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Another Review of the Berreta Cx4 Storm
An author did an excellent review of the Berreta Storm Carbine, He stated that it was not a good weapon to purchase and I agree. His description of the weapon was accurate and he explained the ...
Trigger556 02/14/2013 186 2 - -
The Future of Firearms
People on both sides of the gun debate are pretty fired up at this point. This is being written as a fact based informational post rather than an opinion post.
Trigger556 02/14/2013 68 10 2 -
Does the 2nd Amendment allow...
Does the 2nd amendment allow people to have machines built for nothing but the killing of people? Does the 2nd Amendment allow people to have fully automatic suppresed rifles?
Trigger556 01/26/2013 50 1 - -
Salute to the NRA
With all the gun control frenzy in full swing, we need to take a step back and salute the NRA for what it has done ...
Trigger556 01/23/2013 51 - - -
Concerns About Gun Control
We all need to cool off and take a step back for a moment. It is never a good idea to have an emotional knee jerk reaction from either side of the fence.
Trigger556 01/17/2013 102 5 - -
We Can't Afford Gun Control
Being here for a little while and reading all the posts on this site I find myself agreeing with some things I am finding, but on gun control I remain firm...
Trigger556 01/03/2013 367 7 1 -
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