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Kitchen Table Kibitzing 04/15
Good evening! Thank you for joining us and I hope you will enjoy tonight's KTK. The other day I was at a large, downtown department store, feeling very frustrated. I had found a spring coat ...
Thomasina 04/15/2015 100 40 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 02/05: Emily Carr
Thomasina 02/05/2015 140 46 1 -
Notes from the North: Isn't it ironic?
It's been a while since I wrote a "Notes from the North" diary but I thought it might provide a distraction from post election blues. These diaries are a glimpse into what is happening up here ...
Thomasina 11/05/2014 12 11 - -
Lawyer for Canadian Mountie killer gives righteous rant on guns
Here in Canada a new law has allowed a judge to sentence Justin Bourque to three consecutive life sentences for a total of 75 years without parole for the murder of three RCMP officers. Bourque, 24,
Thomasina 10/31/2014 22 27 1 -
You Don't Own Me Please watch this video and share it with your friends. It contains a powerful message that all women should heed. And on November 4th, if you ...
Thomasina 10/21/2014 9 15 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing July 11, 2014
Kitchen Table Kibitzing is a community series for those who wish to share part of the evening around a virtual kitchen table with kossacks who are caring and supportive of one another. So ...
Thomasina 07/11/2014 91 33 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 12/15: The Group of Seven
Hello and welcome. It is my pleasure and honour to guest host tonight. Thank-you, Remembrance, for asking me. I am going to share with you the works of some Canadian artists known as The Group ...
Thomasina 12/15/2013 102 31 - -
Our entire history in two minutes
This amazing video shows our entire history in two minutes. Watch all the way to the end for a glimpse of our possible future. Very powerful: . What are your thoughts on this?
Thomasina 12/03/2013 28 20 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 8/10/2013
My signature line is from Rabindranath Tagore: You cannot cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. Now, Tagore could have said, "If you want something don't just stand there, ...
Thomasina 08/10/2013 164 34 - -
Swimming in a sea of love; a man and his dog
John Unger and his beloved Shepherd-mix dog, Schoep, shared a very special relationship for 20 years. Schoep had developed arthritis, so his owner searched for ways to ease his pain and found that ...
Thomasina 07/21/2013 36 62 3 -
Notes from the North: Happy Canada Day in Music
Hello everyone, Happy Canada Day! To celebrate this special day, I thought I would post some of my favourite ( yes, that's a u in there ) Canadian music. I hope you will enjoy what I have chosen, ...
Thomasina 07/01/2013 46 26 - -
Notes from The North: Just watch me
From time to time, I write diaries about what is happening in my home and native land, Canada. After watching the events in Boston as police searched for the bombers I read various reactions to ...
Thomasina 04/26/2013 69 39 - -
Monday Murder Mystery: The Edge of the Gulf
This is a review of "The Edge of the Gulf" by Hadley Hury. I was attracted to this book because it is set on Florida's gulf coast, an area that I love. The author does an excellent job of ...
Thomasina 03/04/2013 16 21 - -
It's Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
I don't know if you have that expression in the U.S., but here in Canada it means OK, you have been talking up a storm, now DO something! President Obama gave an excellent speech today in which he ...
Thomasina 11/28/2012 13 9 - -
Ironing the Wallpaper
Do-it-yourself home improvement shows are very popular on TV right now, but I think my Mom was the original DIY Disaster Queen. Our house was small and shabby and she was always trying to fix it up ...
Thomasina 10/02/2012 30 32 - 114
Notes from the North: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
From time to time, I like to share news from Canada in a series I call "Notes from the North". Today I am proud to tell you about a random act of kindness that recently occurred right here in my ...
Thomasina 09/22/2012 41 85 1 339
An unmonitored arsenal
Sticks and stones may break my bones But names can never hurt me. Remember that old saying from when we were kids? I was reminded of it on hearing Mitt Romney's egregious comment: "No one has ...
Thomasina 08/30/2012 54 56 3 349
Oh no, you take it
"Oh no, you take it." I wonder how many times I heard my Mom say that in the years we spent together. She was one of those totally selfless people who always put others ahead of herself. If ...
Thomasina 06/18/2012 26 32 - 139
Books That Changed My Life: Climb into his skin and walk around in it.
I was born and raised in a small city ( pop.25,000) on the Canadian prairies. We were poor, but my sister and I didn't know it, because Mom and Dad made sure we had everything we needed, even if ...
Thomasina 06/08/2012 26 30 - 121
Notes From the North: The Adventures of Pierre Poutine
This is Pierre. (Pierre Trudeau, Prime Minster of Canada from April 1968 to June 1979 and again from March 1980 to June 1984.) This is poutine. (A mixture of French fries, gravy and cheese ...
Thomasina 05/19/2012 33 24 - 96
Notes From the North: Wild Rose Withers on the Vine
Following Monday's provincial election in Alberta there is good news and bad news: The good news is that the right-wing Wild Rose party lost. The bad news is that the Conservative Party won. The ...
Thomasina 04/26/2012 60 35 1 262
Little Free Libraries: Need a book, take a book
Todd Bol's mother was a school teacher, who loved books and believed in sharing them. After her death, he searched for, and found a beautiful way to honour her. The Wisconsin native built a ...
Thomasina 04/01/2012 101 140 12 551
Notes from the North: Women ARE persons
My country, Canada, was created by the British North America Act in 1867. Because of the language of the act ( it used the words "he" and "persons") women were not seen as persons in matters of ...
Thomasina 03/08/2012 33 62 - 302
Notes from the North: Don't Toews Me Bro!
From time to time, I write about things that are happening here in Canada. I call this series,"Notes from the North". I hope you will enjoy reading about events here in my part of the world. While ...
Thomasina 02/27/2012 19 16 - 80
How bad would it have to get?
Here in Canada a young Member of Parliament recently got into some hot water by saying that if things got very bad under our Conservative Prime Minister, Steven Harper, he might consider seperation ...
Thomasina 02/16/2012 184 54 - 690
in daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee
How do you measure a year in the life? This is a ...
Thomasina 02/13/2012 24 14 - 106
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
They say that if you remember the sixties, you weren't really there. But I was there and I have many memories, both good and bad. The entire quote is as follows: "It was the best of times, it was ...
Thomasina 01/10/2012 55 45 1 217
Notes from the North: Any Mummers allowed in?
Eh me son, hows you be gettin' on by? The Canadian province of Newfoundland is situated on our eastern coast. It consists of a land mass connected to the mainland, a large, rugged island ...
Thomasina 12/20/2011 28 26 - 125
Memories of Christmas and Other Holidays
I am going to tell you some of my favourite memories of Christmas and I hope that you will share yours here as well. We didn't have a lot of money but we always had an amazing Christmas. Around Dec.
Thomasina 12/15/2011 23 21 - 77
Shakespeare About Dummies
Yes, that's right. Shakespeare For About Dummies. Republican Dummies. This morning in the J-Town Diary (http://www....
Thomasina 12/09/2011 49 27 - 157
Notes from The North: Death with dignity in Canada?
A woman who watched her husband die a gruesome death, only to discover she too had lung cancer is one of several patients and physicians asking the court to strike down Canada's assisted-...
Thomasina 11/16/2011 24 27 - 117
Notes from the North: we have loony politicians up here too
Sometimes I want to share with you things that are happening in Canada but I don't feel they deserve a whole diary. So I thought I might combine a few things that are happening up here into a diary ...
Thomasina 10/30/2011 28 23 - 128
those who own much have much to fear
I often find myself turning to the words of the Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore. He always seems to express what I am feeling, but cannot say. Rabindranath Tagore was born in 1861 in Calcutta, ...
Thomasina 10/24/2011 24 21 1 135
Play ball! Memories of Dad
It's the play-offs and at this time of year I always find myself wishing I could watch a game on TV with my Dad. He loved baseball and because he was my hero, I loved it too. In his later years, ...
Thomasina 10/15/2011 24 24 - 123
Something the tea partiers can really sink their teeth into
From the Seattle Times: It's now been decided that it's OK for World Vision to hire only people who believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. All ...
Thomasina 10/05/2011 21 11 1 160
he shot his buddy in the face
I'm not sure how much you are hearing down there about Dick Cheney's visit to the "true north strong and free" so I thought I would fill you in on his Canadian adventure. The little criminal is ...
Thomasina 09/28/2011 20 13 - 147
I'd like you to meet Jack
On August 22 Canada lost a great man and a great leader. His name was Jack Layton. He was the leader of one of our federal political parties, the New Democratic Party. The NDP evolved from a ...
Thomasina 09/23/2011 6 11 - 87
how can someone own a hospital?
I am a Canadian who loves the USA like a sister so I follow your politics rather closely. If you feel that as a Canandian I have no right to comment, I will understand if you read no further. ...
Thomasina 09/21/2011 65 16 - 189
why don't they speak up?
I'm new here and this is my first diary so please be gentle with me. In the interests of full disclosure, I am a Canadian ( and proud of it man! ). But I love your country the way you love a best ...
Thomasina 09/20/2011 108 112 2 818
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