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What Harry S Truman Can Teach Us About Bernie Sanders
WHEN VERMONT SEN. BERNIE SANDERS RECENTLY ANNOUNCED his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. I mentioned a while back that I was not ...
mftalbot 05/28/2015 11
Robert Reich is all for Bernie Sanders' tuition-free higher education—and more, much more
So very very simple to understand. Last week, Robert Reich wrote on his blog , supporting Bernie Sanders' revolutionary (see: only in America) idea of using corporations success ...
Walter Einenkel 05/28/2015 21
Some Thoughts on Persuading
Let’s talk about persuasion for a minute, shall we? Over here in Democrat-land we have a lot of fur flying between the supporters of Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton. That’s a good think to ...
Something the Dog Said 05/28/2015 23
No, Sanders isn't gaining on Clinton, but that doesn't mean he hasn't won
He's already won. Believe it or not (I didn't at first), Hillary's primary poll ...
kos 05/28/2015 675
The Indomitable Bernie Sanders
Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is a determined man.
David Starr 05/28/2015 7
Bernie Sanders is popular despite messy hair, and Politico is On It
Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) It's kind of hilarious watching the ...
Laura Clawson 05/28/2015 181
Why I Just Can't Vote for Hillary
It was the fall of 2007 when I turned my attention to the Democratic Primary. I was intensely curious as to who would be our nominee after eight years of George W. Bush. I was only thirteen years old,
Jacob Geers 05/28/2015 75
Question: if Sanders isn't 'serious', then neither are most GOP presidential wannabees
More popular than the jokers in the GOP side. Here is the ...
kos 05/28/2015 358
How gerrymandering cost Democrats the House in 2012: An interactive look at the Northeast
In 2012, Democratic House candidates earned more votes combined than Republicans did, but the Democratic Party still came nowhere close to reclaiming the chamber. Now, Democrats are faced with the ...
Stephen Wolf 05/28/2015 39
Is Progressivism in the Eye of the Beholder?
Thomas Palley recently blogged a post that was cross-posted at Naked Capitalism where I read it. In it, he discussed the question of whether Hillary Clinton's apparent intention to run as a ...
Letsgetitdone 05/28/2015 5
Scott Walker: On The Solution To The Probe Rape Issue
An Open Letter To Wisconsin Women Dear Women Folk It has been brought to my intention that ultrasound requirements may involve unwanted intrusion into your lady parts. We have come to a ...
LaFeminista 05/28/2015 74
Free Solar for Low-Income Homeowners in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods & Other Energy Assistance Progs
This starts focused on a specific California solar program, then below the fold is exploration of a nationwide dot-org website operated by N.C. State University's Clean Energy Technology ...
mettle fatigue 05/27/2015 8
Some People Pander to the Working Class -- Sanders HAS a Plan to Help Us
Some times the 'best medicine' is the truth. And one thing's for sure about Candidate Bernie Sanders -- We can always count on him to tell us the truth. Especially when it comes to the fading ...
jamess 05/27/2015 86
Bernie Sanders Enters The Race
As most of us here at DailyKos know by now, Senator Bernie Sanders, Independent of Vermont, has made his official announcement speech declaring his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for ...
KantV420 05/27/2015 13
Why Organized Labor Should Give Bernie Sanders Strong Primary Election Support author of "Save our Unions" Steve Early | Posted: 05/27/2015 3:37 pm EDT When Steve Early first met Bernie Sanders: When I first met Brooklyn-born Bernie Sanders, he was a ...
Eric Nelson 05/27/2015 21
On 'White Fragility' and On Smearing Sanders: 'BradCast' 5/27/2015
Guest: Journalist, playwright Aurin Squire... As the corporate media continues to smear and/...
TheBradBlog 05/27/2015 8
Elite Financial Reporter shows Ignorance of Tax Laws and History
Really? Our nation's most elite journalists at press organs that specialize in the economy and finance are unable to comprehend what Bernie Sanders is saying about tax rates ? Really?!?!? First ...
Zappatero 05/27/2015 18
Mean girl Jim Tankersly slams icky Bernie Sanders - Oh Snap!!!
Girlfriend, girlfriend, girlfriend!! Did you see what Queen Bee Jim Tankersly did when that icky Bernie Sanders tried to come in and take a seat in OUR media lunch room? At one of the front tables ...
wilbur 05/27/2015 14
I am only one, but I am one.
too many people 05/27/2015 6
Big media's sneering, dismissive coverage of Bernie Sanders is a plague on democracy
The media are more interested in ...
Meteor Blades 05/27/2015 300
Republico does some Hippie-punching in the land of Bernie Sanders
The self-described democratic socialist kicked off his long-shot run for the White House in his adopted hometown of ...
annieli 05/27/2015 7
Bernie Sanders Campaign Kickoff - photo diary
The Main Attraction himself Still buzzing from Bernie Sanders' kickoff rally yesterday in Burlington. It was the first truly warm day of the year, in the upper 80s, and there was certainly a ...
kamarvt 05/27/2015 21
Let's help Bernie
Yesterday Bernie announced his campaign to win the Democratic nomination for President. He can't do that without the help of his supporters. So... Let's Help Bernie! There are lots of ways to help ...
quince 05/27/2015 79
Politico's ridiculous take on Bernie's kickoff
"It's not your everyday Americans at Bernie Sanders' kickoff rally" reads the headline, which I won't bother to link to. What crap. I was there. I saw the people there. And in fact, they looked ...
Rob in Vermont 05/27/2015 75
Republican CSPAN Callers go WILD FOR BERNIE!
Woah... I didn't see this coming. Or maybe I did. Here's a sampling of the callers in after the Bernie speech: Vicki, Anchorage Alaska (Republican) I AM REALLY ENTHUSED ABOUT THIS - THIS IS WHAT ...
cdub24 05/26/2015 625
Should There Be More Beloved Billionaire Benefactors?
This is nice, but also kind of infuriating : ORLANDO, Fla. — Two decades ago, Harris Rosen, who grew up poor on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and became wealthy in the Florida hotel business, ...
Th0rn 05/26/2015 29
Dear Sen. Sanders
and Sen. Clinton, and Sen. Warren and MoveOn and People for the American Way and Friends Committee on National Legislation and Democratic Nationnal Committee and DailyKos and so many others. But, ...
Crashing Vor 05/26/2015 116
Bernie Sanders is running...
So two things: 1. The thing which need to be most realized in this speech is how he is saying *we* can do this. I know Obama said "Yes, we can" as well but that was marketing as he took campaign ...
StopMotionsolo 05/26/2015 3
Sanders makes run official: If people 'fight back, there is nothing that can’t be accomplished'
In a speech peppered with introductory "brothers and sisters," Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday made official his entry into the primary battle for the Democratic presidential nomination framed by ...
Meteor Blades 05/26/2015 394
The Fox News meme on Bernie Sanders: "badass left-winger" and free ice cream
BURLINGTON, Vt. – Fox News Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders kicked off his longshot presidential campaign Tuesday with a pitch to liberals in the Democratic Party and others who want change from a "...
annieli 05/26/2015 42
#~134~^><Windoez Sneven Techinqal S'port
Ring dis numbah, ring it nowz we canz helps Wut?
LaFeminista 05/26/2015 30
So You Want To Control Global Population? Easy.
A two step program 1] Educate women 2] Easy access to multiple forms of free birth control. In every country, even regions of rapidly expanding population [eg India] where women are educated and ...
LaFeminista 05/25/2015 229
Welcome To The United States Of America Please Pick Your Hangun Up After Passport Control
Dear Members We have heard some comments that some foreigners are worried about visiting our sacred shores, we would like to encourage them to visit the only truly exceptional country on the planet.
LaFeminista 05/24/2015 10
1 Percenter Spends $350,000 to Murder Endangered Rhino
There are perhaps 4500 black rhinos left in the world. As of last Monday, there was one fewer.
noweasels 05/23/2015 211
Why Secularism Is The Evangelists Staunchest Protector [From Themselves]
We hear over and over from the evangelical right how secularism is destroying America and oppressing their religious expression. They seem to be unable to distinguish between secularism and certain ...
LaFeminista 05/23/2015 16
Lobbying: The Global Toxic Effect
Firstly let me state that I am all for personal lobbying I regard it as an essential democratic right. However being a commie socialist nazi I do not think corporations are "people too, my friend" ...
LaFeminista 05/22/2015 14
Why I Would Like To Thank Royal Dutch Shell
Perverse as it may seem A stark counterpoint to Van Beurden’s speech comes from a 2013 Shell New Lens Scenario planning document which suggests industry talk of lowering global carbon dioxide (...
LaFeminista 05/18/2015 13
The Acceptance This Is Now Purely A Sunni - Shia Conflict ?
The key word being lead Iraq's government has asked Shia-led militias to prepare to deploy and fight in the Anbar province, after the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group overran the ...
LaFeminista 05/18/2015 16
Charles M Blow And The 40 Year Narrative: Poor People Suck.
I'll post just the conclusion, the rest lays out the reality Obama was right to call out the media’s poverty narratives. There are people across the income spectrum who are lazy and addicted and ...
LaFeminista 05/15/2015 37

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