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Online Survival Guide For Progressive Bloggers
Progressive bloggers, the first thing you have to understand is that you are a target, and not just any target, but one of the principal targets of the corporate state. And the reason for that is ...
Ray Pensador 02/24/2014 605 88 5 -
More Bad News For The New SF Bay Bridge Due to CALTRANS Rampant Corruption
Not that it would be a fun experience under any circumstances, but I really, really would not like to be on the new San Francisco Bay Bridge during the next major earthquake. As the predatory ...
Ray Pensador 01/23/2014 86 28 1 -
The Right's Long March to Power in the States
It doesn't matter what model bills are produced by the likes of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the 10th Amendment Center , and Americans United for Life if conservative ...
Frederick Clarkson 01/18/2014 13 29 - -
It Will Spread Like Wildfire: The Tipping Point is Near
During the last thirty-plus years powerful supra-national business and financial interests have embarked in the systematic dismantling of our democratic institutions, of the proper functioning of ...
Ray Pensador 01/14/2014 365 262 18 -
Occupy Movement Call to Action: The Time is Now
Today I had a lunch meeting in Berkeley with an Occupy Oakland activist for whom I have a lot of respect. I know him to be someone truly committed to addressing and combating injustices and abuses ...
Ray Pensador 01/08/2014 312 103 2 -
Neoliberalism: The Path to Power
There have been three previous diaries in this series. They are here: One Two ...
Richard Lyon 12/18/2013 54 56 2 -
I'm Spending The Biggest Shopping Day of The Year at Walmart!
I'm really looking forward to Black Friday! You see, this year I feel that both, Thanksgiving Thursday, and what has come to be known as "Black Friday," are going to be days of sharing, of ...
Ray Pensador 11/21/2013 96 139 3 -
$21.00 a month. 70 cents a day. 23 cents a ...
Horace Boothroyd III 11/01/2013 225 266 - -
It Should Never Have Come to This
If wages had tracked with growth (GDP) over the past 60 years, you would be making about 160% what you make now. Do the experiment: multiply your current salary or hourly wage by 1.6 and tell me ...
intrados 09/17/2013 76 101 5 -
40 Years of Neoliberal Attacks on our Societies
September 11?... Chile 1973, Chicago 2013: 40 Years of Neo-liberal attacks on our societies by Kim Scipes What do you think of when you hear the term “9-11”? September 11. A date. Does it ...
Hyde Park Johnny 09/14/2013 28 28 2 -
The Truth Will Set You Free: We're In The Middle of a Global Awakening
In what may appear to be counter-intuitive, given the latest revelations about how the U.S. government and powerful corporations have partnered up to set up a massive and intrusive total-information-...
Ray Pensador 06/21/2013 7 21 2 -
US Government and Corporations Cooperate To Create Your Dystopian Future
The US government works closely with thousands of corporations to bring you everything from national security to the drivers of climate change. The connections between these entities are diverse ...
joe shikspack 06/21/2013 299 245 18 -
Chris Hedges: Time To Revolt Against The Global Corporate Mafia
Revolution may mean different things to different people. Some speak of "peaceful" revolutions; others speak of "violent" revolutions; others think of them as something in between. Regardless, in ...
Ray Pensador 05/20/2013 80 97 3 -
Let's Teach the Controversy of Evolution vs Intelligent Design **Updated with Poll question**
No, really. Lets do it. Let's bring Intelligent Design (e.g. Creationism) into the science classroom. I know, I know, its not "science", ID is not a scientific theory. It's not testable ... ...
dark11star 05/09/2013 365 167 17 -
Time Magazine: Marx "May Have Been Right" & "May Well Have His Revenge"
This guy , not Groucho. Sign of the times. Capitalism's flaws have become so ...
david mizner 05/09/2013 452 506 8 -
The Growing Cooperatives Movement & How You Can Get Involved - YES! Mag Conf Call, Chat Notes
Previously in this series: Notice: The Growing Cooperatives Movement & How You Can Get Involved. YES! Magazine Conference Call - Includes some information on cooperatives and YES! Magazine , an ...
Words In Action 05/09/2013 22 23 5 -
Dean Baker: How much unemployment was caused by Reinhart & Rogoff
Baker's question is more than fair, it boils down to the global impact of the Reinhart Rogoff paper. And its clear enough that 4 years later none of the major economies are seeing significant job ...
Roger Fox 04/29/2013 74 175 9 -
Tearing Down The Corporate State: A Step by Step Approach To a Better Future
It's time to come up with a systematic and strategic approach to tearing down the Corporate State which has encroached itself into the daily lives of the citizenry, resulting in predation and social ...
Ray Pensador 04/29/2013 4 21 2 -
America's soft power secret: Hip Hop
Iranian Hip Hop underground sensation MC Hichkas Secretary of State John Kerry's first official speech introduced to the foreign policy establishment a vision of an America that is more reticent to ...
brooklynbadboy 04/14/2013 94 67 3 3
Debtors' Prisons. They're Back.
Not content to already incarcerate a far higher percentage of their populations than anywhere else on the globe, many states of these United States are once again throwing people in jail for their ...
jpmassar 04/11/2013 28 73 4 -
Corporate profits hit another all time high BECAUSE wages just hit another all time low
Are corporations suffering along with the rest of us in this brave new world of austerity? Hahahahaha of course not. Suffering is for peasants. This is why the economy sucks. It has nothing ...
MinistryOfTruth 04/11/2013 121 209 10 -
Is Chained CPI Keeping You Down? Read This And You'll Feel Much Better!
What I'm about to suggest works. I know it does because I'm well beyond getting angry, dismayed, upset, troubled, or even perplexed by the rapid-fire amalgamation of what is slowly (but surely) ...
Ray Pensador 04/06/2013 175 161 9 -
The Answer To Addressing The Country's Problems is Surprisingly Simple
Before we entertain the notion that it is possible for average citizens to address the nation's problems, the most important step is to define the root causes of those problems. It took decades of ...
Ray Pensador 03/25/2013 23 33 - -
2013 GOP March to Madness Tourney, Theocons Region: Santorum vs. Foxx and Perkins vs. Inhofe
Full tournament bracket and results here . Welcome to day one of second round action in the Theocons region: Today we ...
Jed Lewison 03/24/2013 16 2 1 -
Mea Culpa
Now that we’ve reached the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion, it ...
billmon 03/24/2013 263 555 22 -
The Myth of the "Consensual" Marketplace
One of the most destructive misunderstandings in economics is the idea that markets are inherently "consensual" - i.e., that everything people do in the absence of government-based coercion is a "...
Troubadour 03/24/2013 124 117 10 -
"Tired of asking"
Yesterday was a typical blustery and cold March day in Chicago. I was riding home on the El and watching the city flash by. A man sits down next to me. A stop or two down the line, he taps me on the ...
DWG 03/22/2013 128 749 8 -
Employee-Owned Business Incubator: Share Your Ideas/Dreams
The motivation behind my interest in developing this concept is the alarming rate at which income inequality continues to accelerate as a result of a concerted effort by corporatist business cartels ...
Ray Pensador 03/19/2013 51 13 4 -
The Only News That's Fit to Print
I do keep track of the news. I get the San Francisco Chronicle every morning (the actual print edition), and visit the websites of some other news organizations like The New York Times , The ...
Ray Pensador 03/18/2013 15 22 2 -
The reason the population is acting irrationally, and what to do about it
I think people are still picking their jaws up off the floor after Attorney General Eric Holder admitted yesterday that we indeed have a two-tiered justice system: one increasingly punishing and ...
Ray Pensador 03/08/2013 314 413 35 -
Everybody, relax: Now that you know what's going, you can take action
Like Don Quixote tilting at windmills, I've been trying to get the message across to people that we live in a one-party corporatist system. This one-party system has two wings: The Democratic party ...
Ray Pensador 03/04/2013 25 27 - -
The real lessons of Robin Kelly's victory, over her opponents and the NRA
Robin Kelly, victorious After Robin Kelly's dominant victory in Tuesday night's Democratic primary to fill ex-Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s vacant House seat, there's been a lot of very facile analysis ...
David Nir 03/04/2013 84 133 5 2
How Billionaires-Funded Propaganda is Unraveling The Country
I don't know if it's because of my many years of sales, advertising and marketing (both at corporate and small-business levels), but when I try to get the concept across to liberals that even the ...
Ray Pensador 02/25/2013 179 298 12 -
How The U.S. Media Distorts Reality: The Effect it Has on YOU
Years ago I made a resolution not to let the latest headlines of the day distract my attention from the real important issues in society. I realized that the incestuous relationship between ...
Ray Pensador 02/23/2013 27 24 2 -
New Activists Network: You Have The Power to Make a Real Difference
I believe we have the answers to address the biggest challenges in society. But the power structure is preventing us from taking a common sense approach to basic issues, including economic activity,
Ray Pensador 02/22/2013 7 7 - -
Beat Them At Their Own Game: Reclaiming the Marketplace and Democracy
I've been thinking about what I believe to be is one of the greatest challenges when it comes to the constant struggle for social justice between those who hold economic and political power, and the ...
Ray Pensador 02/13/2013 19 19 - -
A Full Page Ad in The New York Times Every Sunday
I'm an observant of the effect the corporate media conglomerate has on the population. I've come to see it as a low-level, generalized, and tenuous type of brainwashing, or mind-control. It's ...
Ray Pensador 01/18/2013 12 12 1 -
The Soul of America
Despite such terminology as “fiscal cliff” and “debt ceiling,” the great debate taking place in Washington now has relatively little to do with financial issues. It is all about ideology. ...
Senator Bernie Sanders 01/09/2013 133 472 18 -
Paul Goes Platinum!
Another platinum coin surge in the Second Wave rippled through the mainstream media yesterday and this time hit the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Domenico Mantanaro of MSNBC kicked things off on ...
Letsgetitdone 01/03/2013 63 35 3 -
This battle is about the size of government not deficits and debt says Robert Reich
In one of his best columns ever, Robert Reich cuts through a lot of bull-malarchy in The Ongoing War: After the Battle Over the Cliff, the Battle Over the Debt Ceiling, were he gets to the core ...
HoundDog 01/03/2013 59 111 4 -
Democrats Lose Leverage On Fiscal Cliff
This quote was widely reported and circulated on Dailykos a week ago when it came out in the Wall Street Journal as an example of President Obama sticking to his guns and his requisite "toughness" ...
slinkerwink 01/03/2013 459 170 1 -
Guardian, Smith, et al: “Banks deeply integrated, corporate-state OWS repression"
Remember [ the breaking stories, just before Christmas], regarding FBI surveillance of Occupy Wall Street? Well,
bobswern 01/03/2013 579 501 28 -
Article in The Atlantic Magazine Restores My Hope in The Progressive Movement
I just read one of the most inspiring articles I've read in a very long time! It is inspiring not because of its great prose, or poetic beauty, but because it restores my "faith" in the possibility ...
Ray Pensador 04/15/2012 128 355 11 2147
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