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With Regard to Netanyahu's speech, Nancy Pelosi said it all
After reiterating the U.S.'s bond with Israel, Leader Pelosi said the following: “That is why, as one who values the U.S. – Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout ...
Thomas C 03/03/2015 234 405 3 -
The WH's reward for caving to a Fox smear
Now that the full story of Shirley Sherrod's speech to the NAACP is coming out and it is apparent that she was the victim of a smear by Fox/Breitbart, the decision by the White House and the USDA to ...
Thomas C 07/20/2010 80 24 1 110
"I too did not speak out..."
Israeli columnist and former Knesset member Yossi Sarid has a powerful and unsettling op-ed in today's Haaretz. It is entitled "I Too Did Not Speak Out." Here's the link:
Thomas C 06/04/2010 68 3 - 10
The vote is over. The Senate bill has been passed. Millions of Americans who previously did not have access to affordable healthcare coverage will now be covered. As the 51st vote was tallied in the ...
Thomas C 12/24/2009 13 8 1 198
UPDATED: Obama Now Speaking on Healthcare
Obama is about to speak on healthcare reform from the White House. As Rick Sanchez put it, it's because healthcare reform "is in trouble." This could be critical or it could be nothing. If Obama ...
Thomas C 07/17/2009 111 36 - 16
This isn't a line in the sand; it's the end of the line
The House yesterday proposed a healthcare reform bill with a robust public option, and it was well received by the White House. Today the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee ...
Thomas C 07/15/2009 5 21 - 46
Katharine Weymouth to WaPo Readers: F**k You
Katharine Weymouth, publisher of the Washington Post, issued a "Letter To Our Readers" mea culpa ...
Thomas C 07/05/2009 160 327 4 110
Since When Is Brazen Bigotry Tolerated At DKos?
UPDATE: MBNYC and Borat are now both on record as saying that they don't care if an Israeli Housing Minister advocates housing segregation of Arabs in Israel. Simply incredible. ...
Thomas C 07/03/2009 331 22 - 38
Ricci and the Death of Disparate Impact Analysis
The Ricci decision by the Supreme Court has two significant consequences that have, to my knowledge, completely escaped notice in the media and in critical analyses of the Court's opinion. The first ...
Thomas C 07/01/2009 26 21 - 291
Our torture policy comes home to roost
I'm sure many were stunned at the images broadcast by Iranian TV of demonstrators "confessing" that they had been duped into demonstrating by ...
Thomas C 06/27/2009 45 18 - 63
It's Time to Threaten the Health Insurers with Divestment
DrSteveB does it again this morning, posting a diary that exposes the big health ...
Thomas C 06/25/2009 6 11 1 8
Save the Public Option By Destroying the Baucus Plan
It's time to stop playing defense on the healthcare issue. The country overwhelmingly supports the public option, I believe the White House is committed to the public option, and if public option ...
Thomas C 06/24/2009 18 8 2 78
We Are Being Harvested
The New Bubble must be fed. Unlike yesterday's bubble - the now infamous U.S. housing bubble that played an integral part in ruining the world economy - we consumers cannot be accused of complicity, ...
Thomas C 06/23/2009 19 10 1 15
We Have The Speech, We Just Need The President
We have the will, as we did 43 years ago. We have the majorities in Congress, as we did then. We have available to us the opportunity to cast the debate in moral terms, in moral imperatives. We even ...
Thomas C 06/22/2009 16 3 - 2
Great Moments In American History
The Social Security Act. The Social Security Act was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1935 and formed a centerpiece of Roosevelt's "New Deal" agenda.
Thomas C 06/20/2009 6 8 - 15
I Just Canceled My Health Insurance Policy
If you are healthy and have no dependents I'd urge you to do the same. My kids are raised and are not dependent on me. I'll wait for the public option. If Congress won't give us a public plan, I'll ...
Thomas C 06/19/2009 625 554 13 60
Who is this man, Cheney?
John King's interview of Dick Cheney on Sunday on "State of the Union" has received press coverage ...
Thomas C 03/17/2009 4 3 - -
If it's over for CNBC, it's over for the media generally
Stewart was of course masterful. But he could have done the same job on the general media, and on every cable and broadcast network, and come to think of it he should. He could showed a montage of ...
Thomas C 03/13/2009 19 18 - 24
A Message to Senate Democrats, from Connecticut
As Harry Reid and the Senate Democratic caucus ponder Lieberman's fate and prepare to render judgment on his betrayal of the Party during the 2008 campaign, I'd like to remind our Senators that ...
Thomas C 11/10/2008 12 17 - 8
Just One Victory
We’ve been waiting so long, We've been waiting for the sun to rise and shine Shining still to give us the ...
Thomas C 11/03/2008 1 - - -
Strudels Across the Atlantic
So, Obama raised $150 million in September, shattering his own record for fundraising set in August. As the economic crisis deepened, more and more people dug into their pockets – 632,000 new ...
Thomas C 10/19/2008 2 - - 1
Speaker Pelosi: DELAY THE VOTE
It is utterly astonishing that the House will be voting on the bailout bill wihtin just a few hours, with none of the following having occurred: 1. John McCain has not issued a definitive ...
Thomas C 09/29/2008 20 11 1 2
The Trillion Dollar Heist
We are witnessing the third daring, broad-daylight heist by the bush administration. This one is the most audacious, the most daring of all. This is The Apotheosis of The Shock Doctrine. After ...
Thomas C 09/19/2008 30 21 1 3
Fed Extends $85 Billion Loan to McCain Campaign
The media is telling us that Paulson and Bernanke deemed AIG "too big to fail." But apparently that was a very real option as late as Sunday night. Indeed, negotiations with various private ...
Thomas C 09/17/2008 17 6 1 -
UPDATED: The Times and Post Destroy Palin
Here's the article: It's as devastating an account of cronyism, incompetence, vindictiveness and corruption as is ...
Thomas C 09/13/2008 750 1359 36 58
Make Them Say "I Stand By John McCain's Lies"
Watch the clip below, where even one of the most shameless republican spinmeisters is made to squirm. Consider that even Orrin Hatch would not defend McCain's smear alleging Obama had called Palin ...
Thomas C 09/12/2008 8 7 1 -
Barack O'Kerry?
In case you missed it, both Barack and Joe Biden got hammered this morning on the subject of the so-called "surge." Each permitted himself to be backed into an equivocal and meandering response to ...
Thomas C 09/07/2008 27 5 - -
Fred Thompson Just Lied
Grandpa Fred Thompson just stood before the rightwnig freaks at the republican convention and claimed that McCain declined the offer of medical treatment from his North Vietnamese captors in ...
Thomas C 09/02/2008 72 32 3 19
McCain's Character Must Be Attacked- NOW
Hesiod just posted a diary entitled “Attack John McCain’s CHARACTER or Lose” - Hesiod is absolutely correct. The ...
Thomas C 08/27/2008 56 18 1 95
Kos and Kossacks: Always Stay The Outsiders
Well, this is my last diary at DKos, at least for a good while, and judging by the comments to my recent diaries that will be cause for rejoicing by many. I can't promise I'll never be back, ...
Thomas C 06/18/2008 88 4 1 -
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