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Most Impactful Documentary Film I have Ever Seen. Ever.
Lee Hirsch's Bully. Finally it has opened nationwide and with that PG-13 rating. There has been plenty of coverage of the effort to bring the rating down from an "R" which is truly a gift, as it ...
TruthandHope 04/14/2012 4 18 - 149
Watch the TV Ad that proves we can repeal prop 8 in 2010
Sometimes there is not much to say other than to get right to the point. In the next few weeks, the people of California will decide if we will put Marriage Equality back on the ballot in ...
TruthandHope 02/11/2010 45 30 6 204
Not impossible, with your video
I joined this site in 2004, shared in the ups and downs as we fought for change, sometimes fought each other, but what I have found most remarkable is how consistently this site gravitates to what ...
TruthandHope 01/26/2010 4 2 - 25
Take a break from healthcare for an equality minute? New Video (btw, Gov Dean speaks for me too!)
My organization does not have the resources to handle two large issues as effectively as I would like at this point, so on election day here in California in 2008 I committed our work to restoring ...
TruthandHope 12/17/2009 4 9 - 91
Literally A Matter of Life and Death?  Quite possibly, so I need your help
Last Friday afternoon I received a call from an associate stating that a film crew was needed straight away to document a woman's condition for a press conference that would be held the following ...
TruthandHope 10/22/2009 6 13 - 38
New Study Proves this Ad Works - Watch it here and support Equality in Maine and California
Frank Schubert is the President of Schubert Flint Public Affairs: the firm which ran the Yes on 8 campaign in California in 2008. Frank has claimed that his firm won in California "...
TruthandHope 09/22/2009 12 32 2 173
This video made me cry
It is true. I have watched this video many times and it never loses it's magic. More importantly, supporters and friends across the country have shared their thoughts and feelings upon viewing ...
TruthandHope 08/06/2009 4 13 1 6
Watch our new Voices4Equality Ad - Repeal Prop 8 with Real Stories to Change Hearts and Minds
Today released it's first in a series of statewide ads that seek to support the ground efforts of so many groups canvassing for equality ...
TruthandHope 07/16/2009 7 6 1 49
“He’s Going To Die Anyway”
I try to minimize posting when it comes to requests, but sometimes something comes up where I have to do what I can to help. The title quote was a response heard when asking for help in order for ...
TruthandHope 06/29/2009 5 14 - 92
Winner! Best Presidential Ad of 2008 - TruthandHope.Org's Local Voices: Darrell Hanschen on Race
I've just returned from Washington DC, where we attended Politics Magazine's Reed Awards. TruthandHope.Org took top honors, by winning Best Presidential Ad of 2008, as well as Best Independent ...
TruthandHope 01/26/2009 19 22 - 19
Best Presidential TV Ad 2008 Finalists @ Reed Awards...We're One of them!
The finalists have been announced for the Reed Awards, being put on by Politics Magazine in Washington DC on January 22. There were 30 judges, including George Stephanopoulos, Joe Trippi, Tucker ...
TruthandHope 01/15/2009 7 12 1 7
Thank You! - Have a look at what we accomplished!
It's been a long campaign & now that we've had a few days to celebrate & gather the data to best as possible ascertain our impact, it's time to share just what we accomplished with your help:
TruthandHope 11/08/2008 6 14 2 -
We made the nightly news in Missouri
I returned last night from our trip to Missouri. It was great to meet Dana Snodgrass & his family at the rally in Springfield (will post some pictures later). He & the other "Local Voices" have ...
TruthandHope 11/03/2008 7 33 1 18
"Not going to listen to some Ni**er" from the ground in Missouri
I've just returned to the hotel & wasn't planning to post, but I need to share some of what I've witnessed here in Missouri. Myself & the local voices team are on the ground for the Obama event ...
TruthandHope 11/01/2008 45 28 1 19
Help needed to keep us on the air!
Just a quick diary, it's been a hectic last couple days making our buys & now myself & the Local Voices team are in Missouri ahead of the Obama rally tomorrow & then on Sunday we're heading to ...
TruthandHope 10/31/2008 2 14 - 1
URGENT: Maybe this one will make it...REM's Michael Stipe loves our ads!
We received a nice shot in the arm in the form of a significant contribution from REM's Michael Stipe! Today I purchased network airtime in Missouri, Ohio & Nevada for our 'Local Voices' project. ...
TruthandHope 10/30/2008 27 91 2 70
48 hours to fight the hate in Missouri! Updates & a note from Lee Hirsch:
I want to share what is happening to Dana Snodgrass & what he is enduring from the GOP hate machine in Joplin, Missouri after he shared his story of why he is supporting Obama for one of our "Local ...
TruthandHope 10/29/2008 12 50 - 21
UPDATE: Local Voice being attacked in Missouri for standing with Obama
I want to share what is happening to Dana Snodgrass & what he is enduring from the GOP hate machine in Joplin, Missouri after he shared his story of why he is supporting Obama for one of our "Local ...
TruthandHope 10/28/2008 22 75 6 18
One of our own being attacked for Standing with Obama in Missouri
I want to share what is happening to Dana Snodgrass & what he is enduring from the GOP hate machine in Joplin, Missouri after he shared his story of why he is supporting Obama for one of our "Local ...
TruthandHope 10/27/2008 18 32 - 19
'Local Voices' Front Page news in Missouri! "I feel like Joe the Plumber"  Check it out!
Our work on the Local Voices project is featured on the front page of the Joplin Globe online right now & is on the front page of the Sunday print edition as well! This is grassroots in ...
TruthandHope 10/26/2008 17 47 7 22
Going there - New TV Ad on Race for MO & other new 'Local Voices'
It's crunch time. We have ads ready that can make a difference in the states still up for grabs. Here's some of our newest work for Missouri, Ohio & Nevada:
TruthandHope 10/24/2008 146 669 24 61
Please watch our best TV ADs yet for MO, OH & NV - Local Voices
I'm proud to share these three new Local Voices commercials, one each for Missouri, Ohio & Nevada. I feel these are the most powerful pieces yet, and hope you feel the same.
TruthandHope 10/23/2008 18 24 2 -
New TV ADS for Florida - "Elders for Obama"
Once again we have some great new material, targeted for one of the battlegrounds states. This time it is Florida, where Dan Tilson of Tilson Films, Inc. has been shooting a series of ads ...
TruthandHope 10/22/2008 14 21 1 -
Watch our new Local Voices TV AD for Nevada
We've just posted a new Local Voices AD to help in the fight for Nevada. Keith Howell from Fallon Nevada owns a rock crushing equipment repair business with his wife and son. His small business is ...
TruthandHope 10/21/2008 9 11 - -
2 New Local Voices TV Ads - Watch them here!
I'm about to drive home this morning, taking the coastal road from Monterey, through Big Sur & into Santa Barbara, before heading down to Los Angeles & finally back to Orange County. I'll take some ...
TruthandHope 10/19/2008 5 11 2 1
Watch the new Mama's for Obama ads we're airing
I'm proud to share that we've partnered with the wonderful group Mama's for Obama to air their television spots in battleground states. I'm sharing a couple of their ads below, there are two more ...
TruthandHope 10/18/2008 27 52 1 25
Watch our new TV AD - 'Local Voices' in Joplin, Missouri!
I'm very pleased to share our new Local Voices ad, shot in Joplin, Missouri which is on the air as of today:
TruthandHope 10/17/2008 25 22 2 -
Rough cuts of 'Local Voices' TV Ad in Missouri plus our ads in NV & OH
Lee Hirsch has been on the ground in Joplin, Missouri shooting the first of a series of 'Local Voices' ads. He posted some select rough cuts from his interview with Dana Snodgrass, a respected ...
TruthandHope 10/12/2008 6 11 - -
'Local Voices' TV Ad for Missouri - rough cuts
Lee Hirsch has been on the ground in Joplin, Missouri shooting the first of a series of 'Local Voices' ads. He posted some select rough cuts from his interview with Dana Snodgrass, a respected ...
TruthandHope 10/11/2008 4 8 - -
Local Voices Ads in Missouri & Nevada
I want to share an update on our progress. Lee Hirsch is in Joplin, Missouri now shooting the first 'Local Voices' ad, and John Allen is leaving for Reno, Nevada tomorrow morning to shoot another ...
TruthandHope 10/09/2008 2 10 1 -
Cartwrightdale's TV AD now in Spanish! Plus 'Thank John' Ad update & new project: Local Voices
We've just finished a Spanish version of Cartwrightdale's Judgment TV ad, with the help of Ralph Miller from LatinosForAmerica. It's ready to be put on the air asap on Spanish television in ...
TruthandHope 10/06/2008 14 28 2 -
'Local Voices' TV Ad for Missouri & 'Thank John' Ad in CO & NV now!
I'm pleased to report to you that thanks to our fundraising efforts last weekend, our 'Thank John McCain' ad is going on the air in Colorado & Nevada tomorrow! We've secured a full week run in the ...
TruthandHope 10/05/2008 5 19 - -
'Thank John McCain' AD on TV in CO & NV, plus new 'Local Voices' AD in Missouri
I'm reposting details from a couple days ago, along with an update on our new 'Local Voices' project for which we have decided on the first location & will be flying out to shoot beginning on Sunday.
TruthandHope 10/03/2008 19 36 1 24
'Thank John McCain' Ad on the air in CO & NV - plus special production opportunity
I'm pleased to report to you that thanks to our fundraising efforts this past weekend, our 'Thank John McCain' ad is going on the air in Colorado & Nevada. We've secured a full week run in the Las ...
TruthandHope 10/01/2008 21 39 - 25
'Thank John McCain' TV AD - Final version going on the air this week
The final edits have been done on our 'Thank John McCain' ad & the spot is accepted, so I am sharing that final version with you here. Again, this ad would not be going on the air, were it not for ...
TruthandHope 09/28/2008 195 834 23 267
Here it is! 'Thank John McCain' AD from Saturday - We'll put it on TV!
I woke up Saturday with about 100 emails telling me to view this ad & get it on television. Well, thank you for the message! I've been in touch with the author, Chris McKinley, an independent ...
TruthandHope 09/22/2008 297 814 23 72
On the Air in Michigan & how DKos saved our Ohio Buy!
I want to give you an update as to how we're spending our funds. We've purchased a week's run in Michigan, airing in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Paw Paw, Richland & Lansing. These are swing or 'purple'
TruthandHope 09/18/2008 29 68 2 16
Update: Cartwrightdale's TV AD Final version on air in OH & MI
I want to share the final version of the now famous 'The Public v John McCain' ad, we're now calling 'Judgment.' The original has over 270,000 YouTube views & hopefully you'll think this one is ...
TruthandHope 09/14/2008 222 631 19 96
Final Version of our 'Community' TV AD & On air report for Ohio!
Our first two ads were created by DailyKos members cartwrightdale & ourhispanicvoices, and we've received a great deal of support from this community, so I want to share the final version of our '...
TruthandHope 09/12/2008 24 31 1 19
My mother died, 7 years ago today - And now I'm a Democrat
7 Years ago tonight, I received a call from my aunt saying “Your Mamma’s gone.” I collapsed in a heap. I went to work the next day. There were important things that needed to be ...
TruthandHope 09/10/2008 41 45 3 232
My Post on The Hill's Congressional Blog
I sent out a press release this morning to bring attention to TruthandHope.Org PAC's media campaign to set the record straight regarding the so-called maverick John McCain. The first call I ...
TruthandHope 09/05/2008 8 17 - -
Update from yesterday's post - Kos member created, Grassroots funded anti-McCain TV AD
There's a lot of important news & diaries being posted right now, with Hurricane Gustav looming & the discussions of Sarah Palin as well as the GOP convention, but I wanted to post the requested ...
TruthandHope 08/31/2008 18 44 - 17
Obama's Convention Speech Research Shows Dramatic Movement
I just received these focus group results in my inbox from Greenberg Quinlan Rosner/Democracy Corps & thought it showed some very positive reaction straight away to Obama's speech. Some of the text ...
TruthandHope 08/29/2008 42 42 1 20
URGENT - Ultra-powerful new AD! "What's so Funny?" - You need to see this!
TruthandHope 10/24/2004 52 18 - 1
Watch new TV ads plus "Pet Goat" TV ad update!
TruthandHope 10/20/2004 16 23 - -
HELP! Pet Goat/9-11 TV Ad here
TruthandHope 10/15/2004 49 26 - 8
New Bush:In his own words TV AD "Sovereignty" Opinions Please?
TruthandHope 10/06/2004 10 3 - -
Urgent Help needed for 9/11 - 'Pet Goat' Attack Ads!
TruthandHope 09/28/2004 70 71 - -
46 Days! $ Needed for 527 Attack Ad - Read & Rec!
TruthandHope 09/17/2004 1 2 - -
New 527 Attack Ads (w/poll)
TruthandHope 09/14/2004 10 10 - -
New Ads in the fight against Bush (Please review & comment on new ad at the bottom!)
TruthandHope 09/08/2004 2 3 - -
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