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NDAA, the Prequel: Legal Brief on Behalf of pre-9066 Japanese Internee, January 1942
Before the relocations of 100,000 - indeed, within 24 hours of Pearl Harbor - a much smaller number of people of Japanese ancestry were arrested and ultimately put into POW camps with captured Axis ...
Tom Lum Forest 05/16/2014 2 5 1 -
The Rise, Persistence, and Replacement of the Roman Empire: Computer Simulation
Last year the Maya , this year Romans.This is the draft I submitted to the conference for acceptance. I will add to it prior to the 2014 International System Dynamics Conference , provided I am ...
Tom Lum Forest 03/21/2014 30 16 1 -
Cubanos Rubio and Cruz are the GOP's Model Latinos [Postscript added]
Unlike all other Latinos, Cubanos get preferential US immigration treatment: there is no illegal Cubano immigrant problem. Not by coincidence, the GOP's two star 'Latinos' Rubio and Cruz are Cubanos.
Tom Lum Forest 02/25/2014 72 30 - -
Chris Christie Is Mitt Romney 2.0
They cook the same recipe: no discernible policy knowledge, beliefs, or expertise, and just one area of competence - fundraising. New York Magazine's recent Christie profile make that clear. Romney ...
Tom Lum Forest 02/18/2014 19 10 - -
The Past is Never Dead: Unexceptional Mexican-American Version
Immigration is undoing the Mexican-American War of 1846-8, which set most of the current boundary. But boundaries are not impervious, immutable barriers: The Economist points out that in significant ...
Tom Lum Forest 02/13/2014 12 8 - -
More Fear, More Death
Those seem to be the justification and consequence of " Stand Your Ground " laws. Is rewarding fear - feeding fear with violence - the best way to live as a civil society? Is "reasonable belief of ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/15/2014 3 7 - -
Here Ticks a Bomb
I’ve seen it written on the Halls of Kos and elsewhere that we are the party of hope, and the GOP is the party of fear. It is very hard to allay the fears of the nation. Mostly it’s Anglos ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/12/2014 28 46 1 -
Mythbusters: Are Job Creators Creating Jobs?
The GOP Litany continues to hold the un-Christian position that the needy should not be helped, so for instance no unemployment insurance benefit extension should exist. I hope I'm wrong, but I do ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/07/2014 17 27 4 -
Irresistible Forces, Immovable Objects: Sustainability, Growth, and Craving
How best can we reconcile a core American commitment to economic growth with a finite planet and all but insatiable craving? As a progressive Buddhist, one who is intimately familiar with the Limits ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/06/2014 31 27 1 -
Unemployment Insurance is a Hammock? At two-thirds wages, max?
It seems that no one who has ever been on unemployment ever writes about it - or gets it published. Otherwise, the fact that benefits cover only a fraction of prior wages - and are capped - would be ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/05/2014 15 4 - -
PTSD for Military Brats?
My father was a young child in Hawai'i when World War II came to America, and he always wanted to be a military hero, to serve in the Army. Denied for Korea for bad eyesight, he tried again in 1957 ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/04/2014 55 28 - -
Looking From Buddhist Present to Catholicisim Long Past
Religion is strange and mysterious: as a social phenomenon, and in its content and practice. My Portuguese great-grandmother Virginia Rodrigues taught her Catholicism to my grandfather, and him to ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/03/2014 13 3 - -
Critical thinking, harsh arguing, and good Buddhism - all at once?
A friend recently busted my chops for a post not being in keeping with my claim to be Mr. Zen. After a good laugh, I thought it was a good opportunity for reflection on how to be both a good ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/02/2014 25 8 - -
Celebrating Ten Years of Mindfulness
Today's a big anniversary: ten years. For ten years I have been practicing Vipassana (Theravada) Buddhism, like that found in Thailand. The core of my Buddhist practice (and I hope that if I ...
Tom Lum Forest 01/01/2014 76 93 10 -
Arrest the Aliens - the Hell with Due Process!
Our post-9/11 madness has been with us for a long time in our anti-democractic and un-Constitutional wartime practices. Consider this story from World War 2. My great-grandfather Takaichi (TR) ...
Tom Lum Forest 11/17/2013 21 42 1 -
A Jeremiad in Which I Inveigh Against Libertarians
Here's an entertaining one minute video on Somalia: Libertarian Paradise - Libertarian magic dust indeed! Libertarians are magical thinkers, relying on the kindness and altruism of the ...
Tom Lum Forest 10/31/2013 14 2 - -
Building a Case for a War on Terrorism on Shaky Ground
America weeds but does not garden, and it deliberately conflates Modernity with Occidentalism. Its failure to build states, much less nations, and conflation of Progress with Mimicry has predictably ...
Tom Lum Forest 09/11/2013 2 1 1 -
Maya Apocalypse and Prophecy: Computer Simulation
The Maya are a cautionary example for all of us, a prophecy not by words but by deeds. A formal follow-up to a paper I wrote in 2007 and a non-technical version of which I published here, I'll be ...
Tom Lum Forest 05/16/2013 56 56 13 -
Believe in Carbon Dating? Believe people cause Global Warming!
' History isn't dead. It's not even past. ' - William Faulkner Not as well-known as microwave ovens, carbon dating is how scientists gauge the age of some long-dead life. As a chemical element, ...
Tom Lum Forest 04/22/2013 19 25 - -
Guns vs. Cars: Case Study
Courtesy Gun & Ammo Lobby, LLC, d/b/a ...
Tom Lum Forest 04/20/2013 31 9 - -
Protest song, a la The Who: Math Check
You say we should avenge 9/11 We should invade Afghanistan! You say while we’re at it, how about Saddam? Now mullahs might get nukes, so let’s bomb Iran! CHORUS: Blank check: How much should we ...
Tom Lum Forest 04/04/2013 1 - - -
Believe in microwave ovens? Believe in Global Warming!
"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair Most of the willful ignorance peddled as climate skepticism fudges the ...
Tom Lum Forest 02/07/2013 11 12 - -
Let's Treat Guns Like Cars: Safety First
Gun ownership is a lifestyle health risk - not as bad as smoking or obesity, but worse than anything else. We should treat it that way. Unlike guns, cars are 1) subject to product safety laws; 2) ...
Tom Lum Forest 02/01/2013 10 7 - -
A Maya Bibliography
Top Ten Reading Recommendations about the Maya A 1566 account by a Spanish priest, Bishop Diego de Landa, which was ultimately helpful in deciphering Mayan writing but is fascinating well beyond ...
Tom Lum Forest 12/20/2012 3 2 - -
WWMD: What Would the Maya Do?
What will the current Maya do on Friday? They will entertain a lot of tourists, and sell them textiles and ceramics. They'll go to the market, then go home and watch TV. What would the Classic Maya ...
Tom Lum Forest 12/18/2012 42 26 1 -
Right to Bear Arms Has Responsibilities
There were three things my father insisted that all five of his children learn how to do: swim, ride a bicycle, and shoot a gun. For the first he sent us to Red Cross lessons. The last two he ...
Tom Lum Forest 12/15/2012 23 6 - -
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