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Defend Social security? Why shouldn't we go on offense instead? (With poll)
Why do we have Social Security at all? To put it simply, because we must . When people reach the age at which they can no longer work, we must have a mechanism in place by which they can obtain the ...
Tim DeLaney 10/16/2014 44 33 1 -
A CO2 sequestration strategy for using coal to generate electricity
Coal exists in vast amounts in the earth's crust, and it represents an enormous energy resource. However, climate change considerations dictate that we must not emit CO2 into the atmosphere. That ...
Tim DeLaney 08/11/2014 27 8 - -
A Parable for your Republican uncle
Once upon a time (before tractors), there was a clever farmer. The farmer had a horse, a gelding which he used to help him plow his fields. Now, the horse, especially during plowing time, was as ...
Tim DeLaney 02/07/2014 113 266 5 -
"Defense" spending?—who are we trying to kid?
Today, the United States, despite our protestations of being a peace-loving nation, is the most warlike nation on the planet. It is ludicrous to call military spending by the USA defense spending. ...
Tim DeLaney 11/07/2013 169 153 4 -
$24 billion isn't chump change
The figure in the title is tossed around as though it were just another detail. The Republican shutdown of the government has cost the American people a serious amount of money. How serious? The ...
Tim DeLaney 10/20/2013 7 12 - -
The problem with our Constitution
The framers of the Constitution did a lot of things right. The system of checks and balances was a brilliant departure from the notion of government that prevailed elsewhere in the world in 1789. ...
Tim DeLaney 10/19/2013 84 32 - -
Larry Kudlow speaks
Larry Kudlow is well known to CNBC viewers as a proponent of supply side economics. His credentials are impeccable: He was Director of OMB during the Reagan years, and his long running program, The ...
Tim DeLaney 10/03/2013 21 11 - -
The three fatal flaws of Christian doctrine
There are three doctrinal issues that should trouble even the most fervent Christian. In the following discussion, I do not claim any special qualifications or insight except for that of a sentient ...
Tim DeLaney 09/19/2013 89 27 2 -
Let us start a dialogue in search of sensible gun laws (with poll)
In this diary, I will make the case that extensive regulation of firearms is just as appropriate as extensive regulation of the automobile. The right of citizens to travel freely about the country, ...
Tim DeLaney 09/14/2013 179 49 1 -
If we had any sense at all ... (a climate change rant)
When a new deadly strain of influenza is discovered, we humans move heaven and earth to develop a vaccine to combat it. We don't question the motives or the competence of the people who discover ...
Tim DeLaney 06/24/2013 85 73 2 -
A Constitutional Amendment to fix a broken Congress (and an almost sure fire way to pass it)
Congress is broken; everybody knows this. The very fact that public opinion polls consistently put the approval rating of Congress at below 15% should cause Senators and Representatives, both ...
Tim DeLaney 05/31/2013 38 33 1 -
Is there a God? (With Poll)
One of the things I admire about DKOS is that however you resolve—or don't resolve—the title question, you are still part of the community, and your views are very generally respected by fellow ...
Tim DeLaney 05/18/2013 279 29 1 -
The Republican approach to Benghazi borders on treason
Republicans gleefully make political hay from the Benghazi attack, repudiating a long standing tradition of solidarity in the face of enemy attack. It is just common sense: if somebody attacks us, ...
Tim DeLaney 05/10/2013 26 20 1 -
Is the Filibuster Constitutional?
In the wake of the shameful and immoral filibuster of a watered down background check bill, it's time for Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic majority to ask the title question, and come up ...
Tim DeLaney 04/28/2013 106 71 2 -
How we can stop the Republican efforts to hijack our government
President Obama's very fine inaugural address notwithstanding, I believe our Constitution is flawed, and perhaps fatally flawed. Please don't get me wrong; I very much admire that noble document. I ...
Tim DeLaney 01/27/2013 27 26 1 -
The case for eliminating the Social Security tax cap
Predictably, conservatives won't like this idea, but I believe it would be best for the nation and its citizens to eliminate the cap on Social Security taxes. The argument of the very wealthy is ...
Tim DeLaney 12/22/2012 43 21 1 -
The real reason for Republican obstructionism, plus a programming suggestion for MSNBC
The protests on Black Friday of Walmart's treatment of their employees are encouraging, and Kossacks supported them overwhelmingly, but the heirs of Sam Walton—and others like them—have rigged ...
Tim DeLaney 11/26/2012 132 284 13 -
We OWE our brothers and sisters in Florida
Just last night I was thinking about the people who waited all those hours in lines that stretched for blocks. Waiting for what? To scratch a few pencil marks on a sheet of paper (or twelve)? The ...
Tim DeLaney 11/09/2012 75 221 1 -
Anybody wanna play College Bowl? (Electoral College, that is)
I count just 10 states that are even remotely competitive. In order of electoral votes we have: FL 29 PA 20 OH 18 NC 15 VA 13 WI 10 CO 9 IA 6 NV 6 NH 4 Actually, I rate only 7 of these ...
Tim DeLaney 11/05/2012 33 8 - -
I'd love to hear President Obama deliver this speech
I truly wish I were President Obama's speechwriter. Mitt Romney's position on taxes, both his tax policy as a prospective president and his own personal taxes, are so vulnerable to attack. If I were ...
Tim DeLaney 10/14/2012 8 15 - -
A proposal to Mitt Romney regarding his tax plan
Mitt, you have been criticized for the vagueness of your tax plan. I have a great new idea for you to silence your critics with a single bold stroke. You like bold strokes, don't you? You say that ...
Tim DeLaney 10/02/2012 5 6 - 53
I just gotta call out Mitt Romney on this
From a recent interview on 60 Minutes: In the “60 Minutes” interview, Romney defended his federal income tax rate, which at about 14 percent is lower than the rate paid by many Americans. “...
Tim DeLaney 09/25/2012 23 25 - 155
Voter rights—A call for federal legislation
Of course, any federal approach to voter rights is too late for this election cycle, but there will be future cycles. The shameless Republican voter suppression attempts this year alone are good ...
Tim DeLaney 09/15/2012 23 15 - 67
Mitt Rmoney has resigned (in effect) as the Republican candidate. What now?
Mitt Rmoney, by virtue of his terminally inept campaign, has effectively resigned as the GOP candidate. (He may disagree, which only highlights his cluelessness.) The rats are streaming for the ...
Tim DeLaney 09/13/2012 65 54 1 639
What we learned from George W Bush, and what Mitt Romney didn't learn
Back in 2001, George W Bush proposed a program of tax cuts. These cuts, we were told, would led to greater prosperity. Democrats pointed out that the cuts seemed to disproportionately benefit the ...
Tim DeLaney 07/18/2012 38 110 3 905
Richard Harter 1935 - 2012
I was saddened recently when I (very belatedly) learned about the death of Richard Harter via Larry Moran's fine blog, Sandwalk . Professor Moran gives many of the details of Richard's life and ...
Tim DeLaney 07/02/2012 9 9 - 83
Republicans are not on our side
Not exactly breaking news, is it? By "our side" I do not mean the Democratic side. We all know that they are not on our side in the sense that they are Republicans and we are Democrats. I don't ...
Tim DeLaney 06/29/2012 15 25 1 148
A Proposal to reform campaign finance and the entire electoral process
Recent events have prompted me to make this very practical proposal. It would help close the budget deficit, give real meaning to the votes of those people unfortunate enough to live in "safe" states,
Tim DeLaney 06/06/2012 8 8 - 69
GUS: Totally Commit to Your Quit
GUS (Gave Up Smoking) is a community support diary for Kossacks in the midst of quitting smoking. Any supportive comments, suggestions or positive distractions are appreciated. We avoid discussion ...
Tim DeLaney 06/03/2012 33 21 2 188
Well done, President Obama!
It would seem that the progressive community is virtually unanimous in supporting the President's views on marriage equality. Of course, I am in complete agreement. But the title refers to Obama's ...
Tim DeLaney 05/09/2012 13 20 - 71
The shameless GOP voter suppression scheme and how we can stop it
Among the slimiest of election tactics is the proliferation of Republican voter suppression laws. The notion that citizens must prove with state issued ID that they are qualified to vote has exactly ...
Tim DeLaney 05/06/2012 73 175 4 698
In search of the ideal income tax system
The Buffett rule is not enough. Warren Buffett is rightly critical of the tax code, but the Buffett rule is just an important first step. Don't get me wrong, I support the Buffett rule, but only as ...
Tim DeLaney 04/15/2012 182 41 2 443
The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Loaded guns in public? Really?
I am not under the delusion that this diary will draw universal acclaim; there may be a few Kossacks that disagree with me -- well, maybe more than a few. As the title suggests, I am calling into ...
Tim DeLaney 04/07/2012 378 123 4 1303
A public service message for Noobs, or how to tell if you really belong here
The political landscape can be confusing for the uninitiated, and I thought it might be useful to explain a few things to you folks that might have just stumbled onto this site by accident. The ...
Tim DeLaney 04/01/2012 139 121 2 1227
Lamenting what SCOTUS has become.
In my naive youth, I thought that when it comes to appointing a SCOTUS justice, the idea was to find the best moderate jurist in the land, and let him or her grow into the job. One of the best ...
Tim DeLaney 03/29/2012 27 21 - 165
Some thoughts on the electoral college system
One of the curious facts about the primary process is that it forces the candidates to indulge in phony battles. Consider the Illinois primary as an example. The Republicans have zero chance of ...
Tim DeLaney 03/24/2012 54 21 1 149
How are jobs actually created?
In these days of unemployment north of 8%, the question of job creation is a hot topic, and it should be. Below the orange thingie I want to explore this.
Tim DeLaney 03/05/2012 98 43 5 595
Atheists are not electable for POTUS. Is this good or bad? (With poll)
It is widely accepted that an atheist or an agnostic could not be elected president today. According to Franklin Steiner , many of our early presidents were irreligious to varying degrees, but none ...
Tim DeLaney 02/18/2012 223 58 1 552
The Religious Far Right and Their Sexual Agenda
The recent controversy over the political decisions of the Susan G Komen foundation has inspired this diary. I cannot for the life of me understand why politics ought to play a role in this arena. ...
Tim DeLaney 02/05/2012 220 386 23 2246
Mitt Romney's Mythical 100,000 Jobs
Mitt Romney claims credit for the creation of 100,000 jobs. Let's look into this claim. We start with Staples; they sell office supplies. Is this a newly discovered market that Bain Capital has ...
Tim DeLaney 02/01/2012 16 7 - 79
Four Ideas for Fundamental Government Reform
My sig line calls for fundamental reform, but what do I mean by this? Politicians toss the word "reform" around without bothering to tell you what it means. All too often it means tweaking the law--...
Tim DeLaney 01/28/2012 69 37 2 373
A Proposal for Funding Social Security
From time to time the funding of Social Security becomes an issue. The baby boomers are going to put it under some stress, as will the trend towards longer lifespans. And although it is currently ...
Tim DeLaney 01/19/2012 59 12 - 111
Where We Are Headed if Republicans Get Their Way with the Tax Code
The current Republican candidates have all called for the elimination of both capital gains taxes and estate taxes. Presumably, taxes on dividends would also be eliminated, but even if not, there ...
Tim DeLaney 01/16/2012 47 104 4 749
Understanding Biological Evolution
Daily Kos is a primarily political blog, and a diary about evolution might seem like a distantly related side issue. Nevertheless, I think it useful for educated people to understand the world ...
Tim DeLaney 01/14/2012 118 106 2 536
Morality and Our Tax System
Morality? Tax system? How could one possibly marry these two concepts in a diary title? Below the fold, I hope to convince you that this is no shotgun wedding.
Tim DeLaney 01/12/2012 27 23 1 164
The Devil Is in the Details -- State and Local Taxes
Roughly a third to a half of our total tax load goes to state and local taxing authorities. It is well documented that state and local ...
Tim DeLaney 12/03/2011 40 41 2 349
Why Do We Have Regressive Taxes?
Of course the answer is clear: we have them because the 1% wants us to have them. By guile, propaganda, and sometimes thinly disguised bribery, the 1% have crafted an overall tax system in this ...
Tim DeLaney 11/27/2011 20 2 - 72
A Heretical View of Corporate Income Taxes
In this diary, I will try to convince you of a very unpopular view, namely that we should eliminate corporate income taxes (CIT). Chances are that I won't convert you, but maybe I will have given ...
Tim DeLaney 11/25/2011 31 5 - 115
Revisiting My Payroll Tax Suggestion
As I now realize, my suggestion to repeal payroll taxes was ill-advised--let's be candid, it was dumb--so I withdraw it. Is that allowed on DKos? :-) Project Omaha is about consensus, and my ...
Tim DeLaney 11/20/2011 12 3 - 60
A Call to Repeal Payroll Taxes
Payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare comprise about 37% of federal revenue, making them the second biggest tax in the country, behind only the individual income tax. Why should we regard ...
Tim DeLaney 11/17/2011 43 5 - 153
Our Beloved Income Tax
This is my second diary for this project. From this point on, I will simply use the tag "Project Omaha". My thanks to Angie in WA State for that suggestion. The title might make some Kossacks wince,
Tim DeLaney 11/13/2011 76 26 2 435
An Ex-Republican Tries to Make Amends
Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan is clearly just a gimmick with a catchy title. Why not 8-11-10, or 9-7-15? I find Cain a likable guy; he has a sense of humor, unlike most right wingers. (He hasn't been ...
Tim DeLaney 11/10/2011 33 14 - 222
Examining the Tax Policies of the Right
The Tax Foundation bills itself as non-partisan. (Make your own judgement on the accuracy of that assertion.) The following is from their most recent blog by the president, Scott A. Hodge. I ...
Tim DeLaney 11/05/2011 8 3 - 65
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