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Climate Action Hub
Building upon the momentum generated by the People's Climate March, The Climate Action Hub @ DailyKos is a new space to accommodate the groundswell of activism inspired by civil society around the September 21 UN Climate Summit. The Hub will provide space to amplify messaging from NGOs, eco writers, scientists and bloggers here at DK and elsewhere and promote upcoming actions in the lead up to the UNFCCC 2015 Climate Talks in Paris.
Climate Change SOS
Blogathon: September 9-13, 2013
I ♥ Democratic Socialism
In "Why I Write" (1946), George Orwell wrote a sentence that inspires this group: "Every line of serious work that I have written since 1936 has been written, directly or indirectly, against totalitarianism and for democratic socialism, as I understand it." Democracy and socialism belong together, and neither democracy nor socialism is deserving of its name without incorporating the other. This group discusses and agitates for both, together. Without democracy, what was often labeled "socialism...
Keynesian Kossacks
Robert Reich, Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz and many other economists tell us we are in a crisis on inadequate demand, and need a large focus jobs, and economic stimulus focused on rebuilding our nation's infrastructure, key industries, and acclerating our conversion to sustainable clean energies, that will reduce of CO2 emissions, and oil imports. Government needs to lead the way, as well as provide regulation for the common good. Keynesian Kossacks believe some aspects of our common good are ...
Motor City Kossacks
A geographically-based Daily Kos group intended for Kossacks residing in Southeastern Michigan, generously defined.
National Patent and Copyright Reform
Dedicated to Bringing Issues and News about Patent and Copyright to the Forefront of Debate. News Stories, Legislation, Regulation, Treaties, Court Cases, Raids and Convictions.
New York City
'The Talk of the Town' because Blue City News is useful in a Purple Nation. Discuss what is in the papers and on the local blogs, the Political news and upcoming elections with elected officials and candidate spotlights. News of upcoming public hearings and reviews after. Parks and recreation events, zoos and botanical gardens. Green Market news and local farming events. Lincoln Center, on and off the Broadway stage, gallery talk and museum news. NYC movie premieres with upcoming shows and conc...
O'Malley 2016
This group is for folks interested in learning more about Martin OMalley and his Presidential campaign.
Occupy Wall Street
This is a clearinghouse of all posts related to the grassroots effort to return this country to Democracy.
Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter
We advocate for social justice and equal library access for all. We support your local libraries and literacy programs. We also invite you to publish your diaries here that offer library news and support, book reviews, reviews of articles, as well as reviews of video games and other electronic media in our tech talk diaries. We ask for and offer reader guidance for the love of reading, for the love of books and for the love of everything which is your library experience. We also publish diaries...
Pushing back at the Grand Bargain
Chained CPI will effect over 30 government programs by adjusting the Federal poverty levels via Chained CPI. This achieves long term deficit reduction and increases income taxes on working class families by 65 billion over 10 years. The goal of this group is to build awareness of the wide ranging impacts of Chained CPI beyond cutting Social Security and VA benefits.
The First and The Fourth
The First and the Fourth Amendments enshrine some of the key elements of American Freedom and have been under siege by the US Government for decades. This group is dedicated to advancing and preserving these rights. "Leave the First and the Fourth Amendments alone and nothing gets broken".
UN Climate Summit
Home base for articles promoting the People's Climate March, the UN Climate Summit and the September 19-23 blogathon.

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