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Just shoot me
I have 3 broken ribs. Arrgh fuck shit It don't get better than this Thank the FSM for ...
Tinfoil Hat 02/20/2015 124 8 - -
I Stold a baby once
From a speed freak ...
Tinfoil Hat 01/17/2015 13 14 - -
And They Wonder Why I Drink
I have knocked on doors. Made countless telephone calls. Live in North BY GOD Carolina where the churches out number everything but the GUN SHOPS, Can't find a decent tavern to save my useless ...
Tinfoil Hat 11/04/2014 3 3 - -
Government regulations saved my foot today
Preface: I live in North Carolina in an area that is all sand, churches and gun shops. That said, today I was trying to mow my lawn after weeks of rain. We have a drainage swale that runs across ...
Tinfoil Hat 07/31/2014 26 34 - -
Some More FSM Maddness
This is kinda old but.. You can't make this shit up Pastafarian minister sworn into office This may be the first openly Pastafarian sworn into office. For sure, the first to be sworn in wearing a ...
Tinfoil Hat 07/23/2014 6 10 - -
I can't blame Weird Al
For why my DIL won't ever text me again 2 years ago i asked her why she couldn't take the time to text me with like i don't know FUCKING WORDS. not crap with symbols and numbers and crap. I went to ...
Tinfoil Hat 07/21/2014 29 2 - -
You wanna talk about Meta?
Here we go!!1 1. Why doesn't Crashing Vor use the orange cone anymore? 2. Why does a Bob Johnson Diary make me laugh? Below the "FOLD" (like there is a pixelated fold anyway"
Tinfoil Hat 03/16/2014 25 3 - -
WTF AUTOPLAY and you can't fixit?
Tinfoil Hat 02/26/2014 19 1 - -
Kill The effing autoplay daily show
What moar needs to be ...
Tinfoil Hat 02/26/2014 20 12 - -
Help! What to get for the food bank.
We got an unexpected bonus check from Scrooge this year. My Christmas giving was done for the year. Got my wife a really nice pair of gloves for the garden, my loony neighbor a card. Now I must go ...
Tinfoil Hat 12/22/2011 28 14 - 94
The best reasons for single payer yet. Attn Slink & nyceve
My wife works from home as a remote coder and auditor in the healthcare world. Today she was watching c-span and after all the bullshit and lies were spread around (not unlike springtime in the ...
Tinfoil Hat 09/16/2009 26 38 5 37
We got our tickets today to Rock Obama
A week from today, Mrs. Tinfoil Hat and I will be at Mile High Stadium to see The ROCK OBAMA! W00t!! We got seats on the south 45 yard line in the first section off the field. Jump for ...
Tinfoil Hat 08/21/2008 7 4 - 1
It doesn't get worse than this.
Ran across this today. From The Roswell Beacon, Roswell, Georgia I refuse to provide a direct ...
Tinfoil Hat 05/27/2008 27 8 - 2
Where is my son?
My son joined the U. S. Navy after having a really screwed up upbringing due to a really fucked up divorce. We met after the divorce for a short time after my granddaughter was born. He is now ...
Tinfoil Hat 08/13/2007 32 11 - 13
More support for our wounded vets.... NOT
Tinfoil Hat 04/18/2006 13 10 - 2
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