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Brelo Verdict In: Not Guilty (Updated w/Link to Verdict)
Judge O'Donnell just announced his verdict in the Michael Brelo trial. Not Guilty. Judge O'Donnell also accepted as proved Brelo's claims of justification regarding the lesser included offenses. ...
VetGrl 05/23/2015 29 23 - -
Apparently, 136 Bullets Were NOT Enough.
OOPS : Someone put an autoplay video embed in the comments. If you hear audio you can go here and stop the video from playing. -----
jpmassar 05/23/2015 275 231 3 -
To Angola 3 Supporters, Help Stop LA Gov Jindal From Speaking at House of Commons in London, UK
To all A3 supporters, please pick up the telephone and make 2 calls now. Governor Bobby Jindal will be in London on Monday speaking at the House of Commons about democracy and human rights whilst ...
Angola 3 News 01/16/2015 3 11 - -
Me and the Cops - Part 2
I have contended that the greatest power a license to practice law confers is the power to compel powerful people to testify under oath. But police have developed a countermeasure. It’s called ...
legalarray 01/01/2015 41 233 2 -
Guardian: DoJ may use “color of law” statute in Brown, Garner, Crawford, Hamilton cases
From the Guardian , Wednesday morning… [ Federal officials may use little-known civil ...
bobswern 12/26/2014 77 228 5 -
Ignoring torture here at home
It is incredibly important that news headlines, pundits, bloggers, and activists are once again discussing heinous tortures perpetrated by our government—excused and explained away by the ...
Denise Oliver Velez 12/21/2014 173 208 5 -
Disabled (White) Man to 3 Cops: "I Can't Breathe"
#IcantBreathe: Insensitive and brutal behavior isn't limited to major cities or white-cops-on-black-men. “I can’t breathe, goddamit,” Bane says desperately. “ Help me . I can’t breathe ….
dadadata 12/20/2014 67 152 2 -
Owner of pharmacy that caused meningitis outbreak gets RICO'd--why not Don Blankenship?
Lost in the furor over "The Interview" getting ixnayed is a major dose of good news . You may remember that two years ago, a severe outbreak of fungal meningitis was linked to injectable steroids ...
Christian Dem in NC 12/18/2014 10 12 1 -
Michigan/Motor City Kossacks Weekly Open Thread: On the Police Killing of Aura Rosser
In the wake of no-bill decisions by grand juries investigating the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, we here in Michigan have our own shameful death-by-cop to examine carefully. On Sunday, ...
peregrine kate 12/03/2014 18 36 - -
Why not a new grand jury?
It's interesting that so many seem to think that the grand jury ruling in the Wilson case is the final word. It's not. And we're not even talking about a federal, civil rights case. Wilson can ...
GarySeven 11/28/2014 13 11 - -
The questions no one asked St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch
St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob ...
Mark Sumner 11/25/2014 329 385 3 -
Facts matter. Pass 'em on. #Ferguson #NoJusticeNoPeace
Facts matter. While it's true that multiple witnesses may each report the same event differently, there are underlying elements which investigators can draw upon to clarify what really happened. And ...
GreyHawk 11/25/2014 169 157 4 -
Three eyewitnesses to Mike Brown's murder publicly state that they stand by their original accounts
As the grand jury nears its decision on whether or not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of ...
Shaun King 11/24/2014 251 179 4 -
Battered Victim Marissa Alexander Back In Jail On Plea Bargain - Florida Injustice Wins Again
Florida domestic violence victim, and mother of three, Marissa Alexander, has just decided, on Monday, to accept a plea bargain from the State of Florida. My heart breaks knowing this woman will ...
Leslie Salzillo 11/24/2014 140 188 1 -
Transparency Tales I: A Short List of FOIA Groups
If you're serious about FOIA and getting documents, start by checking the resources in your city or state. I've decided to try and develop a master list of helpful organizations, grouping them by ...
dadadata 11/23/2014 9 10 5 -
Waiting for the Missouri Grand Jury ... Governor Nixon, We Have a FOIA Request for YOU! (Week 13)
... but we need a Missouri resident to file the request. We also need residents in 16 other states to step up. Residents in 3 states have already stepped up! (See chart below.) We have come to ...
JoanMar 11/21/2014 90 125 3 -
BREAKING! Albert Woodfox's Overturned Conviction Upheld in Unanimous 5th Circuit Ruling
We are thrilled and honored to announce that just hours ago, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Judge Brady's 2013 ruling overturning Albert's conviction for a third time in a 3-0, unanimous ...
Angola 3 News 11/20/2014 11 31 - -
Why isn't Don Blankenship charged with manslaughter?
The biggest news about the long-awaited indictment of former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship is the charge that he isn't facing. To be precise, manslaughter for the deaths of the 29 miners killed ...
Christian Dem in NC 11/18/2014 16 24 - -
Whinin' and Groanin'? Enough! Use the Law to Fight Back. MBOPRA (Week 12)
As you may know, our primary goal in starting this series was to find a way to fight back against police brutality; to crowdsource a law that would police the police. We did that. And some funny, ...
JoanMar 11/14/2014 56 77 4 -
How Do We Go Forward? Why Should We? Police Thugs: Serve Them Justice. (Week 11)
After the shellacking we took this week, some people are ready to give up. "Not another mountain to climb," weary warriors groan. One reason we cannot stop fighting now is demonstrated in *Vest or ...
JoanMar 11/07/2014 34 39 - -
Justice, Meet Politics. Police the D**n Police! (Week 9)
Listeners this week heard a lot of buzz. Buzzers buzzed about a big reveal about the killing of the young unarmed American in Ferguson. Buzzing broke about what the leaked autopsy report would show. ...
2thanks 10/24/2014 18 26 - -
Not Talk, Walk. To Stop Bad Police, Fix the Law, Police the D**n Police: Good News! (Week 8)
70 days ago, a young unarmed American boy was gunned down on a hot August street in Ferguson, Missouri. People saw, people heard, and witnesses spoke up; but the killer is still free. --------------
JoanMar 10/17/2014 51 73 2 -
Stolen backpack accusation sends high school student to jail for three years without a trial
Walter Einenkel 10/06/2014 170 443 12 -
Let's Do Some Legislatin': The Michael Brown Over-Policed Rights Act of 2015 (Draft 2)
Why do we need a law to police the police, you may ask. Consider this: As reported by USA Today, police are involved in 400 killings per year. Is this what we want? ("
JoanMar 09/04/2014 70 44 1 -
Help Wanted (Por Favor Ayúdenos) Let's Make a Law: Michael Brown Federal Policed Rights Act of 2015
INTRODUCTION Events in Ferguson and elsewhere require us to protect our citizens from out-of-control police departments. That's where you come in. Please help us craft a new law to send to ...
JoanMar 08/29/2014 131 57 4 -
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile
It's like deja-vu, all over again . Commentary by Black Kos Editor Denise Oliver-Velez Yogi Berra said it; I feel it. Another young black man dead. Murdered by our tax dollars that are paid ...
Black Kos 08/19/2014 337 111 1 -
You know, this just has to stop.
From Ferguson, MO SWAT team. #Ferguson — FOX2now (@FOX2now) August 14, 2014 He was pointing his gun at a crowd of singing demonstrators in broad daylight.
Onomastic 08/13/2014 160 257 3 -
Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile
Tragedy on August 9th—past and present. Commentary by Black Kos Editor Denise Oliver-Velez A few weeks ago I had planned to write a piece about ...
Black Kos 08/12/2014 214 85 - -
If I were black in America, there's a decent chance I'd already be dead
Two unarmed black men, Michael Brown and John Crawford , have been gunned down by police in a matter of days, tragedies which have once again ...
David Harris Gershon 08/10/2014 106 222 3 -
Guilty verdict in Renisha McBride murder trial
A verdict has been reached in the Renisha McBride murder trial. Guilty of murder in the 2nd degree. Guilty on manslaughter. Guilty of felony firearms charges. Theodore Wafer has been found ...
TrueBlueMajority 08/07/2014 301 430 2 -
For Theodore Wafer It's Murder. Michigan Porch Shooter Guilty on 3 Counts. Castle Law Challenge?
Guilty of Homicide, Murder in the 2nd degree Gulity of Manslaughter, Death by Weapon Aimed with Intent but without Malice. Guilty of Felony Firearms Charges. The verdict is being described as a "...
murphthesurf3 08/07/2014 16 10 - -
"It stops today," man says of police bothering him, minutes before he dies in police custody.
"Every time you see me, you wanna mess with me. I'm tired of it. It stops today." That's what Eric Garner said to police officers questioning him yesterday on the streets of New York City. It ...
cai 07/19/2014 134 196 5 -
Black Man Gets 90 Years for a Robbery with an Unloaded Gun
I could not make this up in a million years. A few days ago I received an impassioned plea for justice in my email box. I have rarely ever read something so completely outrageous and nonsensical ...
Pixie5 07/09/2014 13 26 - -
Outrage! ASU Female Professor Manhandled & Arrested for WWB
I ask you, what should we do when we see instances of blatant racism and just plain old injustice such as we see in this case? Some folks claim that they are tired of the outrage; that some of us ...
JoanMar 06/29/2014 176 107 2 -
Fundie teacher fired for teaching creationism as science takes case to SCOTUS
You may remember the case of John Freshwater, a middle school science teacher from central Ohio who became a cause célèbre among fundies when he was fired in 2011 for teaching creationism as ...
Christian Dem in NC 05/07/2014 309 242 4 -
It's all in the reflexes
Although this case may appear in GunFAIL LXVIII, it may be worth a moment's sorrowful remembrance for another gun owner moving from the 'responsible' column over to 'arrested for homicide.' Well, ...
tytalus 05/05/2014 13 18 - -
Judge upholds sale of woman's home over delinquent tax bill of $6.30
Incredible: A widow was given ample notice before her $280,000 house was sold at a tax auction three years ago over $6.30 in unpaid interest, a Pennsylvania ...
Jen Hayden 04/29/2014 100 101 2 -
Seeking justice: From Scottsboro to Central Park
Central Park 5 defendants in the courtroom, 1989 Recently elected mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio promised as part of his campaign that he would settle ...
Denise Oliver Velez 04/13/2014 157 140 5 -
MN couple facing charges of drawing welfare checks while living a life of luxury
A Minnesota couple is in a world of trouble after being caught drawing welfare benefits from both Minnesota and Florida despite being very wealthy. A two-week manhunt ended with their arrest on ...
Christian Dem in NC 04/06/2014 45 39 1 -
Angela Corey will retry Michael Dunn on first-degree murder charge
Angela Corey didn't take long to decide what to do when jurors deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge against Michael Dunn. Hours after the verdict was returned, Corey announced she will ...
Christian Dem in NC 02/16/2014 173 101 1 -
Justice for Jordan: Verdict is in. Live Blog
Live blog. Seems to be edging toward a mistrial. Jurors say that they have reached verdict on 4 of 5 counts. Sent back to continue deliberations. The fact that they are deadlocked on the most ...
JoanMar 02/15/2014 168 60 1 -
Thoughts on the murder of Jordan Davis and the trial of his killer (update)
Yesterday, as many people around the nation waited for the jury in the trial of Michael Dunn in Florida to bring in a verdict ( which didn't happen ) as I was reading Jaxpagan's diary " Waiting in ...
Denise Oliver Velez 02/15/2014 610 377 8 -
Why is the jury taking so long on the Dunn trial?
I am getting nervous. Is there a holdout? Are they trying to go with reduced charges? These people actually find this guy credible just because he kept repeating one blatant lie without blinking? ...
pravin 02/13/2014 50 10 - -
Angola 3: Legal Update, Upcoming Events with Robert King, and Feb. 15 Vigil
Angola 3 News 02/05/2014 3 5 - -
Seeking advice on my age discrimination case
Today is a couple of days away from two years since I was laid off from the last job that I've so far been able to obtain. No paychecks since then, unemployment insurance long since ran out, job ...
oldpotsmuggler 02/03/2014 29 13 - -
Officer indicted on voluntary manslaughter charge in Jonathan Ferrell shooting
Today, a Mecklenburg (NC) County grand jury indicted a former Charlotte Mecklenburg police officer on a charge on voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell.
SteelerGrrl 01/27/2014 5 29 - -
NC Attorney General to seek indictment in Jonathan Ferrell case
Just a quick followup diary on a new development in the Jonathan Ferrell case . Today, we learned the North Carolina Attorney General will seek an indictment against Randall Kerrick, the Charlotte-...
SteelerGrrl 01/13/2014 9 19 - -
Breaking: Kelly Thomas' Murderer, Former Officer Ramos, Found Not Guilty.
#BREAKING Jury finds 2 ex-Fullerton police officers not guilty in Kelly Thomas death: — CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) January 13, 2014 In yet ...
jpmassar 01/13/2014 155 245 2 -
Montana formally appeals 31-day "sentence" for rapist teacher
In a widely expected move, late yesterday the Montana Attorney General's office appealed an outrageously lenient 31-day sentence imposed on a Billings teacher who admitted to sexual relations with a ...
Christian Dem in NC 11/30/2013 12 38 - -
Our Autistic Son's Arrest: Lawsuit Filed, Individuals Named
Please visit and share the following links: Click here to donate to the Snodgrass Legal Fund Click here to sign the petition to end undercover drug stings in ...
dsnodgrass 11/01/2013 32 68 3 -
Indictment unsealed against first adult charged in Steubenville rape case
Late yesterday, William Rhinaman, the IT director for the Steubenville, Ohio school system, became the first adult to face criminal charges related to last year's rape there. He faced charges that ...
Christian Dem in NC 10/08/2013 12 54 - -
Steubenville High teacher indicted--most likely for helping in cover-up after rape
Late yesterday, a grand jury in Steubenville, Ohio issued the first indictment since two football players at Steubenville High were adjudicated delinquent for their roles in a grisly rape last summer.
Christian Dem in NC 10/08/2013 24 89 1 -
Herman Wallace of the Angola 3 has been released! Democracy Now coverage and more
Last nite after a day-long standoff between State authorities and a Federal Judge, Herman Wallace was finally released from prison, with only days, if not hours, to live.
Angola 3 News 10/02/2013 13 13 - -
BREAKING: Angola 3's Herman Wallace has conviction overturned and release ordered!
We in the A3 Coalition have just learned about this morning's ruling and have issued the statement below. Check into for updates. Thanks to all of our DK supporters!!! --Read ...
Angola 3 News 10/01/2013 7 32 1 -
Kansas fundie group: Science is a religion, so evolution shouldn't be taught
In what has to stand as one of the dumbest lawsuits in recent memory, a Kansas-based fundie group has filed a federal civil rights suit which seeks to ban the teaching of evolution in Kansas public ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/27/2013 13 37 - -
Justice in Florida: Marissa Alexander gets a new trial
Marissa Alexander You remember Marissa Alexander, of course, the 32-year-old Florida mom sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a ...
Adam B 09/26/2013 354 349 3 6
JPMorgan Chase in settlement talks with feds, may pay as much as $7 billion
Just two weeks after having paid the third-largest fine ever imposed on an American bank, JPMorgan Chase is likely going to have to open its wallet again. Chase is in talks with multiple federal ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/25/2013 18 16 - -
JPMorgan Chase about to face federal civil charges over mortgage bonds sold during financial crisis
The ink hasn't even had a chance to dry on JPMorgan Chase's whopping $920 million fine in the London Whale affair, and now it may be in more trouble. Tomorrow morning, federal prosecutors in ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/23/2013 51 64 - -
Prosecutorial misconduct in Danziger Bridge case could derail Nagin corruption trial
We may not have to wait long to see if there's any fallout from the reversal of the convictions in the Danziger Bridge shooting case due largely to anonymous online posts by federal prosecutors ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/21/2013 8 11 - -
Danziger Bridge verdict thrown out due to online posts by prosecutors
Last year, five former New Orleans police officers were convicted and sent to prison for their role in the 2005 Danziger Bridge shootings. For those who don't remember, on September 4, 2005 four ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/18/2013 26 34 - -
Missouri man believed to have exposed 300 people to HIV
A man from a rural southeast Missouri town is in a world of trouble after admitting to having exposed as many as 300 people to HIV . The accusations against David Lee Mangum, 37, of Dexter came out ...
Christian Dem in NC 09/05/2013 32 10 - -
MT prosecutors looking for grounds to appeal 30-day sentence for rapist teacher
Prosecutors in Yellowstone County, Montana (Billings) announced late yesterday that they're looking for a window to appeal the outrageously light 30-day sentence imposed on Stacey Rambold for raping ...
Christian Dem in NC 08/31/2013 9 31 - -
Zimmerman Uses Legal Defense Fund to Pay His Living Expenses While Asking Florida to Pay Legal Costs
Recently it has been reported that George Zimmerman's attorneys have asked the State of Florida to reimburse him for his legal expenses. More information about this appears in the diary written by ...
night cat 08/28/2013 102 65 1 -
30-day "sentence" for MT rapist teacher whose victim later killed herself wasn't only fail in case
Many of you have seen the case of Stacey Rambold, the former high school teacher in Billings, Montana who was given a comical 30-day sentence for raping one of his students. The sentencing judge, G.
Christian Dem in NC 08/28/2013 12 18 - -
Judge sentences ex-teacher to 30 years for raping student who killed herself. No wait, 30 DAYS! This guy was supposed to be in some ...
aztecraingod 08/27/2013 142 211 1 -
Army general facing sexual assault charges
Yesterday, Jackie Speier appeared on Face the Nation and claimed that commanding officers shouldn't have the final say on whether to bring sexual assault charges. As exhibit A, she dropped a ...
Christian Dem in NC 08/19/2013 8 16 - -
Federal judge tosses out Oklahoma anti-sharia amendment
Back in 2010, Oklahomans voted overwhelmingly (70 percent!) to amend their state constitution to ban the consideration of Sharia law. Well, late Thursday, a federal judge in Oklahoma City threw it ...
Christian Dem in NC 08/17/2013 17 35 - -
Hospital worker who caused last year's hepatitis outbreak pleads guilty
The man who caused last summer's hepatitis outbreak is going to prison. Tomorrow, David Kwiatkowski is due to plead guilty in Concord, New Hampshire to infecting more than 40 people in three states ...
Christian Dem in NC 08/13/2013 4 12 - -
So did the Zimmerman Prosecutors Throw The Case or Just Blow It?
I'm not one to go for wild theories. Not my bag. However this theory isn't coming from me, apparently it's coming from a set of legal experts based on a new article from Florida law ...
Frank Vyan Walton 08/08/2013 418 195 4 -
Former Penn State officials will stand trial for Sandusky coverup
In what is probably the least surprising news of the day, a judge ordered former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former athletic director Tim Curley and former campus police supervisor Gary ...
Christian Dem in NC 07/30/2013 6 24 - -
Zimmerman 'got away with murder,' says juror in interview with ABC
With her lawyer David Chico at her side, George Zimmerman trial juror B-29 speaks with Robin Roberts on ABC in an exclusive interview. Saying she ...
Meteor Blades 07/25/2013 257 173 9 -
New: Juror: Zimmerman "got away with murder".
Yahoo! News just put up an article, as another juror has spoken about the Zimmerman murder trial, and it is incredible! The juror, a Puerto Rican woman, had just moved to Florida from Chicago. The ...
varii 07/25/2013 478 125 3 -
Where George Zimmerman IS Guilty - Altenate theories/laws not Universe
First Please not I am NOT a Criminal Law Attny. I did though partially enter law school and enjoy law by recalling and enjoying discussion and reflection of large societal-law issues and their ...
ClevelandAttorney 07/21/2013 6 5 - -
FBI Freezes City of Sanford's Plan to Return Zimmerman's Gun
From the L.A. Times : The Sanford Police Department froze its plan to return Zimmerman's gun Thursday after the FBI put a hold on evidence in the case , Sanford police spokesman Capt. James ...
ericlewis0 07/19/2013 306 242 2 -
"I Wanted My Guns Back. I Just Wanted Them Back So Bad." Update.
John Henry Spooner was found guilty yesterday of first degree intentional homicide in the death of Darius Simmons, age 13. Today, the jury was hearing testimony as to whether Spooner was sane at the ...
jpmassar 07/19/2013 306 230 1 -
Zimmerman, Racism & Racial Progress
One of the more insidious forms of racism in our criminal justice system is not the fire-breathing bigot- the stereotypical KKK member in a white hood burning crosses. It is the structural racism ...
bruh1 07/18/2013 109 49 1 -
Big day for News - but major networks control importance through framing
What we know, what we believe, how we react, and our perceptions are all malleable. Case in point, while reading just now on MSNBC about the decision by the SCOTUS to strike down DOMA, which is a ...
ForestLake 07/18/2013 3 10 - -
A Lack of Humanity
The thing that has struck me the most in reading posts, blogs, discussions, responses etc. about the Trayvon Martin case is how defensive so many people are who are posting in support of his murderer.
Marina Asbury 07/18/2013 6 5 - -
So, Zimmerman DID Grab onto Trayvon!
or so says the one and only ear-witness to the events as the fight began. But let's start at the beginning, the interwebs are current all a-flutter allegedly because Rachel Jeantel told Huffpo Live ...
Frank Vyan Walton 07/18/2013 298 150 3 -
Let's not lose sight of the real travesty: how long it took to arrest Zimmerman
As outraged as most people are about George Zimmerman being acquitted, it seems to me that we've forgotten that there was a much greater travesty in this case. Specifically, the fact it took a ...
Christian Dem in NC 07/17/2013 34 17 - -
Judge Nelson's *Missing* Instructions To The Zimmerman Jury
This will not be much of a diary, but it explains so much to me, and hopefully, to others. Judge Debra Nelson did not instruct the FL v Zimmerman jury that: an aggressor cannot claim self-...
Avila 07/17/2013 446 180 4 -
Anderson Cooper's Embarrassing Interview
Anderson Cooper scored big last night. ANDERSON COOPER, host of AC360: She's the first juror to speak out publicly, the first to talk about how she saw the powerful testimony that all of us saw, ...
JoanMar 07/16/2013 422 202 5 -
Here we go again: Wis. man faces trial for shooting teenage neighbor
Here we go again. MILWAUKEE (AP) — Jurors were selected Monday in the case of a 76-year-old white man charged with gunning down a 13-year-old black boy last year on a Milwaukee sidewalk over a ...
FiredUpInCA 07/16/2013 35 30 - -
Asiana Airlines suing KTVU for airing racist names of pilots in Flight 214
Late yesterday, Asiana Airlines announced that it will sue Bay Area Fox affiliate KTVU for its airing of fake and racially offensive names of the pilots aboard Asiana Flight 214. The airline ...
Christian Dem in NC 07/16/2013 25 3 - -
FINAL UPDATE: What She Said: OMG People Zimmerman Juror B37 on CNN
I rarely make the rec list, so thanks. All in all the interview by Juror B37 was eye opening, disturbing, but not surprising. Clearly the defense made George Zimmerman seemed like the friendly, ...
smoothnmellow 07/15/2013 974 228 4 -
Killing Trayvon Martin: How White America Has Maintained Control of Its History of Racial Violence
The divide(s) between the response of black folks to the George Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict and that of his overwhelmingly white and conservative defenders (and those others who idolize him as a ...
chaunceydevega 07/15/2013 64 31 1 -
It's too soon for federal charges against Zimmerman--but that may change if there's a civil case
Let me make one thing clear--the acquittal of George Zimmerman was a travesty. Granted, it was dwarfed by the larger travesty of how long it took for there to be an arrest, but it was a travesty ...
Christian Dem in NC 07/15/2013 17 4 - -
Judgment day
Today, about 36 hours after I heard that George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, I was running -- not sprinting, it is 90 plus degrees here in New York -- to catch a bus. It ...
Ian Reifowitz 07/15/2013 47 101 2 -
We don't have to ask "What If Zimmerman had been Black?" We know the Answer
He would have been convicted. That his not a hypothetical, that is not conjecture, that is not speculation. You see, there actually was a "Stand Your Ground" case with a Black Defendant and White ...
Frank Vyan Walton 07/14/2013 197 192 6 -
George Zimmerman and Florida Style Justice
I don't even know how to process the recent acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of Trayvon Martin. Except to say this: it's un-fucking-believable. Let's start with the obvious: despite ...
Ticorules 07/14/2013 3 9 - -
And Then This Happened: the George Zimmerman Verdict
...from what I know about life, it will catch itself up, somehow, some way. Man may have let Zimmerman off the hook, but the soul lives forever, and he will have to answer for this.
Will Smith 07/14/2013 16 22 1 -
A Cop's take on the Verdict
The verdict was ridiculous but not surprising. The only way I would describe the way that I feel is nausea. I am just sick that this guy got off and his lawyers are going to shamelessly be doing ...
Militant Apathy 07/14/2013 521 830 25 -
No Innocence Left to Kill: Racism, Injustice and Explaining America to My Daughter
My thoughts about the Zimmerman verdict…entire text below the break. I hope you find it meaningful.
tim wise 07/14/2013 23 50 3 -
An Open Letter to George Zimmerman
Dear Mr. Zimmerman, If I could apologize properly for this not being the only message addressed to you in the following weeks, months... or years after your acquittal, I would do just that, but I ...
NGUinBuffalo 07/14/2013 156 150 5 -
NAACP statement on acquittal (Updated with Petitions)
Ben Jealous said it better than I can ever hope to. We are outraged and heartbroken over today's verdict. We stand with Trayvon's family and we are called to act. We will pursue civil rights ...
detroitmechworks 07/14/2013 83 152 2 -
For Trayvon Martin
This evening a six member jury in Florida found George Zimmerman not guilty in the murder of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin. Though a verdict was delivered I can't say justice was served. A teenager ...
Mash 07/14/2013 23 17 2 -
If Trayvon Martin Had His Slave Pass Maybe He Would Still be Alive: Zimmerman is Found "Innocent"
The United States government has historically worked to protect and serve White people and their interests. The jury's decision in the George Zimmerman trial is one more data point in a centuries-...
chaunceydevega 07/13/2013 30 37 2 -
Justice for Trayvon: Verdict is In! Not Guilty. Devastated!
Update: Lord during my darkest hour I lean on you. You are all that I have. At the end of the day, GOD is still in (cont) — Sybrina Fulton (@SybrinaFulton) July 14, 2013 ...
JoanMar 07/13/2013 470 212 3 -
Verdict in George Zimmerman Trial
Not guilty. [No, this isn't going to be a long diary. There is so much to reflect on as it relates to this case, how it began, how it was investigated and how it was tried that I strongly encourage ...
shanikka 07/13/2013 218 147 3 -
Justice for Trayvon: Verdict Watch
George Zimmerman's fate is now in the hands of six jurors. They are the ones chosen to decide whether his claim of self defense in the murder killing of an unarmed teenager is justified. Legally, ...
JoanMar 07/13/2013 490 109 3 -
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