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Moral Arguments (with poll)
As rational thinkers, some of us are frequently disappointed by the arguments against scientific results, and specifically, the use of biblical references to do stupid things. The fact is, though, ...
UCRJames 12/23/2013 2 3 1 -
Four Hit Pieces Now on ACA
I was scrolling through the Yahoo news feed just now (I know, not the best way to get news), and found four hit pieces on the ACA saying that it will cost more and explode our medical bills. I would ...
UCRJames 03/27/2013 11 6 - -
Gun Owners Should Have the Equivalent of a Pilot’s License.
The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, so that we can always have a well regulated militia, when needed, but all rights come with reasonable limitations. It should be very difficult ...
UCRJames 12/29/2012 194 10 1 -
The Healthy Disproportionate Effect of Voter Activism. (With Poll)
Like many people here, I watch the polls and worry about changes in the national dialog, and wonder about the effects of the economy, and everything else on top of that. Many people here are as ...
UCRJames 07/20/2012 6 20 - 134
The Best Victory Garden Money Can Buy. (with poll)
I was just thinking about an idea and thought I would run it by you. Some of you probably could do the same thing if you have as little spare time as I do… We just bought our first house, and we ...
UCRJames 04/14/2012 46 2 - 101
Seasonal Interest in Climate Change. Welcome to Summer! (With Poll)
There is a window of opportunity when climate change is obvious and we must take advantage of that if we are going to accomplish anything politically about climate change. Congress must act and it ...
UCRJames 07/21/2011 3 2 - 22
Navy Showers for water and energy conservation (with poll)
With potential water shortages and with the need to conserve energy whenever possible I am going to reintroduce a suggestion I have made before but with a twist. Rather that trying to get everyone ...
UCRJames 04/04/2011 44 5 - 116
We were going to go cross-country skiing this weekend…(with poll)
It seems almost all of the snow has melted around here, in the Great Lakes region. There are just a few patches where the excess had been piled up. I don’t miss shoveling the driveway, even ...
UCRJames 01/03/2011 9 3 - 54
Did Republicans Peak Early? (With Poll)
In a long distance race there is a certain point where the unsuccessful racers will lose their steam and hit the wall. There is a noticeable drop in speed and they usually look down briefly as if to ...
UCRJames 09/24/2010 48 16 - 47
Seasonal interest in Global Climate Change. (With poll)
Remember it was about this time last year that evangelicals started jumping on the GCC bandwagon. It is because there is a seasonal interest in the effect. While the Summer is hot, there will be a ...
UCRJames 06/25/2010 4 2 - 22
Actinite™ is a Simple Solution for Chinese Drywall
The Chinese drywall problem is characterized by the presence of humidity causing the drywall to emit toxic gases that are also corrosive including hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide. Our product ...
UCRJames 04/04/2010 114 3 - 39
Welcome to the USSA (with Poll)
Now that the Democrats have won and we have universal socialism in the United Socialist States of America, let’s consider what that means for all of us…
UCRJames 03/21/2010 72 26 - 41
Understanding Republicans and Beating Them (with poll)
In thinking about my many and varied experiences with the dark side, it seems that it would be a worthy effort to document what I know and try to help clarify the nature of the opposition. The ...
UCRJames 01/07/2010 29 2 - 8
CA Governor uses His Education Crisis to Justify Privatizing Prisons.
In an ironic jest the governor of CA has proposed a constitutional amendment limiting prison spending to the levels that are spent on education. This is not an attempt to fund education or limit ...
UCRJames 01/06/2010 17 14 1 47
Our Educational Crisis Remains the Same. (With poll.)
Most people seem to agree that our teachers are worth much more than they are paid and that if we paid them better they would do better work. What is lacking is a mechanism for paying them better.
UCRJames 11/01/2009 17 4 - 34
Hydrogen sulfide, a little known risk of offshore drilling.
I worked at Unocal from 1989 to1992 and knew dozens of engineers involved with various drilling operations. I heard many interesting stories, but one was particularly scary about the biggest oil ...
UCRJames 09/01/2009 12 9 - 85
Dittoheads and the Fairness Doctrine
As most of you probably know, Rush Limbaugh has a term of endearment for the people who agree with him without even thinking about it. He calls them Dittoheads. They say, “ditto” and ...
UCRJames 08/24/2009 120 8 - 25
Cautiously Optimistic about Global Warming
Yes, I am optimistic about our future. On the down side, global climate change has not been fully accepted or dealt with and research indicates that hundreds or thousands of species will become ...
UCRJames 07/15/2009 91 1 - 13
Double Down on Smoking
I am sitting in bed with some Actinite next to me, and it smells like fresh mountain air in here. You don’t know what you are missing if you have polluted air and haven’t experienced this.
UCRJames 04/25/2009 63 2 - 7
A New Way to Clear the Air-Actinite
After receiving my Ph.D. in physical chemistry in 2007 I have started my own company and have been working on pollution analyzers and pollution treatments. I have made 6 patent applications. The ...
UCRJames 04/06/2009 44 4 - 10
Global Warming Mitigated by Downturn.
As a chemist studying climate change, I have had the unfortunate distinction of confirming dire predictions by Albert Arking in several papers he wrote, by measuring a quadratic absorption to ...
UCRJames 03/01/2009 27 13 2 27
The real Trouble with Detroit (with car poll)
The real trouble with Detroit is not that they are unionized. It is that they have decided to try to make more money by providing an inferior product. The idea behind planned obsolescence is that if ...
UCRJames 12/23/2008 62 6 - 20
Another day at the Whitehouse, 2009
A day in the oval office… Ring ring… Hello, Oval office, this is Barry. Yes, premier this is President Obama… Georgia is still lobbing shells at you? I recommend you propose a ...
UCRJames 11/17/2008 2 1 - -
Accelerating Buyers Remorse
So the question in my mind is, “when does buyers remorse begin,” on Sarah Palin? Obviously most of us have not bought her schtick but some people have, and I am referring to them. Like ...
UCRJames 09/14/2008 27 6 1 -
We need a temper tantrum
Actually, Obama is doing pretty well and has a good chance so far of getting the Presidency on his own merits. One thing however would be a knock out and is the low road that needs to be taken to ...
UCRJames 07/31/2008 37 6 - 1
Why we need Ron Paul
Greetings all, After finding in a previous diary that McCain was the best chance the Republicans had I thought some about what would kill them. Don't worry. This won't be a new theory for the ...
UCRJames 12/27/2007 57 1 - 4
To think I could support a McCain candidacy (With Poll)
So why would a Democrat be pulling for a republican to get the nomination who could possibly win the general election? I will go over a few reasons but mainly it comes down to one word ... Torture.
UCRJames 12/23/2007 49 1 - 1
Tomorrow I defend
Hi all, I am happy to announce to my 100,000 friends at DailyKos that I will be defending my thesis tomorrow. Hopefully this won't cause a media frenzy! ;-) I invited about 50 people and at the last ...
UCRJames 08/23/2007 12 9 - -
Water dimer update
Hi all, You may or may not have seen the water dimer diary I did that remarkably went to the top of the list. Well, here is an update. The reason I am posting about water dimer is that it is a ...
UCRJames 07/27/2007 88 27 1 32
Something new to worry about: Water dimer
I have been wanting to write a diary on this topic for some time, but did not want to jeopardize my publication by providing 'prior publication'. My paper is in press now at the Journal of ...
UCRJames 07/24/2007 545 361 30 34
Should Pelosi Step Down? (With poll)
As many of you agree, impeachment should be on the table, or rather, it should have happened already. To say that impeachment is off the table and leave it at that sends the message that the ...
UCRJames 06/21/2007 167 11 - -
Who do we impeach first??? (With poll)
I am sure this has been covered, but perhaps it is worth going over repeatedly. With all the scandals that are coming out it is hard to decide who is to blame. We were planning a letter writing ...
UCRJames 03/29/2007 18 7 - -
Love is not immoral!
Many people don't seem to realize that Homosexuality is a form of love. Whether you love someone of the opposite sex as I do or love someone of the same sex is irrelevant. People need to be ...
UCRJames 03/14/2007 13 6 - -
Applying the 4 C's to Iraq and Iran
When airplane pilots find themselves in trouble they are encouraged to follow the 4 C's: 1. Climb 2. Communicate 3. Confess 4. Comply Item 1 Climb: enables you to have the greatest chance of making ...
UCRJames 01/11/2007 5 3 - -
Proposal: A Resort for the Victims of Torture (with poll)
It occurs to me that with the widespread application of "stress positions" and other inhumane treatment as possibly used on Jose Padilla as ...
UCRJames 12/04/2006 6 3 - -
LA Times: Republican Rag?
UCRJames 10/15/2006 27 6 - -
CA-44: When I met Ken Calvert (Creeped out)
UCRJames 10/14/2006 6 6 - 4
Global Climate Chaos Solutions
UCRJames 10/01/2006 20 8 - -
CA-Gov: When I met Arnold Schwarzenegger
UCRJames 09/13/2006 36 14 - 13
CA-44 Louis Vandenberg presents American Fundamentalists by Joel Pelletier
UCRJames 09/01/2006 11 3 1 15
The United Nations is the answer.
UCRJames 03/29/2006 11 2 - -
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