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Killing the white underclass (& others)
Since 1990, the average life expectancy of a white woman without a HS diploma has fallen by 5 years. This nearly matches the catastrophic decline of 7 years' life expectancy in Russia since the fall ...
Themistokles 11/17/2012 3 7 1 -
1/6 of Arizona vote uncounted and in jeopardy
A NYTimes article shows that a large share of the Hispanic vote was diverted into provisional ballots and remains uncounted: 1/2 million out of 3 million regitered votes in the state remain uncounted.
Themistokles 11/10/2012 21 20 - -
Silver v. Pollster: a mild dissent and Mellman, too
Silver had a good night on the Presidential front; on the Senate races, however, not so spectacular., however, was right on the money on both.
Themistokles 11/08/2012 2 2 - -
Stop Talking About the "White Vote"! It's a Republican meme
The current Republican Party is based upon a tribal appeal to the "white vote" as the only true Americans as they seek to have the white voter identify with them. When we Democrats talk about ...
Themistokles 11/04/2012 14 20 - -
Pinocchios for Obama? Or Fact Checker?
Yesterday, we had the amusing situation where Greg Kessler, the Washington Post "Fact Checker" have Obama 4 "Pinocchios" for "overblown" claims in a campaign ad that Romney was a job outsourcer on ...
Themistokles 06/22/2012 5 2 - 99
The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age of Colorblindness
To change your entire view of the American justice system; to see the most pressing civil rights issue of our time; read The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration In The Age of Colorblindness by Michelle ...
Themistokles 03/18/2012 15 13 1 112
Catholic position - put it together
The Catholic Church, from the Pope down, has staked out a no-compromise position on the Blunt Amendment. Any individual must have an individual conscience exemption from any mandate. In other words,
Themistokles 03/15/2012 7 3 - 88
Responding to the "class warfare" meme - a template
As Obama and Biden make any effective attacks on McCain's economic policies and how they favor Cindy and himself, Republicans will accuse Democrats of frightening folk and stirring up "class warfare."
Themistokles 08/24/2008 9 1 - 12
The Illegal Texas Caucus and other DNC Rules
I decided that in considering the Florida-Michigan mess it would be interesting to look at the actual rules, inspired by a comment on TPM. On the way I discovered that the Texas Caucus system is a ...
Themistokles 04/25/2008 98 1 1 26
SurveyUSA says electability is subjective
SurveyUSA released 50-state Obama-McCain and Clinton-McCain matchups. It's the most definitive showing yet that polling results offer no clues as to which candidate is the most electable.
Themistokles 03/07/2008 19 7 - -
PEJ studies - how Media covers campaigns
The Harvard Shorenstein Center has done a series of analyses over many elections. Their recent study was trumpeted by conservative media and websites as proof of liberal bias: "Even Harvard Finds ...
Themistokles 11/17/2007 4 4 - 2
Reid outmanuevered , out-framed on Move-On
This is late to bring this up, but how did the Senate wind up voting on the minority Republican framing rather than the majority Democratic framing? After all, the Democrats actually had more votes ...
Themistokles 09/27/2007 52 16 1 4
New Framing - Puppy Dog Theory of War
Delightful op-ed by Richard Clarke making fun of the Bush-McCain Puppy Dog Theory of ...
Themistokles 04/25/2007 7 2 - 2
McGovern - Eloquent words from ghost of Christmas past
Never have been a fan of George McGovern - always have resented the child-like innocence and lack of success of his 1972 campaign. But the old lion has teeth he never showed in 1972 and, above all, ...
Themistokles 04/24/2007 9 11 - 2
Obama's Shellgame on Lobbyists
Obama has received considerable press with respect to his promise not to accept contributions from "federal lobbyists." It turns out this claim can be supported only in the most narrow-minded, ...
Themistokles 04/22/2007 138 7 - 26
ES&S another vote machine meltdown
Themistokles 11/16/2006 12 12 4 -
Texas 23 one more race to go
Themistokles 11/08/2006 1 3 - 10
What's happening in MO? (poll analysis with poll)
Themistokles 10/26/2006 19 5 - -
VA-SEN MD poll crosstabs - closer than it looks
Themistokles 10/24/2006 18 12 - 13
WWI - A War on Terror (1st Diary)
Themistokles 10/08/2006 5 8 - 7
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