of webshow
Cross posted from my personal blog: News from the Front. Warning: Spoilers for the motion picture "Network" follow. From Monday's on-...
TheRagingCelt 03/31/2009 31 23 - 32
Bobby Jindal: "Weaker than Eddie Deezen after a bout of the flu" Also new "NFTF" episode.
EDIT: Title to correct the misspelling of Mr. Deezan's name. Edited from a post on my personal blog. Dear Sen. Jindal. First off, let me say that ...
TheRagingCelt 02/26/2009 7 4 - 10
HEROS OF THE WAR ON CHRISTMAS!: A bit of silliness for a stressful holiday.
To help take your minds off the stressful holiday and the collapsing economy, here a new short that takes aim on the "War on Christmas".
TheRagingCelt 12/23/2008 8 3 - 7
NEWS FROM THE FRONT: A Thanksgiving greeting.
This is just a short show wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving.
TheRagingCelt 11/27/2008 2 1 - 2
NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Special Four Part Show.
This is a special four part show I did while in Seattle. My friend, Jake Merriman and I sat down and chewed the fat about the election.
TheRagingCelt 11/12/2008 1 - - 8
I spent part of my vacation celebrating Obama's victory.
And I have the video to prove it.
TheRagingCelt 11/06/2008 6 1 - 1
NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Last two shows before the election.
Well, I did my bit. I sent my ballot out last week. (Thank you Oregon for being a vote by mail state.) I phone banked. Sent money when I could. Bugged my friends and family to make sure they ...
TheRagingCelt 11/01/2008 3 6 - 6
NEWS FROM THE FRONT: Republican National Convention Edition.
Here is my special three part look at the Republican convention. Snark and anger aplenty.
TheRagingCelt 09/18/2008 3 2 - 32
"NEWS FROM THE FRONT" for August 21 and September 1. (Including DNC coverage.)
The latest two episodes of the web show.
TheRagingCelt 09/03/2008 1 1 1 45
'NEWS FROM THE FRONT" for July 13 and August 3. (EDITED to fix grammar Errors.
These are the two latest episodes of the web series. I'm still having a problem with recording clips directly from YouTube but I hope to have that figured out before the next show. In the meantime,
TheRagingCelt 08/05/2008 3 1 - 30
Rep. Steve King.  QUESTION FOR MY FELLOW KOSSACKS! (Updated with thanks!)
I've been looking at footage of the Judiciary hearing on friday and I need some information about the comments of Rep. Steve King.
TheRagingCelt 07/27/2008 15 1 - 26
Congress failed again! On FISA and Impeachment.
Okay then. This morning, I called Sen. Smith's office and asked if he had changed his mind about supporting the FISA amendments. I was told by his staffer that he was prepared to vote yes on the ...
TheRagingCelt 07/09/2008 12 3 - -
First Diary. Greetings and explanations.
Hi there. My name is Richard Jensen and this is my first diary for The Daily Kos. What you need to know about me are these facts. I live in Southern Oregon. I work in Hospitality, where exactly I ...
TheRagingCelt 07/08/2008 14 5 - 3
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