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Obamacare will double my monthly premium (according to Kaiser)
My wife and I just got our updates from Kaiser telling us what our 2014 rates will be. Her monthly has been $168 this year, mine $150. We have a high deductible. We are generally healthy people who ...
Tirge Caps 09/30/2013 221 18 3 -
GOP nominates Kerry to State; Obama agrees
After a tough political fight, the GOP has successfully brought the nomination of Senator John Kerry to President Obama's consideration. And it looks like he will get the post. Although Kerry was ...
Tirge Caps 12/21/2012 127 2 - -
What's your special interest, Joe?
In 2011-2012 the Obama Administration came into California with a scorched earth policy towards medical cannabis dispensaries. An out of control AG, Melinda Haag, with all the zealotry of an ...
Tirge Caps 12/12/2012 3 4 - -
Dick Cheney Endorsed Gay Marriage in 2009
It is sad to watch everyone jump for joy over the Presiden't's eventual realization that gay couples should have the same rights as everyone else. He didn't take this stance until now. Meanwhile ...
Tirge Caps 05/10/2012 94 1 - 222
Lobbying for war....
I don't have time to flesh this out, hopefully someone with more time will, but Sam Stein has an article over at the HuffPo that states 10 defense contractors ...
Tirge Caps 01/21/2010 3 2 - 1
Former nominee to head DHS is inmate #210717
Honestly, if you really want to sum up the Bush years, you could do it with Bernie Kerik. Kerik was police commissioner of New York City on the day of 911 and therefore a National Hero automatically.
Tirge Caps 10/22/2009 19 29 1 192
Answer to Muskegon Critic: It's the money... (w/vid)
How can Senators look America in the eye knowing that 76% of Americans want a working public option and tell them it is too difficult to accomplish? It's the money. Since 1990 ...
Tirge Caps 06/29/2009 26 24 - 38
(updated X3) Today is the day the MSM picks up the torture-Iraq War link. (w/vids)
The MSM is now talking about Dick Cheney using torture to establish fabricated links between al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein's Iraq in order to justify a war against Iraq to the American people. Right ...
Tirge Caps 05/15/2009 30 21 - 22
Was torture used to provide evidence for both pillars of the Iraq War? (w/video)
On Hardball just now Matthews brings up the use of torture to produce the evidence to validate the invasion of Iraq. For some reason he didn't expand on it too much, so it is important to note that ...
Tirge Caps 04/27/2009 28 9 - 27
John King is the moon that orbits Planet Blitzer
The media is often pushing the question of whether President Obama is living up to his campaign promises. I have seen very little narrative from the media, outside of Rachel's show, on what Obama ...
Tirge Caps 03/08/2009 22 10 - 30
Sanchez lassos Pence on GOP spending under Bush, Pence responds with lies
Rick Sanchez asks Mike Pence the big question, basically, where do you guys get off even mentioning government spending; and Pence has to BS his way out of it, basically the only way out...
Tirge Caps 03/03/2009 10 9 - -
Sunday News Scramble: CIA Ties to Serbian Intel, Arnold's Raw Deal & More
Serbian Intel Chief was CIA Ally The LA Times has an interesting ...
Tirge Caps 03/01/2009 7 5 - 21
The absolute insanity that is Michelle Bernard
Did anyone catch Michelle Bernard on Tweety's show? Honestly, I just spent the last several minutes typing out a proper transcript of this exchange. The question at hand was Jindal's remarkably ...
Tirge Caps 02/24/2009 51 21 - 13
Thank you Senators Schumer and Sanders (w/video)
A few days ago I said in comments : I think where my problem with him [Harry Reid] comes from is in that I ...
Tirge Caps 02/13/2009 7 22 - 12
Dear Mr. Brokaw: My apologies
Last week I wrote a diary titled Tom Brokaw is a GOP hack I have been bothered by many of Brokaw's questions and framing ...
Tirge Caps 10/26/2008 37 3 - 1
White House Guts Last Provisions Protecting Streams from Mountaintop Mining
Mountaintop mining has gone on for some years in Appalachia. I am astounded this happens and am especially astounded by the shear volume of waste and pollution and destruction this practice ...
Tirge Caps 10/21/2008 16 33 2 167
Tom Brokaw is a GOP hack (w/video) UPDATE
There is a great diary scrolling down right now by WinSmith titled "The Bias of Tom Brokaw" . No doubt resides in my mind ...
Tirge Caps 10/19/2008 51 17 - 2
Vanden Heuvel  drops the f-bomb on Bachmann (w/video)
On the rec list is a diary about the horrible words and thoughts of Congress woman Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota. Bachmann's insistence on bringing up boogiemen like Ward Churchill to drive her ...
Tirge Caps 10/17/2008 37 33 1 20
Democrats poised to take 9 Senate seats (w/video)
Hardball did a special today on the close Senate races around the country. These races aren't over by any shot, but as of right now, the country is leaning blue. A 60 seat majority would be just ...
Tirge Caps 10/14/2008 36 22 - 14
McCain sat on board of ultra-right wing racist group (updated)
The very low Sarah Palin came out screeching yesterday about Barack Obama's relation to William Ayers. Aside from the fact that Obama was 8 years old during Ayers' radical years, the right wing hate ...
Tirge Caps 10/05/2008 387 586 27 218
Is John McCain too troll like?
Late in the evening, after hours of reporting and hypothesizing and yammering to anyone and everyone that would come on the show, Chris Matthews had a break out question about our little buddy ...
Tirge Caps 09/27/2008 21 5 - 2
Boxer LAYS OUT K5&McCain + 101 more missed roll call votes than stroke victim Tim Johnson
McCain has married his debate appearance and campaign to this crisis. That is the most abject politicizing of a crisis I have ever seen. And Barbara Boxer pins him to the wall, going after his ...
Tirge Caps 09/25/2008 202 472 13 34
Bush keeping troops in Iraq longer for political reasons.
Did this stand out to anyone watching Rachel's show tonight? Is Rachel reading this right? Maliki: The final date was really the end of 2010 and the period between the end of 2010 and ...
Tirge Caps 09/23/2008 35 26 1 43
Rep. McDermott "Paulson can throw a pass to himself" (w/video)(w/ transcript)
Rep. Jim McDermott just had the quote of the day: "This is the third time we've done it with this bunch. First the war, that didn't get paid for. Then the tax cuts, that didn't get paid ...
Tirge Caps 09/22/2008 213 619 15 27
Another lie put down: McCain right in the center of Fannie Mae lobbyists-Obama w/ workers (w/video!)
The absurdity of McCain's attack that Obama profited from Fannie Mae enters lunacy-land. Barack Obama received about $166,000 from Fannie Mae employees . John McCain has ...
Tirge Caps 09/21/2008 11 20 1 26
Obama looks Presidential, McCain looking petulant (w/videos!) UPDATED!
The week ended with a strong performance by Barack Obama and his surrogates. In the wake of the financial crisis and its impact on the election, John McCain came out with lying ads about Obama's ...
Tirge Caps 09/19/2008 71 40 1 35
Wasilla HS Yearbook = Alaska State Directory
I know I know. Rachel just nailed Palin on her show in numerous of necessary ways. How bad can it really get, though? It's like digging a hole to China. It doesn't end. What struck me in the show ...
Tirge Caps 09/15/2008 11 7 1 -
Rudy Lies, Dick Armey outs "Bubba", Brokaw loves polls, Town Hall! (w/video!)
According to Rudy Giuliani, the investigations into Sarah Palin were launched by Obama supporters. In other words, when Democrats investigate, it is politically motivated, but when Republicans ...
Tirge Caps 09/14/2008 27 8 - -
Where's the 'you' in 'we' for Gov. Palin?
The lie is in the 'we'...
Tirge Caps 09/12/2008 4 1 - -
What is up with all these elite black people?
This morning on Meet the Press Tom Brokaw, quoting a New York Post headline this morning, asked Joe Biden: Here's another headline that appeared in the New York Post. Oprah Winfrey ...
Tirge Caps 09/07/2008 44 10 - -
They're squashing it. (a media rant)
McCain gets a pass and that means Palin gets a pass. The media is soft-balling it as well as they can. I have given it some time, waited to see if the media would do the work and broadcast the news ...
Tirge Caps 09/05/2008 42 10 1 -
This is the Republican party we just compromised with:
Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) just got up in the House and with a snotty tone and card signs gave everyone instructions on how to speak Democrat:
Tirge Caps 06/20/2008 16 4 1 7
Bob Dole's crazy assed letter to Scotty (updated!)
Is it just me or is this the ramblings of man out of his boat and splashing around in the backwaters of sanity? Scott, There are miserable creatures like you in every administration ...
Tirge Caps 05/30/2008 133 17 - 20
What is the deal with MSNBC's weekend programming?
What is the deal with MSNBC's weekend programming? After several years of teevee abstinence, I got cable late last year so I could follow the primaries and elections. I will likely cancel it after ...
Tirge Caps 05/19/2008 129 32 1 23
(breaking) Iraq revokes security contractors' immunity
Sorry for the short diary.... This morning the Iraqi government decided to revoke the aspects of CPA Order 17 that had been integrated into Iraqi law. CPA Order 17 was the Bremer issued ...
Tirge Caps 10/24/2007 23 28 - 6
State Dept. Inspector General impedes investigations into contractor abuse
One thing I haven't seen covered here today (and I will delete if so) is Representative Henry Waxman's letter (pdf) to State ...
Tirge Caps 09/19/2007 3 12 - 27
The Crutch of War
Walter Pincus had an article today in the Washington Post titled "Contractors in ...
Tirge Caps 08/20/2007 12 13 1 210
uh, 1 trillion dollars?
Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a follow up to a 2006 report last week on federal ...
Tirge Caps 06/27/2007 32 28 2 8
Blackwater VP Cofer Black joins Romney's campaign team
J. Cofer Black, the former CIA counter-terrorism specialist who has retained a vice-president position at Blackwater USA in ...
Tirge Caps 04/30/2007 22 15 - 8
BREAKING: Rice and RNC subpoenas authorized by House (Updated)
CSPAN's Capitol Hill News is reporting that the House has authorized subpoenas for the RNC and for Secretary Rice. Alrighty...
Tirge Caps 04/25/2007 221 218 7 97
Ken Starr represents Blackwater's appeal to SCOTUS [UPDATE: DENIED]  
Richard Nordan, the administrator of the estates of the four Blackwater independent contractors who were mutalated in Falluja in 2004, had sued the company at the behest of the families for "...
Tirge Caps 02/25/2007 19 21 - 15
BREAKING!!! I Am an A??hole! [w/ UPDATE!]
Recent reports have shown that most people in Tirge Caps' life think Tirge is an asshole. Despite consistent efforts to work hard, plan for the future, and maintain a semblance of realistic ambitions,
Tirge Caps 02/21/2007 49 5 - 13
Hello? Yes, I'd like to hire the CIA...
A lot of attention is paid, or at least, beginning to get paid to military service provision as a business enterprise. Our Pentagon has been changing for years now, even decades, to adjust to a post-...
Tirge Caps 02/20/2007 10 9 - 23
Iran Syria Policy and Operations Group
The Boston Globe reported on January 2nd that a select group of US ...
Tirge Caps 01/05/2007 4 4 - 2
Big oil reaps big windfall profits... again
Tirge Caps 10/26/2006 3 2 - -
Tirge Caps 10/16/2006 87 28 - 18
Its not just wiretapping
Tirge Caps 06/15/2006 3 7 - -
20 countries said to aid in CIA rendition program
Tirge Caps 06/07/2006 7 5 - -
Jeff Sessions is full of shit
Tirge Caps 04/26/2006 32 9 - 1
Katrina response hearings open thread 3
Tirge Caps 02/10/2006 272 111 1 -
Pentagon hired PR firm to provide blog content
Tirge Caps 01/10/2006 11 10 - 19
Iraq War projected to cost between $1-2 Trillion
Tirge Caps 01/07/2006 22 16 2 15
No House Investigation of WHIG. Not Yet.
Tirge Caps 11/11/2005 4 6 - -
U.S. Interrogations Result in 21 Homicides ( far)
Tirge Caps 10/24/2005 12 11 1 -
25% of Iraqi Reconstruction Money Going to Security
Tirge Caps 10/10/2005 11 - - -
GWOT Train Aims At Federal Worker's Rights
Tirge Caps 08/19/2005 5 3 - -
Delay Sneaks in $1.5 Billion Giveaway to Halliburton, Sugar Land in Energy Bill
Tirge Caps 07/28/2005 11 13 - 1
BREAKING: "Democrats can't help denigrating and demonizing Christians"-Rep Hostettler
Tirge Caps 06/20/2005 162 85 - 14
SusanHu's FOIA Project UPDATE
Tirge Caps 06/09/2005 32 150 - 13
Halliburton protest: 16 arrested, 12 trampled by police horses...
Tirge Caps 05/19/2005 6 21 - 18
Army agrees to pay Halliburton 95%...
Tirge Caps 04/06/2005 8 7 - -
Contractor deaths - is Halliburton accountable?
Tirge Caps 03/30/2005 7 4 - -
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