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Summers Over
Summers is over, but the heat lingers on. Many are seeing this as a rejection not only of Obama's choice, but a clear message that the 'new' New Left is gaining influence within the Democratic Party.
Timothy L Smith 09/16/2013 2 2 1 -
Live from America
This quote from a witness to the New Orleans shootings as reported in the Times-Picayne: "Another woman, Erica Garner, whose nephew and sister had been shot, said the shooting exemplified how the ...
Timothy L Smith 05/13/2013 7 7 - -
Cynicism Repaid with Skepticism
The naked cynicism of Mitt Romney's campaign (and personal character) has been on view for months now. From flip-flop to Etch-a-Sketch to bald-faced lying, the press has tolerated his cynical ...
Timothy L Smith 11/03/2012 1 3 - -
EJ Dionne nails it.
Dionne has recognized something in the current Romney strategy of embracing Obama's positions, or if you prefer, changing his own to suit the moment that should be appreciated by our side. The ...
Timothy L Smith 10/25/2012 26 44 1 -
Unfit for Duty—Romney's Character Problem
In a recent political discussion with a colleague of mine who was an associate of Stephen Covey, a Mormon bishop and an active church member for years, the question of Mitt Romney’s character came ...
Timothy L Smith 09/12/2012 5 5 - 87
Job Creation, How Its Really Done
Job creators. Here's what I know about how its done, and some of it is fairly personal since I'm married to one who does it. I can claim no such distinction myself, being a one-man band plying my ...
Timothy L Smith 07/23/2012 14 57 1 265
Finding Fred
If you are of a certain age, and had a parent or parents who lived through the depression, fought in World War II and then came back to create the 'modern' world of the last half of the past ...
Timothy L Smith 10/25/2011 5 8 - 58
On McCain-Another POW's View
One of my main compadres is survivor of the POW experience who went on to be a national leader of Veterans for Peace and a respected activist for many local and national causes. Over the years, as ...
Timothy L Smith 03/30/2008 200 391 39 70
Liars in Hell
Something, perhaps, to raise your lip above your teeth this Monday morning. Something besides O'Reilly, that is.
Timothy L Smith 07/30/2007 1 1 - 1
The Call
We are being called. All of us. But more than others, we graying baby-boomers are being called to fulfill the promises we made in that shining moment of our youth when life was full of possibility,
Timothy L Smith 07/16/2007 16 20 2 141
This excerpt is from Diane Feinstein's reply to my impeachment email. "Dear Mr. Smith, At this time, ...
Timothy L Smith 07/03/2007 4 1 - 2
A Lesson from the Amish
Timothy L Smith 10/06/2006 29 15 1 9
A Lyrical Limerick Polemic
Timothy L Smith 10/05/2006 7 6 1 8
Principled Leadership. A Modest Proposal
Timothy L Smith 10/03/2006 4 2 1 1
Golf in the Kingdom-Rupert, Willie et. al.
Timothy L Smith 07/31/2006 1 1 - 2
On Our Watch-The Triumph of Ideology Over Leadership
Timothy L Smith 04/26/2006 - 1 1 1
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