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Top Comments: School Daze IV Edition
Another in my occasional [ series]. This one's prompted by 4th grader K2's math assignment last week. Sharpen ...
brillig 06/02/2015 64 49 - -
Top Comments: Springtime in the Rockies Edition (Photo Heavy)
Last Monday, my partner and I took visiting family members on a day trip by road, into the Canadian Rockies. We were headed to the towns of Banff and Lake Louise , nestled in the Rockies, and well-...
lotac 06/01/2015 37 56 - -
Top Comments: librarisingnsf Edition
Greetings, top comments readers. This is my first top comments diary, so I thought I'd introduce myself by clearing up the (possible) confusion as to what my nickname is, why I chose it, and ...
librarisingnsf 05/31/2015 97 46 - -
Top Comments: Telluride is turning off the lights and turning on the sky
But First, A Word From Our ...
Steven Payne 05/30/2015 78 50 - -
Top Comments: Taste the Rainbow, Republicans
You know, you'd think that since I'm now only writing for Top Comments every other week, I'd actually be able to write diaries . I had just the topic in mind for tonight, but it was apparently ...
Chrislove 05/29/2015 55 57 - -
Top Comments: the Butterfield Blues Band edition
A look at a group that was never a mega-seller, yet were pioneering in their own way (and recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame) after the jump .....
Ed Tracey 05/28/2015 41 51 - -
Top Comments: Waaaahmbulance Edition
Silly season is again arriving early heralded by a Republican parade of very serious, self-important, self-obsessed, publicly very pious and righteous, nearly all white men (seriously, folks, ...
Puddytat 05/27/2015 59 52 - -
Top Comments: Recipe Sources Edition
"What's for dinner?" is a regular refrain around Casa Brillig. For the most part, my status as the at-home parent means I am the Dinner Decider. We've got a short set of meals I make often, for ...
brillig 05/26/2015 62 51 - -
Top Comments - Investments in Self
While out driving, earlier, I saw a young woman running along the road, on the sidewalk. A little further along, it was an elderly gentleman, also running. From their ‘gear,’ it was clear that ...
BeninSC 05/25/2015 60 46 - -
Top Comments: Role Model Edition
In the midst of 24/7 exposure on social media to the horrific mess that is admitted child molester Josh Duggar and his felony coverup parents, I read a variety of tweets under the hashtag #...
brillig 05/24/2015 41 50 1 -
Top Comments: the Week that Was in Ireland edition
A look at the big story coming out of the Emerald Isle ... and one not so well-known (yet still historic, as well), after the jump .....
Ed Tracey 05/23/2015 34 44 - -
Top comments: Placeholder edition
Um, so apparently no one was scheduled for tonight. Consider this an open thread while your TC team throws the rest together.
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 05/22/2015 101 44 - -
Top Comments: Who's Running This Country?
Good evening, TC peeps! I've been away from TC for so long that most of you are probably saying, "virgowho?" ...
virgomusic 05/21/2015 26 45 - -
Top Comments: Tragic Death in PNW and a Bitter Mourning.
bastrop 05/20/2015 37 55 - -
Top Comments: Verizon Edition
We had another telephone outage starting yesterday afternoon, which, of course, meant we had an internet outage as well. We've been having more frequent problems with our land line for about a ...
gizmo59 05/19/2015 41 34 - -
Top Comments - The Greatest Little Band You Can No Longer See
A couple of weeks ago we got to see one of our favorite bands play in Spartanburg. The remarkable thing about it, for us, was that the band disbanded in early 2011! So seeing them together again ...
BeninSC 05/18/2015 54 47 - -
Top Comments: Early Risers vs. Night Owls Edition
Some of us just like to howl at the moon ...
Puddytat 05/17/2015 138 57 2 -
Top Comments: Meet Sophie!
Steven Payne 05/16/2015 62 61 - -
Top Comments: A Straight Irish Dad for Marriage Equality Edition
As you may know, Ireland will make an important decision on May 22 (or, should I say, 22 May). Voters will decide on whether or not same-sex couples, who are currently only allowed to enter into ...
Chrislove 05/15/2015 53 48 - -
Top Comments: A $150.00 House in gentrified Houston Heights?
bastrop 05/14/2015 53 58 - -
Top Comments: Aunties' Day
The weeks-long barrage of Mother's Day commercials was getting pretty depressing at our house. My wife Packrat lost her mother two years ago, and her absence looms large this time of year. Our ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 05/13/2015 68 47 - -
Top Comments: Hockey Fan Chants Edition
brillig has the night of after working so hard last week. Join me as I go back to my first love: hockey. Attending hockey games is always an interesting experience. Hockey fans are loud, ...
cohenzee 05/12/2015 59 30 - -
Top Comments - Preposterous Disputes, 2015
Some years ago, when I was very new to Daily Kos, I wrote a Top Comments diary that remains one of the ones I feel best about. brillig ’...
BeninSC 05/11/2015 54 41 - -
Top Comments: Ghost of Mother's Day Past Edition
It seems that much like continental drift we have holiday drift, whereby holidays drift from original purpose to another, often Hallmark-driven, end. Follow me below the spilled orange juice on ...
brillig 05/10/2015 45 41 - -
Top Comments: Music Mama Edition
Tomorrow being Mother's Day here in the United States, I thought I'd bring a set of Mamma-related music to the TC Table. Follow me below the lovely breakfast croissant you're planning on serving ...
brillig 05/09/2015 75 38 - -
Top Comments: "The kindness and peacefulness of the Right"
But First, A Word From Our ...
Steven Payne 05/08/2015 76 51 - -
Top Comments: the Road Not Taken edition
A look at two individuals who were on their way to careers in veterinary medicine and law … when fate intervened (after the jump) ….
Ed Tracey 05/07/2015 40 41 - -
Top Comments: The Underground Girls of Kabul
When I saw [ Jenny Nordberg on the Daily Show] talking about this phenomenon, I knew I had to check out her book, [
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 05/06/2015 51 48 - -
Top Comments: Cinco de Mayo Edition
::Pours margaritas for everyone here at Top Comments tonight:: It's Cinco de Mayo ! What does that mean other than we all drink tequila and eat tacos? Follow me below the orange burrito after a ...
brillig 05/05/2015 56 48 - -
Top Comments: Non-Christian Christians
For decades now whenever I see intolerance, bigotry, hypocrisy, homophobia or the like it's almost certainly coming from someone who claims to be a "good, God fearing Christian". From the haters ...
Puddytat 05/04/2015 106 69 - -
Top Comments: Never Doubt... Edition
Tonight was my last teaching a class that I'll tell you a story about over the orange croissant and after a word from our sponsor... Here at Top Comments we strive to nourish community by ...
brillig 05/03/2015 46 43 1 -
Top Comments: CHKDSK Edition
So... my laptop decided it HAD to fail to boot, hang on startup, amd then demanded we CHKDSK. Needless to say, TC is delayed a bit so thank you for your patience. Follow me below the dingledoodle ...
brillig 05/02/2015 60 31 - -
Top Comments: Non-Story Story of the Week Edition
Chrislove 05/01/2015 44 35 - -
Top Comments: The Sound and the Fury
But First, A Word From Our ...
Steven Payne 04/30/2015 56 41 - -
Top Comments: A Session at The Hole in the Wall Edition
(Sorry for the length but it wanted to give you as clear an idea about how much thought was put into trying to make it as anti-hospital like and normal as possible.) Last month, I wrote about the ...
cohenzee 04/29/2015 26 39 1 -
Top Comments: When the State of Mississippi banned Sesame Street
But First, A Word From Our ...
Steven Payne 04/28/2015 68 49 1 -
Top Comments: Saying Good Bye to Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart's announcement that his last night on the Daily Show will be August 6 has started a mourning process. He's seemed so incredibly perfect for the show and engaged a young audience into ...
Puddytat 04/27/2015 51 55 3 -
Top Comments: Sleep Number Edition
At this very moment I'm sure at least a few of you are scratching your head, thinking "Brillig's writing? How the h-ll did it get to be Tuesday?! Huh? It's still Sunday? Dammit, I need more sleep...
brillig 04/26/2015 73 46 - -
Top Comments: Carbonara Edition
In tonight's installment of Chrislove is fucking exhausted from dissertation writing and has no idea what to write about Dinner with Chrislove, I'm making...drumroll...spaghetti alla carbonara! ...
Chrislove 04/25/2015 72 45 - -
Top Comments: Two very different videos about the same thing
Tonight I am featuring two videos about marriage equality that made me tear up for very different reasons. The first video I watched ...
Steven Payne 04/24/2015 69 48 - -
Top Comments: the Charles Kuralt - Edwin Newman edition
A look at my two favorite old-school TV news reporters, after the jump ......
Ed Tracey 04/23/2015 28 52 - -
Top Comments: Pickup Poetry
I'm a fan of David Futrelle's blog [ We Hunted the Mammoth,] which cheerfully mocks misogynists in their assorted forms: "men's rights activists" who are convinced ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 04/22/2015 41 47 - -
Top Comments: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream Edition
We all need it, and many of us aren't getting enough of it. I'm talking about sleep, of course. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor: Top Comments recognizes the previous day'...
lotac 04/21/2015 25 40 - -
Top Comments - Rumblings and Ramblings
A USA Today article today by Susan Page says that a USAToday/Suffolk University poll notes that a 51-35% ...
BeninSC 04/20/2015 68 45 - -
Top Comments: Small Town News
AS I suspect is the case with other Kossacks, my writing career began as a teenager working for the High School newspaper. I wrote editorials that took politicians, administrators and other Powers ...
bastrop 04/19/2015 63 50 - -
Top Comments: Chester the Dog Gets New Home After Social Media Post Goes Viral
Thanks to a picture and post on social media, Chester finally has a new ...
Puddytat 04/18/2015 77 57 - -
Top Comments: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Edition
So I had about a pound of boneless, skinless chicken thighs sitting in my fridge, the clock ticking on their freshness, and no idea what to do with them. Then it hit me. I said, "Hey...I can take ...
Chrislove 04/17/2015 75 46 2 -
Top Comments: Goodbye, my beautiful garden
But First, A Word ...
Steven Payne 04/16/2015 79 67 - -
Top Comments: Trek Thoughts 2: The Next Generation
I posted a ramble recently about [ my childhood memories of Star Trek and Spock.] The Star Trek universe got a reboot in ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 04/15/2015 102 47 - -
Top Comments: Keep or Cull Edition
I wrote earlier this year on my commitment to [ decluttering the house]. As with many things, Life gets in ...
brillig 04/14/2015 72 48 - -
Top Comments: 2015 NHL Playoffs Edition
Well another regular season of hockey is officially over and this Saturday we will know who will be drafting Connor McDavid #1 overall in June at the draft and by that token who will be drafting ...
cohenzee 04/13/2015 141 39 - -
Top Comments: Spring Flora and Fauna in Austin, TX
bastrop 04/12/2015 105 52 - -
Top Comments: Join the Fight for $15 on April 15
Puddytat 04/11/2015 62 43 2 -
Top Comments: Pre-Outage Open Thread Edition
As you may know, Daily Kos will be going down for about 15 hours starting at 9:00 PM EST, or one hour before Top Comments usually posts. Since we'd ...
Chrislove 04/10/2015 78 34 - -
Top Comments: the King William's College Quiz edition
A look at what is considered the world's most difficult annual quiz, after the jump ......
Ed Tracey 04/09/2015 32 48 - -
Top Comments: A Primer for the Trial of Senator Mike Duffy Edition
If you didn't know there was a Senator named Mike Duffy, you are forgiven. For this is the tale of Canadian Senator Mike Duffy. But fear not, for this tale is definitely popcorn-worthy. But First, ...
lotac 04/08/2015 47 39 - -
Top Comments: I Shouldn't Have Said That Edition
Ever have one of those Hagrid moments? I most certainly did this weekend. Grab a piece of leftover chocolate or jelly beans (you DO still have some, right?) and follow me below the orange Peeps ...
brillig 04/07/2015 71 49 - -
Top Comments - Time for Call Out
I guess we all tend to get into thematic patterns in our writing. We are drawn to things that interest us, that ‘capture’ us, after a fashion. We can learn a great deal about ourselves by ...
BeninSC 04/06/2015 66 51 - -
Top Comments: Here is how one "good Christian" celebrated Easter Sunday
So how did fine, ...
Steven Payne 04/05/2015 131 58 - -
Top Comments: Spring Vermin Edition
It's still a little hard to tell, but despite the occasional late snowstorm, it appears spring has sprung in northwestern Pennsylvania. Most of the snow on the open fields has melted, leaving ...
gizmo59 04/04/2015 52 40 - -
Top Comments: Sh*tty Food Porn Edition
Well, I'm going to warn you now, tonight is one of those nights where the Top Comments muse is not speaking to me. Total silence. In fact, I'm worried about her. Somebody should go check on her, ...
Chrislove 04/03/2015 95 50 - -
Top Comments: F**k Cancer Edition
While watching the outstanding Ken Burns documentary, Cancer: The Emperor of all Maladies on PBS, I was reminded of all the people we're lost to that horror. Most recently our dear friend Cedwyn ...
Puddytat 04/02/2015 89 57 - -
Top Comments: Open Thread Edition
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Steven Payne 04/01/2015 33 36 - -
Top Comments: The Hole In the Wall Gang Camp Edition
Last Fall I started a diary series about my adventures going to sleep-away camp in the summer. Rather than dive right into my experiences at the second camp I attended, I want to start the next ...
cohenzee 03/31/2015 54 36 - -
Top Comments - Elton John, Dolce & Gabbana
My dear brother (three years my junior) and I have been working on our relationship since childhood. As his ‘big brother,’ in those early years, I am sorry to say I made his life very hard, ...
BeninSC 03/30/2015 48 50 1 -
Top Comments: Linus Edition
One of my favorite Peanuts characters was [ Linus van Pelt]. Sincere, true to himself, and both never without and never ashamed of his security blanket. ...
brillig 03/29/2015 46 34 - -
Top Comments: Not All Spam is Bad Edition
No, this isn't the Spam I'm talking ...
Puddytat 03/28/2015 97 37 - -
Top Comments: The Klingenschmitt has hit the fan
Colorado State Legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt is about as out there as they come in the ...
Steven Payne 03/27/2015 55 53 1 -
Ohio lawmaker's personal story of rape and abortion interrupted by male colleagues laughing
This is real courage. Ohio state Rep. Teresa Fedor took the microphone as lawmakers were debating a bill that would ban ...
Jen Hayden 03/27/2015 279 424 9 -
Top Comments: the Jim Marshall² edition
A look at two men named Jim Marshall (from different sides of the Atlantic) who influenced the world of rock musicians - one made its equipment, the other photographed it - after the jump ...
Ed Tracey 03/26/2015 18 39 - -
Top Comments: Ohio Unseals Adoption Records
Starting March 20, anyone adopted in Ohio between 1964 and 1996 can [ request their adoption file and original birth ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 03/25/2015 43 45 - -
Top Comments: Post-Racial Edition
Scrolling through Facebook over coffee this morning, I came across a story from Huffington Post. Eight hours later that story was still with me, and the Muse insisted we talk about it tonite. She'...
brillig 03/24/2015 43 43 - -
Top Comments - Writing for a Community Diary Series
Top Comments is exploring the idea of adding some new diarists, so I thought it might be a good time to discuss some of the aspects of writing for a community diary series. Most of my blogging ...
BeninSC 03/23/2015 58 46 - -
Top Comments: Mars One Edition
The Mars One project, an attempt to establish a permanent colony on the Red Planet, has been pushed back (another) two years. The first humans to land there as Mars One residents will be launched in ...
lotac 03/22/2015 52 38 - -
Top Comments: Shawn Meyer's four point formula to Teabaggin' success
Steven Payne 03/21/2015 79 41 - -
Top Comments: A Gay Wedding in Waco Edition
Working on the dissertation can be a dark, lonely task that often makes one question the life choices that have led them to such an undertaking. There are many days when I wonder if I really like ...
Chrislove 03/20/2015 37 51 - -
Top Comments: "Exclusively for white people" makes Austin feel uncomfortable.
bastrop 03/19/2015 48 69 1 -
Top Comments: Cluelessness Edition
We hear the word all the time. "Clueless". According to Merriam Webster : Full Definition of CLUELESS 1: having or providing no clue (a clueless case for the police to solve) ...
Puddytat 03/18/2015 66 45 - -
Top Comments: Green Day Edition
As I thought about tonight's topic, I knew I'm in a musical phase. A quick check of diaries past quickly nixed the "Irish/Celtic-themed music" as soooo [
brillig 03/17/2015 53 47 - -
Top Comments: Weird News Edition
Something different tonight. We take a look at some of the weird and wacky things going on in the world, a.k.a. Weird News. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor: Top Comments ...
lotac 03/16/2015 25 42 - -
Top Comments - Human Dignity and the Coordinated Assassination of a Single Indigenous Bird
We often talk about human dignity, and, regardless of one's political affiliation, that seems important to most human beings. I was struck this weekend by a picture I saw in an ad by a large (...
BeninSC 03/15/2015 42 38 - -
Top Comments: Manufacturing Poverty
It's been over 50 years since President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty, committing Federal Government attention and resources to the longstanding problem of poverty in America. Last year,
Puddytat 03/14/2015 77 55 2 -
Top Comments: Chicken Paprikash Edition
This wasn't originally going to be tonight's diary topic. While working on my dissertation, I stumbled upon a fascinating (and forgotten) bit of history that I really wanted to write about tonight.
Chrislove 03/13/2015 53 51 6 -
Top Comments: the Hope for the Future edition
On Sunday, March 1st: easily the best three minutes of my day were spent watching part of CBS Sunday Morning , as we will see after the jump ....
Ed Tracey 03/12/2015 10 41 - -
Top Comments: Forced Internet Vacation Edition
Last Friday our modem had a total nervous breakdown and went to the Great Scrap Heap in the Sky. Today was the soonest they could get a repair person out. Five days of no news on the latest ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 03/11/2015 25 42 - -
Top Comments: SongTime Edition
The Muse has been a truly cranky sort ever since Saturday night. She's really not a fan of the whole Spring Ahead, Fall Behind Daylight Savings Time thing. So as I watched the clocks turn from 1:...
brillig 03/10/2015 54 42 - -
Top Comments: Driver Fail Edition
There are many errors that one may commit in the name of driving, some illegal, some serious, and some not so much. Some errors happen while taking the government-required driving test. Tonight we ...
lotac 03/09/2015 56 37 - -
Top Comments: Damn you Samsung for making me cry
But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Steven Payne 03/08/2015 49 66 1 -
Top Comments: A Second Chance for Scott Walkers Pale Blue Shirt
Those of us who write diaries know that some diaries "catch" and some just don't. Some that were just dashed together get noticed and find a wide audience. Others, written over days or even weeks ...
Puddytat 03/07/2015 77 46 - -
Top Comments: Women on 20s Edition
I love seeing $20 bills in my wallet. What I don't love so much is seeing Andrew Jackson's face every day. For obvious reasons. But it goes beyond the fact that we have a hateful, murderous ...
Chrislove 03/06/2015 46 53 - -
Top Comments: Watching Apple Edition
Apple has a scheduled event this coming Monday with the tag line "spring forward". Let's watch what Apple is up to this spring. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor: Top Comments ...
lotac 03/05/2015 48 44 - -
Top Comments: Trek Thoughts
The recent loss of Leonard Nimoy got me thinking about the Star Trek phenomenon, and why it meant so much to me and a whole lot of other people. Gene Roddenberry's creation offered an optimistic ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 03/04/2015 87 53 - -
Top Comments: An Uncluttered Life Edition
Since New Year's Day I've been practicing a daily routine of spending at least 15' per day decluttering. It's based on a set of suggested daily activities from [http://www.home-storage-solutions-...
brillig 03/03/2015 55 45 2 -
Top Comments - When the Biggies Came to Community! h/t Carnacki
I’m going to write about community tonight, since it was my home when I first came to Daily Kos, and it’s my home now. Carnacki began Top Comments on June 14, 2006. He asked for diarists, I ...
BeninSC 03/02/2015 86 52 1 -
Top Comments: Pay Phone Edition
You young 'uns in the audience tonight might not realize this, but there are telephones scattered out and about where you can put in a coin, and call somebody. That is, if you can find one. And hurry.
lotac 03/01/2015 72 41 - -
Top Comments: Linda Wall explains it all in "Satan and the GLBT Demons"
"Ex-gay" activists are perhaps the ...
Steven Payne 02/28/2015 60 50 - -
Top Comments: Better Late Than Never Edition
Stuff happens, like tonight. No diarist. Good thing I have a draft of possible future TC topics, including one partially written. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
Puddytat 02/27/2015 52 39 - -
Top Comments: the No Good Deed edition
A look at an effort from a conservative website to try and alert their fellow-travelers to some fund-raising scams ....... and the push-back he received, after the jump ...
Ed Tracey 02/26/2015 13 41 - -
Top Comments: Antisocial Social Security, Part 2
Last April, I [ posted about] a pernicious rule change that allowed the Social Security Administration to ...
Tara the Antisocial Social Worker 02/25/2015 41 60 - -
Top Comments: Together in our Differences Edition
I was late to *BeninSC*'s beautiful [ Top Comments diary] last night because of a meeting at church. That diary as ...
brillig 02/24/2015 26 49 - -
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