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GOTV to fight the fraud
An eye-popping report: I'm hoping they're wrong, but since 2000 (and 2004), this type ...
Timetheos 10/25/2012 5 2 - -
Looks like cons are trying for their Dream: Rush as Prez
Remember this gawdawful TV show?: Given all of the groveling that Republican leaders such ...
Timetheos 03/03/2009 24 1 2 -
Jerome is an idiot part deux
(More of my anti-DD rants :-) ) I don't know why I go ever there. Perhaps it's the occasional good article by Todd or Chris. Ever the glutton for punishment, I head over there today and what do ...
Timetheos 05/04/2008 149 15 1 16
Is MyDD going nutters?
MyDD has become the refuge of radical Hillary supporters. So many there are threatening to vote for McCain it is scary. There is also a big anti-Kos movement there. And now, they are going to ...
Timetheos 03/26/2008 106 8 - 4
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