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An Ohio lament
Ok, so I wrote a diary with a lot of invective in it against Jane Hamsher. I apologize to this community for the invective. I do not apologize to Jane Hamsher. Here's why.
TimRusso 12/22/2009 69 11 - 46
Jane Hamsher's staff
If Bob Brigham had told me that his boss might, possibly, could, may one day, even in the most outside of possibilities, propose an alliance with teabaggers to kill health care reform if she didn't ...
TimRusso 12/21/2009 330 33 1 64
Joe Scarborough laughing next to Markos - who's gonna laugh last?
I'm liking the fact that Markos is getting some exposure on Meet the Press today, because I like that political pressure is coming from the left in a way it never did before Markos began this site. ...
TimRusso 12/20/2009 68 24 - 141
DSCC threatens Jennifer Brunner in OH-SEN, over money! UPDATE
The people who brought you Joe Lieberman are gearing up to knee cap the only Democrat who can win the US Senate seat in Ohio.
TimRusso 12/17/2009 457 612 10 233
Deliberate pandering
And that means you, Cenk Uygur.
TimRusso 12/16/2009 43 2 - 16
The foul rot that is Joe Lieberman
I just finished watching Olbermann and Rachel, their thorough demolishing of the sorry human being who is Joe Lieberman, and just had to put this down.
TimRusso 12/14/2009 8 6 - 69
The OH-SEN anti-war candidate I support - still
When I first became aware of politics and government, Ronald Reagan was president. And I knew from my very first understanding of the philosophies of governing that Republican Party orthodoxy, if ...
TimRusso 12/11/2009 5 6 - 45
Brunner addresses Afghan flip flop live tomorrow morning
Democratic candidate for US Senate in Ohio, Jennifer Brunner, will discuss her position on Afghanistan tomorrow in a live online interview.
TimRusso 12/07/2009 5 3 - 60
Did you really want Vice President Palin?
To all the anti-war pacifists in my party. Please remember the following.
TimRusso 12/05/2009 207 10 - 215
The Afghan Pander proven in OH-Sen
I support Jennifer Brunner for the US Senate. I don't support being pandered to, which Jennifer did to me, point blank, in February when she announced her candidacy.
TimRusso 12/04/2009 25 2 - 86
Enough with the pandering, please
So the president makes a decision, the orders are given, it's done. Cue the cowardly pandering.
TimRusso 12/03/2009 20 2 - 50
Barack gets it - you're pacifists. That's ok.
I like being in a political party, the Democratic Party, so resolutely anti-war at its core, and within its base. There is no "pro-war" Democrat. Those people are Republicans.
TimRusso 12/02/2009 127 24 - 86
I've got Barack's back today, who's with me - SPEECH TAKE UPDATE!
All people who run for office, every single one, somewhere in their deepest soul, believe they are destined to be president one day. It is in their DNA to expect that the decision facing Barack ...
TimRusso 11/30/2009 1767 704 9 184
Biggest hole in POTUS security? The media entrance
Remember this event in Ohio during the presidential campaign?
TimRusso 11/28/2009 15 16 1 100
Hey teabaggers - your 2 weird fetishes are not political thought
The twin fetishes of conservative Republicanism, historic re-enactment, and sex, are what passes for political thought in teabaggers, and they're all yours, GOP!
TimRusso 11/27/2009 27 7 - 146
Lebron & Shaq vs. Rush & Beck - It's time.
This is a difficult diary for me to write, because I'm such a fan of Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, and I hate the idea of making Lebron uncomfortable. But the time has come to write it.
TimRusso 11/23/2009 32 9 - 348
Hey teabaggers - you can't have the country back
Hanging around the Palin idiots as much as Eric and I did yesterday really gets you down.
TimRusso 11/21/2009 344 518 15 574
Video: all-night Palin OH booksigning campout festival of idiocy
Not sure, but this may be the first blogger produced video shot at a Sarah Palin book-signing campout. We hit Camp Palin outside the Borders in Dublin, Ohio, outside Columbus.
TimRusso 11/20/2009 31 23 1 166
On money boycotts and Republicanism - know your enemy
I'm not one to shy away from criticizing this site when things get a bit nuts. This boycott nonsense, from whatever angle you want to launch it, is getting there.
TimRusso 11/15/2009 21 6 - 17
NY-23 in OH-Sen; wingnut blog skirmishing begins
What's better than a deluded wingnut teabagger challenging a Republican in a big primary? A self-funded filthy rich deluded wingnut teabagger WHO'S ALREADY ON THE AIR.
TimRusso 11/14/2009 60 36 1 154
A Clevelander on Dennis Kucinich's "no" vote
We Clevelanders know and love Dennis Kucinich for reasons non-Clevelanders can't begin to understand. It's a complicated relationship.
TimRusso 11/11/2009 63 15 - 204
How Rahm should handle Joe Lieberman
Everyone likes a visit to the White House. Joe Lieberman is no exception.
TimRusso 11/10/2009 40 2 - 47
I'm back.
After numerous bannings from Dkos, I'm sufficiently chastened, and excited, to come back as a member of this incredible community.
TimRusso 11/09/2009 21 4 - 132
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