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Alex Jones posts / links banned at Free Republic?
Well, well, well. It seems that Alex Jones has finally gone too far for even the Freeperati to stomach. Should FR continue to blacklist Infowars articles? [JimRob reply at 47] Posted on ‎
Tommy T 05/11/2015 7 7 - -
WTH?? Slate writer blames Obama for ISIS??
No, I'm not kidding. Emma Sky is apparently blaming the President for everything from sectarian violence to the withdrawal agreement that Dubya signed. The comments are NOT kind to her, BTW. I ...
Tommy T 04/17/2015 9 7 - -
Ben Carson apologises - Freepers reply "Exterminate the faggots!"
Good morning, everyone – not going to bother with the latest from Freeperville because it’s all HILLARYEMAILSZOMGALSOBENGHAZIIMPEACHIMPEACHALSOBENGHAZIEMAILS!!!1! Gets pretty boring after the ...
Tommy T 03/09/2015 10 7 - -
Freepers celebrate Valentine's Day - with their daughters!
Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Incest and peppermints edition Good Monday morning, all – I have to admit – I’ve been a little afraid to open up this particular double-...
Tommy T 03/02/2015 52 6 - -
O'Keefe fears for his life, last shred of relevancy
Oh dear. Pimpadelic has suddenly metamorphosed into Glen Beck. James O'Keefe ‏@JamesOKeefeIII We have a story we’re going to release this coming week and I've never thought about this ...
Tommy T 02/21/2015 21 14 - -
Freeper reactions to NRO piece on the Palin problem
Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. You are truly the grift that keeps on giving. If you didn’t exist, some wag would have to make you up. From that infamous DemoCommie rag, the National Review: Sarah ...
Tommy T 02/02/2015 107 106 1 -
Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Bonus Boehner-bashing Bonanza post!
BREAKING NEWS! MUST CREDIT FIRST DRAFT! Well, boys and girls, Jim Rob has been flogging the Freeperati to call their congresscritters and tell them (not ask them) to vote for Gohmert Pyle for ...
Tommy T 01/06/2015 6 3 - -
Gowdy says "No thanks" to putsch-pushers
Dear me - Jim Robinson himself posted this betrayal of the beknighted Boehner betrayal brigade: It's not original, of course, copy/pasted from Dead Breitbart: EXCLUSIVE — SEAN HANNITY CALLS FOR ...
Tommy T 01/03/2015 8 10 - -
Lindsey Graham says that GOP-led Benghazi report is "Full of crap"
Open mouth - insert foot. On live TV, no less. I'm wondering if he'd like to tell Chairman Mike Rogers to ...
Tommy T 11/23/2014 36 13 1 -
Well, at least SOMEONE is happy about the election
Who? Glad you asked: MSNBC shocked after Republican takes Illinois gov race. "I think everyone was in disbelief when Illinois took a Republican ...
Tommy T 11/05/2014 8 3 - -
Communications Director of ALEC sycophant ATRA calls commoners "the ill-informed proletariat"
I don't know what the "American Tort Reform Association" is paying this idiot out of their $3,000,000.00 plus, but they deserve a refund. From the discussion thread on the Diane Rhem show today, ...
Tommy T 10/02/2014 30 19 1 -
RNCC trips over own feet
Oh my - latest fauxrage? Watch Obama Salute This Marine With a ...
Tommy T 09/23/2014 13 17 - -
Homeopathic Ebola remedy? Updated! Article pulled.
A nutcase over at NaturalNews posted this insanity, which includes instructions for putting Ebola-infected blood in a jar with water, whacking the jar on a book, and then drinking it. How to Make ...
Tommy T 08/11/2014 27 9 - -
Freepers react to Benflopzi
Sweet, sweet tears! To: Olog-hai No one here can legitimately claim that we need to vote Republican so that we can get control of the Senate and the House, and that 80% agreement is ...
Tommy T 08/05/2014 20 11 - -
Neil deGrasse Tyson upsets the anti-GMO applecart
Oh, dear. I sense an identity crisis coming up for a LOT of people. Science is science. It doesn't care if you believe in it or not.
Tommy T 07/29/2014 390 32 1 -
I'll be back when you stop telling each other to STFU
I don't give a flying fig if it's a metaphor, a simile, or any other kind of rhetorical device. Imagine someone coming here for the first time and seeing all this meta bullshit. Then try to ...
Tommy T 06/01/2014 619 107 3 -
Texas Attorney General joins the "Moron Labe" brigade
FLASH!!! MUST CREDIT DEAD BREITBART!! In the latest twist in the "You're not the boss of me!" tantrum saga, neuron-challenged Atty General Abbot-and-Costello gets all Branch Davidian: After ...
Tommy T 04/23/2014 24 9 - -
On the wingnut "We Won!" drivel...
You know, leaving aside the fact that the Feds already have judgements against the Sovereign Citizens of Bundyville, and the fact that they can just keep provoking the militia morons to run back and ...
Tommy T 04/13/2014 8 13 - -
Michelle Malkin's pro-pot stance infuriates the Freepers
It's a one-two punch to the collective gut of the Freeperati as first Michelle (Defeatocrats' cheer) Malkin and then Rick (mah HAIR) Perry decide that maybe the dirty hippies were right. I've ...
Tommy T 03/31/2014 10 11 - -
Free Republic's Jim Robinson's Obama protest draws two people
......and one of them was him. How pathetic is this?? The whole sad tale is here , including the local Fresno Tea ...
Tommy T 02/17/2014 8 1 - -
Freepers have buyer's remorse over Zimmerman
Oh, my - the erstwhile hero of Free Republic, George Zimmerman has let his supporters down. The bout (since cancelled) between Zimmer-man and rapper DMX should have inspired pride and fervor in the ...
Tommy T 02/10/2014 8 6 - -
Freepers react to Lizzie Boredom's axing her Senate run
There's not a lot going on in the fever swamps of Freeperville lately - until today, that is. Liz Cheney Dropping Out of Primary CNN Email Posted on Sunday, January 05, 2014 10:40:51 ...
Tommy T 01/06/2014 10 5 - -
Freeperati react to being big losers who lose!
Feel free to sample the bitter tears of the Freeperati - I call this one "Freeper and Cooch". OK - time for some Election Day insight into the dynamics of voter turnout! To: txhurl ...
Tommy T 11/11/2013 3 6 - -
Freepers and Ronulans go head to head
Ron Paul has outraged the Freeperati by saying that Chelsea Manning should be released, prompting exchanges like this: To: Republican Wildcat Paul should be committed. 2 posted on ...
Tommy T 08/26/2013 7 1 - -
Susan Milligan tries to warn the GOP about messing with Wendy Davis
I watched Susan Milligan on FOX "news" Special Report yesterday on the subject of Senator Wendy Davis's filibuster. She actually tried to sound an alarm bell for the GOP, saying "This effort to ...
Tommy T 06/27/2013 49 140 1 -
Free Republic reactions to NOLA shootings
What did you expect? To: Freedom of Speech Wins Sons of Obama being sons of Obama no doubt. 5 posted on Sunday, May 12, 2013 4:17:33 PM by MtBaldy (If Obama is the answer, it must have been a ...
Tommy T 05/12/2013 8 17 - -
Freepers on the armed Texas Prosecutor's murder
Just when you thought they couldn't get any stupider.. Hmmm...what's up Texas? They be dropping like flies on 0bama's face! 1 posted on Sunday, March 31, 2013 9:27:42 AM by EBH Freepers - ...
Tommy T 04/09/2013 22 21 - -
Do you know who ELSE had food tasters??
I see the wingnuts' latest cause celebre is that Emperor - I mean President Obama has a food taster. Horrors. I guess this was completely different : "George H.W. Bush ate out at Washington ...
Tommy T 03/15/2013 29 16 - -
Free Republic thread - "A monkey was the president"
I'm so very very glad we live in a post-racial society, aren't you? A monkey was the president by Tom T hall youtube ^ | Tom T Hall (the story teller)Posted on Sunday, November 04, 2012 1:51:07 ...
Tommy T 11/04/2012 12 1 - -
Paul Ryan calls Romney "inarticulate"
Oh My. From AP: Asked what he thought of Romney's remarks, Ryan told the Nevada station: "He was obviously inarticulate in making this point." Ryan went on to say the point the Republicans are ...
Tommy T 09/19/2012 23 16 - 182
Free Republic reactions to Akin disaster
OK folks - you knew this was coming - I ordered some extra air scrubbers for this one, and pressed every commenter into service hooking them up. Ms. A took one look at the profusion of new ducts ...
Tommy T 08/21/2012 8 14 - 322
Free Republic owner telling members to get out and stay out
Well, you see, there's this thing on FR called "freepmail". There was a bit of a stir a few weeks ago when moderators at Free Republic started banning members for promoting a new/rival website, ...
Tommy T 07/17/2012 30 32 - 608
Freepers decry Mittens as Middle-East warmonger - no, really!
OK, folks - I have now officially heard everything. The Freeperati, who never met them some Ay-rabs they didn't want to make the rubble bounce, think Mittens is a reckless warmonger. The really ...
Tommy T 06/25/2012 12 6 2 163
Freepathon Meltdown at Free Republic
Suit up, folks - the fit has hit the shan over in greater Freepistan for sure. When I put last week's "Downfall" parody together, I had no idea how closely reality would follow satire, but it has, ...
Tommy T 04/30/2012 21 15 - 484
Jim Robinson threatens to ban all Romney supporters from Free Republic
Well, folks - as you might have gathered from last week's First Draft post, Jim Rob has pretty much gone off the deep end, and pushed Freeperville into an all-out uncivil war over voting for / not ...
Tommy T 04/21/2012 77 41 1 834
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - Staff and Nonsense edition
Good morning, gentle people! Well, Jim Rob officially came out for Newtie (and supposedly made FOX news!), and that particular cigar has been blowing up in his face - oh say - four times an hour? ...
Tommy T 03/19/2012 1 1 - 68
Free Republic - "Pull Fluke from her chair and it will make a suction sound"
Well, gentle people - I had planned to beg off this week and take a break, as long as there were no Breaking News developments in Freeperville. Am I stupid, or what? Let's jump right in. Before ...
Tommy T 03/05/2012 23 6 - 264
Breitbart Dead?
Or just hacked?
Tommy T 03/01/2012 163 32 1 1076
Sarah Palin and the Freeper Facepalm
Good morning, all - it's been a quiet week in Freeperville, and I thought I would have to do another Putrid Potpourri Edition, when suddenly, a gift from the gods whistled out of the sky and fell ...
Tommy T 02/20/2012 19 20 1 364
Free Republic - the Cain Mutiny Edition (includes live announcement thread)
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - "The Cain Mutiny" edition OK folks - looks like the Putrid Potpourri Edition is gonna have to be put off one more time, Let's ...
Tommy T 12/05/2011 16 9 - 201
Jindal blows a gaping hole in Perry's waterline even wider
All right - excuse me for getting out of my box, but I don't see this anywhere else on the interwebz. It made me choke on my ham, onion, and jalapeno omelet.
Tommy T 10/16/2011 18 4 - 341
Sarah Palin to announce! Freepers hyperventilate!
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - Palin Announces Candidacy edition Well, faithful friends, the moment we have all been waiting for is here - let's suit up and hit the airlock, cos ...
Tommy T 09/19/2011 22 6 - 478
Free Republic goes down for 16 hours - Freeperati fear DHS
$320,000.00 per year in Freepathons, and they can't keep a server sunning? FR down for 16 hours Vanity | 8/26/11 | nully Posted on Friday, August 26, 2011 11:13:47 AM by ...
Tommy T 08/29/2011 32 25 1 387
Freepers and the "Religion Of Peace"
OK campers - a little change in protocol today - we're going to have to inspect the Freepertude from perspex windows outside the iso chamber - it's too crazy and dangerous to go in there just now. ...
Tommy T 07/25/2011 2 3 - 93
Killer Klowns in Freeperstan!
Well, It's been a Very Bad Week for the Freepers. Bachmann bobbles, gay marriage angst-in-their-pants, and Affordable Health Care Act fail - all in this week'...
Tommy T 07/04/2011 7 4 - 131
Tea Pary Express will support Romney if he wins - Freeper heads explode
You probably know that Jim Rob, lord of Freeperstan, has no love for Mittens, but the animus goes a lot deeper than that. NOTICE: FR DOES NOT AND WILL NOT SUPPORT ABORTIONIST, GAY ...
Tommy T 06/06/2011 10 16 - 254
The Freepers' very very very very bad week
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - "Ashes in their mouths" edition Good morning, everyone! You know, I almost - almost - feel sorry for the ...
Tommy T 05/09/2011 20 23 1 429
Freepers bristle at Ebert's review of Atlas Shrugged
My goodness. You knew the Freeperati were prepared to pooh-pooh any criticism of their beloved Ayn Rand's magnum opus, but in the end, the pooh-poohing was a bit muted. Ok - actually they kinda ...
Tommy T 04/15/2011 205 105 1 1983
Freepers want to tar-and-feather Judge Sumi
"Fight Club"? "Tar and feathering"? Free Republic Brings teh crazy once again. I never cease to wonder at how these nincompoops don't drown in the rain from looking up with their mouths open.
Tommy T 04/04/2011 15 14 - 272
And the Freepers are calling PROTESTERS "thugs"?
Ok - the Freepers have definitely gone off the deep end. They've now started fantasizing about killing Wisconsin protesters. Hyperbole? "Nut-picking"?
Tommy T 03/14/2011 13 11 1 225
Free Republic site in trouble - Jim Robinson: "If FR dies, that's that !"
Well, faithful readers, the Free Republic website has been up and down like a yo-yo over the past couple of weeks. I thought that maybe the hamster just died, but it seems to be more serious than ...
Tommy T 01/17/2011 394 220 3 98
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - "It wasn't us!" edition
Good morning, gentle people - well, you knew that there wouldn't be much introspection over at Free Republic over the Tucson shooter, but you probably couldn't imagine the trip down De Nile that the ...
Tommy T 01/10/2011 5 9 - 48
Free Republic owner Jim Robinson threatens mass bannings over DADT
Well, I thought the mass bannings would wait until Romney got the GOP nomination, but why put off the purges that long? Big Jim has made it clear that anything less than outright hatred of gay ...
Tommy T 12/20/2010 123 37 - 107
Free Republic owner Jim Robinson threatens to make FR a "ghost town" if Romney is nominated
Well, folks - it didn't take long for the infighting to start, did it? I thought that they would at least wait a couple of months, but Party Purity wears no watch. I think it's dimly starting to ...
Tommy T 11/08/2010 324 207 3 137
Freepers - Don't like saggy pants? There's a 2nd amendment remedy for that.
Good morning, gentle people - well, I've been putting it off for a while, but there's a stack of Freeper mental sludge drums with "taking their country back" stamped all over them. I've had ...
Tommy T 10/18/2010 76 7 - 58
Today on "Obsession" - Levis stink-to-fit edition
Well, folks - I have to report that the Freeperati haven't been all that happy about the next Mayor of Wasilla. How are the Freepers taking the latest developments in the Snowbilly Satan saga? Not ...
Tommy T 08/16/2010 3 - - 25
Freepers' reaction to being asked for *their* papers at NN? "I'll shoot you!"
Well,apparently Free Republic has morphed into MS-13. Their reaction to the political theater put on by Will Coley at Netroots Nation? They'll kill anyone who tries. Colour me shocked!
Tommy T 07/26/2010 245 288 2 114
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - Internet kill switch edition
Good morning, gentle people! Well, when we last left those Duke Boys, old Boss Hog had hatched an evil plot to blow up the Internet with his...... Oops. Wrong script. Wait a minute - I've got ...
Tommy T 07/13/2010 4 6 - 22
Marine Tattoos Palin on Butt - Freepers turn other cheek!
OK - the CDC and the GHS have both been all over my ass for letting the Freeperville sludge pile up, so let's spin the airlock hatch door and get to it, shall we? Oh oh.
Tommy T 06/01/2010 17 7 1 34
Today on Tommy T's Obsession with the Freeperati - "Rooseveltcare" Edition
Good Monday morning, everyone! Republicans always wonder why the rest of the word thinks they're so heartless and greedy, or ,as the Iowa GOP put it : "Who wants to be part of a political ...
Tommy T 04/26/2010 3 1 - 31
Freeper roundup - the morning after
Hi all - I wade through this sewage so that you don't have to. Let's throw on our iso suits and take a short trip through the toxic waste that comprises Free Republic. As you can imagine, there's ...
Tommy T 03/24/2010 19 16 - 25
Freepers - "They deserved to get dragged behind a car"‏
Well, no one ever accused Freepers of having any humanity, but this surprised even me. A freeper posted this from the "Newsbusters" site: ABC: Anti-ObamaCare Protest ‘Turned Very Ugly’
Tommy T 03/21/2010 11 13 - 62
Maybe they'll follow her into the shower? Hubba hubba!‏
Well, the Freeperati (the home of Our Sarah,LLC) always bristle at any insinuation that Their Sarah is a lightweight. And by "bristle", I mean "Explode with spittle-spewing inarticulate rage". ...
Tommy T 03/04/2010 15 6 - 30
WA Rep Geoff Simpson smacks Freeper down HARD!‏
Well, the Freeperati finally got the smackdown they deserve, and it's a thing of beauty. Freepers are always sending letters to Congresscritters demanding this or that or the other thing, and they'...
Tommy T 02/23/2010 324 659 15 143
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