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Explosive power
Just out of morbid curiosity, I just calculated the power of that fertilizer factory in Texas. I came up with the equivalent in explosive power of about 113 tons of TNT, or: The full war-loads of ...
Thunderthief 04/25/2013 11 10 - -
Earth Day No. 1 vs Earth Day No. 42
Manny of you have probably seen this poll posted on the Huffington Post today. Forty-two years ago, on the first Earth Day in 1971, 63% of Americans believed it was ‘very important’ to work to ...
Thunderthief 04/22/2013 2 6 - -
Boston, MA vs West, TX
This is a brief post, just because this thought has been bugging me all day.... Two douchebags with jihadi ideas in their heads and some homemade bombs blow up the Boston Marathon, killing three ...
Thunderthief 04/20/2013 281 588 6 -
PSA--Burning Plastic Can Kill You.
Just as a PSA-- a firefighter friend of mine was recently hospitalized for several days after responding to a fire and unknowingly inhaling hydrogen cyanide (HCN). The 'fire' was a plastic dish that ...
Thunderthief 06/02/2012 36 71 5 398
The Battle of the Uterus
I think every civil rights struggle has to have a battlefield, real or metaphorical, as a monument to posterity. Cable Street, the Ludlow mines, Tahrir Square, Montgomery Alabama, Bloody Sunday.... ...
Thunderthief 03/17/2012 8 8 1 53
The Buffalo Gold Replica Coin
Sometimes you have to appreciate a really good scam. Then there's stuff like this, that just makes you want to sigh and shake your head.
Thunderthief 12/30/2011 29 19 - 216
My reply to Meghan McCain
Hi Meg, I’m Tom. We’ve never met, but I’m a regular reader of your posts on the Daily Beast. I saw your August 10 piece on the ‘Obamaclypse,’ and the return of ‘politics as usual’ to ...
Thunderthief 08/11/2011 14 23 - 211
Flag Day
Just a brief set of Flag Day grumbles about how the flag of the United States is used and abused.
Thunderthief 06/14/2011 10 1 - 41
Bin Laden is Dead
Just as it says on the tin.
Thunderthief 05/01/2011 10 1 - 52
Why the Egyptian and Tunisian Armies Didn’t Shoot, and Why the Libyan Army Did
The question is, why did the Egyptian and Tunisian militaries refuse to take action against the protesters, when the Libyan military did? Someone IM'd me that question earlier today, in idle ...
Thunderthief 03/03/2011 60 116 13 819
In defense of President Obama - my take on the Middle East
Everyone on TV seems to be giving the president flak for not sending in the Marines already. This diary is my take on why getting involved prematurely would be the worst thing we could do, and what ...
Thunderthief 02/28/2011 4 4 - 32
Salt, Pollution, and Capitalism
I read a book. It pissed me off. So here's my response:
Thunderthief 01/26/2011 5 10 - 255
Does Wikileaks Really Matter?
After following the Wikileaks business for a couple months, I've started wondering about the long-term consequences. I mean, who cares about Moammar Gadhafi's hot nurse? Cross-posted from my blog,
Thunderthief 12/06/2010 19 4 - 188
Just thinking about the election.....
I'm taking a badly-needed Mental Health Day tomorrow, and had some thoughts on the election that I wanted to get off my chest. Here goes nuffin.....
Thunderthief 10/28/2010 6 - - 46
My Response to Brian Kilmeade - Americans can be terrorists too.
Mr. Kilmeade claimed on Monday that "not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims." Somehow, without even clicking on ...
Thunderthief 10/16/2010 10 4 - 44
Glenn Beck, America's Own Roderick Spode
My last post, Glenn Beck, The World’s Greatest Authority on Slavery, included the phrase “America’s own Roderick Spode.” I cross-posted the blog on ...
Thunderthief 10/14/2010 19 15 - 69
Jah Wobble's "Memoirs of a Geezer" (book review with musical accompaniment)
Jah Wobble, one of the most amazing musicians to come out of the United Kingdom in the last thirty years, has recently had his autobiography released in the United States. I managed to get a copy, ...
Thunderthief 10/11/2010 11 3 - 44
Glenn Beck Flaps His Lips about Slavery
I saw a clip on Keith Olbermann’s Countdown program last night that made me want to bang my head on the table, even though my head already hurt. He played a clip of Glenn Beck, America’...
Thunderthief 10/05/2010 34 27 - 148
Some thoughts on offshore drilling
Some thoughts on offshore oil drilling.... crossposted at my blog,
Thunderthief 08/19/2010 9 6 - 97
Dispatches from the front line of the recession.....
This is my first post here, and is crossposted at my own blog, Enoch's Yo-Yo. I hope you like it.
Thunderthief 07/09/2010 16 29 2 209
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